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Although now that I’m trying to recall, the prelude memories of that day escape me. Maybe it’s because of such groundbreaking discoveries that the day eludes me. Either way, it was that night that my world changed a little. The next days occurrences are vivid. The unsure feeling of what I had just done. The questioning of smell. Wondering how loud I had been. Then the burning question of could I do it again. It was all pure paranoia although unnecessary.

My friends- who I dare not mention the names of- had gotten a few puppies a couple months ago. More than a couple months. They were paying me to train them basic house skills, and “manners”. I remember all their names, But I will call him (the one who mattered most by an alias) Hercules or H for short. He was a big dog, fastly growing and not aware at the least. A Bernese mountain dog/ lab mix. All jet black and lean dense muscle.

Anyways, it was on a night that I was staying at their cabin due to a heavy snow. They were my friends after all. I was climbing into bed naked, the house was nice and toasty from the fire burning on the other side of my room wall, when Hercules ran in through the cracked door. I heard my friend call for him, but he did not budge from the foot of my bed already curled into a comfortable ball. I alerted them that he was in my room, and they said to close him in. Thus I did. He seemed to be asleep or at least content by the time the yelling back and forth was over, so I climbed in and got cozy myself.

Maybe it was me being used to other climates, but that night I was extremely hot and couldn’t sleep. Eventually I tossed off the blankets and embraced the less hot air. Then, I felt something warm cuddle against my leg. H, moving and running in his sleep. It was cute to watch, he was clearly having an exciting dream running about. I watched for a little while until he awoke abruptly and proceeded to groom himself as animals do. I petted him showing him the affection I could not during training. He was a sweet animal, a gentle giant at barely a year.

At this point, I knew the fireplace still had to be hot, so I went to get some water from the kitchen. I came back in a rush not wanting to be seen running around in only panties, I had slipped on just for the run. I chugged the glass and climbed back in bed content. All the while H comfortably laying at the foot of the bed watching me. I awoke not 20 minuets later, with a full bladder. I had to go! I quickly walked to the private bathroom connected to the room. It was relieving, I knew I could fall asleep quickly after finishing my nightly routine. What I didn’t know was that H was still wide awake, when I crawled onto the covers. Still a little hot from my previous nap.

Let me take a moment and pause. I, to this day, have not been able to pinpoint where my desire first emerged. I’m not sure where such curiosity had come from. All I know is that at certain moments – and this could pertain to any sexual encounter- primal instinct kicks in. And, for me, during those moments I am completely vulnerable to whatever peeks my senses. Whatever feels good, and isn’t hurting anyone in the process. Temptation takes over, and I’m at the will of whom or whatever’s command.

His eyes were watching me. I petted him trying to break his content focus. He put his head into my lap looking up at me as I scratched the sweet spot behind his ear. Then he dug his head between my thighs… I was really confused, as I felt his cold nose press down my panties. My first mistake was pushing his head away almost violently, shocked from the situation. I later learned that such actions can be viewed as the dog simply appreciating your smell (where its strongest and they smell often– hence panty chewing) or telling you it missed you.

Luckily H wasn’t phased and in a gentlemanly gesture laid his head back across my thighs. I was still unsure of his actual intentions, so I simply laid back down and proceeded to drift into a deep sleep. If he tried any of that funny business again, I could correct him tomorrow. I had finally gotten the reality check I needed to fall asleep soundly. I never made it to tomorrow’s discipline.

I was suddenly awoken again by the same cold nose pressed between my thighs. This time sniffing and nibbling about. I was confused by the blanket I had crawled under unconsciously during my sleep. It was the perfect disguise for the big puppy…I was being licked! I could hear H huffing and panting as he became impatient trying to part my thick thighs. My thighs grew wet with saliva and juicy mixture. Why did it feel so good? I thought of pushing him away, but hesitated. Any movement I made would include spreading my firmly pressed legs… He’s just a dog, I thought. People frown upon this kind of thing, not to mention being a fence jumper. But his tongue. Why did it feel so good?

I sat there thinking for a little too long. It was starting to feel really good. H’s tongue and snout touching my taut pussy in all the right places. The snorts of frustration. He had to be suffocating by now. So I pulled the blanket off. Legs still pressed together. But why did it feel so good?

To be continued!

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  1. honeytightlips 2 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this ! I understand completely your feelings. It reminds me of my reaction to my first “invasion” from my dog. It left me feeling amazed yet confused and even distraught because I liked it but was consumed with all of the outside ideologies.

  2. curiouscd 4 months ago

    Very well written. Such a lovely encounter.

  3. maddog38 4 months ago

    Great start , really well written, looking forward to chapter 2 and more hopefully 🙂

  4. bush8169 5 months ago

    Nice story…need Chapter 2 really soon!!

  5. Quartersome 6 months ago


  6. spiked46 6 months ago

    so ready for more of this story

  7. k990 6 months ago

    Really interesting reading ?

  8. eagerbeaver1 6 months ago

    amazing ! must have more!

  9. tracksixx 7 months ago

    Definitely a blog I’ll be following, great story!

  10. puppyluvr 8 months ago

    Thankyou for sharing your wonderful story KnottyMrs.It`s nice to have a furry friend on a cold winters knite.

  11. brendalikesto 8 months ago

    Thanks for sharing, sounds so so special.

  12. ilikealotm 8 months ago

    Mmmm, Very nice @KnottyMrs

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