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If you’ve already read Vegas: Animal Sex Party 2020 – Part 1, you got a glimpse into the lives of the members that participated in the Vegas meet-up. After the meet and greet was over and we were all back to our real lives, Beastyman and Honeypot sent another series of questions out to the attending members to ask what they thought of the Las Vegas gathering, the experience of meeting other members, hanging out together, and having fun, in both the canine and human sense of the word.

In Part 1 of the interview, the members were asked about their take on what was important to them in the world of pet love, ArtOfZoo, and meeting other members. We’re betting that you’re looking forward to reading Part 2, or, as we like to call it, The Gaia Gala. In this part, you’ll get to read about what really happened in Vegas. What activities happened? Did the pups have their way with the ladies? Did the ladies have their way with the pups? Did anyone get knotted? Who got lucky? Here are the answers to all those questions and many more…



Art of Zoo - HoneyPot - Vegas Animal Sex meeting 2020


How did you hear about this gathering and what about it interested you?

Beastyman069: Basically, it wasn’t about how I heard about the Gathering but what made me plan the event. After verifying quite a few of the females and owners on the site we would stay in touch. One of their biggest complaints was that there were no verified members in their area. I had heard from Adam that there was never a gathering this size that has happened in the past, so I decided to organize the event. Once I spoke to Honeypot1 about my plans she so graciously accepted to be my co-chairman. Everything seemed to fall into place. What interested me most was to have the verified females, couples, and owners together in one place. Who knew what would happen then?

Honeypot1: Beastyman started thinking of a way for us to have a meet and greet. I think his exact words were, “wouldn’t that be bitchin?” (Yeah, Babe, it would be!) We started by tossing some “what if” ideas around and then decided to go for it. There was no way I couldn’t help him with the planning. So, I jumped on board to make his idea a reality. We spent hours and hours talking about all the details that went into the planning. I wanted to help ensure that it would be a success.

Thewolfbrother: I was invited early on by the illustrious Beasty and Honey themselves. The idea intrigued me, to say the least.

K9cocklover: Beastyman069 mentioned organizing a meet and I thought it was a great idea. I’ve attended and organized meets with pet people before, so it was an honor to be invited to this event.

K9FurLife: I heard about it through my long-time zoo friend. I love connecting with other zoos and particularly in person. I was excited about the prospect of meeting new zoos, and I find relationships best form in person. I enjoy face to face interactions even though the anxiety of meeting so many new people all at once likes to initially crash the party, haha!

Wolflover2: I saw the info on the mega summer update, and it sparked my interest! I had been to some zoo meetups in the past with a couple of friends and had a great time. With the planned gathering in mind, I messaged one of my good friends on the ArtOfZoo site and asked her if she had known about it and that’s when she told me she was already planning on going and told me to reach out to the organizers to see if I could join. Definitely glad I did! Since animal sex can be so hard to bring up outside of a trusted online group, meeting people in person is such a great way to form real friendships. I have met so many amazing people in past meetups that have become great friends, that I had to put myself out there to meet more great people! Having the Las Vegas gathering for verified members was a huge safety bonus that made me feel more comfortable about bringing my pup and myself!!


Art Of Zoo Vegas Animal Sex Party 2020 - Fred and banner


Hawaii87: I was invited by Beastyman. I wanted to meet other members who share the same common interests and discuss topics in an open and comfortable environment.

Desertnight84: Raven and I shot some footage that we shared with ILZ who then put me in touch with Beastyman. After talking with him for a while, he extended the invite and the rest is history.

Patter: Beastyman069 told me about the get together when he verified me. What interested me about the gathering was making connections with other verified owners, getting connections to making movies, knowing that other dog owners would be there, and the thought of possibly being knotted.

RedVelvetK9: We heard about this gathering through an invite by the site verification expert, Beastyman. Don’t know what his invitation criteria were, but we were happy to have made the cut. We were eager to attend because we really wanted to meet other people with similar passions that were already verified. The group setting also allowed for a lower pressure meetup and a higher likelihood of being legit.


Art Of Zoo Beast on Fremont


Have you always wanted to meet with a group of ArtOfZoo members? If so, what expectations did you have before the gathering?

Beastyman069: The only other member that I had met with prior to the event was Honeypot1. I thought it would be nice to meet with other members in an environment in which everyone would feel safe to talk about the subject of pet love and experiences that they might have had. After chatting with the members who were going to attend, my expectations were quite high regarding the fantasies of some of the ladies and owners.

Honeypot1: Before the event, I think I’d met about 9 AoZ members, but meeting them all at the same time wasn’t something I’d even thought of before Beastyman started talking about having a meet and greet. But once he started talking about it, it seemed like a great idea. I think my expectations were extremely high. As the co-host, I knew we had to succeed. We were responsible for the other members’ safety and enjoyment at an inaugural event. There was no way we could let ourselves fail.

Thewolfbrother: I’ve met other knotty people before years ago, but Honeypot was the first AoZ member and first knotty friend I’ve had. I didn’t really know what to expect but was very excited, knowing what might possibly happen.

RedVelvetK9: Yes, absolutely! We have been wanting to meet others for a long time but are too reluctant to meet one-on-one. We were not sure what to expect when we got to Vegas. In fact, we booked rooms at a different location on the off chance that the group was a bunch of weirdos. We are happy to report that everyone was great, and no weirdos found. (Well, aside from what the rest of the world would consider weird… :))


Art Of Zoo Vegas Animal Sex Party 2020 - TheWolfBrother


K9cocklover: Yes, we have wanted to attend more meets and I’m so glad that Maximus and I had the opportunity! At first, I expected a bunch of horny members desperate to mate with the dogs in attendance, which eventually happened, but everyone was sooo relaxed and easy going that my worries subsided.

K9FurLife: I look forward to meeting with zoo individuals from any trustworthy zoo source. Beastyman and Honeypot worked hard to ensure the attendees were quality folks! My expectations of the gathering were nothing more than having a fun weekend with new company. Honestly, I kind of expected more awkward conversations and shyness, however, that probably just says more about me, haha! I’m glad that wasn’t the case! Everyone was friendly, welcoming, and everyone was very open-minded. The pups and ladies got along very well (wink wink!).

Wolflover2: It has always been in the back of my mind that meeting a group would be great. But without any organizers, it’s been the occasional one on one meetings that have worked out. Having a group get together is always more fun and it gave me the chance to meet wonderful members that I may not have had the opportunity to because they live so far from my general vicinity. Because I’ve been to a couple of meets in the past I had more casual expectations. Grab some drinks, snacks, and just have fun talking about everything and anything more than just our zoo interests. 🙂

Hawaii87: Always! I was expecting a bunch of nervous people. I’m glad to say that wasn’t the case.

Desertnight84: I have met so few zoos over the years, but not for a lack of wanting. It had always been a hope of mine to connect with more like-minded people, so this was exactly the type of meetup I was looking for. My only expectation coming into it was to have a good time with a group of friends I just hadn’t met yet.

DesertRaven:  I am really very new to the community, so meeting other people was a very nerve-wracking thought. I wasn’t sure what to expect at the gathering, so I just went into it with an open mind, just wanting to have a good time, and I did!

Patter: We wanted to meet with a group of AoZ members or any members for that matter. People chat, but when presented with a meeting in person, they shut down. We were overly excited when we heard about a face to face meet and greet. Upon going to the gathering, we didn’t have any expectations. We went into the gathering with an open mind, looking to talk with and learn from like-minded individuals and dog owners.



What did you think about the gathering?

Beastyman069: It was awesome. It went far and beyond my expectations. The members and the pups were great. It was hard to believe how open the members were and how everyone got along so well. The participation in the planned events was fantastic. It only took a couple of hours in the hospitality suite for the members to get to know each other. Once the banner signing and photos started is when everything took off. By off, I’m talking about the ladies parting with their clothes! If you saw the photos posted during the event, you have already seen what I’m talking about. The second night is when things really got interesting with the pups being involved!

Honeypot1: I thought it went incredibly well. As everyone came to the hospitality suite that first night, there was absolutely no awkwardness between members. Meeting them was like meeting old friends for the first time. We had so much fun, I can’t even begin to describe it. We were all so comfortable with each other. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in my life at all the hijinks that went on! The ladies ready for some knotty action and the dogs were happy to oblige. During the photoshoot with the banners, the ladies were touchy-feely with each other, helping to get that perfect pose. Scissors were present, and I’m not talking about the kind you cut paper with!

Thewolfbrother: Afterwards, I was flying high on a surreal buzz from one of the most memorable and fun events in my entire life.

K9cocklover: It was an amazing time over several days and the fun never seemed to end! Everyone got along so well like a makeshift zoo family, a family that actually likes each other. Maximus seemed to enjoy the company of the ladies.


Art Of Zoo Vegas Animal Sex Party 2020 - KnottedPleasure


RedVelvetK9: Overall the meet-up was a fantastic time! We had planned to spend four full days in Vegas as a vacation and had some plans of our own while meeting the other people from the site. Beastyman and Honey put together a great itinerary and we were able to do our own thing while still being able to hang out with the group. There was plenty of time to fulfill both our own plans and hang out when we wanted to.

K9FurLife: I felt the gathering was above and beyond my expectations. Beastyman069 and Honeypot1 both did a wonderful job. I’m so honored and grateful that I was allowed to attend. And special thanks to those who brought their doggo partners. These are the crown jewel events of a lifetime and I savor every experience.

Wolflover2: The gathering was well beyond my expectations!!! This was the first meet that was more than a few hours on a single day. Having a multi-day opportunity to interact with everyone from hanging out in the Hospitality Suite to out hiking in Red Rock State Park was the best experience! The members that joined were wonderful! Some that I had never talked to before saying I was going to the meet. So, it gave me the opportunity to get to know the real people behind the profiles! Fred had the opportunity to make his dreams come true while posing with the topless ladies. When he wasn’t posing with the ladies, Patter took the opportunity of getting a few licks in, as well as some other K9 activity.

Hawaii87: It was completely opposite of my expectations. Everyone there was normal. It felt like a reunion of old friends. It was so relaxed and inviting. All the members were great. I made so many new friends. My pup was so relaxed that he lost control in the dining area!

Desertnight84: Absolutely life-changing for me to connect with the group we had. I hope to stay in contact with everyone and see the folks that are local as much as possible. Can’t really describe the feeling of belonging everyone extended, it was honestly like we were all friends already, finally getting to meet in person.

DesertRaven: I enjoyed all the activities we did and the evening gathering hours of signing the banner, socializing, and having a little special time with Fred.

Patter: The gathering exceeded all our expectations. I get goosebumps thinking of all the fun experiences and awesome like-minded people we met who we now call friends, the knowledge we gained, and the pups who gave it their all every night. Smiles, laughs, groans, howls, and occasionally some growls were enjoyed daily. It was hard for it to come to an end.



Did you like Las Vegas as the venue for the gathering? How did you like the itinerary? What were some of the things you liked?

Beastyman069: The reason I chose Las Vegas is because there is so much to do there with the airport being only 4 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. It was unfortunate that most of the venues, as well as shows, were closed due to COVID restrictions. With the planned itinerary there was plenty to do with a little free time in between. I liked all the things that were planned. They were all group activities that allowed all the attending members to join in if they chose to do so. There was the hike with the pups in the Red Rock Canyon State Park and a picnic that followed. There was the group picnic at one of the Las Vegas parks with a cookout provided by me and Honeypot. Then there was the evening dinner at one of the dog-friendly restaurants. I think the best part of the gathering was the nights in the hospitality suite. It was there that all the fun began. Let’s put it this way. The dogs and ladies were very happy, and everyone left after having a great time. I believe the earliest the hospitality suite was closed was 3:30 in the morning.

Honeypot1: Beastyman chose Las Vegas for several reasons, and it worked out extremely well. I loved everything we had planned. It gave us a chance to hang out and socialize and talk freely. I especially loved the surprise birthday party Beastyman planned for me at the cookout. A couple of members snuck away and went and got me a birthday cake and balloon! It actually did surprise me, and it was so sweet of him! Although we had downtime during the day, Beastyman and I are both early risers and somehow survived on about 4 hours of sleep a night before getting up to work on the live updates that were posted in the ArtOfZoo Community Activity every day.

Thewolfbrother: Loved Vegas as the meet place, wouldn’t mind somewhere closer to home (who wouldn’t, am I right?) but it’s hard to find such a diverse and lively spot as Vegas. I didn’t get to attend much of the day’s activities due to the hangover from the night before, but by all accounts, it was a lot of fun!

K9cocklover: Really wise idea for the venue as it is large enough for us to be undetectable and still have so many opportunities for entertainment. The itinerary was another wise idea as we had group events to enjoy together on certain days but still had the freedom and free time on other days. The nightly gatherings were wonderful for us to socialize privately away from the public.


Art Of Zoo - Animal Sex Party 2020 - dog fucking


K9FurLife: Oh, my dog, the itinerary was fantastic. I liked everything! I only wish there was more time. The picnic was a fantastic way to relax outside and mingle with everyone. The Red Rock excursion was fun with such beautiful scenery. The suite was perfect. So much fun for the ladies, pups, and everyone else. The dinner outings were nice. The walk along the strip with all the doggos was chill and fun to site see. Having the pups together caught the eyes of a lot of ladies! If they only knew . . . !

RedVelvetK9: Vegas was a great spot for the gathering as it offers a lot of things to do in a small amount of space. We were able to hit up awesome food, see Hoover Dam, hike some gorgeous trails, and party in beautiful hotel rooms. In terms of location, it is hard to beat. The itinerary was great, but we already discussed that in the previous question. We loved the food, hiking, sites, and nightlife. The biggest downside is the fact that we are on the East Coast and Vegas is a bit of a hike. We met some truly amazing people and now we are sad that we can’t hang out with them as often as we would like.

Wolflover2: Vegas was a great meeting place. Lots to keep you busy if you wanted. Or just relaxing talking with each other. It’s an easy way for people to get flights or drive in if needed. It was close to me from Southern California, so the drive made it easy for me to bring my pup. The daily events planned were a really good idea, gave me time to get some sleep from the late-night activities in the suite 😉 The exploration into Red Rock was a lot of fun and the cookout that lasted until sunset was just awesome! I liked not having a crazy packed itinerary, made it feel more relaxed and able to actually get to know everyone!

Hawaii87: Vegas was good. Covid had a lot of things shut down but we found a lot of things to do. The food at the Thai place was great!

Desertnight84: Vegas was great as a venue. I think having it in a city that’s easy to travel to really helped facilitate participation for the folks that came from far away. The itinerary was very well thought out, a perfect mix of getting folks together and individual downtime to relax. I think the best aspect was the hospitality suite Beastyman reserved enough space to host everyone in a private, safe setting with separate rooms to engage in some fun when the opportunity arose. More bonding happened there than anywhere else.

Patter: Yes, Vegas was a great place for the gathering. There were lots of options for various price points of hotels and meals. Liked the social gatherings during the daytime. It gave a chance for everyone to get to know the attendees and the pups. The hospitality suite was a great middle-ground and gathering place. We liked that attendees brought food, drinks, alcohol, and dog treats to share. There were always plenty of snacks and drinks available and plenty of fun time with the pups.

DesertRaven: I thought Vegas was an awesome place for a venue. I liked the daytime activities as well as the playtime that went on in the suite.


Art Of Zoo Vegas Meet 2020 - the dog sex girls


Were you looking forward to meeting up with some owners and their pups? Did the opportunity present itself? How did you take advantage of any knotty activities?

Beastyman069: I was looking forward to meeting up with the owners and pups but in a cordial way. As far as taking advantage all the ladies had the dogs tied up. I would have had to fight them off. I had to just take in all the entertainment.

Honeypot1: I loved meeting everyone, and as a dog lover in general, it was nice to be around dogs again. Even though I wasn’t able to participate in any of the K9 activities, I did enjoy being the official photographer for the event. I had so much fun documenting the activities between the ladies and the pups!

Thewolfbrother: As a dog lover I was excited to meet dogs in general! The owners were AWESOME quality, funny, fun dudes. Hanging out with them was fucking FANTASTIC. I didn’t participate ALTHOUUUUGH I know a certain pup would have been happy to have his way with me and some of the other men.

K9cocklover: I had met the other owners previously throughout the years, so it was a pleasure to reconnect with them. The pack walk on The Strip one evening was a lot of fun!

RedVelvetK9: Yes, we were very much interested in meeting other owners and pups. We had lots of questions to ask and wanted to know how they juggle this lifestyle along with kids, life, friends, etc. The opportunity did present itself and all the owners were very nice, and we were blessed to have met them. Knotty activities did occur, and Velvet’s insides were nicely rewarded. 🙂 Being knotted for an extended period of time did lead to rug rash of the knees.


Art Of Zoo - Animal Sex Party 2020 - dog fucking


K9FurLife: I fantasized and hoped for the possibility, however, I’m too reserved, self-conscious, and anxious to ask. Still, I didn’t let that get in the way of having a great time with great people!

Wolflover2: I was excited to be able to bring my pup Fred to meet everyone and the wonderful ladies that were joining in the event! The opportunity presented itself, and multiple ladies took advantage of having fun with Fred.

Hawaii87: I was looking forward to meeting other owners and their pups. All the pups present got along very well with each other and all the lovely ladies.

Desertnight84: I thought Vegas was an awesome place for a venue. I liked the hiking and the gatherings in the suite.

DesertRaven: There were some absolutely gorgeous pups there and it was a pleasure getting to see them and get to know their owners a bit. I had my first date with Fred and got to play a little with him, can’t wait until my second date!

Patter: We came wanting just to meet others and not force ourselves on any attendees or pups. Since we had been traveling prior, we had not been involved in the group chat before the gathering and had absolutely no idea of who was coming or how many pups were attending until about one week before. We did not have any owners or pups in mind. Once we got to the gathering, we decided to be ourselves and take any opportunities if they arose. Patter started talking with the owners about how to approach their pups and let’s say the pups made advances. Patter learned from K9CL about how to have fun with the pups and encourage them to show their dominance and then present to achieve a knot. There were learning curves, but Patter earned her experienced Kudo and was licked, mounted, and knotted. We were very surprised at how the pups really did go after what they wanted.


Art Of Zoo Vegas Animal Sex Party 2020 - Patter - dog fucking


Would you recommend this event to others? What would you tell them to pique their interest in attending the 2021 event? If so, how would you present it to them?

Beastyman069: The event speaks for itself. With all the daily updates that Honeypot1, myself, and the other members were putting on the ArtOfZoo site, I’ve already been getting messages asking when the next event is going to take place. Part 1 and part 2 of the interviews have just increased the interest in the 2021 gathering.

Honeypot1: I don’t know that we’ll have to recommend the event, now that we had the daily updates and both parts of this interview posted on the site. Members are already asking about the next event, and if anyone has questions, any of the members who attended this first event can tell them how great it ended up being.

Thewolfbrother: If you’re an owner or a lady looking for real community and camaraderie you GOTTA join our next meet-up or even plan one of your own! There is NOTHING like the freedom of knowing everyone is part of our knotty pack and accepts us for who we are.

K9cocklover: I would highly recommend a meetup to others that are nervous to take the leap out of the digital space and into the real world. Pet love is not a far-off fantasy seen in AoZ films, it is here, real and NOW as we are living our dreams and enjoying it with our K9 companions.

K9FurLife: I totally recommend the event to others. I would tell them it’s a safe space to meet others in person and is simply a blast! The community is a great group of people and such welcoming energy. I would point them to some of the fun media posted from this year’s gathering as extra enticement!

Wolflover2: I would 100% recommend anyone who is verified to join next time!!! This was such a wonderful experience that I definitely needed this year, haha! But honestly, it was so fantastic. I would say that if you want to really meet some great people who are owners and members then definitely come! If you’re looking to get advice, make friends, join in some knotty activities, or just relax with future friends, get your butt to the next event. You could get some good knotty opportunities as well as earning experience level kudos!!!


Art Of Zoo - Animal Sex Party 2020 - dog fucking


Hawaii87: Absolutely. During the planning, Beastyman and Honeypot shared ideas and formed an itinerary. I would share what we did with any members who are thinking about joining the 2021 gathering, I have been to Vegas multiple times but never for an event such as this. I had the time of my life and you will too. You won’t regret it.

RedVelvetK9: This event was great, and I encourage anyone who is truly interested in meeting other like-minded people to consider checking it out. It was a loving, caring group of awesome humans just wanting to hang out with other people like them. Nothing creepy and no pressure for anything to happen.

Desertnight84: Absolutely would recommend it, the safety and privacy of the attendees was kept in the highest regard by the planners, and everyone got to be part of the event and the activities. The ability to talk freely and share stories and experiences with judgment-free people in a safe setting was reason enough for us to go. If someone needed more convincing, it’s Vegas baby! We partied, we explored, we connected, and we got to see some action along the way.

DesertRaven: I would recommend this event to others. Like I previously said, I didn’t know what to expect, but after getting to hang out with other people there, I found that everyone had virtually the same mindset and concerns going into it, but we ended up having a great time together. I loved the night where a group of us went out and got the same tattoos together. It definitely wasn’t planned but became a highlight of the trip.

Patter: We definitely would recommend this event for others of all experience levels. The makeup of each group of attendees varies from year to year. The personalities of the owners, attendees, and the pups will differ. People attending need to come with an open mind and no predispositions about what will or will not happen. Each event is different and lends to new experiences. They just need to let happen what will happen and be open-minded and willing to learn and experience.


Art Of Zoo - Animal Sex Party 2020 - dog fucking


Is there anything else at future Las Vegas events that you’d like to see happen?

Beastyman069: I am hoping to extend the days of the event as well as add one of the Las Vegas shows. Possibly a Burlesque show, or maybe a field trip to an adult superstore for some toy shopping.

Honeypot1: Yes. I’d like to see me and Beastyman be able to relax a little so we could socialize more! Hopefully shows on the Vegas strip will be open. I’ve never been to one and would like to. And yes, Thewolfbrother, we’ve already talked about having a food truck for the cookout. Great minds . . .

Thewolfbrother: Wouldn’t change a thing (some kinda catering service would be good but that’s just my stomach doing the thinking!)

K9cocklover: Hmm, that is a tough one as the Vegas 2020 meet went so well. Maybe more pack walks? The hiking at Red Rock Canyon and the walk along The Strip was a lot of fun.

K9FurLife: A show would be fun once they’re running, however, it’s not as good of an opportunity to bond as the other activities like the picnic. I particularly would have enjoyed some deeper conversation opportunities or moderated topic conversations.

Wolflover2: I was quite happy with how everything worked out, we were able to add on a dinner to my favorite Thai restaurant on the last night that I was there. We had an insane amount of fun in the Hospitality Suite chatting, hanging out, and having K9 activities!!! I should have stayed an extra day or two to relax and have time to do something unplanned with all the members that were still around.

Hawaii87: More people to be there.

RedVelvetK9: Well, in the future it would be nice to meet in Vegas when COVID-19 is a distant memory and the city is back to its full strength nightlife. Catching a couple of shows would be nice. We really enjoyed the intimacy of a smaller group as we were able to get to know everyone a lot better than if the group was larger. Additionally, the rather open itinerary allowed for lots of user-chosen activities and didn’t feel overscheduled.

Desertnight84: Just would like to have more time together!

DesertRaven: If we had been able to stay longer, I would have loved to have a pool party 😊

Patter: Would like to see more opportunities for those who are motivated to have all the pup experiences they can during the gathering.


Art Of Zoo - Animalsex Party 2020 HoneyPot Birthday


Do you think the event promoted and helped the mission of the AoZ site and how?

Beastyman069: The gathering definitely promoted the site as well as bringing the community closer together. It showed everyone what a little ingenuity, imagination, and planning can do.

Honeypot1: Yes – I think it showed that larger events can safely take place, and members can come together to enjoy themselves. All while having fun, knotty, or nice. In addition, I think it showed that Art of Zoo is more than just a website. It’s a vibrant community of real people who want to find others in real life with the same interests.

Thewolfbrother: Undoubtedly, meeting all of you and seeing how great the real members of the community gave me a sense of pride I couldn’t describe with 3 authors and a decade to do it

K9cocklover: I think the meet most definitely represented the pet love mission! The event brought the AoZ community to life. These same, fun members we see online are much more fun in person and genuinely do care about animals as zoophiles do.

K9FurLife: If you’re talking about building community, promoting positivity about zoophilia and bestiality, and making a safe space for folks to explore, then yes, I believe the gathering met the mission of Art of Zoo. For that, I’d say the event certainly brought the digital goals into the real world! Great people having fun and exploring their knotty side… what more could a zoo want?!

RedVelvetK9: We do think the event promoted and helped AoZ as it showed that we can pull off a successful meet up in the States and that should encourage others to look to do the same. Obviously in a safe manner and keep things on the DL.

Wolflover2: I really think it helped show that AOZ is more than just another website. It’s about building a community with pet lovers. By taking the step to promote safe meetings among a verified member group, it made me appreciate the site even more and want to help contribute to the site. I believe this was the first AOZ sponsored group gathering and I feel so lucky that I was able to attend. Making that community side grow by having real connections with members from all over! I think we all look at our dark secret of pet love as something that has to stay in the shadows, well that’s not the case. Being able to meet like-minded people was a huge relief because that is already known between each other and you get to see how wonderful the members really are. You can have open conversations about k9 sex and just enjoy it while learning and laughing! This event made a huge positive impact on my life and I really feel that had made me enjoy the AOZ site even more!

Hawaii87: Yes, it did. We are all normal hard-working people that happen to share a similar taboo. We had people from all types of life.

Desertnight84: The Art Of Zoo site is about community as much as it is anything else, I’m sure there are a lot of members out there that would like to connect with other zoos on a personal level like we did. We showed that was possible and safe, I can only imagine the interest for next year will be greater, which can only help further the site and its mission.


Art Of Zoo Vegas Animal Sex Party 2020 - DesertRaven


What other types of events would you like to see happen and how frequently?

Beastyman069: There is already a weekend mini gathering planned for the members that attended the Las Vegas Gathering. There are quite a few members interested in going camping and I’m already looking into that for the summer of 2021.

Honeypot1: I’d love to see more events, especially camping or cabining. However – living in the Midwest doesn’t make it easy for me to travel to the west coast where the majority of the members are, so I’ll probably miss most of the coming events.

Thewolfbrother: I’d love to see other members across the planet getting together and meeting and enjoying and knotting; grow the community and strengthen the bonds.

K9FurLife: Local events are fun. Honestly, my main interest is to have more opportunities to meet folks. I’m hoping to find a special someone and I find in person is the best method for me to connect. A casual, local gathering once every other month seems like a reasonable pace for me. I’m thinking of a daylong event at most. For the larger, AoZ Las Vegas-style gathering, I’m content with 1-2 times per year. Though, I’ll certainly attend more if the opportunity presents itself! This is a core part of my soul that I want to continue to nurture and build my confidence.

Wolflover2: I think if there were smaller regional gatherings that would be a lot of fun, I feel that they will develop from the Vegas gathering. There were some of us that were discussing setting them up and hopefully we can get them going. It would be a lot of fun to stay in touch and get together for beach days, dinners, park lunches, or whatever to keep that community side growing. I made some new friends from Vegas and would love to hang out with them more often!

Hawaii87: Whatever we can plan up. Camping, dinners, regional meets, or quarterly meets.

Desertnight84: Everyone has jobs, lives, families, etc., so I’m not sure how much more frequently we could handle additional events. Like any great gathering once a year gives you something to look forward to and plan for. In between that time, Raven and I will look for opportunities to connect with the local folks we got to meet. Not to mention I’m sure Honey and Beasty would go insane if they had to plan events more frequently 😉

Patter: Would like to see a farm gathering that offers other animal options. There should be some sort of in-person event every three months.

RedVelvetK9: A large-scale meet-up in Vegas was great but with the busyness of life and kids smaller weekend group meetups would be much easier. Of course, that would entail many smaller cells around the country deciding to make this work. We simply cannot fly to Vegas on a whim for a weekend hangout regardless of how much we want to.


Art Of Zoo Doggy Goodbag


Did you like the AoZ Doggybag?

Beastyman069: I thought that the gifts were a great idea. The license plate frames with the Art Of Zoo gathering plate made the gift more personalized. The attending members seemed to enjoy posing with them for photos. The key chains provided by Thewolfbrother were very nice and showed his craftsmanship in working with leather products. The ArtOfZoo T-shirts which were provided by Adam were a great idea especially after the attending members autographed them. For the 2021 gathering and with the help of Honeypot1, we are already working on our next personalized gift for the members and will be adding something special for the pups.

Honeypot1: I think the gifts were great icebreakers for everyone. The t-shirts Adam graciously provided were so much fun to autograph for each other. Thewolfbrother’s key fobs were beautifully tooled and then commemorated by (I think) 6 members who had it tattooed on themselves. Beastyman’s personalized license plate frames were over the top awesome, and I think the license plate that accompanied it commemorated the event nicely.

Thewolfbrother: Beast, that was an insane gift such an awesome memento. Hope everyone liked mine (I know some of you all LOOOOVED it, you know who you are).

Patter: Loved the personalized gifts and the thought that was put into the gift bags.

K9cocklover: Leading up to the meet, there were a few teasers shared about gifts but when we received them, they were a very pleasant surprise and were very appreciated! The items bring back fond memories when I glance at the one hanging on my wall or see the one dangling with my keys. The member autographed custom ArtofZoo t-shirt was my favorite!

RedVelvetK9: The gifts were great, and we really liked them, but we insist on keeping a very low profile and therefore won’t be able to use them as they were intended. The shirts are great for future meetings behind closed doors, but the license plate frame will have to hang on the wall inside. Maybe next time the gifts can be more tongue-in-cheek? We thought a yoga mat would be a cool idea and very useful for playtime activities later.

K9FurLife: The gifts were so nice, and the personalization made the license plates from Beasty and Honey extra special <3. The ArtOfZoo logo is sweet and looks great on the shirt; thanks, Adam! I look forward to getting photos of my future K9 companion rocking it. The custom leather keyring from Thewolfbrother is beautiful and the design is a subtle nod to those in the know 😉

Wolflover2: I loved the gifts!!! They were such an awesome addition to the event. It was fun getting everyone to sign the shirts and the banner. Even got my pup to pose on the banner showing off his awesome signed AoZ shirt! The personalized license plate was such a special touch. It would make everyone smile and laugh about the reaction if they had it on their car. But it was so cool to get and I will be holding on to it for a long time!

Hawaii87: Yes, the gifts were amazing. All custom. Especially Adam’s shirt. Enjoy your shirt, Adam! You earned it! You guys who didn’t show missed out!

Desertnight84: All I knew about going into the event were the t-shirts, which I thought were awesome. The incredibly thoughtful other gifts were so well thought out and special, I’m sad I didn’t think of something to bring for everyone. Special thanks to Thewolfbrother and his awesome design that served as inspiration for half a dozen of us getting it as a tattoo, forever immortalized. That was the first tattoo for several of us!

DesertRaven: I thought the planners went above and beyond for this event. They certainly didn’t have to, by any means, but it was very special and such a sweet gesture.


Art Of Zoo - Vegas Animalsex Party 2020 - dog sex tattoos


Would you like to see more owners and their pups next year?

Beastyman069: That would be nice. I am sure that the ladies that will be attending next year’s event would definitely like to see more pups. The ladies that attended the 2020 event seemed to enjoy the pups that were present.

Honeypot1: I would, but I think there’s a limit to how many, due to space restrictions and temperaments.

Thewolfbrother: The more the merrier!

K9cocklover: Possibly. Having several intact studs together will always be a bit of a challenge. My Maximus apologizes for the times he was a grumpy butt.

K9FurLife: I think 25-30 people would be the maximum before the group gets too dispersed to form strong connections. From my experience, any larger and clicks of folks will start to form. The clicks will interact mostly with each other and the holistic group dynamic will not be as tightknit. Less socially confident folks will find it more difficult to engage, which wouldn’t be a great experience. However, maybe clicks are okay, maybe that can be a feature… For example, there could be a few main subgroups and those subgroups could get shuffled around each day to encourage more intimate interactions. Moderators would have to facilitate in order for it to happen. Always more pups! Who doesn’t love a dogpile, heh!

Wolflover2: Possibly having the veteran members set up one event or suggest possible outings for the next meetup.

Hawaii87: Absolutely, who wouldn’t want that?

Desertnight84:  Of course! Getting to meet the pups and owners was awesome, we just need to make sure we have the space and freedom for the big grumbly alpha males.

DesertRaven: Certainly. I think the owners did a great job of recognizing their dog’s needs and attitudes during the event and preventing bad situations from happening as much as possible, but we would definitely need more space if more dogs were to come.

RedVelvetK9: Sure, as long as they are as well behaved as the group from this year. No pressure to perform and no expectation that anyone at the event owes you anything.

Patter: Of course I would love to have more pups and owners, definitely as the group grows in size. Would like to have more experienced and active pups of various breeds and sizes.


Art Of Zoo - Vegas Animalsex Party 2020 - dog sex tattoos


Were you able to connect with the other attendees on a personal level and forge a more personal relationship with them? If so, how have you stayed in contact with them?

Beastyman069: I as well as the other attending members have formed a tight bond with each other. The Las Vegas group chat that was established for the gathering is going as strong as ever. It has only been a month since the gathering and the members are planning to meet for dinner and something a little special afterward. Seems like we will be making a weekend of it.

Honeypot1: Absolutely! Although I hope next year other members can take over certain aspects of the gathering, such as the cookout, so Beastyman and I can relax a little more and socialize a lot more. The Las Vegas chat Beastyman set up for us has been instrumental in letting us keep in touch with each other.

Thewolfbrother: I am now connected on a very personal level to more than a handful of the fellow Vegas crew, gonna join you all when I can find a good excuse.

K9cocklover: I was very happy to share and receive pet love advice as well as dog care tips with others. Freely discussing these things in person and our group chat has been most helpful and convenient.

K9FurLife: The gathering planted the seeds of friendship, which otherwise wouldn’t have existed, and those seeds have sprouted. The bonds formed will forever endure in my heart. I look forward to future reconnects, which will kindle fond memories and grow our friendships further. Love you guys!

RedVelvetK9: Yes! We met several people and developed what we would consider a pretty close bond with them despite the compressed time spent together. We have sent several messages back and forth and hope to keep them as friends in the future. Albeit a bit difficult as we are on opposite sides of the country. 🙁

Wolflover2: This was the best part about the event was forming friendships with everyone who joined! Some of us even made it more special by permanently marking ourselves with a special design by another member. We have stayed in contact and are planning to hang out for not only some k9 fun but also for regular fun! Be it going off-roading or hiking or just grabbing dinner. we stay in contact via text and a group chat. That way we can all have fun talking about fun stuff and sharing memories and new adventures. Having our group still together is really nice. We became a little zoo family of friends.

Hawaii87: Almost all of us have been keeping in contact. A couple of us have really been more on a personal level. We plan on doing trips together real soon!

Desertnight84: We feel like we connected with most of the folks on a personal level and would like nothing more than to stay in contact and forge a relationship. We’ve both been getting on the site more nowadays, sending out check-in texts here and there.


Art Of Zoo Vegas Animal Sex Party 2020 - DesertRaven


Has the group chat that was established for the gathering been helpful? If so, in what way?

Beastyman069: The group chat was a fantastic idea and very helpful. It was a way for the members to get to know each other prior to the gathering. We were able to discuss concerns and the safety protocol that was implemented. We were able to also discuss the itinerary and social gatherings that were planned for the event. While at the event the members were able to get a daily update as to what was planned that day. As with the movie Good Morning Vietnam with Robin Williams, I was able to wake up the sleepy heads with the good old phrase Good Morning Las Vegas. Even after the event, the members are talking with each other.

Honeypot1: It has definitely been helpful since we can all be in the chat at the same time and talk about things. The safety of the group was a big concern for the members, and we were able to discuss that as a group. And we were able to get to know each other on a personal level before we met in Vegas.

Thewolfbrother: Group chat has been a lot of fun, really distilled the best AoZ themed stuff, haha!

K9cocklover: Absolutely! It helped us all to get along months prior to the meet. It was easy to see the types of personalities that would be in attendance too, but everything went so smoothly transitioning from digital to in-person communication.

RedVelvetK9: Very much so. It served the group well in Vegas to coordinate and plan activities in Vegas as well as maintain group cohesion well after the event ended.

K9FurLife: The group chat was immensely valuable. The chat allowed us to build our trust and bonds way ahead of the event. Also, it made for easy coordination of activities and a fun space to share media. In addition, it is a persistent thread and connection to everyone from the gathering. Thus, even though the event is over, we can maintain our bonds until a future opportunity to see each other again!

Wolflover2: Having the group chat for us has been a great way to stay in touch with everyone!! We have been sharing memories and just having fun talking and laughing together. It’s made it easier to keep in touch, so no one loses contact with each other. I feel like we all became good friends from the event and are definitely having fun chatting in the group chat!

Hawaii87: The group chat was extremely helpful. Like I said before, we were able to voice our concerns and give ideas on what we would like to see or do.

Desertnight84: I don’t think the gathering could have happened without it, the group chat gave us all a level of safety and security going in that really made the event such a success.

Patter: The group chat was very helpful before, during, and after. It allowed attendees to connect before and express thoughts on what food etc., they were contributing and dispersed valuable information about the itinerary. During the gathering, it was a way to stay in touch with attendees when the group split. After the gathering, we are still able to post to each other and allowed more sharing about the gathering.


Art Of Zoo Vegas Animal Sex Party 2020 - dog sex love scratches


Is there anything you’d like to add about the gathering that we might not have been asked?

Thewolfbrother: “How did you all feel upon returning to the world after the meetup?” After the meetup, I felt almost like a man on a journey that changed me, but I can’t tell anyone about it, lol!

K9cocklover: Just a note: Thank you Beastyman069 and Honeypot1for organizing the Vegas 2020 Meet. It was a tremendous success! Thanks to all of the attending members for being so wonderful ♥ we love you all

Hawaii87: Come out and see we are normal. We are great people. We are in this together!

Desertnight84: Just want to say a big thank you to the planners for all the work put into making this happen and of course, to all the members we got to meet as well for showing up! I hope it was as meaningful to all of you as it was for us.

DesertRaven: I have nothing to add, except to say thank you once again for all of the work that was put into the planning and execution of the event. I’m sure I’m not alone in the appreciation of the security level and all the trouble Beasty and Honey went through to make sure we all had a good time.

RedVelvetK9: We would like to personally thank Beastyman and Honey for all of their hard work and ensuring the event went off without a hitch. They made sure to keep everyone feeling comfortable, safe, and valued. We felt no pressure or obligation to be in a photo, partake of knotty activities (puppy persuasion aside…), or otherwise feel uncomfortable.


Art Of Zoo Vegas Animal Sex Party 2020 - KnottedPleasure



Beastyman069 and Honeypot1 would like to personally thank the members that participated in the Las Vegas Gathering 2020 and the interviews. Thank you all for sharing yourselves and opening up to all the other members on the site and showing that while we might all be kinky perverts, we are still real people.

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  2. Tilly02171 1 month ago

    Great work guys and a great read…this Aussie dude Covid and work permitting will be joining you at the next one! If I’m invited of course 🤪🤪

  3. Thewolfbrother 1 month ago

    Hell yes! What a fantastic read. I can’t wait to see you all again

  4. honeypot1 1 month ago

    Awesome job, babe! I think the answers the members gave us were very insightful and honest. I miss everyone. I wish we could have a Christmas party 😍

    • Author
      Beastyman069 1 month ago

      The success of the interview was a joint effort between the members interviewed and the two of us who created the blog. You deserve 90% of the credit. Looking forward to the 2021 Gathering and meeting the group again as well as some new attendees.

      • patter 1 month ago

        It was great reading the interview questions, it brought back great memories of great knotty fun and experiences. Was nice to see how others felt after the gathering was over, although we knew the underlying theme was… IT WAS AWESOME and LETS DO IT AGAIN! Nice insight into the thoughts and feelings of others. Loved the addition of the pictures, they really accentuated the questions and kept you wanting to read more. Great job Beasty and Honey…thank you for taking your time to compile this blog and having the willingness to share with the community how great this lifestyle is. It proves there are real people out there.

        • honeypot1 1 month ago

          What got me was how so many of the members said the same things for so many of the questions. I’m SO glad you all had a good time. That was our goal – fun and brother/sisterhood! I think we accomplished that 🙂

  5. Byblood 1 month ago

    This is so awesome you had this and I hope for a 2021 invite, it maybe a long shot but I’m so excited!

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