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It’s a strange world we inhabit. Being 99% ‘out’ petlover (my family, friends, colleagues etc. all know what I do) – being mildly presentable and vaguely coherent, folks tend to treat me quite normally. I speak with many of you on a regular basis, among you and our interests, I AM fairly normal.

From time to time though, I forget that is only true in this world. From time to time, I will meet someone from the ‘real’ world, who finds out what I do. And sometimes, their reaction is quite bad. All they see, is a twisted pervert, nothing more. It can be quite disconcerting.

Likewise with the friends and family, occasionally one will let slip their true feelings. They aren’t comfortable with it, underneath. One of the reasons I avoid the real world as much as possible.

They don’t get it, you see. All they know, is what they have been told by others.


People fucking dogs etc. With war, famine etc in the world, how important could people fucking dogs really be?

For some, sure, interest in animal sex is a passing interest. Tourism is to be expected, folks like to see new things. But for others, we are genuinely built this way. It’s in us. There are a ton of reasons why that may be the case. And, for certain, outsiders have a ton of reasons why they believe what we do is wrong.

But it was not that long ago, that homosexuality was considered a sickness. Even now, in many places, feelings for the same gender will cost you your life.

Now, religion, society etc. I understand they need to try as hard as possible to get everyone on the same page. Otherwise, there would be chaos. I don’t think any of us would enjoy that.

Still, it would be nice to think that as science, technology, civilization advances – that an understanding of human nature would advance along with it. If you understand that 95% of the ocean is as yet unexplored – I’d say that about the same percentage of human nature is also unexplored.

I can dig, that the more variety in taste and direction you have within a society, the more difficult that society is to shepherd. But, did permitting gay REALLY make the sky fall? Not really.

Take the music industry as an example. New forms of music come out all the time. Punk was pretty far from the regular when it happened – but music didn’t end as a result of it. They didn’t start executing punks, or exiling them to Siberia. No, music embraced punk, understood it. Punk fans became part of a larger whole of music lovers. Because, punk or classical, techno to hip-hop to jazz – we are all still essentially the same people underneath.

Wouldn’t that be a better way to approach the various sexualities – including our own?


So we are into stuff that is a bit out there, by ‘normal’ standards. All of us in so-called civilized societies, every day, are badgered into accepting that different is good. Diversity is enlightened. Why is it better that we should accept and understand, for example, a religion that rails against many of our values – but to NOT accept something like pet love?

This, is bullshit. And bullshit should really be highlighted where we find it.

Sex always gets a bad press. Crazy really, sex is as important a human function as eating and breathing. I understand, there is a line that we should probably avoid crossing – that being, the rule of no harm to others. I’d say we were on the edge of that line. But on this side of the line, where most of us stand – we are not hurting anyone. We are not undermining society, or running riot in the streets. I suspect, most of us are pretty harmless and sensible people.

If we back down and accept societies definition of us, then understanding of human nature dies a little bit. If we give in, we pave a road to persecution for petlovers of the future. And present. Once that rot sets in, what will be next? I’ll remind you, that Dubbya Bush wanted to ban watersports on the internet. And fisting. Donald is cut from similar cloth. Pissing – really? It’s not a huge step to imagine forbidding watersports, to homosexuality, to stoning women to death for leaving the house unaccompanied.

Instead of rushing to find people to persecute, how about a little understanding?

Homosexuality has been forbidden in Islam since forever. Gays are executed summarily and always have been. Has this succeeded in wiping them out in the Middle East? Well, they are still finding gays to execute even now, so presumably that approach has not been successful. Even with the threat of death hanging over them, people can’t help being who they are. And I suggest, as long as nobody is harmed, that they should be. Forcing people to all be the same, isn’t really the path to understanding anything. It’d be like painting all the flowers in the world white, and plucking petals so all flowers have just 4. Because you don’t have the time, patience or intellect to understand other kinds of flowers.

Us ‘civilized’ societies rant on and on about how free we are. When, truth is we are not really free at all. About choice, Henry Ford said “you can have any color you want as long as it’s black”. Well, seems in reality, we are free to be whoever we want to be, as long as we choose to be the same.


It wasn’t long ago, that you wouldn’t see any nudity on TV. These days, we’re seeing pussies and cocks left and right. Gay is now okay. So slowly, to some extent, what’s acceptable creeps forward.

And here we stand, on the far end of the spectrum, saying ‘look – if you are going to understand, then understand it all’. If there will ever truly (unlikely I know) be an end to war, corruption etc – it will come from a place of understanding.

We are who we are. You are the experts – don’t just label us. Understand us. Because if you don’t or won’t, who is craziest? Us, expressing our true natures? Or you, trying desperately to cram an infinitely variable animal like a human being, into a one-size-fits-all template?

I won’t encourage you to be out about your petlove, it’ll make problems for you. But I would encourage you to always be yourself, and to encourage others like us to be themselves too. Each petlover in the world, is an extra inch of understanding in the world.

That’s worth fighting for, right?

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  1. m0rgan 2 years ago

    if ever you are coming to berkshire, adam, id like to buy you a drink! regards and good wishes to you and your team!

  2. mikiyrogers 3 years ago

    It’s strange to think that the practice has been going on since man fist found means to record it so there is nothing new under the sun I’m sure that ever since man fist took the first steps with the wolf coming to his prehistoric fire side there have been some understanding that it ( the attraction existed) and I like to think that perhaps it wasn’t outlawed then as it has become over the millions of years ” as man became civilised” it’s true to say that in some countries the law does not look on it as legal but then some people will be always against us I don’t think this is ever going to be accepted at a level as human mating, as some people can’t even procreate with the light on! So as to my own feelings on this I thought that for me it was teenage lust and not a genuine depth of feeling for our four legged friends until finding that I seemed to get on better with animals than people over the years I have found someone to share this with and consider myself truly lucky though neither of us can be active at the moment I over the years have only ever told two people about how I feel and some times still feel that perhaps I am some way mentally dysfunctional So you perhaps can imagine how I feel now since the advent of the internet thats its as though someones lifted a curtain to a new day albeit perhaps the afternoon of mine but I’m overjoyed at the fact that there are all of you out there ready to carry on with the cause Thank you and I will always be here even if I’m just lurking

    • Rivanwood 2 years ago

      Personally, I believe there are many, many people out there that get along better with animals than with other people (sometimes even family members can’t get along), and this has had something to do with their preference for animals. But I mostly have experienced women that prefer dogs (I have trouble just calling dogs ‘animals’) over men because of how the dog is built versus how a man is built.. and then there is the issue of how a dog cums, but I’ll leave that a later time. However, with all of that said, over the past 15 years, the half dozen or so women I have met that are seriously into dogs are doing it for companionship. And these are women from all walks of life; high school vice-principle, retired school teacher, lonely housewife, widow, law enforcement officers (plural), and several with degrees in business. Their reasons are varied but the fact remains, they love being with their dogs, and I try to accommodate when/where I can, but there is nothing wrong or unusual about any of them… they just like what a dog gives them. Nobody is being hurt, and let’s be truthful, the dogs aren’t ‘hurt’ over it (that’s ridiculous!). At the moment, in my personal life, my girlfriend, Laura, is waiting on me to get her a pit, and her sister calls me constantly to find out if I’ve picked up the dog yet b/c she’s anxious to come over and “visit” (sister also likes petlove). I expect several of you will think I’m just wishing here, but I am being totally honest about everything. Women are into petlove in a serious way… they’re just not talking about it b/c of things like what happened to Windy Wisconsin, which is insane. But it’s happening, and on a very, very large scale. All these new laws did was force breeders to jack up their selling price and that is also ridiculous… the pit I want is now selling for $3k and that’s just the start.

  3. 3 years ago

    Thanks for all your hard work, Adam.

    While it has entertainment value as a niche interest that may be fun and pleasurable for some people, wouldn’t you agree that animal sex is far from the “ideal” for people to pursue, and not exactly something we should encourage others to strive towards? It would seem to unnecessarily complicate a person’s life unless they truly feel an orientation toward it (and it is a pressing interest). It doesn’t strike me that the dictates of human nature would require sex with animals to realize ione’s potential needs, or “self-actualization” as the psychologists say. This is a bit rambling but just something I was thinking about in response to whether we should really focus a lot of effort on fighting for something that is not essential for happiness. Open to critique on that front.

    Thanks again,


    • Author
      Adam 3 years ago

      Okay, I replied already – but clarified a mildly rambly post, with a mildly rambly comment reply. I must stop posting first thing until my brain is in gear.

      So, the reply in brief. The unknown, is unknown until it is fully known and understood. Currently, any doctor worth his or her salt, will tell you that when it comes to the human organism, they have figured out a few things but they are mostly in the dark.

      The crux of the position is, the aspect of the human psyche which drives those of us who make this our lives – that is a part of the whole, as much as anything else. And when seeking to understand something, you seek to understand it all, not just the bits you like.

      • 3 years ago

        Appreciate your reply, Adam, thanks. Food for thought! I considered there is a sphere of sexual appetite that is really a “need” and then other parts that are just for lust and pleasure, with animal sex falling into the latter. Then again there are those who really feel that this is a sexual orientation, even exclusively.

        • Author
          Adam 3 years ago

          Yes there are. But you are making some assumptions there.

          If you are saying that sex can be a need, how that need is expressed is neither here nor there.

          • 3 years ago

            Would you say that some human beings truly feel a need for sex with another species? My opinion has no clinical weight, I’m just very interested in this topic.

          • Author
            Adam 3 years ago

            Well VR, as far as I have read, in matters of understanding sexuality, clinical weight has little to no weight either, so no worries there 🙂 And yes it is an interesting topic.

            The crux of your question boils down to the definition of ‘need’. Where are you getting this definition from, who decides the meaning, and why?

          • 3 years ago

            Yeah, good point. We could ask if sexual “need” is, on an individual level, applicable to people at all. I don’t know. Some people live completely celibate, asexual lives, while others seem to feel compelled to have orgasms in some way. We could say “need” for sex is there on a species level, to reproduce, if need is related to survival. I suppose I wonder whether any recreational sex is a need and whether it should be pursued as a right. Legally we decided orientation was enough of a ground for rights, so if zoosexuality is truly an orientation, then we could argue it should be legalized. I think Zeta did this in Germany already (if you check the amended law from Dec. 2015).

          • Author
            Adam 3 years ago

            ‘Need’ is defined as ‘required rather than desirable’. But it’s also defined as ‘something wanted or required’. So there is a lot of vagueness around that word.

            I understand what you are getting at. I just want to make sure everyone else does 🙂

            What you are asking is, if petism is a true drive/sexuality rather than a passing whim. And, if it is a passing whim, is it really that important. Agreed, and for many, yes it is a passing whim. Not for everyone though. Believe me, before all this, I tried and tried to not be into petlove, and failed dismally every single time. I went so far, as drinking salt water to make myself sick every time I got off thinking about it. Got so that I could drink salt water quite comfortably, which was not helpful 🙂

            I gave up living in denial eventually, and here we are.

            So then, as you point out, is ANY sex really a need? The drive to procreate is not really a need, nobody NEEDS to have kids. They want to have kids. And kids pay taxes eventually so you can rest assured our shepherds would happily put that under a need. But it isn’t. Nobody ever died from not having kids. And taking it one step further, is ANYTHING at all, really required? All of us could keel over tomorrow – some people will be upset sure but the world will keep on spinning.

            Or, required for our survival? Well, sex is more than just procreation, it’s a social thing. People in isolation go nuts, so socializing is key to survival too. As is socializing among others who are on the same page. Otherwise, who would we socialize with? We’d end up feeling alone and isolated, I’ve been there, so have many other Members. One of the reasons I’ve kept this going all this time – sometimes I’ll have a moan about how it drives me nuts, but in reality deep down y’all are my extended family.

            5 minutes ago, gay was a sickness exhibited by perverts. Now it isn’t. Whether you believe that all gay people are born gay, is your decision. But if people are born gay, then why wouldn’t people be born wild? And if they are not really born gay – then the choice of sexual expression is open to some, but not to others.

            Bottom line, it doesn’t really matter if we need it, or just like it. Look at all the people on this site, and those are just the registered ones. Go into any sex shop that sells animal videos, and ask them what’s their top seller – chances are they will say animal videos. TONS of people lean this way. You find us in literature, to legend, poetry, art, culture, going way back in history. It’s not really all that fringe. I can’t begin to tell you, how many people I’ve met who were ‘totally not interested in animal sex’, but when it came down to it behind closed doors, they absolutely were.

            These days, the establishment raves about Darwin’s partially correct theories on evolution. Back in the day though, the establishment was Godly, and Darwin hesitated to even suggest that nature operated without the hand of God. There you had religion / moral values getting in the way of truly objective science. And you got the same thing still today. Here is an interesting behavior exhibited by many. And instead of understanding it, they just forbid it and live in denial. Just as they would have several hundred years ago. Granted they won’t burn us at the stake these days, but the manner of thinking is the same.

            We could stop all this. Go into hiding. We could all stop fucking pets. The drive will still be there. It ain’t going away. And a complete understanding of human nature would require an understanding of us. By continually cramming petlove down their throats, we give them less opportunity to dismiss us as perverts, like they did with gay folks originally. And who knows. Maybe some young petgirl or petguy coming on here, reading and understanding, will go on to be a great scientist, do a full study on it and change the world. I think understanding is always worth fighting for.

            And those fabulous pet pussies too. They are definitely worth fighting for, ooh yeah 😉

          • 3 years ago

            Most people nowadays probably agree that the State should not be regulating people’s sex lives. The only case where law enforcement steps in is when sex is used as a kind of assault, against another person without their consent. With animals, I think the laws are still rooted in the old “obscenity” or “morality” grounds, but animal rights activists argue there cannot be consent because of the difference in cognitive ability. It’s a bit tricky, but if a mature male animal is acting on its own instinct, and is not forced, I think that should be enough to demonstrate consent (as per the German law). Otherwise we are treating animals as if they are all people, just with diminished cognitive capability, which is absurd and if that were the case veganism should be legally obligatory.

          • Author
            Adam 3 years ago

            Hehe yes. When we get hate mail shouting about us abusing animals, the ‘are you vegan?’ question usually sends them packing. 🙂

  4. Tho 3 years ago

    Hey everyone! I have been following this site for years now albeit clandestinely from the shadows. Mainly because in my current world I’m the only 1 I have ever come across that would even admit it existed and was happening right under my own very nose, I lived just a couple of mile’s from the gentleperson in washington state that gave his life (observes moment of silence) to this clandestine world and brought it kicking and screaming into the light of day. the obstacles faced daily tring to keep things on the QT and still presenting the normal dumb dazed plodding along of the cattle humans scouring through their small mundane existence only looking over the neighbor’s fence limits one intelligence and then mix in the religions and their still on damage control over the clergy screwing the alter boys and the fiasco that came when the now adult victims came out of their brain blocked stuppers and said something to whom ever kicked the ball off. But brave not really but eye were opened and made to see what was happening. And we still after all this crap over the centuries cause Directly by the churches and their favorite phrase: GOD WILLS IT! was so much more heyness than loving the animals. And how the hell do these ppl get their info because last I looked their s not a person yet that can have a discussion with another species and can understand what the chosen animal has to relate aren’t any Dr Doolittles in the human race! So who says that it is abuse? Every video clip, book, cartoon,anima, Hentia, ah shit everything that has been recorded somewhere I have yet to see 1 just 1 of the critter have to be lead in or made to perform the acts! They have all been racing in to join never otherwise. That to me speaks more TRUTHS so evident they the nose on your face. I myself have only seen the asian version while overseas in korea. And because of the dish called ka-go-gee ( meaning ) roast of dog which is why they have a shortage of K9’s in the country. So they used snakes fish and the ever stredy ell to make the cocks of the GI’s loosen up and letting their money out to play. I feel this little world hidden under rapps for so long and only broched when someone pulled the alarm on the churches actions the church was caught at the church would scream harise witches or some lovely that refused the church they screamed bestiality and orgies with demons and devils So on and so forth. I bet if the church was out of the picture, their would be no one that would want or even think to call it abuse or evil or well you get my point. But ADAM if you ever have to go to battle I would be so PROUD
    to have your back!! There would not be any force in heaven or hell or on this earth that would even think of trying to slander and trash a world made out of pure untainted Love!!! But the church got the jump on everyone and convince parents to indoctrinate they called it (Baptize) the kids at birth there by erasing any ability of free thought or questioning anything that looked or felt wrong sunday school, prayer sessions are still used today to reinforce their silencing of any that could screw up their running con games. And they figured out how to get them to not only handover their children albeit unknowingly but to pay the church a portion of their monthly income. So now after generation of the brainwashed uneducated we have umteen thousands of different gods and believe’s and free thought is not free but costs you Everything to even think that of their god and church. At least they cant just kill you anymore as they tortured the confession out of you which most of the time cause the persecuted to death anyway (can’t let them live the truth may come to light! the so called guilty into confessing to imagination. for the church defenders I bring to your attention the Salem Witch trails! All those ppl put to death were accused by 6 little school girls. Little fucking girls hardly in their middle teens who had gotten angry at someone and out their heads together to get even for any imagery slight they thought was made at them and they LOVED the power that the church gave them to point out the witches and the world imploded back to the dark ages. But the way you have defended this world of your making even such as it is under seige and always used as the scapegoat to get that turning of public opinion from the crime being committed right in their faces to the fantasy world were only the church could do that which is right and ture because blaming the church could NOT and Would NOT ever do anything other than make it al rosey and sweet smelling without having it all dumbed back in their own laps for the audacity and your sentence was torture till you confessed then you were punished which ended in death anyway!! And so even though your animals like even desire these anettentions Obviously!! And as a man who has only seen 1 lady with a snake not even big enough to feel (maybe 24 in max) but it opened a door that never even occurred to me as real but as an adult free think man with a vicious sense of The Protector defender, council doctor nurse, midwife and even shit shoveler extraordinaire of the animals in my care of which I have as long as I can remember sided with animals and will always and cannot be altered. Mostly because I have witnessed what we do to those we use as escape goats and the like. And it will stop your heart COLD what we, mankind can and will do with thought to any that challenge or try to intervene against us! We are by far thee most dangerous lifeform to ever have evolved to date!! And now it is not a planet of a million or 2 but 7 ,000,000,000,000 and change in a couple more years it will double. Now we ourselves have become the infestation to a full blown Plague more deadly then any to date. In closing I would like to say that over time I have listened and watched from the sidelines . I can really get long winded! huh? I guess what the the long and short of it is. I find myself inspired by you and yours!! Besides the fact I just can’t seem to curb my obsessive viewing of it I don’t know why yet perhaps it the animals action in response to your own. Because humans are for the most part liars thieves traders ect…But animals have a set in stone reason for everything they do and its never self serving . My hopes are this that one day before I leave this world that I will get to have a front row seat with the view that leaves nothing to the imagination!! With all the sight and smell and sounds and the feeling that these girls are doing this just for me. All this interest after seeing shadows and flashes from the back of a foreign bar on the other side of the world. Ok talk at you wonderful loving ppl for today time for me to go see what is out there I can DL to my library before the churchers start screwing around to cover up something another prist did to some poor little child because their hole deal is to cover up and hide so they can continue to fuck our children and have us paying them to do it to them. Your newest and hard won convert now freely admits I was blinded by the BS and sucker in like everone else, but I believe my connection with critters stopped and then pulled me back from fall face first down into their cesspool of debauchery and deseat!! God save the animals!!!! Be well and share the Love!

    • Author
      Adam 3 years ago

      Wow, that’s very heartfelt Tho, that comment is longer than some of our articles too 🙂 Yes, sadly it’s not the world we were led to believe in Disney movies and fairytale stories. And yes, my dog has never lied to me, betrayed me, judged me, only loved me. He did steal my spaghetti one time though, he does love that spaghetti. Thanks for having my back my friend that is much appreciated.

  5. 3 years ago

    My family knows, they are no longer family. Exes have found out, they are exes for a reason. I am merely a voyeur, one who watches but never participates. A firm believer there is a continental divide between a male dog having sex with a human woman and a human male having sex with a dog. Bestiality is seen as being only slightly more acceptable than pedophilia and I’m the type of person that thinks pedophiles should be put in a gas chamber. I can only assume people who are against zoophilia feel the same. Then there is the huge gap between zoophilia and bestiality. Where zoophiles believe in supposed unspoken love and attraction, bestiality is merely about sex. Being outed when I was 14 for zoophilia and many times since then I have personally had to move around. A lot. One thing I will tell you right now, which may be offensive to some, is that homosexuality is merely tolerated and the further you move away from high density liberal metropolitan population areas the less tolerance you will find. Which is weird because the exact opposite is true for zoophilia. The less people, the higher the tolerance. Something to think about.

  6. k9cocklover 3 years ago

    Fantastic, I am impressed. You are a brave gentleman leading this movement while hosting professional content and websites for us to voice our sexuality to the world. Understanding and acceptance is truly all we ask for having our unique love interests. Like so many other various lifestyles in this world, those of us not harming each other or others, only want to be respected as we do others in a similar position.

  7. TheRealSuperbitch 3 years ago

    very well said, Adam, more people would benefit if they’d just stop complaining about stuff they don’t understand and start trying to learn more and open a dialogue. Like you said, more of us are just harmless and sensible people with extraordinary lifestyles. doesn’t mean we’re wrong, just different from mainstream.

    • Author
      Adam 3 years ago

      Thank you SB 🙂 I will say, although some people are weirded out by it, most all of the Ladies I’ve ever told about my pet interests were quite okay with it. Either interested to try it, or would try it for me, or at least wouldn’t do it but didn’t mind me being into it. Then to be fair I don’t tend to hang around in puritanical circles, and prefer the company of naughty Ladies, that probably helped. Only one girl said ‘ew that’s disgusting’ – she was part South American, her mother very religious so that probably had something to do with it.

      Lovely boobs in that latest pic by the way 🙂

  8. Cheekymonkey2018 3 years ago

    I d have to agree with what you wrote Adam…I remember when being “gay” was a huge taboo….now we have parades honoring gay pride. Just because we prefer a different sexuality… doesn’t make us freaks…we are just more open to new exciting pleasures… I’d have to commend you on “coming out” to your immediate circle. I’m far from it… As alot of probably are. Great article Adam ?❤️

    • Author
      Adam 3 years ago

      Cheeky I had to come clean because doing what we do – most people who get outed usually disappear from the scene, there’s been lots. The only way to stop stalkers etc from ‘outing’ you is to out yourself and take the leverage away. This does not apply to most folks here, as long as you are careful.

  9. ThisIsChris 3 years ago

    Very well written opinion, my friend. 🙂

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