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Here you will find some Truths and Facts directly from a Labrador Breeder of over 15 years, things of interest that many of you may possibly not know. This info is relevant to most but not ALL dogs and some specifics maybe slightly different in other circumstances.

WARNING: this blog is graphic in detail… I say it as I see it. A spade is, after all, a spade. When mentioning K9 anatomy I am not going to say doggie doodle… ok…. it’s Dog Cock ! (I may however from time to time mention it in a medical reference and use Penis (haven’t heard that’n ferra’ while huh…. lol)

Let me get these drivels out the way before we get into tha’ good stuff.

NOTE 1: Those of you that make comments below, please do NOT bag-out others and keep personal stuff and specifics out of the blog please.

NOTE 2: I have heard in other forums and on other sites that ‘women today are less interested in men’. Let me simply say that I for one will not defame, demoralize or dilute a sexy female woman. But more on that and some reasoning why things have become (almost) anti-men, later in another chapter of this blog.

NOTE 3: I will make NO reference to Men and Female (Bitch) copulation here. I am sorry if that upsets some of you. There is however, a very important reason for this, and that… simply put, goes directly towards bad information / misused fiction about Bitches and what was just mentioned above re ‘some guys – towards women’ (and females in general). I will go into further detail later on how this relates and let you in for a shock or 2 fellas !

NOTE 4: There are absolutely no references to under-age activities, scat or any other ‘alternative’ (for the want of a better word) sexual fetishes (this blog is only pertaining to Dog Sex for over 18’s) !

Drivel…. complete.


Ok, some back ground on yours truly…

I am currently a breeder of purebred Labrador Retrievers’ and have a large property where I also live.

I was once married… however she had a fancy for a VERY wealthy German breeder and hence that was that. Our marriage lasted less than 18 months. She had a dog breeding back ground which is where we both met… lol – at a Dog Show of all places. We purchased a Kennels together and sold off others that we had separately because we knew that Labs were in our blood and together we could do well. That was 14 years ago but even to this day I remember how it ended between us both. I had a strong inkling from the 2nd week we were married that she was ‘into’ Dog Sex.

I found out purely by accident (sort of being in the right / wrong place etc). It was breeding time where one of the bitches was ‘in-season’ (on heat) and duties were required from the staff to separate the Males from the Females. This I do automatically so as there are no fights between the Males, because the aroma that the Female excretes is highly intoxicating to the boys… (you may have heard stories of Dogs that walked / ran lol miles to a Bitch that was on heat just to copulate with her. ALL TRUE… it happens often). There can occasionally be fights among the boys, where they are in a state of constant readiness for sex with the ‘in season’ Bitch… most of the Males are fully exposed, out of their sheathes (the furry cock wallet) and drooping aimed towards the ground with their weightiness… but rock hard and dripping cum.

Q: “Why does it droop down like that” ?

A: A Dogs penis not only looks different to a mans member but it is kind of detached from his body in a way. Whereas a man is (mainly) all one girth from behind the penis head to the balls, a Dog is more or less in three sections… the easiest way to describe it is that – it’s like the foreskin has been removed from the shaft and replaced by a thick fur covered sheath. On a man (who is foreskin intact) the skin will move back to be at the base of the rim of the head. The Dogs sheath however will be retracted / pushed back all the way to his balls. Further, he has a thick tendon which is the extension of his penis and this passes all the way into his abdomen and is very secure. At the base of his actual penis, the tendon changes externally to incorporate a bulb. The bulb is called a ‘Knot’ once it swells with blood (similar to a man getting hard). This knot is what holds him firmly inside the vagina when having sex. The balls are all the way back under his anus (similar to a man) and do not detach. Because of the apparent separation from the body via the tendon, the swollen member is quite heavy and can swing seemingly like it is detached… yet it is not. (more on anatomy later)

Let’s continue our tale…

As a breeder of Dogs, you are always looking for betterment for the breed. Whether it be bad back legs or Hip Dysplasia (horrible and crippling for the poor animal) or some trait that could be bred out of your line of dogs, you would often go as far as importing a bitch from over-seas that had ‘that’ particular abnormality eradicated over time by inter-breeding just as I was about to do.

There were 2 Males that I wanted to breed with a Bitch (who was a show stopper in looks, beautiful and close to flawless in bad traits). This particular day had been dragging because of a power outage earlier in the morning… so time was not on our side. So to lessen the time for ‘natural’ intercourse (which can be an arduous event and very time consuming among 2 Dogs that do not know each other, it’s like a bloody sniffing / get to know one another procession lol.

The Dogs (M & F) were manually coupled ie: he was inserted once erect by manual masturbation (from one of the workers / handlers) – into the Bitch via what is known in Dog Sex forums as the ‘Dildog Technique’. When this is done between M & F Dogs it takes skill to know just how long to hold the Dogs in the coupled position…. you need to know when he has become bulbous, swelled up to a knot, then tied with her before you can relax some. But it was all in a days work for us. HOWEVER, I had noticed the ex (wife) ducking down a few times under the male lol… I think she noticed me looking at her strangely and possibly thought I was onto her because she said (and quite loudly over the noise of the other barking boys) ‘he wont tie… I think he is unwell… I KNOW BECAUSE HE TASTES FUNNY’.

I walked over to the other side (which was partially hidden from where I was standing) to question her…. I mean, 2 of the workers were laughing and they must have thought ‘silly woman’. She eventually told me inside the house on a break that her ‘dad said that when Males get ill or are run down in some way… their semen has a strange taste to it – almost like seaweed’ (usually Dog cum has a metallic / rust like taste and is very watery). Rather than argue I let it go and thought that it was strange in the first place that she would even want to taste Dog cum. I have to tell you, I was red as a beetroot with sheer embarrassment, especially that some of the handlers had over heard (like it couldn’t be missed it was so loud). I mean, I had a sneaking suspicion that she liked Dog Cock yet at that stage of my life I was not really into Dog Sex (or women liking Dog Cock)…

However that quickly changed !

Stay tuned for whats to ‘cum’ next blog (Part 2)

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  1. eurasiacouple 11 months ago

    still no part 2 ?

    • Author
      dogpound2017 11 months ago

      Hi EC, Parts 1 & 2 are active on the site and part 3 has already been submitted for release, however Adam has informed me that uploads to the site are all currently on hold (other than admin blogs) until a few new changes take place. Keep the faith, the team are diligently working hard to get things rolling along. I also have parts 4 & 5 ready to upload and will do so once these changes have been implemented.

      Thanks for reading me. Cheers DP

  2. dogpound2017 1 year ago

    Part 2 is now UP…. and just preparing to also upload Part 3.
    Enjoy 😉

  3. msl3232 1 year ago

    yes waiting for part 2

  4. dogpound2017 1 year ago

    Just to advise those waiting for part 2 in the series…. apparently the admins are quite busy this time of year (and I suppose low on staff), however part 2 will be released by them shortly. Thanks for your patience. DP

  5. landlordd 1 year ago

    Nice wainting for second part

  6. atomskthepirate 1 year ago

    I seriously can’t wait for part 2

  7. danishdoggy 1 year ago

    very nice story. Waiting for part 2.

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