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This had to be something special for an early 30s man who thought he had seen it all, but how wrong I was. I’m a lover of sex and thought I had seen and experienced most things of a sexual nature in my time, but this was way more than I had even dreamed of. Somehow, I knew that what I was about to witness would be life changing and I was the one who was driving this event to happen. As we walked back to the opening of the dune of joy, I could hear her breath quicken and she was repeatedly drinking water from her pump bottle. I knew she was scared and did not know what to expect.

I was also now very aware of her love for “Dog Cock” as she put it. She was going to enjoy this. However, I was sure that she was feeling very guilty right now and did not know what to expect or how I may react.

‘Ok, look’ I said. ‘Today you made a big mistake. You know that right?”

‘Ohh?’ she said, ‘Not happy with your conquest so you have to rub my nose in it now?’ (pphhhtt. How’s the pun? lol)

‘NO. NO. NO! That was NOT my meaning at all, I explained. ‘I was referring to a what-if scenario.’

‘What what-if scenario husband?’ she retorted. I explained to her just how reckless it was to sneak off with our prize dog, having some of the Kennel staff only a short distance away.

‘Honestly’ she shakily muttered. ‘I could give less than a fuck who finds out about me in this way. I’m not scared. I have prepared myself, but not the guys. They would be so pissed with me if they knew’ she said. I thought to myself ‘so not worried about her hubby knowing, but the guys at the Kennels is a big NO NO! W.T.F!’ It was at that point that I knew that our marriage was over, or at the very least failing badly.

‘Look… forget worrying about the guys knowing. I will cover your, OUR, tracks so to speak, and they will NOT find out. I’m about to quickly go back to the house and organize one of the boys to go get the groceries that I originally left for hours ago and I will tell the crew that you and I are having some “together time” and that we have Xavier with us. Ok?’

‘Ok’ she replied slowly. ‘And THEN what?’

‘Hey I’m not letting you off that lightly. Besides, my boy is still going to get his load off’ I said through smiling teeth. She didn’t reply, but I knew she was cheering up and could tell she wanted his cock.

‘Right, wait for me ok? I will be like 15 mins. DO NOT START YET! Ok?’

She sighed. ‘Yes, alright then. But be quick please, the last thing I want is for another passer-by to pay me a visit.’ I hurriedly ran back to the house and told the guys we were ok and to let us have some “together time”. The guys all knew that we were not happy in our relationship. When I arrived back, she was already laying down, panties off and getting a royal tonguing from the big fella.

‘Ok’ I said loudly over the surf noise, ‘Start when ready.’ Clearly, I didn’t need to say that, but I was in a very good and horny mood. This was going to be a day to remember. I walked over to be beside her. I could feel her tension and could visibly see her face had a slight reddish tinge to it, but that was not driving her right now. She was in “sex play mode” that was a given. ‘I must ask you – ‘

‘What?’ she snapped.

‘What DOES he um… taste like?’, I queried. She chuckled and looked at me and said ‘Why, wanna taste him yourself do you?’

‘NO, no, no. I’m honestly just curious.’

‘Well I can tell you that it’s very different and sexy as hell.’

‘Huh?I don’t understand. Sexy, like how?’ It took her a minute to reply to me because at that point she was cumming on Xavier’s tongue. ‘MMMMMmmmmm oh oh oh oooowwww.’

‘Nice huh’ I asked. ‘Well duh! Oh my… he hit the right spot like he knows’ she said while shaking like a leaf. ‘His cum is not like a man’s’ she said after gathering her mind again. ‘When a dog blows, he can squirt hard like a jet stream of silky, slippery, spunk, but a man has gluggy, thick wads of cum, and a totally different taste and texture.’

‘I want to ask you about what you said at the house the day that I… um… well that you were explaining about Xavier being sick, that his “cum tasted different.”‘

‘Okay…what did you want to ask me exactly?’

‘Well, I’m not sure when it would be appropriate to ask this, but well here we are I suppose’ (I was feeling edgy about bringing up this next question, but I knew that she was VERY horny right now and when the iron’s hot.)

‘Just ask the bloody question! I’m in need here as you can plainly see’, she said.

I took a big breath, had a drink from her warm water pump bottle and said ‘We went over this briefly earlier today, but my question(s) are…’

‘Oh, so now you have 2 damn questions. C’mon, what’s a girl gotta do to get off’ she said.

‘OK. My first question is, shit…er…well…You said that your dad originally taught you. How did that even start??? AND, the second part to question one is ‘Were you and your dad ever sexually involved?’ Now I was trembling simply from just asking that question.

‘Ohh, that question.’ she said passively. I just shut up and didn’t say a word and waited for her answer. ‘Well after “catching me out today” you probably won’t believe my answer.’ I remained quiet. ‘Will you…’ Nothing but the sound of the sea as she gave a big sigh, all this while her fingers were toying with her clit. ‘HE…dad…caught me tasting dogs cum at our kennels.’ Her dad owned a Weimaraner breeding kennel. ‘He was in the kennels watching one of the other males who had recently had minor surgery. HIS kennel cage backed onto where ‘I’ was. ‘The next thing I knew dad spoke and said, “you’re doing it wrong”’ ‘I almost choked’ she said, all the while her fingers have not stopped flicking and teasing her ‘man-in-the-boat’ and by now her fingers were glistening with juice. ‘He continued by saying that if I were to hold Virrad [the dog’s name] behind his knot it would allow me to aim him into my mouth and I could then drink him.

‘FUCK! WOW, how cool!’ I exclaimed. She was going a deep pink color in her cheeks now. ‘OK, go on’ I said.

‘I didn’t say a word. I just stopped licking my hand. Dad then walked into the kennel cage (more of a small room) and stood beside me. He proceeded to guide my hand to hold Virrad’s cock correctly.’ ‘Yes, like that’ he said. ‘Then he said for me to aim his slightly squirting cock out from behind his legs’ [AS EXPLAINED IN OTHER CHAPTERS] ‘and directly into my mouth. I did this. He then went on to say that he would help stimulate me while I was doing this.’

‘Stimulate you?’ I said (damn this was getting hornier by the second.
‘Yes, he was rubbing my ass over my jodhpurs (sort of like Horse Riding tights) and then before I knew it, they were down to my knees and he was fingering me from behind. He told me not to mention any of this to anyone especially my Auntie who lived at our farm also. He was urging me to use my tongue on the dog’s dick by flicking it gently. I complied because I was soooo horny now. Before I knew it, he was screwing me from behind. and I had Virrad’s dick sliding half way down my throat.’

‘And? AND?? tell me, what was it like???’

‘I must admit it was one of the sexiest experiences of my life’, and with that she let out a big sigh. I needed to get her to tell me it all. Maybe not this day, but eventually as I wanted her to get back to focusing on dog cock. The real question I wanted answering was about her friend, our actual ‘professional’ Vet, Ami. I knew that there was something going on within the kennels. Maybe one of the young handlers was fucking my wife. Whatever it was, she did NOT want those guys knowing, and what is more, being so open while telling me all this and confessing just so easily, I just knew that ‘WE’ were over, or at least on a downward spiral. I needed to learn more about Ami the Vet. Ami was frigging gorgeous. A country gal with almost white blonde hair and a figure that got my dick twinging every time I saw her. And her ass…O M fucking Gawd! YUMMM!! So, I was obviously liking this new sexual K9 direction. And if the wife was aiming for an ‘EX’ as a prefix to her title. I wanted Ami.

There, I admitted it! lol. I quickly changed the subject back to the present moment and asked her ‘Do you want me to prep his (Xavier’s) cock for you? You are going to blow him, right‘?

‘Fuck’ she exclaimed loudly, ‘This has all happened so fast, and you are taking all this so well. Maybe too well’.

‘Hey, it is what it is, I had an idea that you were into this so I have come to grips about this’.

‘To answer you, um, yes ”pweese”’ she said in her cheeky childlike way. I began to get him hard by masturbation. Holding his semi swollen knot and gripping it gently while he began to pump my hand. She got on all 4s and began flicking her tongue over the tip of his veiny pink and red thick shaft and using the tip of her tongue, she was pressing into the end of his cock just above to opening, where it dips inwards, so as to stimulate his pre-cum squirting. He started dribbling lots of clear watery fluid almost straight away, and she was lapping it up, slurping it loudly and I could hear her swallowing every few minutes when she obviously had a mouth-full of his spunk. His cock now was fully engorged and easily 8-9 inches in length and 3+ fingers wide.

This was SOO HOT to be seeing for the first time. She looked at me and said ‘Are you still ok with this? With seeing your wife enjoying dog dock?’ She could see that I had a fat cock myself, bulging in my shorts. I just nodded.

‘Come take me from behind “stud”’ she meekly said. I knew that I was going to have to go very slowly so as to prolong the sex and not to cum too quickly from the 12/10 excitement my cock was experiencing. Her pussy was drenched in her juices, as I slid into her from behind, she groaned and a thick wad of cum ran out of her cunt down her leg. It looked very unlike hers, and definitely unlike dog cum. It was a man’s spunk. I knew it as I captured some of it with my fingers before it hit the sand. I smelled it and sure enough it was MAN CUM.

Right there I could have said something. I could have exploded at her. But I already knew she was used to not telling me the truth, or at least good at keeping things from me. I decided to just say nothing, fuck her, watch her fuck Xavier and then we could address this another time. One thing is for sure she was LOVING being double ended between me in her pussy from behind, and a large Labrador Retriever’s Cock in her mouth. But things were just heating up.

As I looked at her sucking his cock, he was now spraying JETS of semen that seemed like 4+ feet long. I was behind her and his spray was almost beside my legs. Her face and chest were literally covered in clear sticky juice. WOOOW! She stopped sucking him, turned around and said, ‘Your turn daddy’ and began blowing me. I was so close that I simply let go and filled her mouth with 6 maybe 7 thick wads of creamy baby batter.

Without a pause she turned back to back with Xavier and slid his squirting cock into her soaked love slit, which kind of popped and squelched as it hit his knot. She was now moaning with ecstasy and I could clearly see Xavier’s ass hole cramping and tightening in rhythm indicating that he was cumming inside her. She was looking downwards while just holding his cock deeply buried up to his knot so as it couldn’t come out.

She said in between grunts and moans ‘Is this what you expected husband?’ Now, there was so much that I wanted to say, and I had to be careful of what I said, and when I said it. For example, If I mentioned the fact that there was another man’s cum oozing out of her when I started fucking her earlier, she may have become angry and upset, meaning that she would not have told me the balance of what had transpired between her and her father. I already knew “WE” were over. Not because of her being into and very frequently having dog sex, in fact THAT PART I loved. It was just so damn hot. And not about her and her Dad, even though that is again a very Taboo topic. It was something from her past so that was manageable for me. It would have been finished / done deal if I had just blurted out that I had deep suspicions that she was fucking another man in the NOW. And I’m almost certain it was one of the young handlers at the kennels. Then that would have blown my chance to quiz her about Ami the Vet.

I had to tread carefully here I did not want her embarrassed unnecessarily. I thought it better that if we were over, for it to be a case of her and I just going separate ways.

‘No’ I said. ‘It was so much more than I had expected.’

‘In a good way or a bad way?’ she quizzed.

‘Ohh definitely good. I loved it. You are very talented and have amazing skills. In fact, have you considered doing movies? We could sell them.’

‘NO – FRIGGING – WAY!’ she angrily said.

‘It’s ok, I was just curious. Can I continue with the second part of my question?’

‘Is this question 2 now, or the second part of question 1 still?’ and smirked on one side of her face.

‘Still part of question 1’ I answered.

‘Ok shoot Daddy-O.’

‘Ok, I’m going to ask question 2 first. I think it is more relevant seeing as what has just happened’

‘Ok, ask away then.’ I could tell that she was very relaxed right now. Asking and probing at her about these two topics was a good idea as it turned out.

‘Yesss…um…well…er, I’m at a loss about Ami.’ I could feel my throat tighten as I asked her that. ‘I mean Ami has never come across as being even remotely promiscuous……’ She cut me off and added ‘Ha! Alot you know. Ami is like my go-to girl when I want a…’ she stopped abruptly.

‘Want what? Tell me?’

‘Some doggie dick’ she added

‘No…I can’t believe that’

‘Ohh yes. Ami LOVES dog sex even more than I do!’ My cock was aching again, trying to get hard and I could feel it thicken again.

‘So, you told me that both yourself and Ami had a 4sum with 2 of her Mastiffs. They are huge, and I have seen them mated before. Both Dogs I witnessed mating were like an inch to 2 inches bigger than even Xavier!’

‘Mmmm, yesss’ she said while covering her face with her hands. ‘And what powerful fucks they are too’

‘But Ami, really ?’ I said. ‘Yes, absolutely!’ she smartly replied.

‘Were you both ON with each other? Is she Bi, Gay or what?’ I asked. THAT was the ultimate question I needed an answer to.

‘She loves cock PERIOD!’

‘But why no man in her life’ I queried

‘She is busy and is here in the country and hence has not met anyone. ‘Besides’ she said, ‘Like me, who is going to want to date her knowing she is into doggies.’

‘Yes I see your meaning’ I mused. ‘And yes, we were sort of on with each other’ she added.

There it was. The gold I needed to move onto Ami. ‘Ok so keep going. What are we up to now…question 3? 5 more lol’

She said I knew this next line of questions was going to hurt her, our marriage albeit “morally” in tatters right now needed these hard questions answered! ‘Well “Daddy” was the next question actually. At what age was it that it all began with you and your Dad? And, how long was he screwing you for?’ I needed this to be answered. I was unsure why, but I found it compelling to ask.

There was a silence for maybe 15 or so seconds, then she began ‘Well, I already told you that it began when I was 14’.

‘Yes you did. That is very young for both doggie and your Dad’ I gingerly mentioned.

‘Umm humm’ was her reply. Then more silence. ‘I cannot answer the other bit of that question.’

‘Why not? Is it too embarrassing? Did he hurt you? Did it only cease with him when we married? Is that why you cannot answer?’

‘No. It, um, well…’ – ‘You, um, you’re not still involved, are you?’ I said gently.

‘WELL FUCK! How do I say NO to him? Besides,’ then a longer pause.

‘Besides, meaning you enjoy it’ I asked.

‘Yes, I do. It is part of my sexuality’ was her reply.

‘Your Auntie was she involved sexually with you.’ I had a hunch that it may have been early sex with an older female which sparked off her involvement with Bi-sexuality.

‘Yes, but there is more…’ She was now sniffing and choking up a little.

‘It’s ok. I’m here, tell me, get it out. It is best to tell rather than keep it hidden and stifling you’ I sympathetically said.

‘We all had 3sums regularly, she was very dominant’

‘Ohh’ That surprised me. ‘Was she too into dog cock’ I asked.

‘No she knew nothing of it, even to this day she knows zero about that side of me.’ She a huge sigh and I knew that she was very relieved to have that actually said openly.

‘Well’ I said, ‘You are being very open with me and I appreciate it. However, I need you to answer me one final question that I do not think you will like, but I MUST ask it’

‘Go on. Ask your fucking question. I’m in enough shit now as it is, I’m sure this cannot be worse’ She exclaimed.

I felt sorry for her. Really, I did. But remember in ANY marriage – there must be open communication. Even IF it is damning and not good news. It is what strengthens a relationship. ‘Ok. This question has been on my mind sort of for a while, yet it only became relevant today once I was inside you’

‘Really? But you knew all about everything before WE had sex. What is it? Tell me please?’ She was scared I could see it in her eyes. Yet it must be asked!

‘When I started having sex with you, man cum oozed from you. Before you try to say it was dog cum or something else, IT WAS NOT. It WAS however a man’s cum. Care to explain?’ I quizzed.

She was now bright red and tears in her eyes. ‘I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop myself. Baby I’m a nymphomaniac. I CRAVE cock! I should have told you this before we got married’ she said though the tears.

It wasn’t until days later that she fessed up and told me the entire story of how one of the younger guys questioned her about ‘that day’ when she was ‘tasting Xavier’s cum’, he had mentioned that she could fuck him as long as she wanted and it would remain ‘their’ secret. She then attached a caveat as a condition to THEM having sex, and that was that the young handler had to set her up with a German breeder who had visited us on two occasions for breeding purposes. The German was very interested and as a result, she and I have ‘nicely’ gone our separate ways and she now lives in Tha’ FASER LANT vit heir FUCK KNUCKLE… lol. So there it is. Only 18 months with the ex, but in all honesty there was love and I do miss that part of her. This is not the end exactly. I got to talk to Ami the Vet. Now THAT is a haut story. Coming soon – ‘Amazing Ami’

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