ArtOfZoo - beastcowboy interview - sex with animals

Interview with BeastCowboy by The Fluffiest

Many active community members might have had some interaction with one of the mainstays in the ArtOfZoo Bestiality Chat room: BeastCowboy, always happy to say “Hi”, lend an encouraging hand or ear, and ever ready to offer his advice to newbies and experienced members alike.

When a few months ago BeastCowboy told us about his wife having found out about his extra-curricular activities, we agreed to do a short write up about the lead-up and resolution, for other members to read who missed out on that night of pet-chat.

Who are you? Mind introducing yourself?

My name is BeastCowboy. I’m a 34-year-old male and have some extensive experience with my boys (border collies, which explains why The Fluffiest is interested / is co-writing this bit).

I work with cattle and horses, with my dogs, as a real-life modern-day cowboy on a large ranch in the USA in the fair state of Montana.

I’ve been married forever to my lovely wife and we have kids who haven’t reached college age yet, but soon will be.

Want to tell us about your zoo experiences?

I started early in puberty messing around with the horses and steers. Later on I “graduated” to the dogs which led to me having “earned” my verified owner and experienced site kudos.

Unfortunately, my most experienced boy had to be put down after a work-related incident a few months ago, which was a terrible loss.

I’ve got a new boy up in the works, who is doing a grand job on all aspects of our working and zoo-life ever since his predecessor was lost to this world.

All in all, I’ve got 6 working dogs, along with a couple of working horses, which I train up and sell for cash.

I’m a “ranch-hand”, not an owner, though I aspire to one day own my own ranch.

How is/was your relationship with your wife?

My wife is my life and business partner. We work together and live together on the ranch and raised our kids together in a loving home.

There has always been a marked difference in our sex drive. Mine could easily be summed up as high libido. And hers is closer to low.

I don’t think she’s a-sexual though. At least, as far as I can tell. She does enjoy occasional sex (even after finding out) with me.


ArtOfZoo - beastcowboy interview - sex with animals


So tell us about that fateful day? What happened?

We were corralling – on horseback – part of the stock and one of the cows was being difficult. As my wife got cornered by one of those cows, I made a half quip, half insult, that she should work harder / put her best foot forward.

I literally said, “Grow a pair!’’

And she replied, “Fuck you!”

Which led to me saying: “Well you sure don’t!”

Which inevitably led to the road where she replied with the slightly earth-shattering: “Well, you get it anytime you want from your dogs, so why should I?”

And I was flabbergasted…


ArtOfZoo - beastcowboy interview - sex with animals


What went through your mind at that moment?

“Oh shit, she found out.”

[The Fluffiest, ever so slightly incredulous:] That’s all? Just: Oh shit, she found out?

Not: Now I’ll have to leave before sundown and start a new life in Canada as a lumberjack like Dexter the serial killer?

“No. I trust my wife with my life and trust her to keep my secrets.” [TheFluffiest: Aww ❤ ❤  Mrs. BeastCowboy!]

Wow! How do you think this (love and trust) came to be?

Well, obviously we love each other. And there are the kids to be taken into consideration. And to be fair: it’s not like I’m “cheating” on her with another woman (or man) for that matter.

I’m getting my fix, without harming her. She’s not left wanting as if and when she’s feeling romantic, I’m not the person to leave her out in the cold / give her the cold shoulder.

We live in rural Montana, on a breeding farm, where a lot of the time, a lot of animals are being bred. Perhaps that’s what allows her to separate the act of physical love with emotional love and more easily accept it?

Have you talked about it afterward?

No, the subject was never raised afterward. We continued living our lives together, though the first few months there was a bit of an armistice, having to find out where both parties stood with the newfound knowledge.

Would you like to raise the subject with her?

I don’t think raising the subject (now) would lead to anything. When we discussed the different sex drive levels, she first blamed her lack of drive on the pill, so I got snipped and she could get off the pill. Unfortunately, nothing’s changed afterward.


Perhaps even get her into it?

I don’t think I could get her into it, though the thought, of course, is tantalizing.

How do you think she found out?

I left my laptop open at least once, with BeastForum prominently featuring. That might have been slightly stupid. A lesson learned.

Also going on the specificity of her answer, I’m guessing she must have seen me with one of my boys, in the throes of passion.

So, she must have suspected, then confirmed by sneaking up? Or just happened to walk in on us, without me knowing/noticing.

Not sure about that bit. Slightly afraid to ask.

How’s your relation now?

We still have occasional sex, which in this case means about twice a week [The Fluffiest: you lucky bastard you, some AoZ-members dream of having that kind of sexual activity level 😛 ], which seems to get more vigorous right before her menstrual cycle.

We live together. Love together.


ArtOfZoo - beastcowboy interview - sex with animals


But does she think you’ve stopped your zoo-activities?


She knows me.

I’m stubborn, like an ox. Or an ass. Or insert whatever flavor animal you think is more fitting. 😛
I like what I like and am not the type of person to be scared into submission.

And she knows this about me.

I’m guessing we’ve reached a stage in our relationship where such things matter less and keeping the status quo, or rather, maintaining the loving relationship that our family has, matters more than the occasional (or frequent) sidesteps any person in this relation makes.

What if it was the other way around? I.e.: If your wife was the one with the “terrible secret”?

Well, that would assume I wouldn’t be the one with the zoo-lifestyle? I can’t imagine myself without the zoo-part. It’s part and parcel of my persona.

But if it was the other way around and I had to imagine that I’m hoping I’d be as forgiving, understanding, and accommodating as my wife is.

Would the same be true if she were to have an extra-marital affair with a human?

To be honest: I’m not sure about that. Sex and especially an emotional bond with humans feel different to me as opposed to or rather when compared to the sexual relations we have with the animals.

ArtOfZoo - beastcowboy interview - sex with animals


Do you consider YOUR extra-marital bouts with the dogs to be “cheating”?

No. Most emphatically no.

Would you consider having sex with pet-girls, coming over for breeding with your boys?

Yes. But I’d feel terribly guilty towards my wife.

Could that spell the end of your relation/marriage?

That is likely. And probably why I’d be less tempted to take such chances.


ArtOfZoo - beastcowboy interview - sex with animals


Thank you very much for sharing this story with us and giving us some insight into your relationship and life.

Is there anything you’d like to add now that we’re at the end of this interview:

[BeastCowboy says:] “Stay Knotty!”


ArtOfZoo - beastcowboy interview - sex with animals


And that’s The Fluffiest signing off, back to chasing tennis balls.

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  1. Tythedogger 3 months ago

    Exceptional story! Got me hard thinking about it all.

  2. l4z2020 3 months ago

    wow! it’ a difficult experience to handle I guess, aslo I never imagined a situation like this before!

  3. BigOtis 3 months ago

    I’d say not talking about it is the biggest mistake you could make.. Relationships run on communication and if you don’t talk to her about it, she’s going to talk to someone… or it’s going to blow up in your face and you are going to find yourself in serious deep shit..

  4. 3 months ago

    Wow beast you have a large pair , are the pictures of you and family ?

  5. sXaBeast 3 months ago


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