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Producing good animal sex video costs money. Model payments over 2 – 5 sessions. Costumes, sets, travel, accommodation, and other related costs. All of that should be covered in the sales of a movie.

Sadly, slightly stupid people like to share our movies, and chip away at movie earnings until movies become financially unviable. The same stupid people, incidentally, are usually the first to whine at us when there are no more movies being released, and no money in the pot to pay for nice resources like ArtOfZoo. Stupid is, as stupid does.

To reduce the damage done by idiots and thieves, we have a Download Buffer on our animalsex movies. Many of you have used our Karma system in the past, so you will be familiar with this system.

Unlike Gaia Gold, we have massively simplified the way we work. A simpler system means a smaller team and less running costs. This means we don’t need as many people to purchase animal sex movies before releasing, as we did with Gaia Gold. So you will not have to wait as long before receiving your movie file download links.

You can keep an eye on the buffer countdown on each movie page in the Animal Sex Movie Club area


Detail graphic of the animal sex download buffer - number of purchases before release

The download buffer is reduced with each sale of a zoosex movie…


If for any reason there is too much delay in releasing the movie – we will release the movie anyway and take a chance. We will try not to keep you waiting too long.

The download buffer is important for our protection, the protection of your community, and the future of animal sex videos – your understanding and patience is appreciated.



Animal sex movie files are individually edited for each Member purchasing the movie. We edit movies individually so we can embed various tracking codes, in order to track file sharing Members. We need a little time to edit your movie anyway, so hopefully, you will not notice the downloading delay too much.

If you don’t like to wait, there is a nice selection of titles in our animal sex video store that are already released. However, a little patience and support today pays for all our tomorrows. Your support and understanding are appreciated.

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