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Right Gang 🙂

the ‘soft launch’ is about over. We opened the doors – no major problems or issues thankfully. We dealt with the server speed issue. We’ve already verified our first new bunch of Members. We’ve already kicked off our first new batch of assholes. The Movie Club is open for business. Aoz V.2 is now afloat, and we are ready to proceed.

I am really happy to see that many of you are getting the hang of the various site systems. That’s great! Such as, Kerstin telling me off for not giving the Lady all the appropriate Kudos she deserves, what a great problem to have 😉 We’ve had thousands of new registrations, lots of Members interested in supporting, lots of very nice new photos and videos posted. And we still have not officially announced our opening yet! We plan to do that in the next couple of days.



Firstly, please bear with us. We are super busy setting things up, fixing things, generally getting the team organized. During this time, it may take a bit longer to get things done – such as Member Blogs. It’s great to see that many of you are using the new functionality. Just, right now we don’t quite have the time to go through all your new posts, and format them nicely for release. All your posts are in the system, and we will get onto that shortly.

The same applies for verifications, comments moderation and so on. Setting up won’t take long Folks, so please hang in there 🙂



Now we have seen the site working with real people using it, it’s easier to see what new features are urgently needed. All these features were planned anyway – just that, we will probably prioritize a few of them:

1. “Latest” Area

It would be very nice to be able to see, at a glance, all the latest posts, uploads – comments – new Members joining – all that kind of stuff. There is currently no central place to view this. What we have planned is a Tumblr style interface, that lists site activity in one easy-to-follow area. We plan to add filters, so you can view only the new things you are interested in. This should hopefully make it easier for everyone to keep up to date with stuff around here. It will also help our Moderators deal with any problem Members more quickly.

2. Making it Easier to See Member Details

I think it would be nice to be able to see other Member’s details at a glance, without needing to go to their Wall, then to their profile area. So, we plan to add some hover boxes to Avatars, with things like gender, age, location etc. Also, we plan to make a few tweaks to Member areas generally, so it’s easier to see if someone is interesting for you to talk to.

3. General Tidying

I don’t quite like the way that our Activity Walls list every little action. Our Friends and Followers are listed in the appropriate profile areas, I don’t think this information needs to go on the Wall too. It makes it difficult to maintain a nice, interesting Wall with endless ‘Bob just became friends with Sally’ type posts. So, we will get those kinds of messy little things turned off, fix up a few minor bugs and generally tidy things up.

4. Chat Room

We already have the chat room software, and it’s quite nice. It shows Member Avatars, and links back to Member profiles. It’s a bit heavy on the server. So, we will need to do the server upgrade first. Then we will either need to get the chat room optimized a bit. Or, we will need to limit chat access to Verified Members, Patrons etc only to start with. We have not decided yet. Limiting chat room access might be a good idea, since in the past, we had a few problems with trolls popping into the chatroom, spouting shit – getting banned, then them getting a new account, coming back and doing it again. If we limit chat access to certain Member groups, we won’t have this problem. We shall see as we move ahead.

5. Movie Club System Upgrade

At the moment we are handling movie sales manually, to keep things simple. As we proceed, we have various plans to extend the Movie Club and offer different products and services. To do that, we will need to make some enhancements to the movies system.

That is, of course, just a beginning. We have tons of new fun features to add, so please do what you can to support the network.


As before, we will be starting to set up Teams to help out with various things on and off the network. Our first priority is probably Moderators. If you are an organized and responsible type of person, who tends to protect what you care about – please start keeping an eye on things around the site. If you see any Members breaking the rules, please report them to Support, so we can deal with them. Members seen to be thorough and responsible, we will officially promote to Moderator. Mods get extra privileges around the site, keep that in mind.

If you have ideas, and you want to get involved somehow, drop a message to Support and we can see if we can’t get something going 🙂


That’s all for now Folks. In the mean time, please keep posting, getting your profiles set up, and making new friends. While you are doing that, we will be busy increasing the beast fun. And speak to you all soon 🙂

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  1. gg4meee 2 years ago

    Iam so glad I found this site!! thank you!!

  2. whiteknight 3 years ago

    Great to see what has happened here, all the best to you and your team, Adam 🙂

  3. dumnut567 3 years ago

    So excited for the future. I am happy to be joining at the start. Seems like zooskool and kink and AOZ I came in at the end and those sites went down shortly after I joined.
    The site is very fresh and clean looking but kinda slow. I figure that will change after the server update so can’t wait to explore your site at full speed 🙂

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