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So I find myself looking for a secluded spot to sit back and touch myself. Walking through the fields on a warm blustery day always gave me a feeling of well being. I lean back and pull my panties to one side, slip a finger to test my wetness before sliding it up over my clit. It is only my intention to have a little feel rather than a full blown orgasm but quickly feel aroused & carry on compulsively, my finger glides easily over my sensitive folds. slipping into some dreamy fantasy while the wind kisses my skin.

I hear something approaching, jolted out of my day dream I see it’s a dog, my eyes dart around searching for its human but I can’t see anyone. He’s a fine dog I fuss him in case his owner is looking, a distraction from my former activity! the dog seems frisky, excited, it unnerves me & I decide to escape the scene. I looped his chain over a stick in the hedge and run! Running is exhilarating I’m a fit girl, I grab my breasts to hold them down so I can run faster aiming to settle down in a field or two looking forward to finishing what I had started. I can feel my lips creamy in my knickers sliding away as I run. I glance behind to check I’m alone without my doggy pursuer but I am not, he’s right there, apparently it’s no effort for him to keep up with me.

I’m nervous now, our eyes briefly lock, he has my horny scent. I let out a scream as he leaps at me, I don’t know how but I know what he wants, it’s written all over his face! so I’m hot from the chase, hotter from the pleasure I had aroused in myself, wanton desire from a dog. I question my feelings weakly, ah why not? I’m a woman of the world, I love to think outside the box….yes I had had dog related fantasies if i was honest with myself, in a split second decision I submit, fall down almost eagerly into the long grass with Mr fine dog over me, oh that feels good! I flip over into doggy style & drag my knickers urgently out the way and he licks me deeply, oh my God he’s got me now! It’s not a question of morals or pride or even if anyone might see! I am doing this! And he’s definitely doing this!!

My knees are hurting on the hard mud beneath the grass but it adds to the raw feeling of this crazy situation I’ve found myself in. Still holding my knickers I scoop down a little and he mounts me, I feel like a horny bitch and he enters really easily into my now slobbery hole. The feeling is new, ooh so animal, I absolutely love it and want it so bad. He’s thrusting, rhythmic, fast, extreme pleasure courses through me, I cum and it’s so exciting his massive cock swells inside me it feels so hot and his wetness fill me. I swear to myself this is the best sex ever, he swells up inside me I feel a great pleasure so I hold him there, panting like some doggy bitch, he is too, in ecstasy.

We stay this way, I feel like I love him! I say God thank you for this moment it was meant to be. Thoughts race through my mind, I should take him home, keep him forever, he’s all I need now I’m so sure of this revelation, after all finding a decent lover at 19 has proved benign, this break through is problem solved. He pulls out, we are satisfied. “I don’t  know your name” I say jokingly laughing to myself “do you have a cigarette?” suddenly I hear “Toby? Toby? it is you!? stay boy, stay there!” it’s a woman, obviously his owner, she’s caught sight of him he ignores her stay command and runs excitedly back to her.

I lay down low in the tall grass unseen. Thrilled but disappointed I wonder if he fucks her as he seemed so adept. So to wrap it up, I let his cum drain out of me I feel raw, wild even & I wish that I was a dog myself, a bitch dog. I wonder what breed he was, I’m not a dog expert and I’ve never owned a dog but find myself wondering if I can afford to get one, now I know what I’ve been missing out on!

Well now… this is a very well used fantasy of mine! I have enjoyed sharing it with whoever gets excited reading it! My Hubs nearly came in his pants when I read it to him, we are hoping to satisfy my doggy needs in the near future as fantasy is still the state of affairs for now!!

Many more naughty but nice (beasty) fantasies to come…. while I wait with baited breath & a pounding heart for some real experiences to blog about!  watch this space & let me know you honest thoughts.

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  1. jjdreams3000 5 months ago

    Love this fantasy got me hard real quick. Thanks for sharing

  2. lucylips 6 months ago

    Hot xx?

  3. frenchman 6 months ago

    tres jolie histoire

  4. shinelover 6 months ago

    Lovely fantasy!–hope your dreams come true !!

  5. gandalf69 6 months ago

    Excellent writing. Certainly made me hard!

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