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Divorces are never nice, even though my own was going to be a quiet one. With no fights or lawyers involved, I felt like the situation had become stressful and it had taken a lot of my time and energies. Vacation was my choice, a long trip far away all by myself. That was what I needed and that was what I did. Boarding was announced while people started to line up with their passports and boarding cards ready. From my place in the line I saw the face of the flight company employee for a moment. Our eyes met and I noticed that she was trying not to show her surprise for seeing me. Obviously, it wasn’t the right place and time for conventional and mutual greetings.

It was on one of those kinky web sites that I came in contact with a guy, a Master. I got curious about a personal advertisement he had posted, and I sent a message to him expressing my interested in the fact that he loved to share his slave with other Dominants and master’s or whoever was into BDSM dynamics. Master Tom as he liked to be called, responded to my mail in a very positive way. After a few weeks of corresponding with each other, he agreed to meet and spend one night together with me his slave. We met at the airport and he drove me to my hotel. We talked for a while and decided to meet the next day for a drink before going to his place and have some fun there.

The next day I went to this bar were Master Tom introduced me to his slave. I found them sitting at a table. As soon as I greeted him, he pointed to a quite good-looking woman in her fifties sitting beside him. “This is Mellie” he said. She was slim and pretty wearing a nice evening dress and I could easily see that she had nothing else under it. I noticed that she was wearing a polished metal collar with a ring on the front. We greeted each other and started to talk about what we did for living and all sort of subjects connected with our everyday lives. After a couple of drinks, we drove off to Tom’s house not so far away from the place where we had met.

After arriving, we entered the house. Master Tom ordered her to take off her shoes and dress. Before I could hang my jacket, she was already completely naked and on all fours. Tom got hold of a cane and started to direct Millie downstairs where he had smartly converted the house basement in a very nice dungeon. The room was fully furnished with toys, appliances and restraining devices. It was a real bdsm kinky playroom. Once in the dungeon he tied the woman’s hands well apart with rope. With the help of an electric winch, she was hanging spread eagle by the ceiling. We began to indulge ourselves with her body using and abusing her in the best bdsm ways using dildos, medical instruments, whips a flogger and fingers too. We were kissing and licking her as well. She had the typical eye expressions of female who was enjoying being abused and sexually used. She was moaning and squirting profusely leaving a little pond of her liquids under her spread legs. We forced her down while Master Tom made her lick her juices from the floor. He then looked at me and very gently said, “I am going upstairs for a beer while you enjoy yourself. She is all yours”. Off he went.

I tied her hands behind her back and started to kiss her neck while fingering both her holes. I could feel how relaxed and dilated her asshole was, so I stuffed it with three fingers and made her cum while fingering her pussy. While she was laying on a little medical bed, I fucked her for a while and no words were ever said. We remained in the dungeon after we had sex and kissed while I made her lick my balls and cock before going upstairs.

While upstairs, she was ordered to prepare some food while I went to take a shower. During dinner that night Tom told me about his experiences with a donkey and his fantasy about seeing Mellie being mounted by a dog. I told him that I was due to retire and that I was planning to get myself a pet. We decided to keep in touch and look for other opportunities to meet.

All those thoughts and memories suddenly disappeared and there I was boarding a plane bound for Honolulu. While showing my passport and boarding card to a stewardess who strangely enough happen to be her, Mellie. I really couldn`’t recall her telling me about working at the airport or probably she did mention it at the time when we first met. I guess that at the time I was more concerned about what we were going to do that night at Tom’s place than to listen to her talking about her job. So, there I was standing in front of her. She didn’t look at me but instead took my papers and registered my boarding pass. She then said, “have a pleasant flight sir” as I walked through the boarding area. As I was walking away, I heard a voice calling me back saying, “sir, sorry sir sorry sir I need to see your passport again”, so I returned back, handing her the passport. She looked at it and gave it back to me saying, “everything is fine. Have a good flight”. While putting my passport back in my jacket’s inner pocket, I noticed a piece of paper inside. She had swiftly inserted her visit card into my pocket and on the back of the card there were those words written in a hurry. Please call me.

My vacation in Hawaii was really nice and I had as much fun as I would ever expect. I even met a woman. A Japanese lady with whom I shared some intimate and very enjoyable moments with. This made my stay memorable. I went back home refreshed, relaxed and very well sexed as well since my new Asian friend spent most of her time between the beach and out of her bikini inside my bed…

Once back home I started to make plans for my retirement. Since time was passing quickly and before I knew I was done with the job I started to enjoy life again as a single guy. I still hadn’t called Mellie and it was almost a year since I have seen her at the airport. In the meantime, I had acquired a beautiful dog and started to enjoy his company. He was a Maremma sheepdog breed. He was a huge beast with nice white fur from which I was inspired for naming him Milky. Milky was a young stud and I loved his fierce and proud presence which was typical of such a breed of dog.

Since I had got him, I had tried to get in touch with Tom. Remembering the talk we had about his slave Millie and his wish to see her mounted by a large male dog. But apparently, he was not around anymore. I never didn’t receive a reply back from him. Perhaps I thought that I could get news of him from her and since I still had her visit card. I decided to give her a call. In the past I had never tried to get in touch with her because I was respectful of those unwritten rules about master’s, slaves, and ownership dynamics among them. Now I started to wonder if the two of them were still in such a relation. I made the phone call and to my surprise Mellie was very pleased to hear from me. We had a long and nice chat to the extent that she asked me if we could meet for coffee or something.

A few days later I met again with her. I had expected her to have changed but instead I found the same attractive woman who was apparently very happy to see me again. I had taken Milky with me and she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. She was indeed interested in keeping in touch with me and had particular interest in dogs as well. She told me among other things that Tom was no longer her Master and that they were no longer in touch anymore. I could see from her facial expression that things had not turned out nicely between the two of them and I decided not to ask questions about what had happened. Instead I warmly invited her to join me at my place for dinner the next day. She happily agreed and gave me the impression that she was interested in more than just having dinner together.

The next day she arrived at my place and we had a delicious dinner accompanied by few drinks and a couple of French whites. While we were sitting out on the patio chatting, the conversation started to change into the subject of bdsm and domination. At that point I knew exactly what she wanted. Without any hesitation I held onto her, holding her tightly against me. I took both her hands and held them behind her back. With my other hand I took off my belt and used it to firmly tie her hands. I began to undo her shirt buttons until I could take the shirt down over her shoulders. This made her arms even more restrained allowing me rip off her bra disclosing her nice and perky small breasts. I then slapped her on the face twice. Not violently but using enough strength to make her cheeks red. I then forced her on her knees grabbing her hair and forcing her look at me.

She had not said a word but was compliant on how things were unfolding. I looked her straight in the eyes and said out loud. “You want it? You want this? Accept me now as your new Master or just walk away because I am not in the mood to play games here!” She replied, “yes Master. Sir I wish to be yours to be used and disposed in any way you see fit.” I told her from now on I will train you to become a dog sex breeding bitch for Milky and myself. I expect you to move in with me by tomorrow. You are not allowed to shave your pubic area and you will only wash yourself with water as long as you live in my house. You will never wear a single piece of clothing. I wanted her to acquire a more natural look by letting her hair grow out again. Not only on her pussy but her arm pits too. She was from now on to wash in water only, in order to regain her natural body scent. So that means no soaps, shampoos or any scented items that would interfere with her natural body smell. This would allow Milky to pick up her natural scent.

The next phase of her dog sex training consisted of making her eat her meals from a bowl on the floor while being on all her fours. She would be fed with normal food, but I wanted the dog to get used to her more as one of his species than that of a human. She was not to play silly roles as a pet making noises and acting weird. Instead she was going to be on all her fours eating and drinking from bowls on the floor just like Milky does. I would gradually make sure that the dog would get to be around her naked body. But not too close or too often.

After a few days I started to fuck her now and then denying her from washing herself for the rest of the day. That really started to get Milky aroused by the scent of a fucked female with her pussy dripping cum and sweat. Sometimes after I had my way with her always in the doggy style position, I would allow the dog to lick her ass and pussy. I could see he was getting used to it quicker than I had expect. I decided that it was time to go on further with the training.

The next step in Millie’s training was to make her get used to being licked by Milky. It would be gradual and in a way that she would become addicted to it. I started to take Millie downstairs in the basement I would tie her up spread eagle to the rail of the staircase and using a spread bar for her legs. I would then kiss her and finger her pussy long enough for her to cum and squirt. The dog would then lick her just a bit repeating the session every day but denying her from climaxing. I would take the dog away just before she would climax but would return and do it all over again. I could see she was becoming used to the prospect to get aroused and licked every day. I could see in her eyes the enjoyment of the sessions, until a day when I left her alone tied up, legs spread wide. Milky was lose in the room and free to have second helpings from her swollen cunt. I could hear her moaning and shouting having orgasm after orgasm. The more squirted the more Milky licked her. I just waited until she passed out from the exhaustion of all the times she climaxed and the loss of body fluids. I returned to the basement to find her hanging from her restrains and totally wasted. I untied her body and left her asleep on the basement floor after wrapping her in a blanked. I looked in gaze at her smelly and sweaty body. It was time for her final stage. She would remain there until she would beg me to allow the dog to mount her once again. she was to become his breeding bitch.

The next morning, I found her laying there in a fetal position all wrapped up in the blanket. I shook her until she woke up. I put in front of her two bowls. One with some water and one with some bread and sugar all mixed with hot milk. “Breakfast time” I said and went upstairs again. I could see and smell her body. Her dirty and sweaty hair was a mess and I thought she was ready for it. She had become the breeding bitch she always wanted to be.

As I returned to the basement, after an hour or so, I made her assume the doggy style position. I applied spread bars to her arms and legs I then grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up forcing her to look at me. I said, “the time has come for you lurid bitch. I am going to get the dog now”. She was a slave, a slut, a cunt, and breeding bitch.

I gave her what she was longing for. She craved it and she deserved it. All during the training period she had remained silent and never complained. She was always obeying and respectful of the fact that she had relinquished totally her own will and submitted both her body and her mind to me. I had gained full control over her and in change of making her what she wanted most to become. A breeding bitch for her Master’s dog. I got Milky downstairs and after few turns around the smelly room, he started to get aroused by the woman’s scent. She was sweaty and unwashed. She had had several orgasms and her cunt really smelled like a bitch in heat. I began to wank the dog until his large red venous cock became fully erected. I placed him in the best way for her to get his dog cock into her mouth and told her to start to lick and suck it. His sperm began to splash on her face and mouth while I made sure to humiliate her by drenching her entire face with dog cum. I then let go of the grip on Milky’s collar and he went straight over to her. He knew what to do by now and began to hump her immediately. I took off my pants and stuffed her mouth with my swollen cock, with the dog fucking her, and at the same time I saw her eyes rolling back as she gave a loud moan. I could see her mouth was watering and she was drooling while I was fucking her throat. Milky was panting and from his movements I knew he had knotted her. They were now tied together, and I could see she was in heaven.

PS: This story was inspired by my own real personal experiences; I would say 95% of it is something I really experienced and the other 5% is a pure fantasy creation. I did have a personal experience with such a dog of the very same breed as in the story. I also met a Master who shared his slave with me. I did travel to Hawaii where I met a Japanese woman with whom I had a lovely affair. I am indeed divorced. I am just waiting to retire, get my own pet and start training my slave.

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  1. K9Jazz 4 months ago

    loved this story xx

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    Thoroughly enjoyed your story. Keep me posted on part 2

  3. Zebedee 5 months ago

    Thank you for your story. A fun read.

  4. NaughtyKnotter 5 months ago

    Great story, I hope you complete your story soon.
    All the best

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