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Another great visit with my friend. It’s been almost two long, long dry months since my last visit. Life has been hectic & kept me too busy.

Pulling up to his house I could hear the dogs barking. Rowdy today, I guess. I’m really excited, need a good drilling! These visits are the highlight of my life. I am so lucky, so appreciative.

A little chit chat but not much because I’m anxious, been too long for me. The rottie comes around to me to gets his pets but he seems low energy today. I strip, get on the blanket and he mounts. Thrusting, thrusting, but I don’t feel the knot. Finally in it goes but not for long. Halfway out, he cranks his leg over my back. A very short mount, a half-hearted turn, his cock pops out in less than five minutes. He’s squirting cum pretty heavily so I roll over and suck in his cock for a little, getting a good mouthful but his cock is already shrinking back into the sheath so I only get a minute or two before he pulls away. Just not our day for fucking today.

Now for the pit. Before, though, put a blanket over my back because this young guy can get wild. Over he comes for some attention, kisses, wriggling around exuberantly. A minute or two of light play and then he calms down enough to mount. He grabs on to my waist and I feel the hard cock thrusting for a few strokes. The knot grows as it pops in and out. A lot of moving around, I adjust my legs so the height is right for him and finally he set his knot, deep and hard and firm. It’s some sweet pain until I accommodate his long cock and big knot – then everything slows down.

I can feel his cock pulsing as I tense and relax my anus, the doggie cum shooting inside. Then he shifts his legs, one of them pushing at my balls as he moves around. I turn in the opposite direction and he flows off my back, firmly tied, knotted and turned.

A full turn! Wow – knotted, tied and turned and we settle in for at least ten minutes while he keeps blasting cum deep inside me. I adjust a bit and it’s a comfortable tie – I could hold this for a long, long time. It’s an amazing feeling. This is what I’ve been missing – a terrific deep breeding! The pit is really coming along as an accomplished fucker. He’s never lacked enthusiasm but was too erratic before.

I leave finally, satisfied, well-fucked and proud at having pulled off my first successful turned tie.


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  1. sexynjboi 6 months ago

    GREAT story man. Ur a hero in my book

  2. nastybitch18 10 months ago

    This is great

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