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After discovering early on that she had a Wildside and a fondness for four-legged friends, Sarah continues to slowly explore them when the opportunity arises. Follow as she retells the various moments in her life where she explored her wild side with help Claire find hers.

Partners in crime
Now I know I didn’t mention much about what happened with Claire while I was in my final year at college. Most of my energy was being diverted on Max at the time, but also because we were being fairly casual at the time. We weren’t ever exclusive at that stage and Claire was trying to date Mark, our friend, and often threesome partner.

Once we had graduated the prospect of moving out and on came up, Claire confessed to not wanting to give up the casual thing we had but in fact, she wanted to see if we could try and be a couple. At first, I was a little hesitant and not quite sure if it’s what I was wanted, especially since I was looking for a lover with two more legs. I remembered how Claire was equally kinky so I brought up my recent experiences to see how she reacted and how she would feel about getting a dog. Now I was expecting some degree of hesitation from Claire. Especially since there was a big step up from watching porn together and actually bringing a four-legged friend to join us. In fact, I distinctly remember trying to prepare an argument to slowly win her over, only to have her jump at the idea. She was awed and a little jealous of my experiences and eager to have some of her own.

So, a few weeks later we had found a place together. The place belonged to one of Claire’s relatives which was a lot nicer and more affordable than anything we would have been able to afford. The best part was that with two girls living on their own in the city the relatives practically forced us to get a dog to help protect ourselves. I’m still not sure what they thought we needed protecting from given how nice the area was. But I wasn’t about to look the proverbial gift horse in the mouth.

We started researching various dog breeds and what we would need to get for them. We learned what to feed them and how often we needed to take them on walks. We also decided to go for a puppy in the vain hope we could train them. Mostly because we saw pictures of puppies that we couldn’t resist. Although we would have to be patient before trying anything remotely sexual as we didn’t want to do anything that might harm or upset our new friend. Thankfully we had each other to occupy the extra time giving us a chance to properly research how and where to start.

A few days later we were introducing Buddy to his new home. Buddy was an adorable fluffy German Shepherd who was only a few weeks old. He very energetic, excitable and already a handful for both of us. We quickly became the best of friends although I think Buddy secretly liked me more as I was the easygoing parent between the both of us.

That said, it was a learning experience for both of us. We studied up in our free time and made sure that Buddy didn’t learn any bad habits even though we did spoil him a lot more than we should have. Honestly, we were enjoying having Buddy just as a friend that we almost forgot all about the idea of training him up to be a lover. It was roughly a year after we got Buddy that the idea came up again. I’m a little proud of the idea since it meant when we did finally start to train Buddy, it was because he had shown interest rather than us trying to force him into it.

Although since then I’ve found that many dogs much like humans need little to no encouragement. Now while the idea of enjoying a four-legged lover hadn’t completely been forgotten about by me or Claire, we were proving to be a very good distraction for one another. We already knew we were sexually compatible from various casual hookups and threesomes even though it felt nice being with Claire knowing she was just as freaky as me. We were even doing surprisingly well together as a couple too. Bar the odd argument here and there which if I’m honest I sometimes only started for the wild and awesome makeup sex.

It was in one of those wilder makeup sex sessions where Buddy first got a sample of a lifestyle that he would grow to very much enjoy and love. Neither of us would bother closing the door to our bedroom, even when we knew we’d be having sex. Mostly because Buddy would sleep on the bed and would get upset if we shut him out. He had wandered in while we were getting hot and heavy with one another but would wander off or settle down in the corner and wait for us to be less distracted.

This time we were maybe a little bit louder than usual due to having a lot of unresolved energy that we were working through. I had Claire on her back with her legs pushed back and my face buried between her sweet folds when Buddy came wandering in to see what all the fuss that his two mamas were making. I just about registered him walking in the room. With my mouth full and my girlfriends holding my head in place, I wasn’t in a position to do anything. Besides up until now I had no reason to suspect Buddy would do anything different.

So, to say I was surprised when I felt Buddy hop up on the bed, shortly followed by his wet snout poking at my butt would be an understatement. There were a few seconds on sniffing while Buddy was getting a deep whiff of my dripping pussy before finally going in for a taste. The feeling of his long flat tongue flicking up between my soft folds and into my pussy, made me jump.

This unfortunately spooked Buddy, making him shift his head until he was licking my thighs and butt cheeks. Now, I’m unfortunate enough to find myself ticklish in those areas. I think it was the texture of dog tongues, but in any case, I rapidly went from moaning in pleasure to howling with laughter. Needless to say, this was enough to get Claire to relax the tight grip she had on my hair, unhook her legs, and finally sit up to see what was going on. This gave a great view of me doubled over laughing while Buddy excitedly lapped and licked my thighs.

“Not quite Buddy, try here,” Claire said in a soft tone guiding Buddy’s head with her hands until his long flat tongue started brushing up over and all up inside of dripping sex.  It had been far too long since I had enjoyed the wonders of a dog’s tongue running over my flower. The repetitive and continued long licks striking every sweet spot and flooding my mind with pleasure. As good as Claire was at making me purr, we had more than enough practice to learn another’s bodies.

Buddy still felt better and as amazing as it felt being licked by Buddy what really got me excited was that Claire was helping him and encouraging him. “Good boy Buddy, make her cum,” Claire kept saying while gently stroking and encouraging Buddy. Something about having Buddy’s tongue roaming over into my flower while Claire watched and actively encouraged him excited me. There was a palpable buzz of excitement accompanying each long probing lick of Buddy’s wonderful tongue.

When I climaxed, I came a lot. My body shaking and sheets thoroughly soaked while Buddy happily lapping up the nectar flowing from my flower. Buddy’s long powerful tongue still running across my twitching lips setting off another orgasm before I had even finished having my first. I suspect had my legs not gone weak and given out that he would have happily driven me to several more orgasms. Claire was all too eager to watch Buddy poke his nose between my cheeks and continue licking me. But she did eventually pull him away after I came again and gave him plenty of fuss and cuddles while I recovered. Buddy was given plenty of positive attention to let him know we were very happy with what he just did.

“Holy fuck that was hot,” Claire says after I finally started to come out of my orgasm induced pleasure stupor.

“God, I forgot how great a dog’s tongue feels,” I replied, slowly trying to sit up. My body was still slightly dizzy and weak from the back to back orgasms.

“Does it really feel that much better than mine?” Clair asked, sounding a little bit hurt by my words.

“You know how to make me scream while Buddy just made me howl,” I replied in a soft sensual tone. While Claire appreciated my compliment for her own skillset, I saw that she didn’t quite seem to fully understand.

“Trust me, when it’s your turn you’ll understand,” I concluded while leaning over and kissing Claire on the lips. That was before leaning down and kissing Buddy as well.

It didn’t take long for Claire to understand what I had said nor for her to be as hooked on the idea of having a four-legged lover. In barely a few days I had helped Claire experience her first dog tongue while exploring her sweet sex and tasting her first K9 cock to craving much more. She quite literally went from my loving kinky girlfriend to my partner in crime. I can hope the world changes into a place more open-minded and accepting of our love.

Although we made sure not to force Buddy into anything, he was part of our family. He was either interested or he wasn’t. Thankfully for us, Buddy was young and possibly as horny as we were. More than happy to have his two wonderful mother’s help lighten the heavyweight in his balls and more than happy to return the favor for us both.

Conquering our first Mount-in
Buddy quickly grew to be a regular fixture in our bedroom and in any other room we were in when he showed signs of interest. Sometimes these were just false flags and he was just after a belly rub which he always got. It wasn’t too long that he started showing interest in both myself and Claire before he started to do more than just lick us.

Now I would love to say that my first time was a seamless and joyous time and that it went down without any problems. I imagined that I would be face down moaning in pure delight while Buddy rocked my world. However, that wasn’t quite the case. Buddy knew about as much as we both did, which wasn’t a huge sum. We picked up few bits and pieces from watching porn videos, but usually, those dogs were experienced or at least guided by some people with experience.

This meant that there were more than a few abortive attempts when Buddy first attempted to mount me. I ended up with more than my fair share of scratches as a result. Still, I had Claire on hand to try and guide Buddy until he was at a good angle and soon he was jack hammering away. His hot red rocket slapping between the soft cheeks of my ass while poking at everything and anything he could. This included my poor and up to this point virgin asshole. I was very grateful not to be alone for my first time since almost being corn-holed by your doggy lover on your first try is enough to unsettle any girl.

Some of the earlier scratches had bitten deep into my skin and drawn a little blood. As nervous as I was, the moment Buddy’s hot doggy cock struck gold any fears and doubts I had melted away instantly. I was bowled over by the feeling of the heat of Buddy’s cock as it slipped into me. Swelling with each wild savage thrust as he pushed himself deeper and deeper into me. He was bigger and thicker than any man I had been with. I was fortunate that I was dripping wet with anticipation for him. He had me howling in pleasure as my breathing quickly becoming heavy while my mind tried to process the pleasure of this wild thrusting.

I was being stretched by every glorious inch of Buddy cock. The base of his cock started to swell as his knot started to grow. I could feel it starting to pull at my sweet lips as it slipped in and out of me. His cock twitching as he hosed my pussy down with precum. I could feel his huge length squirting and squirming inside of me which the feeling of that and the wild frantic thrusts were much more intense than anything I had experienced before. He had me cumming hard as he pumped away. His hind legs slipping away occasionally catching my legs with his claw. The pleasure I was experiencing dulled away any pain and discomfort.

Fortunately for me, Buddy wasn’t able to properly tie on my first time. The combination of my juices and the precum making my flower too slick so the knot popped out with each thrust which eventually grew too big to slip inside of me. Buddy was already bigger than anything else I have ever had inside of me. His thrusting stopped as he lay atop of me, panting while pumping me full of his doggy spunk. Each delicious throb of his K9 pecker sent a shiver down my spine and a warm rush to fill my womb. It wasn’t long until I had no room left in my pussy to hold anymore of Buddy’s cum. The excess was leaking out around his amazing cock and down my legs. The sensation of being filled like I was quickly getting me close again my fingers clawed into the bed beneath me.

Buddy laid on top of me for a couple of minutes still pumping me full of his doggy cum. I enjoyed the feeling of his warm fur pressing against my skin while feeling his body move with his panting. That made me feel closer to him more than anyone that I had slept with before. I felt a little sad and quite empty when Buddy hopped off me. His big cock popping free as his sticky seed flowed out of my pussy soaking the sheets beneath me. The sensation of Buddy pulling free as his big thick cock slipped out brushing against my clit. All his cum was enough to make me cum again.

As I laid there panting and moaning in pleasure, I tried to process how amazing it was having my K9 cherry popped. Buddy then proceeded to clean up after himself. This was a service no man has ever offered me. His long flat tongue running up between my twitching folds lapping up the wonderful sticky mixture of my cum and his. “Hey, save some for me,” I joked, reaching back and catching some of the dog cum leaking from me in my hand. I enjoyed the taste of Buddy’s cum mixed with my own.

It wasn’t until Claire walked over for a closer look that I even remembered she was here given how silent she had been while watching me getting fucked. I remember that look of awe on her face as she watched Buddy licking his cock clean and his cum still dripping down my legs.

“That looked intense,” Claire eventually managed to say.

“Uh-huh,” I murmured back-still basking in the warm glow of it all.

“Holy shit he’s huge,” Claire gasped, going wide-eyed at Buddy’s cock.

“Wait till you feel it,” I replied.

The Buddy System
It was a couple of days after Buddy popped my pet cherry that I was able to help Clair lose hers. At that time, we were able to research, find out what we did wrong and what we should have done. When the next we get hot and heavy I could help Claire and Buddy get into position and get down to the fun stuff. Naturally not all that we read was easy to apply but we’d have plenty of practice to find out what worked.

Things worked out rather well when Buddy was ready and raring to go. I had been lying underneath Claire enjoy a nice 69 position. This meant that not only was Claire was nice and wet for Buddy and that I was also in a prime position to give a helping hand to guide Buddy in. It would also give me an amazing view of the action although I was in danger of taking an accidental paw to the face and was most definitely in the splash zone. Buddy quickly hopped up onto the bed and took a moment to lick my face which I assumed it also smelled of Claire. This was before I was able to nudge his head up in between Claire’s butt cheeks.

“Ready to get fucked?” I asked in a teasing manner.

“You think he will?” Claire asked in an excited and nervous tone.

I looked up and watched Buddy lap at Claire’s pussy with the tip of his cock already emerging from his sheath.

“Yeah, get ready girl,” I giggled back.

I think Claire might have tried to reply but Buddy was ready to move things along quickly mounting Claire. He was already in a good position while I reached up and help guide the thrusting tip until it was aligned with Claire’s pussy. Buddy quickly began to thrust forward and soon I was looking up and watching Buddy bury his quickly growing cock between Clair’s folds. Claire’s gasps of surprise quickly turned into howls of pleasure as Buddy began to fuck her hard and fast. His big thick cock left her gasping in pleasure.

It was a delight to watch although I had to admit I was very jealous of my girlfriend. The sounds and sight of her juicy pussy being pounded were enjoyable even though I wished it was me rather than Claire. That said, it was interesting to watch Buddy at work. His frantic thrusting and the veined texture of his cock as it swelled up. It was nice to see the formation and swelling of his knot. I did get to enjoy the warm rain of Buddy’s cum leaking down onto my face and into my waiting mouth. I even started to give Claire a helping hand, running my thumb over her clit and helping her cum on Buddy’s cock.

Much like when I was fucked by Buddy. He wasn’t able to tie with Claire even though it looked for a moment that he would. His knot popping free during the thrusting before he was able to plug Claire. This meant I did receive a pleasant showering of Buddy’s cum. I also got a good view of Buddy’s big hairy balls twitching and churning as he continually pumped Claire’s pussy full of his doggy spunk. Each twitch of his black fur orbs delivering a hot lance of cum into Claire. The delicious overspill of dog cum dripping down and into my mouth.

Buddy stayed in place for a few minutes before finally hopping off and catching my hair with his paw. I was more distracted by the flood of is K9 cum which sprayed out from Claire on onto me. Buddy started to lick his own cock before turning his attention to Claire’s dripping pussy. His long tongue starting to lap up the delicious mixture leaking from her pussy. I wiggled myself closer to Buddy to where I was able to reach up and suck on his cock, licking the spraying cum which I eagerly drank.

Needless to say, the event popped both of our pet cherries and we were fully converted to the wild lifestyle letting Buddy take us anytime he wanted. I have to admit that as horny and eager that was back then, I was still very nervous about taking Buddy’s knot. I would soon be forced to confront that fear and would never look back.

Knot for the Faint of Heart
Over the next few weeks both Claire and I were eager to take Buddy anytime he showed any interest. This mostly came in the form of him nuzzling at our crotches and pawing at our clothes if we were wearing any. A bad habit that almost got us into trouble on more than one occasion. We had picked up a few more tips and tricks about how to position your legs and angle your hips to best aid penetration. This meant that we decided to see if Buddy could find his mark without assistance and could therefore make sure that whoever wasn’t being fucked wasn’t left out.

I decided to volunteer myself given that I already had some scratches on my legs. Claire’s on the other hand had been mostly spared the rough treatment. Looking down at my scratches and seeing them just reminded me of the very enjoyable time when I got them. Claire thought about arguing the point, but I managed to sweet-talk her into another encounter.

I was fooling around with Claire when Buddy decided to check and see what all the noise about. This was something we had learned that was a sure-fire way to have him at least come in and investigate. The sights and sounds usually got him excited and this meant that if he was feeling up to it that one would be getting fucked. Although it wasn’t foolproof, we did sometimes find that our own sexy time was interrupted by a gorgeous dog looking for attention from his two Mommas.

This time however Buddy seemed very interested. I patted my rear to entice Buddy as he eagerly began licking me and getting his tongue nice and deep into me. I resumed burying my own face between Claire’s legs as I then felt Buddy move his face back and jump on my back. I shifted myself and tried my best to help Buddy find my pussy.

There was a minute or two of close calls as my back was now coated with his warm sticky pre-cum. Before I knew it, Buddy was back inside of me. My moans and groans of pleasure muffled by Claire’s sweet mound as her fingers dug into my hair. I could once again feel Buddy’s hot cock thundering in and out of my tight passage hitting me in all the right places.

I’m not sure why I decided to shift but perhaps it was the weight of Buddy on my back or the angle that allowed me to still lick Claire’s sweet pussy. I shifted my position slightly while tilting my body forward allowing Buddy to get even deeper inside of me. His hot doggy cock kept hitting me deeper than ever allowing the tip of his cock probing into my cervix. This drove me wild as I was filled with even more of Buddy’s wonderful cock. What I didn’t realize until it was too late was what else of Buddy’s could even better fit inside of me.

I remember feeling an amazing sense of pleasure as with each frantic thrust Buddy had started to brush against my G-spot while that sweet pressure grew stronger and stronger. I then felt myself being stretched wider and it suddenly dawned on me that Buddy’s knot was hitting me much deeper than usual. In my defense the sensation of Buddy’s cock hitting me so deep that I found his precum very distracting.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Thankfully much more pleasure than pain.

“What?” Claire asked while she could not understand why I had stopped going down on her.

She let out a gasp of surprise saying, “Oh my god! He’s knotted you.”

By now Buddy’s knot was fully inflated and he had successfully tied with me. His big thick cock was locked deep inside of my pussy as he began to pump me full of his K9 cream. Each throb and pulse of his cock sending a hot rush of cum searing into my cervix. Each thrust of his throbbing cock making my toes curl in pleasure. What really drove me wild was every time his throbbing knot brushed against my G-spot.

“I’m going to get the camera,” Claire giggled while climbing off the bed. Any attempt to reply was lost as all I could do was moan and groan in pleasure. The feeling was so full that the slightest movement I made was making Buddy’s big swollen cock catch something sensitive which sent another shockwave of pleasure through my body. It wasn’t long before Buddy had me cumming over and over as he filled me. Especially when he began to dismount me and his knot tugging me with his cum leaking out of any space it could. His knot in place trapped deep inside of me.

Buddy had fucked me more than a few times before, but this felt different. Having him so deep inside of me and his cum flowing into my womb until my body started to almost ache with how full I was. I wasn’t just being fucked by Buddy and I wasn’t just his lover, he was fucking me and I was his bitch. All I could do was lay there and cum as Buddy stood there and bred me. I was powerless to get free and wouldn’t move until Buddy was done with me.

“How does it feel?” I remember Claire asking me after taking more than a few photos of my pussy being stretched around Buddy’s huge cock.

“Amazing,” I just about managed to mumble back. My brain by that point barely able to keep up with the pleasure flooding through my body. My muscles aching from the repeated orgasms I had endured.

“It looks it,” Claire replied with a giggle. “Although I’m glad you went first.”

I personally couldn’t tell you how long I was tied to Buddy. I very quickly lost track of time between my 8th or 9th orgasm, but Claire reckons it was somewhere around 20 minutes. All I do remember was the slight pain of Buddy trying to pull free. When his cock finally stopped cumming his knot started to shrink.

Eventually, all good things must come to an end as he pulled his huge cock free from me as a flood of his doggy spunk sprayed out with it. I remember feeling Buddy occasionally lapping up the juices and trying his best to clean my well-fucked pussy. With all the cum that was inside me he would have been there all night trying to clean me. I have a vague recollection of Claire rolling me onto my back and helping me into a comfy position. My body was not too happy with being stuck in the doggy position.

I remember Buddy, Claire and I snuggled up beside each other and napped for an hour or two.

When I woke up, I knew three things:

1) That I had to do that again.

2) That Claire definitely needed to try taking Buddy’s knot.

3) That there was a distinct possibility that I wouldn’t be able to go back to normal sex, at least not exclusively.
A switch had been flicked inside of me and I realized my wild side and there would be no going back.

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  1. mrdpgirth 2 months ago

    Such a terrific story! Very descriptive…made my imagination make me feel like I was there! Thanks for that!!

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