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What I need… sexy thought for the day.

Being so submissive to a dog, that he every time he sees me, he gets excited because he knows what I am there for. And that is to please him. To have him so dominant over me that he asserts it openly. To get that sexy look that commands me and threatens punishment if I do not obey. The look that gives me deep shivers of excitement and a bit of fear.

To learn very quickly how to read his body language. The insistent crowding and pushing against me, as he herds me into proper mating position. The look and the wuff that tells me that my place is not on the furniture, but on the floor with him. And the growl that tells me that it is time for my panties to be removed now.

To get to the point where his scent drives me wild! That I become happier and in the mood when I smell him. And I get the need to be closer to him and immerse myself in his scent. And to be intoxicated with desire whenever I can smell him. Going home with his fur and his scent all over me is what I need.

To become very familiar with how his genitals smell and taste. To always become preoccupied with them and want to caress, fondle and play with them at all times. To gently stroke and caress them as we sit beside each other cuddling.

For my lips to naturally be drawn to his pointy little red tip as it begins to show from his furry sheath. And to have an overwhelming need to gently circle my lips around it and to rub it against them as it grows in size, and starts filling my mouth. To hear him making sounds of contentment and of pleasure. Not caring at all about all that I am performing such a beautiful and loving act in front of people. For I am fulfilling my duty to him and it is only natural and right for me to do so.

And when I receive my reward, I make a happy sound to let everyone know it. Relishing how his pulsing , throbbing cock floods my mouth, with a wonderful warm and sticky load of potent dog sperm. Hungrily swallowing and savoring every sticky strand of it! There is no better pleasure for a bitch than this. To give your mate pleasure, and to have the taste of his cock and his semen in your mouth! And to feel his cum shooting into you and coating your tongue with its salty stickiness.

Cleaning him off with my tongue after he is done, I look him in the eyes, and to open my mouth so that he can see strands of his sticky and warm semen, as it sticks from my tongue to the roof of my mouth. And obediently swallow it after I show him proof of my oral submission to him. I lick my lips to get all of his sperm from my sticky lips into my mouth where it belongs. And suck my fingers after they wipe off my sticky chin. Or maybe I leave it there so that others may see it glistening on my soft skin?

True bliss is to be true to your desires and to your place as his bitch. Even when he wants to mount you in front of company. And for them to know that you are helpless to stop him, even if you wanted to. To take your breeding in front of them as they watch, and to pull your panties back up and to rejoin the conversation when he is sated. To smile and thank him with a kiss. To remain in mating position with your ass up in the air, in able for his semen to flow deeper inside of you, in order to retain as much of it as possible. For this to be normal, natural and accepted by everyone there. And even encouraged…

To always gain pleasure from the sensation of his semen slowly leaking out of me and into my panties. And to love walking around with every step accentuated by the feeling of my crotch being sticky with his sperm, and my panties being sticky and clinging to my well bred ass.

To have the act of pulling my panties down bring me a smile, as I see his semen soaking into and staining the fabric. And smelling them, just to have that wonderful and familiar scent bring back a wonderful memory of the loving moments we shad just shared.

To picking out panties, and imagining how they would look covered in my lover’s semen. And to remember how others looked when they were wet with my mate’s cum.

To look at lingerie for sale, and always imagine wearing it for my mate.

To walk past a dog park, or a dog walking past me, and have them go crazy as they smell his sperm on and in me. Telling them that I am an available bitch, and that I am in heat for dog cock!

To have the smell of a dog get me excited and lustful. To have it make me want to pull my panties down. To see a handsome male dog and lust after him. To have him recognize the lust in my eyes and my body language and to want me too. To fantasize about being mounted in public every time I see a handsome stud. And my mind going crazy thinking of ideas on how to get mounted by him…


This is what I truly need and desire. I am a bitch in need of a good fucking by my master and alpha. I should be filled with dog semen at all times, in order to keep me happy, and to keep me where I need to be. And to have dog sperm inside me at all times, searching for my egg to inseminate and fertilize. My purpose is to bring sexual pleasure and relief to all male dogs in need. I am theirs to breed at will. That is my place, and I need to be forcefully put in it!

I am to have no say in the matter. For he is my alpha and I am but a bitch, and totally submissive and obedient to him. I am his.

What fun it would be, to be trained for this role. To be brought somewhere for this purpose. Given drugs to make me docile and compliant. And to lower my inhibitions in order to facilitate my breeding. Such as LSD, Molly or Sandman, or whatever else works.

Being made to watch films of girls being bred to dogs to teach me my new role, and to hypnotize me with new desires and longings, as the drugs start to really take effect. Then to be introduced to horny dogs and watch these movies with them as I am encouraged and cheered on to be like the girl on the screen. Until I am instructed or dared, to get into position and to pull my panties off for him…

To be trained that way until it becomes natural, and I become a dog girl or bitch in heat. Being bred to various dogs for entertainment at these private parties. As a reward for my training I am given a cute pink collar with my bitch name on it. Like maybe, Princess. And will wear it at all of these parties. Like a good girl!

What do you think? Hot enough for you?

Anyone feel like training a bitch?

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  1. jayant 6 days ago

    Excellent desire. Hope your desire are fulfilled in near future and u become cute submissive bitch

  2. NCROW 4 weeks ago

    great story. I’d love to read more like this. Or exchange with others who want to see more.

  3. fansy 5 months ago

    Wow. Just my fantasy.

  4. ah0011 6 months ago

    Wow. Yes. That is the life I desire.

  5. shinelover 9 months ago


  6. Author
    curiouscd 12 months ago

    Thank you all! I am so glad you enjoyed my thoughts! Being dominated like this is so sexy!

  7. knot4me22 12 months ago

    Yes excellent story, I hope your dreams and desires are fulfilled and you become the bitch you desire.

  8. bitchinheat4all 1 year ago

    I wish someone would train me, too. wanna become a willing bitch in heat for every maledog and wanna get raped and brutally fucked by them until they fill my slutty ass with huge loads of dogcum

  9. yagman1 1 year ago

    Excellent story pure quality I’ve been imagining you being taken for a good breading ?

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