Using animal sex chat

Before starting, please familiarize yourself with the Pet Chat Rules. Get yourself kicked or banned, and learning anything about the chat will be rather fruitless 🙂

Click the ‘Chats’ tab / icon at the bottom right of your screen to open the chat.

ArtOfZoo Pet Chat

(On mobile devices it’s the icon in the bottom right corner).

You will find a list of available Members, click on their names to open a private chat window. You will also find the ‘Groups’ link, which lists all the communal chat areas – basically the chat rooms.

The ‘Recent’ tab conveniently shows you all your previous / recent active chats, along with a notification of any messages you may have missed.

ArtOfZoo Pet Chat



Click the 3 dots at the top of the main Chats box to tweak your availability, your Status Message, as well as things like sounds etc.

ArtOfZoo Pet Chat


To send a file, click the small arrow button next to the input box, to open the bottom menu, and select ‘Send a file’ from the list.

ArtOfZoo Pet Chat

On the same bottom menu, you can send a handwritten note or doodle, send a sticker, or leave a voice message.


You can click the video camera icon at the top of a private chat box to initiate a video chat. Click the telephone icon to initiate an audio call.

ArtOfZoo Pet Chat


You can open the chat top menu by clicking the small arrow > next to the username or group name at the top of the chat box. It is a different menu depending on whether you are chatting privately or chatting in a Group.

ArtOfZoo Pet Chat

Click ‘view profile’ to hop to someone’s profile.

Someone being a nuisance? Open the top menu and Block User, it’s as simple as that.

Want to put a conversation out of mind? Click Clear Conversation to wipe the chat and start afresh.

Someone going too far? If you need us to step in, click ‘Report Conversation’ to send a copy of the chat history to Support.

On the other hand, a particular chat might be worth remembering. Click ‘Save Chat to Desktop’ to grab a copy of the chat log for your later enjoyment 🙂

Other bits and pieces, I’m sure you will figure out as you go along. Any problems or issues with the chat, please contact Support and we will get it looked into. Happy chatting 🙂

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  1. pieterisjarig 3 weeks ago


    We are living in The Neterlands in the south, are there members too,We are 100% discret, you too?

  2. favor4dogz 6 months ago

    Hi, there. I just registered to this site about 2 days ago and I’m just happy to join to be part of what I would call family. My friend Trish here also has the same passions, interest and desires of what you all have. She’s also happy to share anything or everything with you all. It kind of sucks that we’re here in a country where having pleasurable sex with animals is illegal.

  3. ciws 7 months ago

    Hi! I can’t establish voic/video calls. 🙁

    • Author
      adam 6 months ago

      Hi Peter, yes on desktop there is some problems with video calls. It works on mobile though. The chat providers are working on it.

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