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[Everything written here is a work of fiction based around my dreams of the future. One day, I’d love to make Velvet’s Zoolove Resort the real deal!]

I think I ultimately settled on Florida because it’s where I was from. To be entirely frank, a bigger factor was a simple fact: Land in Florida… was cheap. Incredibly so. A few thousand bucks and I had a large plot of undeveloped acreage that I could work across slowly. A little bit more and I had my first stepping stone to my dream: A tiny house. Used. In ill repair, but mine.

The first few weeks of Bestias de Domus were spent doing necessary things. Clearing land. Getting power and plumbing set up and working. Marking my land with bright flares of ribbons to define where the trespass line was, and where my future privacy fence would be. And my most recent project: Cleaning up and repairing the tiny house. It really wasn’t all that tiny, to be honest. Just a little cabin big enough for myself and for the newest addition to my future family.

His name… was Brody.

I still wasn’t sure what breeds he was composed of, but one thing was very clear: He was big. His short fur was a nice smooth smokey color and after his bath, it was glossy. It defined the musculature of his barrel chest and powerful legs nicely. He had a box head, not unlike a pittie, but the snout was too long for that, slightly crooked but that could easily be attributed to his life as a former stray. One ear pointed straight up, but the other flopped down in a wholesome, charming manner.

Brody looked up at me, buried in bubbles in the shabby porcelain of a restored clawfoot tub. I looked back at him. He was a handsome stud, I’d give him that, and we’d spent the last week bonding through bathing, feeding, treats, walks. I’d played fetch with him in the backyard, always keeping my eyes peeled for the dangers of Florida’s wilds. I’d seen a few gators sunning, but nothing too alarming, thus far. Just a few slabs of handsome rugged lizard enjoying the warmth and investigating all the fuss on the property.

Brody caught my attention again, shuffling from his laid-out position by the tub, to sit with his chin on the edge of the tub. I’d already exfoliated, shaved, and scrubbed in the shower, the bath was just for me.

And now for my big mongrel and his exceptionally smoochable nose.

As one might predict, I leaned forward, popping a kiss on his cold, wet nose and his response was immediate. He licked said nose, and then he licked me and I . . . well, I paused. It was the first time he’d licked me. That he’d shown me affection that wasn’t just watching me curiously, as if trying to assess who and what I was, what my motives were for housing him. There was a strange inhuman intelligence behind the warm amber of his eyes, one that drew me in. I kissed his nose again but didn’t pull back this time.

The wet grab of his tongue tickled over my lips.

It was like squeezing a trigger, pulling it tight, and sending a little thrill through me. I curled wet fingers through his fur, stroking along his jaw and down the powerful column of his neck. He’d lived wild up ’til now, I assumed. He was crafted from his environment, from a hard life where he’d won every single day he stayed alive. The air shifted and the mood changed and I pressed my lips to the short fur of his muzzle, praising him for his fortitude. His tongue slid over the soft flesh of my lips, rasping across the before the tip found its way past my teeth.

The wide flat expanse of his tongue stroking into my mouth sent my thoughts askew, beckoning me to join him in a place where I didn’t have to think like a person. There were no worries about bills, or how I was going to further develop my land. There was only the tickle of that hot muscle, flicking my lips before diving into my mouth again, to fill it. I felt it in the pucker of my nipples and the curl of my toes as I shifted in the tub, to pull the drain. The water flooded out in a rush and I snatched up a towel to pat myself down quickly. No time to waste. I didn’t bother leaving the bathroom, I just threw my damp towel down and sat, spreading my thighs to welcome Brody into the curve of my body.

He rushed forward, setting his paws on the floor to either side of my hips. The swell of his chest pressed under my tits and the silk of his fur stroked over my skin.

“Good boy, good boy,” I murmured, sucking on his tongue when he licked into my mouth again.

He licked my tongue again, folding his around mine as he sat between my thighs. I shifted to accommodate him, sliding my hips further down, until I could feel his furry sheath pressed against the length of my pussy. The very smallest hint of red tip poked out and I arched my back until I could feel the slick heat of it pressed to my clit.

Brody must have thought it was playtime, or if he didn’t, then I couldn’t understand what was going through his head. His tongue lapped over my skin, tasting the remaining water that decorated my throat and collarbone. When his tongue hit a nipple, I almost came.

It’s not that my nipples are particularly sensitive. Rather that my excitement was insurmountable. He was standing again and I mourned the loss of his bulky sheath against my cunt. But his tail was wagging. He was intrigued and I wanted him more so. I laid back on the floor, spreading my thighs wide as he pressed his cold nose to my cheek. Another lick. And then he was sniffing, exploring, licking at my tit before he snuffled his way between my thighs.

God, that hot tongue, he could lick me forever and I’d happily take every bit of it. I tweaked and pinched my nipples, encouraging them to stiffness in the open air as I watched his head bob between my thighs. The press of his nose to my lips was soft and then more insistent, taking in what remained of my scent after cleaning. The first swipe of his tongue is what finally summoned a throaty moan from me. When I didn’t stop him, he settled into his meal with gusto.

Some dogs take encouragement to enjoy a dish like this, but Brody? No. He nibbled at me, gently bit the entirety of my sex and I felt a jolt of excitement for it. Hot canine breath puffed across my skin and he snuffled at the decorative curls at the apex of my thighs. I was wet and not from the bath. I could feel him taking cream from my pussy and smacking it into his mouth with each long curl of his tongue. I abandoned one tit, but only so I could use my fingers to spread my pussy, baring sensitive flesh to the mercy of that powerful mouth.

Brody’s tongue stroked over my innermost lips, dipping into my entrance and then gliding over my clit, and then he was moving, insistently snuffling at me. It was a cue I could read and I rolled over, onto my stomach, then propped my knees up.


He was licking again, sharp teeth grazing over my asscheeks as he tasted all of me. A mix of drool and my own arousal made my pussy slick and let him draw his tongue from clit to ass. He spent an inordinate amount of time stroking my sex with his tongue, and then it happened.

My clit throbbed in time with my pulse, aching and needy, and I felt the clasp of his paws as he mounted me. The rough pads dug into my hips, pulling me back as he tucked his hips up.

The fur of his sheath pressed against the back of my thigh, seeking. I raised my ass a little higher and swiveled my hips to get the buck of his hips where they needed to be.

His grip on my waist tightened and his hind paws danced in closer, between my legs, shoving his hips against me more as he thrust his sheath again until the barely-peeking tip of his cock found the heat of my drooling pussy.

His balls slapped my cunt as he pounded his cock in me so suddenly, it almost took my breath away. I came, right there, right then. My pussy collapsed around his cock as he fucked me, trying to hold him inside as I squirmed and shuddered under him. He was so strong, holding my waist with the power of his forelegs while his belly slapped against my ass again and again. I could feel the swing of his engorged sack, the weight of it smacking me again and again until I couldn’t think. Until I couldn’t comprehend more than the hot shove of his cock into me and the mind-numbing pleasure of my drawn-out orgasm.

I could feel sticky ropes of my own juices and his connecting my slobbering pussy to his nutsack and then more. His knot. He was fucking me so hard, I could feel it pressing against my pussy lips before he managed to pop it inside of me. Brody’s hot panting spread over my shoulders, tickling up my back as his cock stretched me to impossible limits. And then he did it more as his cock swelled inside of me, the fat bundle of tissue lodging his massive dick right where it belonged. The first jet of hot cum poured inside of me and kept cumming. I could feel every pump and twitch, the pulse of his cock inside of my squirming innermost walls as he came and he came and he came.

He didn’t dismount, but held me fast instead, keeping me pinned on the fat knot and rod inside of me, forcing me to take every little bit of the salty juice he had to give. I could feel it in my womb, filling me.

…And that’s where we stayed.

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  1. ironjar 1 month ago

    Wow thanks so much for share it!! kisses!!

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    Nice… Thanks for this hot little story!

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    Wonderful story. I love your attention to detail.

  4. Knotaway 2 months ago

    We are in Florida cum get your boy

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    So arousing thinking of you enjoying your lover in such a way

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    That was a beautiful piece of writing. Thank you for sharing.

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