Net Neutrality

Right now is the first time in human history that we are one people, connected, communicating, sharing ideas. Some of you are lucky enough to have been born in the internet era.  I was about 20 when it started taking off. Before the net, things were very different.

Some of you older folks will remember those times. If you wanted to speak to someone in another country, it was a long-distance phonecall, or posting a letter. We were very much restricted, divided. These days we chat with people all over the planet, buy and sell things, lead interesting sex lives in private. The internet provides so many wonderful advantages to life, it would be difficult to list them all.

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance…”

I have always been astounded that the Powers That Be ever allowed us to have this much freedom. Freedom to talk, freedom to find things out for ourselves. Freedom of journalism. There would be no Wikileaks without the internet – no national newspaper in their right mind would put out that kind of information. The internet is our eyes, and our voices. With the internet, we get to see what greedy corporations are up to, sneaky politicians, the lot. Connected this way, we can hold people accountable for the things they do. Disconnected, we are vulnerable and powerless.


I would sincerely hope that most of you would be aware of the latest attempt to control and police the internet – the repeal of Net Neutrality. Up until now, your ISP was like your water company. They just provide the pipes – what you flush down them is your business. And so it should be. Our myriad subscriptions to internet services, have allowed these ISPs to grow massively. Now we’ve made them rich, they want to police the pipes, and control what you are allowed to see. That does not bode well for sites such as ours, and the services we provide.

If you don’t know about, or understand Net Neutrality, I would urge you to Google it. To take away the freedom of the internet would be a massive hit to our personal liberties. Burger King made an amusing-but-true viral about Net Neutrality that you might find useful:

It is not the first time our glorious Leaders have attempted to control our internet Freedoms. You may recall the SOPA act, which was roundly kicked out of the courts. This new bid is worse than that, and if we are not extremely careful, it will pass, and our freedoms will be gone. It won’t be easy to get them back again, if it would even be possible.


So Gang. You are all here, reading this. This affects you, and all of us. I would ask you to whip over to and sign the petition to Save Net Neutrality. Every signature counts. If we don’t take a stand when our freedom is threatened, we really don’t deserve that freedom. Please gang, it will take you a moment, and may be the difference between our wonderful freedom-based internet – or an internet so restricted that it’s barely worth using at all. Let’s hope we can crush this bullshit, and make freedom a priority for all. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your vote.

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  1. m0rgan 1 year ago

    we are not top of the list, but we are probably quite high up on the list for persecution, in the uk mrs may is encroaching on the internet all the time! the latest wheeze is using age verification by logging on with a credit card before accessing any porn site (to protect the children) but really to make surveillance easier!

  2. Author
    Adam 2 years ago

    ILZ found this which is interesting:

  3. Elcatto 2 years ago

    Hi guys, what about if we starting to use Darknet?

    • Author
      Adam 2 years ago

      Hi Elcatto – good that you are giving this some thought, and it’s a consideration. However keep in mind, although authorities can’t necessarily see what you are doing on the darknet, they usually CAN see that you are using the darknet. As I understand it anyway. Once control of our access falls into the hands of the wrong people, we can expect them to do what they have always done. Censor, until the internet is basically a glorified TV. Just like AOL wanted, way back at the beginning. I can see taking steps to stamp out things like Tor, to be high on their agenda. Besides, so many folks on our network are so tech-unsavvy, that moving onto the darknet would probably lose us 90% of our members out of the gate. I think we need something a bit more old-school.

      Bottom line, if this goes through, the network belongs to them and they can do what they want with it. We have experience of similar censorship. The credit card companies also have their payment network, and they do what they like with that too.

      It doesn’t even need to make sense. You know, BFI Hans, who is really quite the unsung hero of petlove – has had the credit card companies in court a number of times. I’ll bet most ‘zoo’ folks are completely unaware of these kinds of behind the scenes battles. There’s Hans and his lawyer. And there’s Mastercard with their 15 shark lawyers. Hans’ research turned up a case from a few decades ago, where Mastercard was being sued by someone for profiting from IP theft (as a filesharers payment provider). Mastercard won that case by saying they were ‘content neutral’ – i.e. they don’t get involved in what people pay for, they are just a payment provider. Given that legal precedent, you would think it would be an open and shut case, that being content neutral, they have no business censoring animal sex. But nope. Legal and fair, has nothing to do with what is legal and fair, just how much money passes hands behind the scenes. And our lovely internet paradise, just got handed over to greedy corporations intent on turning it into a parking lot.

      I just hope everyone reading this has signed that petition.

  4. Mediciman51 2 years ago

    Adam no apologies necessary, you are so right on your assessment is spot on. They sit back because people/so call leaders tell them to work hard and everything will be fine. However they don’t tell them to improve the most important organ in the body their brain/mind for if they do that they could figure out that these people don’t have their best interest at heart. They know that they allow people to be free thinkers just make them think are. Ideologies are the scourge of mankind. Make them believe in something can neither prove or disapprove and just trust, follow and believe like the Christian bible, torah, koran and not see life as it really is and accept the atrocities that we inflict on each other as the gospel that their a divine reason for it all. I ask a friend of mind the other day which of these so call holy fairy tail does he believe in the christian bible, torah, or the koran. They can’t be all right or correct however they will die for these beliefs/ideologies instead believing in each other for in the end that’s all we’re going to have is each other. We as human should put ourselves ahead of anything else. However each one of these ideologies tend to separate instead of bringing us together. Can you think of another species that kills its own more than humans, do you see lions killings other lions for food ? or eagles killing other eagles or dogs or any other species doing this hell no. Because they do what’s necessary to survive and not because one doesn’t want to live a certain way or they don’t like the differences in one from another or they don’t like the way they look. Evil, it’s man that has indoctrinated man to not think for himself and not question things they know is evil and wrong. I have very little hope for man to enlighten himself. My life is pretty good because I see things and ask why and don’t accept well that’s the will of whatever. That’s f—ing stupid. So I do what’s right and try to help people anyway I can. But you know what Adam it’s frustrating beating your head against the wall trying to get people to see the real light. It’s just us and we can solve our own problems. So I’m ready to move to somewhere I can be peace with nature and enjoy the rest of my life on this planet. So Adam I think I have to apologize to you for ranting. And i think one day i would like to meet you. This world could be so beautiful if we could live in harmony with each other and i mean all species. The sexual relationship between male dogs and humans are very normal and acceptable as homosexuality. In both instances there’s no danger in the act itself if done properly, the emotions and feelings are the same, there’s no chance of procreation and each partner are willing participants. So Adam never give up the fight and i applaud you my man. Have a great day.

  5. Mediciman51 2 years ago

    What i’m experiencing right now is time out so to speak for certain sites for a period of time. What they are doing is forcing certain providers to slow down speeds, so they slow them down on certain site, not all. Some sites they don’t slow at all. Govt. sites, financial sites, etc. I find it annoying and once they get the idiot out of office things can go back to normal, because the head idiot put another idiot in charge who initiated the changes which I know won’t stick and last to long. That’s what happens when the people don’t know what their doing and elect incompetents to be in charge of vitals issues. It’s going to be a hard lesson to learn and hopefully they will learn and not doing it again. Not expecting that to happen on a large scale. That’s why I prefer animals over a lot of humans their a lot smarter. : ) I think if enough complaints are lodge some providers will fight back.

    • Author
      Adam 2 years ago

      You would have thought, with the billions of people using the internet every minute of the day, that a decision to suddenly stop all that, would have been easily voted out of the park by 0.000001% of those people. But the bill passed. What does that tell us?

      Honestly MM – humans have a long history of just sitting back and letting leaders fuck them in the ass and run roughshod all over their civil liberties. It’s happened throughout history, you could not have oppressive regimes and tyrants, if people stood up for their rights. Like Ghandi said “100,000 Englishmen simply cannot control 350 million Indians, if those Indians refuse to cooperate”. And it’s true, what could 100k dudes do against 350 million people, really? And yet, India remained oppressed, with huge number of people massacred, for a very long time. Take North Korea, where the people are starving and eating grass, while Leaders throw all the money at statues of their glorious leader.

      Closer to home, take petlove. We have been censored for over a decade now. We are not able to get payment facilities for credit cards. It’s YOUR money. In many countries, petstuff is perfectly legal. I can go into a shop in Portugal, and buy petstuff in a shop over the counter, with my credit card. But you are not permitted to use your money, to purchase what you want online, that decision has been made for you. We and other hardcore pet producers like BFI Hans (who took Mastercard to court dozens of times over this), have fought long and hard against this censorship. We have explained all this, to all our Members, clearly, many times. And yet, still today, people ask us if they can pay with credit card, and blame us for not being able to provide those facilities. And should we not be able to continue the fight any more, and stop – what do we think people will do? Will they rally round, petition credit card companies on our behalf? Look at alternative payment methods like bitcoin? A small handful, maybe. The Gaia Gold experiment, suggests not enough. The majority will just sit back and do nothing, because it’s much less hassle. Civil liberties, slowly eroded and far too few people interested to do anything about it. It’s easier to mourn the loss of freedoms, than it is to stand up and fight for them.

      We think we are safe because we come from ‘civilized’ societies? Think again. NSA etc spying on everything. Cameras and microphones everywhere. Police states where officers have pretty much free rein to kill citizens. 1984 happened, and the people did, and do nothing. USA has a huge percentage of citizens below the poverty line. When people get hungry, they react as a mob. In this case, electing a wildcard leader with right wing views, from outside of the usual political arena. Last time the people were hungry, and elected a wildcard leader outside of the usual political circles, with right wing views, in Europe in 1939, we know what happened there. And he didn’t have nukes.

      However, the internet changed the world in so many ways. Taking away peoples internet would be a bit like taking away their electricity at this point. I would very much hope, if it happens, that there will be riots. Killing the internet would kill so many businesses around the world, I really would hope people would do something. But, as mentioned above, it’s likely that they won’t. It’s also possible that they are pushing for riots, so they can start massacring us all too. If all of that seems outlandish – check your history. One thing that has always held true, is that times of enlightenment are followed by dark ages of fear, ignorance and tyranny.

      I was always surprised at the amount of freedom allowed on the internet. Freedom of thought and speech, has never been attractive for any government, ever. So then there must be a good reason to give us those freedoms. There is a possibility, that the aim was to make it interesting long enough to get enough people on it, so our every word, every interest, every movement, everything can be tracked. Not forgetting the cameras and microphones we all carry in our pockets everywhere. These latest developments would suggest this may be the case.

      But yes. Maybe this appeal will go through, and all of this censorship will go out the window. If it doesn’t pass this time, they will keep trying until they get their way. I have read elsewhere, a lot of folks think that, if ISPs start censoring and throttling internet access – that other ISPs will come on the market who don’t. I don’t know if that would be possible, but it would make sense.

      Yes, if Animal were our glorious Leader, he wouldn’t censor our internet. Doggy porn would be mandatory viewing I am sure 🙂

      Apologies for the rant.

  6. Bine68 2 years ago

    They won`t allow us, to visit this site. Maybe they don`t cut the wire, but they cut the bandwith. The site will need very long to reload. They will do it with everyone and everything, that has an opposit meaning.
    In Germany it has begun some months ago. Some People on Facebook and Youtube are banned, when they send Films or Postings against the Gouvernment, when you reach many People in the Net. The new Law against “Hatespeech” is, what the always say, you do.

    • Author
      Adam 2 years ago

      That is right Bine, unless we can do something about it. The people stopped SOPA from passing. The people can stop this too.

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