ArtofZoo boar sex with woman

First, you should know that a breeding boar, one that is used all the time for sows, is not for you. They become very aggressive and can easily injure you. You really should think about one of the smaller breeds that normally doesn’t go over 250 pounds, or so. You should get a male piglet and hand raise it so that it is your pet. Pigs are smarter than dogs and train easy since they are extremely food oriented.

Woman sex with boar

Second, you really need to enjoy contact -in- your cervix and large amounts of thick semen. A pig’s penis is designed to get into the cervix. As he fucks, the curly tip turns inside the vagina seeking the cervix. The tip is very slender and made to slide into the cervix. Once the cervical entrance is found the pig’s curly tip will “lock” into your cervix and the pig’s fucking will slow down.

Woman sex with pig


Third, you should enjoy a big, big load. After he locks into your cervix he will begin to cum a lot. Some pigs can pump out almost two cups of cum. At first, the semen is clear and somewhat thin. Then a thicker, milky semen that has most of the sperm comes, a lot comes. Lastly some very thick semen like jelly is slowly pumped inside you.

Sex with boar


It takes a pig about 15 – 20 minutes to cum. The whole time his tip is in your cervix. Every time he squirts his tip will flex and massage your cervix. The shaft is narrow so it is mostly the tip in your cervix that does the sexy stuff. Plus being filled really full of thick cum. That thick cum can stay in you for days so you should be ready for that. It can slide out much later without much warning.


Bodil woman sex with boar

Having a special pig that is kept away from other farm animals and is kept in very clean conditions is a real good idea. Pigs like to be clean if given the chance. Did you ever see the Green Acres TV show? The pig on that show is a good example of how well a pig can fit into peoples’ lives.

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  1. allyfitz 1 month ago

    Cevical dilation is extremely painful. There’s a reason they have to give women medication when they have a Hysteroscopy to assist in the dilation of the cervix. I know, I have endometritis and I have to get scoped once a year. The scopes they use are like 3mm in diameter and even with medication it’s easily the single most painful experience of my life. And that’s with medication to dilate my cervix and medication for the pain. If this is real, how would this be tolerable by anyone?
    It’s believed the main cause of painful menstruation is the cervix dilating slowly so that the densitometric can pass through. The cervix is so tight that it takes time to dilate enough to allow it to pass through. All of us that own a Uterus know how painful that can be.
    But you’re saying a pig can penetrate the cervix of a woman in minutes? How the hell would a woman not be in utter agony from that? The cervix is not meant to open up that much that quickly. Those parts are not intended to stretch quickly.
    Not to mention… 2 cups of semen in your uterus? Are you kidding me? What woman has a uterus that can go from empty to storing two cups of cum in 15-20 minutes. That’s equivalent in size to a 18 week fetus. And even if she somehow manage to take 2 cups of pig semen in her uterus, you’ve stated that it’s thick, passing it would be as painful as menstrual cramps. It’s not just going to ‘slide out’ as you say if it’s in her Uterus.
    What woman on the planet has a uterus that can take that kind of change in that short of a period and not be screaming in total agony.

  2. benchod17 2 months ago

    A video shot with a Xray scanner can really be very helpful to understand this and see the movements of the boar penis inside reaching the cervix and pumping sperms inside. Wow the thought itself is making me hard.

  3. miriamlea 2 months ago

    a really wonderful overview of this interesting topic…

  4. audiopet 3 months ago

    Thanks, for being amazing. To do what you do and to put it there for like minded people to see is Bad Ass.. Your really a extraordinary women.. Your kind of my hero, my Wonder Women..

  5. pollypyjamas 3 months ago

    Great info thanks, I never thought about fucking a boat, but cervix massage and a dump of thick cum sounds tantalising

  6. onehornydude 3 months ago

    I’m game to see these ladies swallow a hefty load of boar cum. In fact I’d love to witness it personally.

  7. ilikealotm 4 months ago

    Thanks for the all info. I’m Hoping to raise a nice pot belly as a new project.

  8. jikle 4 months ago

    There will be some new movies with a boar?

  9. sasa3150 4 months ago

    I’d like to see the boar cum into the mouth of Vixen,Yasmin or some other woman.Will eventually some woman swallow sperm from the boar.I want to see the boar fuck a woman in her mouth and not in a pussy…boar cum im mouth and swallow all thick cum….boar cum is a real nectar for a woman…

    • jikle 4 months ago

      I would like to see it too

    • koala6699 4 months ago

      I love to see boar cum in mouth of Vixen, Yasmin, Bodil too. That’s so erotic.

    • dennise666 2 months ago

      Can a boar really cum in a woman’s mouth? Does the tip need to penetrate something before he cums? I’d love to see it work in a mouth or something so we can appreciate how the semen changes and squirts.

  10. randy01 5 months ago

    Any video’s of this ? Would be informative to watch

  11. 1966 5 months ago

    Salve sono 1966
    Amo vedere film dove ci sono animali diversi !

  12. tengfeidx 5 months ago

    good,I Like it

  13. serious 5 months ago

    i wish that some day i can taste boar cum, the ultimate way would be sucking it out of a woman who just got bred by a boar, this is no joke im serious about it.

  14. gefallenerengel123 5 months ago

    sex with a boar is my biggest fantasy

    • mesa66 5 months ago

      Y’re completely right. It’s THE biggest phantasy when a lady is being fucked by a boar. But difficult to make it. It must be really “trained”.

    • sex6 3 months ago

      you have good body for it , i would like to see your belly looks pregnant from his cum

  15. I would like to see a girl swallowing pig cum.

    • feetflats5 5 months ago

      Swallowing pig cum can only be a fantasy and it is not a good idea to eat it or swallow it.
      Boar cum isn’t like doggy or horsey’s – pig cum is very VERY sticky (almost like a glue) so swallowing it can make nothing but trouble. Although there are movies with woman and boar (from our lovely Vixen, for instance), there ain’t any showing the swallowing simply because it is not a safe or wise thing to do. Another thing which is not recommended to
      to is anal with a boar – the boar has a very strong penis and it is not a good thing to do try anal because this could lead
      to some damage inside woman’s but. That’s why girls only practice vaginal sex with a pig.
      So, there are thing that can be done with a boar and some which are not safe.

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