ArtOfZoo - Trick or Knot - animal sex video

“Nanas hot Tricks, are a real doggy Treat…”

Producer: Dachat
Models: Nana with Gunner
Running Time: 52 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


ArtOfZoo - Trick or Knot - animal sex video

An ultimatum – Nana takes her Halloween fun very seriously…


Halloween playtime from Mr Dachat, and the very lovely Nana. The Russian Pet Lady with the wolf eyes, nice indeed.

That wolf streak might run a bit deeper than the Ladys eyes too. Ladies have skills. Your average Lady can quite easily convince a chap that she is cumming, when she isn’t. A Lady has a harder time pretending she is not aroused, when she is. Cheeks flush, pupils dilate and have that dreamy faraway look. So, when a Lady is genuinely aroused at the thought of doing the doggy, you know you are onto the good stuff.

Nana gets swept up in pet love throughout this movie, it’s pretty hot. Check out those pupils here and there. In Hollywood, they stick stuff in your eyes to get that big-pupil effect. When a Lady is interested in the dog, it just happens naturally…


ArtOfZoo - Trick or Knot - animal sex video

Duty bound by the Halloween contract, Nana offers herself up for a knotting…


Nana must have a 6th sense about what is going to happen tonight. As she teases us with her body, the Lady is smouldering, and getting so hot, she is dripping wet. Nana is quite new to pet love, but my goodness I think she likes it. So, Halloween, hot Lady. Now what to do?

Fortunately, there is a knock at the door. It’s Gunner, doing his “Trick or Knot” rounds. Based on what happens next, I’d guess that Nanas was the first door our Hero knocked on. Smart chap, if I were him, I’d probably head there first too. Nana is dressed up as a sexy Devilette, and wet and ready. This doggy seduction should go very smoothly…


ArtOfZoo - Trick or Knot - animal sex video

Gunner switches into rapid-fire mode, and shows Nana what he can do with a sweet Pet Pussy…


Nana must have a 6th sense about what is going to happen tonight. As she teases us with her body, the Lady is smouldering, and getting so hot, she is dripping wet. Nana is quite new to pet love, but my goodness I think she likes it. So, Halloween, hot Lady. Now what to do?

Fortunately, there is a knock at the door. It’s Gunner, doing his “Trick or Knot” rounds. Based on what happens next, I’d guess that Nanas was the first door our Hero knocked on. Smart chap, if I were him, I’d probably head there first too. Nana is dressed up as a sexy Devilette, and wet and ready. This doggy seduction should go very smoothly…


ArtOfZoo - Trick or Knot - animal sex video

Gunner delivers on the knot – it fits Nana perfectly…


I have a bit of a thing for this Ladys Pet Flower. That is a vagina built for dogs. Gunner is feeling the Ladys presence too. Presented with that superb Pet Pussy, he does what any right-thinking male would. He mounts the Lady, and sinks his doggy cock as deeply into her as he possibly can. Good boy! Gunner really earns his name in this humping scene. Nana has put a fire under this dog tonight…


ArtOfZoo - Trick or Knot - animal sex video

Bobbing for apples? No thanks. Nana plays some sweet music on Gunners big red flute…


As agreed, Gunner brings the knot to the party. When a knot fits a Lady so perfectly it’s music to our eyes. Nanas powerful sex grips the knot deeply, stretching the root of his cock taut. And Gunner, cums for all he’s worth. Pumping your sperm into a sexy Russian Pet Lady is the best Halloween treat a dog could hope for…


ArtOfZoo - Trick or Knot - animal sex video

Nana thinks her boobs are too yummy to go without a splash of dog cum – agreed! 🙂


Gunner clearly has a bit more pressure to release, to Nana takes him into her mouth. In return for that great knot, the Lady gives our Hero the full treatment, and means it.

Nana is new, but she is clearly a fast learner. So, the Lady doesn’t quite get to drinking that doggy cum. It’s only the second date let the Lady warm up a little 😉 There is, however, very little else the Lady doesn’t do with the doggy juice; gargling, slurping, dribbling and lapping it up. Nana is well coated – inside and out – with dog sperm, cum the end of this session…


ArtOfZoo - Trick or Knot - animal sex video

Kiss me boy, taste your sweet nectar on my lips and tongue…


Nana completes her doggylove session, by tongue-kissing Gunner, and Gunner licking all his dog cum from Her face and mouth. A tasty Lady in every sense of the word 🙂 Sucking and fucking, knotting and filling – Nana got Her creamy Treat this Halloween. And emptying his doggy balls in that hot Nana pussy – Gunner certainly got his.

The movie concludes with an interview with the lovely Lady – In Russian, with subtitles, of course. A glimpse into her mind, and her thoughts and feelings on her petlove journey so far. The Lady is putting some thought into those answers. She is also putting some thought into keeping our attention, with some subtle final glimpses of that Pet Pleasure Zone… (apologies originally I thought the interview was at the beginning, but actually it’s at the end!)

Great work from Team Dachat, and Nana, and Gunner. A little pumpkin, and a little doggy pumpin’ – a Happy Halloween for us Petfans. Enjoy 🙂

(An additional thanks to Strom6 for the kind gift of Nanas red kinky boots) 🙂


ArtOfZoo - Trick or Knot - animal sex video

After some hard Pet Play, Nana gets quizzed about her Pet Loving journey so far…



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  1. zoolike 6 months ago


  2. Crouton 6 months ago

    Another jaw-dropping movie with Nana. I love when clips have a bit of a story, at least a simple setup like this (“Trick or Knot”.) Plenty of action in this one, good camerawork, hot dog kissing (great plus), and a cute interview at the end. A+.

  3. Metaleiro 10 months ago

    Nana is the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen acting with dogs, her body is wonderful and her look is magnificent. I really want her to do more scenes, I think this is what all members want.

  4. Wheels2112 1 year ago

    Very beautiful lady. The movie was awesome!!!

  5. chjj1986 1 year ago


  6. chjj1986 1 year ago


  7. TATNTA 1 year ago

    how to buy this

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago


  8. astonboy 1 year ago

    OMG, Nana was outstanding, whatta treat she gave us! Thanks again Dachat for another great movie and for bringing such beauties to scene!

  9. 1 year ago

    nana, a very beautiful body on nice locations.. Would like to see more closeups and maybe missionary positions. Do you think to try a boar in the future ? Your hot body and a wild boar cock …hmmm… that´s a pretty hot mixtures….

  10. 1 year ago

    Nana is very nice. Dog keeps jumping off and she lures him back.

    He fills her right up.

  11. Man63 1 year ago

    Trop belle 😍😍😍😍

  12. art30 1 year ago

    Bobbing for apels no Thanks so genius 🤣

  13. lonewander 1 year ago

    damn she is so hot and i love her eyes

  14. Racer23 1 year ago

    Just wow. One of the most erotic things I’ve seen. Beautiful woman. Love the closeups. Very well done.

  15. androssRed 1 year ago

    Another top notch production from Dachat, and Gunner certainly brings his A game. Quality.

  16. nomis 1 year ago

    como me exita ver a una mujer asi me encanta

  17. Tom86 1 year ago

    Yet another great movie! Nana ,Dachat and all the great Russian ladies, Thank you! I hoped for so many years to see such great movies, so much real passion for dog love. I’m speechless! Big Thanks to the community and all Artofzoo for the apportunity to buy and see such masterpieces! Looking forward)

  18. bontas 1 year ago

    Great movie. The dog comes everywhere. In her pussy, in her mouth, boobs ,hair. One of the best blowjobs Ive seen and I wait every day for her next movie. Sure to be another blockbuster.

  19. 1 year ago

    Dang. My 1st purchase here.

    I vote4 boar if she likes.


  20. montet 1 year ago

    Nana in red boots… really hot.

  21. Gustinfx 1 year ago

    Es un festin oral. Nana chupa y chupa la polla del perro como si no hubiera un mañana. Estaba entusiasmado al ver como recolectaba el semen del perro en un tazón, creí que lo beberia al final pero no fue asi 🙁 . Felicidades @dachat todos sus lanzamientos son compras obligadas. Genial produccion y le ruego convensa a nana y a sonya para probar un jabalí aqui somos muchos fans de ese tipo de películas.

  22. skorkoro 1 year ago

    Watched her interviewed, she is so awesome!

  23. Ihten 1 year ago

    Great video. I love nana. But it will better when camera is located closer her pussy.

  24. art30 1 year ago

    Hello fellow pet lovers I can clearly see that there has become an hot topic about the love of the boar it’s just like Adam says if the girls want to have sex with a boar she will do it if not she would,it’s just as simple as that I personally would love to se nana with Chester but again it’s nana’s body and wishes let’s al remember and if someone wouldn’t like to see nana with the boar it’s easy for them don’t buy the dam movie. So this words goes to al you pet girls do wat you want it’s your body and mind life is to short to be suppressed by other people’s thoughts best wishes to all pet girls from art30

  25. K9corp 1 year ago

    Luscious , mated with a beautifull shepherd I can only imagine what’s next and having a vivid imagination , I somehow feel I shall fall short in having this venus of the canines in another cinematic delight of pet love . One of my two favorite pet pussy

  26. Gonzalito88 1 year ago

    Hermosa mujer

  27. damien2010 1 year ago

    Nana is really one of the most beautiful pet-models, her face and eyes, her boobs, her ass and pussy – just wonderful.
    Many thanks to Dachat that he found her!

    The Halloween-Topic is a great idea. One of the few situations, where wearing a mask is part of the story. For her 2nd performance Nana has learned quite fast and she is very enthusiastic, but she still needs practice 😉

    Nana and Gunner have a great chemistry, one of the best kissing scenes i’ve seen so far.
    Only one little taint is that it seems that Gunner’s Sperm is very thin and barely white – hope she will get a good injection of thick, white k9-semen in the next movie.

    I am very curious for her upcoming movies and hope that we don’t have to wait too long.

  28. nivr 2 years ago

    Really enjoyed this movie. What has the world come to…such beautiful young pussy being pumped raw by big doggy cocks. Just too damn hot watching nana pussy swallowing that whole cock to the brim

  29. damien2010 2 years ago

    After this great comments i have to buy this movie
    Nana is just hot, hot, hot!

    Can you tell us, if she was on birthcontrol or not? Nothing more arousing than the thought, that she could get impregnated by this horny dog 😉

  30. bontas 2 years ago

    Thank you for every new photo you give us.

  31. birdsong 2 years ago

    Nana has bright blue eyes, milky-white skin, firm tits, and curvy hips. It’s a shame she keeps her body under wraps during the sex. The dog is young and energetic, and his vigorous thrusting results in wonderful erotic moaning from her. She takes a decent knot. In the interview, she tantalizing reveals that she may try a boar in future.

    stripping, masturbating = 10 minutes
    humping = 1 minute
    knot = 4.5 minutes
    blowjob = 12 minutes
    cunnilingus = 4 minutes
    kissing = 1.5 minutes
    interview = 5 minutes
    outtakes = 5 minutes

    • DrHard 2 years ago

      Dear God, please don’t let her do a pig. It’s the most unerotic sight in zoo sex. Don’t understand how men get off on ladies getting done by a boar or a tapir or maggots for matter of fact

      Anyway to each its own

      • Author
        Adam 2 years ago

        Fair enough Hard. But live, and let live eh. Else, live and let die 😉

        • Marcosliu 2 years ago

          Good afternoon Adam, don’t let her do it with boar. For it has a small and thin penis.
          It would be nice for her to do with Labrador, Grand Dane and Rotweiller. And it would be interesting for her to do with pony. Not only dildo pony but penetration.

          • Author
            Adam 2 years ago

            Ah, the decision for that is the Ladys, and the Ladys alone 🙂

      • 2 years ago

        My favorite Female performer Adriana Chechik was once asked if there was anything she hadn’t done yet in porn that she’d like to try. Her jovial response was “I’d love to be fucked by a fat guy while he’s eating a slice of pizza”. Don’t mean to call the Ole’ Boy fat but I’d love to see that scene play out with Chester and Nana. Yasmin Set the benchmark of boar movies during the GG era, the plug sequence in Boar J’Adore is unsurpassed. I’d love nothing more than to see Nana’s perfect pet puss pumped full of pig seed and glued shut with an iceberg of a plug.

        • Author
          Adam 2 years ago

          Hey 🙂 Lot of debating what Ladies should and shouldn’t be doing. I dig that all you chaps are into stuff and it’s cool. Just please keep in mind that we don’t coerce Models. If they want to do something we will try our best to organize it.

          • Gustinfx 2 years ago

            Me sumo a la peticion. Me encantaria ver a nana y a sonya follando con un jabalí. Vamos adán, @dachat ustedes pueden conseguirlo 🙂 saludos a todos

          • 2 years ago

            Not debating the issue mate, just offering a rebuttal opinion. Like all good opinions mine’s worth every penny you paid for it. Seems to me we should all be more concerned about what excites the models as Women tend to attract other Women (especially these days). If Nana has an interest in a big brute like Chester I trust You and Crew will do your very best to facilitate. Frankly, I believe Nana and Chester have the potential to set the new High Water mark. Again, just my opinion.

    • art30 2 years ago

      It’s really great to hear that this beautiful lady will consider to get fucked by a boar, we really need more of those movies.DevoteHuendins movie fired up our hearts with her outstanding masterpiece of an movie please Adam ilz and dachat bring on the love of the boar 🐖

    • damien2010 2 years ago

      thanks for this detailed review

  32. Quicksilver 2 years ago

    This movie is just breathtaking. The dog is super-active, the model is super-hot and is apparently enjoying the dog quite a lot. Other than in the first movie, a lot of cum is splashing out of her pussy, I think she must have drained the dog to the max 😉 The cameraman did a very good job, taking several positions (also showing her face when she was “drifting away”, having an orgasm). Adam: great job, getting us this exceptional movie! And we was already talking about the next one. Can’t wait for it. Plus I hope one day she might even ride the dog a little?

  33. Gustinfx 2 years ago

    Hola adam, saludos a todos y felicitarlos por los ultimos lanzamientos realmemte la calidad es muy buena, pronto hare mi pedido de estas ultimas peliculas.

  34. steve406 2 years ago

    lovely nice snstch.

  35. Oleg1212 2 years ago

    She is good and divine

  36. art30 2 years ago

    It’s really something special and magical about nana’s eyes it’s like she’s casting a spell on you 🐺🥰 it’s easy to see that this girl is a genuine dog lover,best wishes to you nana from art30

  37. leesuschrist 2 years ago

    cant wait to get this though

  38. kadalora 2 years ago

    Dayam she is HOT! Gorgeous

  39. art30 2 years ago

    The title of the movie is genius trick or knott 😂🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 happy Halloween my dear pet friends ☺️

  40. Chiquitin13 2 years ago

    Nana Nana Nana ….. extremely alluring 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 you’re becoming a truly petstar 🐶⭐️

  41. bontas 2 years ago

    Oh benevolent deliverer. thou name art Adam.Thank you for more Nana. Ive already watched her 1st movie 20 times and cant wait for this one,

  42. juggygales 2 years ago

    She it so hot!! Love that it’s a German Shepherd too.

  43. Quicksilver 2 years ago

    So good to see Nana being back. Seems she is really into dogs. The first movie was already extremely good, and this one looks even more promising. She is a beauty, and I am not only looking forward to the doggy action, but also the interview. I’m curious about her thoughts on getting taken by dogs 😉

  44. AdultKing 2 years ago

    Very Good Could the Girls be naked next time please 🙂

  45. Tarkigun 2 years ago

    Muy bueno 🤤🤤

  46. harryharry6969 2 years ago

    hoot nice dog lady

  47. jmaxthebest 2 years ago

    i will buy this one too 🙂
    look amazing 🙂

  48. Ptharu 2 years ago

    just woww.

  49. art30 2 years ago

    Thanks dachat production and the lovely nana for bringing us this lovely Halloween treat 🎃just need to tell you dachat you rock as an producer 😀🤙

  50. DrHard 2 years ago

    Nana has a great set of boobies. I like

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