ArtOfZoo Trust Levels


Every Member on our network has a Trust Level. Your Trust Level will help other Members decide whether or not you are a safe person to get to know, or meet up with.

Trust Levels start at zero for new and unknown Members (or members with security warnings), up to Trust Level 10 for very trusted Members.

Your Trust Level will increase depending on your involvement and activity. We are careful to choose factors which really do indicate whether someone is a serious pet person. As with anything a person is passionate about, we tend to get more involved. The more passionate we are, the more involved we tend to get.

You can increase your Trust in a variety of ways:

  • If you are female, get verified

  • If you are a pet owner, get verified

  • If you have experience and can prove it (usually along with being verified)

  • If you are particularly active on the network, writing blog posts, commenting nicely etc

  • If you proactively and consistently help out around the network

  • If you are a Patron and help support the site financially

  • If we know you and have a good relationship with you for an extended period

  • If you are an active petlove artist with a portfolio of on-topic work

  • If we hear various good reports about your offline conduct with other pet people

  • Other things not specific, but which give us reason to believe a Member is trustworthy

Trust Levels are calculated and applied by the system twice per day, according to your Kudos (and any other factors). Please don’t panic if you receive a new Kudos and your Trust does not immediately increase – it will catch up with you shortly.

Please note: to past Gaia Members, we have changed the way that Trust is applied, so your Trust Level may have changed since our previous network.

We hope that the Trust Levels, accompanied by the various Network Kudos will give you a bit more help and guidance when making new friends.

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