Dog sex tips and tales 2

A few weeks went by and I was out getting stock for the Kennels, I was meant to be 2-3 hours yet wouldn’t you know it… I left my wallet in the glove compartment of another car. So off I trundled back to the farm (luckily I was only 10 minutes away at that time). When I arrived back my ex was not anywhere to be seen, as I was walking around I noticed that Exavier (my prize Labrador) was not in his kennel or anywhere on the grounds. All of a sudden my heart was thumping and I had a hole in my stomach that was like a football had just passed through. Exavier was the very same dog that not that long ago she was ‘tasting’. My mind was set on the thought of him not completing his duties with the Bitch recently…. and I knew that he had not had any further release since that ‘strange’ days events.

Q: “I was wondering about Oral, I have tried a few times with my Dog but he growls at me if I try getting under him… how was it that your ex wife had no trouble getting there” ?

A: Temperament and breed are big factors yet approach and stimulation are equally important. Setting the event up is VERY important. It can lead to excellent sex (oral & penetration) – or it can end in disaster, with him showing very little interest or worse becoming aggressive. We must keep in mind that Dogs are pack animals, they all strive to be ‘the boss’…. and simply…. if left to do anything they like without any discipline, they will rule YOU and it will not even get to first base.

When you see 2 Dogs mating (Dog and Bitch) there is no resistance from the female because she is ‘on heat’, her hormones are raging and will just stand still (even aiming her butt towards the Dog) to be totally accepting and sexually submissive to him.

The human is the ‘Master’ (right)…. well in the Dogs eyes, as that is how he has been trained from a young pup. Yet having sex with him as an adult Dog he is now HUGELY confused.
As a woman you do not smell like a Bitch, you have NO FUR…. even where there is supposed to be lol (I will get into more detail about this later) – and you are trying to touch him on his most valued parts…. his Genitals. In a Dog fight (and again this can depend on numerous factors) A Dog will often bite at the face / jowls of his opponent…. or if he is over powered (larger dog) he ‘may’ nip at his nuts. This is a dangerous move for any dog and can often lead to serious injury.

Placing your head under him (unless he has already had sexual stimulation, is aroused and in fucking mode) will cause him to become confused with your intention and can growl… or even bite you.

NOTE: IF the Dog you are considering having Oral with is a Fighting / Working or Large breed be VERY careful about putting your head under him. If you are a Fence Jumper and love getting a stray to fuck or blow…. please refrain and involve a helper (there are many people within this community who can help you). Doing this alone with an unknown animal is just crazy and you could get badly injured (or much worse) !

The Remedy / ‘Set-Up’

1) If you shave (ie bald / smooth / sugared) all over your vagina including the undercarriage…. STOP… don’t do it ! Leave shaving for at least a week prior to any contact, however you can shave clean / smooth your lips * the pubic hair will be a comfort to him as this is what he knows (even instinctively from a pup) * Leaving a mound of pubic hair – and more than a skinny landing strip for a ‘Tonguebo Jet’ will create smells and catch your natural juices that he will associate with sex. You would be amazed at the difference that it makes to the quality of his sexual attractiveness towards you (I have seen this, in all 4 of my stud breeding Dogs and this does work).

2) Even if you do not intend on having him inside you, I would strongly suggest letting him lick your pussy for a while to get his thoughts ‘OFF defensive’ and ‘ON to stimulation / sex’. Hence do not shower or wash your vagina for a while before the event. Deodorant / Antiperspirant, perfume, soap (including body washes), make-up and Lipstick are all no no’s to a Dog.

Have 2-3 large Beach sized towels spread out on the floor, here I would suggest a slippery surface and not carpet because if he gets pushy or aggressive and wants to have HIS WAY with you…. a slippery surface covered in towels will be easier to push him away (unlike a carpeted floor where he can grip and get forceful). The towels are mostly to catch the cum that he is going to squirt (maybe you too) and he will astound you with how much semen he has.

NOTE: Unlike human men who predominately must produce then store cum, dogs can also produce it on the fly and can continue squirting for MUCH longer than a man). Thick Sporting type Socks for HIS front paws so as you do not get scratched (which are a definite if you intend on going further than only Oral). At this point he should be in the room with you but not so close that he has access to any of your body… not just yet. Have a collar on him so as you can hold him, while passively praising him with soft words ‘good boy’…. gooood boy’ etc.

3) Get yourself wet by fingering that very sexy female part that all Men adore, also keep wiping the sexy juices from your fingers in your pubes (the wetter you are the better as he will have more to lick and become aroused more quickly and strongly).

4) Now call him to you and let him firstly lick your fingers, then pat / gently slap your pussy a few times to show him WHERE the action is and that it is ok for him to tongue your open womanhood.

5) While he is eating his Sunday Roast (lucky bugger lol) and holding him gently yet securely with the opposite hand, reach down under his belly and firmly hold his cock at about the middle position. You will feel a slight bulge there which will later become the Knot. Start masturbating him with short strokes (not too roughly yet firmly). He should start to poke out his pink lipstick (like the color girls lol) and possibly start pumping your hand.

6) when you feel him starting to swell up in size begin to push the furry sheath all the way back and over the bulge (which should be starting to swell). Do NOT leave it too long to push back the sheath otherwise it will not go past his knot and he will stop humping your hand and it will be back to the beginning.

7) You should still be masturbating him and if you got his sheath back in time he will be squirting cum and he is almost ready for your lovely mouth.

NOTE: I have heard some mention that getting his sheath back while he is just beginning to start is best, however I have found that leaving it a little later and using his ‘self-lubricated’ sheath as a barrier between his very sensitive cock and your hand for masturbating duties is much better (Dogs have merely 1-2 dermal layers of skin covering their cock, this is what makes him very sensitive)

8) As mentioned in the first part of this blog… Dogs are very UNLIKE a mans anatomy. When fully erect and having sex, a man can only maneuver his dick so far without severe discomfort and something getting damaged (yikes….) – whereas your K9 Lover is built very differently and can easily be positioned so as his cock sticks out between the back legs parallel with his tail. Once he has stopped humping, his cock will now be fully exposed from his lollipop wrapper and drooping downwards.

9) Hold his cock with one hand behind the swollen knot but before his balls. You will feel a Gristle bone-like thick Tendon – this is where you hold him. Do NOT keep touching his shaft with your free hand and under no circumstances do NOT touch his balls…. otherwise he may become aggressive (over time and with gained trust this may possibly change).

10) Swing his thick squirting cock out between his back legs… go slow but be confident. If he has let you get this far… you are about to perform possibly the sexiest act EITHER of you will ever experience – other than full penetration, knot and tie.

11) Open your mouth and aim his squirting cock onto your tongue, you can now freely suck him. As this is HIS first time – please be gentle using soft lips and flicking your tongue over the tip of his seed squirting cock. Alternate between sliding your lips down his shaft then flicking the tip of your tongue on the extreme end of his pink passion.

NOTE: Be very careful of your teeth coming into contact with his cock. I am sure that you have seen movies depicting the woman using her open mouth on one side of his shaft while traveling the entire length of his cock…. this will be a delight for you both, careful though of your teeth.

If you follow the above as a guide… you will find that Dogs LOVE being blown. In fact they will happily stand still – once comfortable, for well over 30 plus minutes. All while you drink from him with excitement.

Whew…. i’m all hot n bovvered lol

Now…. to continue:

Rather than take a quad bike to the beach (her favorite place to go) I decided to walk as it was only a short distance by foot on a sandy trail. My mouth was as dry as a nuns fanny, and I was trying to breathe so deeply to make up for my anxiousness and hollow tummy void that all I could taste was salt in the air. I kept thinking over and over…. this is it, I am going to find them ‘together’. Why ! We had great sex very often (at least once a day, sometimes twice. ‘Oh yes she was a horny woman…. lovely’ [slurps…. cough cough…. oops back on track]). I was so consumed by this new revelation that I could feel myself getting upset and angry at MYSELF. ‘Nup…. all my fault, she loves Anal, she told me more than once… but nooo… you couldn’t do it – didn’t want to hurt her (even though SHE wanted you too…. sigh)’. I had to stop because I was getting sand in my eyes…. at least that’s my story [grins].

I had reached the end of the bush track and could see the ocean in front of me about 80-100m away. Finally on the beach sand which was literally an 8 minute walk along one only track (in or out) from the house. I saw foot and paw prints which led off to a bushy area that had a lot of thick under growth (perfect for some sneaky sex). I followed the feet / paws in the sand and crept slowly through the tall grassed sandy dunes covered in 12-15′ tall brush-like trees. This was a fave spot of hers where she would come to read to be alone sometimes (admittedly is was a quiet little spot). As I got closer I could hear Xavier panting loudly… almost a rasping sound (like he does when he is with a Bitch). OMG what was I about to find… were they both F……

Stay tuned for whats to ‘cum’ next blog.

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  1. lovedogissex 1 day ago

    hey I have about 25 years of experience with a dog at the age of 7 I’ve felt excitement at the sight of copulation of dogs since then I’m just looking for a girl with such sexual preferences I hope I find love here

  2. dogman4704 5 days ago

    Great start to an enjoyable story

  3. Author
    dogpound2017 1 week ago

    Thanks for chiming in Adam and ILALM…. I appreciate you reading me and with your input, Thanks guys. I have to say that women shaving their pubes can be as bad if not worse than the hand touch. It is great if their under carriage (pussy lips) is shaved, however once stubble grows back… the coarseness of that regrowth can be shredding to the extremely thin layers of skin layers on a Dogs Cock. It is VERY common to see bleeds like this quite often. I am a firm believer in the woman letting it grow on top… and ‘IF’ she is to shave her lips…. to keep them cleanly shaved often if she is having regular Dog Sex sessions. Any thick regrowth hair (pussy / beard etc) is damn sharp – and very painful for the dog. Wetness, sweat, his cum, her cum etc. – all can sting and be very uncomfortable on lacerated penile tissue. I look forward to reading your post on DC handling Adam. Thanks again guys. Cheers

  4. laojunpin 1 week ago


  5. cambull76 3 weeks ago

    I am so going 2 try your advice I am so keen 2 have oral with my dog very in2 tasting his cum

  6. cherry197 3 weeks ago

    i like dog sex very much and hourse as well.

  7. ilikealotm 4 weeks ago

    @therealsuperbitch and your input?

  8. ilikealotm 4 weeks ago

    I 100% agree, we shouldn’t dry hand a k9’s penis like a mans. They can get abrasions and you’ll see that it takes longer and more licking on pup’s part for the penis to return to the safety of his warm and wet sheath. IF sex is painful for a pup or person we are not going to be excited to repeat it. I would never recommend forcing a sheath over a knot. If you don’t get the sheath back in time and you really want knot and all exposed, take a break, let knot go down and start over. Learn to love together.

    • adam 4 weeks ago

      Very true ILALM, I’ve seen videos where the Lady is yanking the poor dogs cock around like she might be tenderizing a steak. The dog cock does not work the same way as a guy cock. As you’ve pointed out, the entire body of the penis is a mucous membrane, very delicate, very easily injured. One tiny nick and it will bleed all over the place. It can even happen when they are licking themselves. A dog cock was designed to go from its protective sheath, into a nice soft vagina, and back again. Hands were never intended to be involved. Hands should really be moistened before touching the cock, in fact better that hands don’t really touch it at all. I should really do a post on correct handling of a dog penis, how to stimulate it properly etc.

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