ArtOfZoo - TigerLily's First Dance

“Asian babe TigerLily learns how to pleasure a big dog the right way”

ArtofZoo - TigerLily's First Dance

TigerLily has a genuine affection for Animal…

Producer: ILZ
Models: TigerLily with Animal
Running Time: 40 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)

Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)

Well Gang, many of you will remember the GloryQuest / MAD videos, with the Japanese Ladies. Those lovely petite Asian Ladies with their tight pussies… and how disappointing it always was that none of those Ladies ever took a real mount. Real Asian natural animal sex videos are the rarest of them all. We thought we would do something about that. 🙂

I met TigerLily when I was out walking Animal. She came running over to pet him, and had the sweetest smile. Nice legs too 😉 One thing led to another, and before long the Lady had lost her doggy cherry.

ArtofZoo - TigerLily's First Dance

Animal can never resist that tight Asian flower…

This is no small feat, considering how petite TigerLily is. And how quite large Animal is. I explained to the Lady, that dog love is an art form and needs to be learned properly. TigerLily threw herself fully into learning this new interesting art form. She was, and is, very fond of Animal – she said to me “other dogs here – they don’t have like this”.

ArtofZoo - TigerLily's First Dance

The little Filipina learn how to take a pounding hard mount…

It took a few sessions before TigerLily learned how to navigate Animal’s cock into her tight little flower. Given his size and power, she had to learn how to not faceplant into the bed too! But learn she did. And before long, Animal and TigerLily were making sweet smooth music together. Animal could not get enough of this Lady.

ArtofZoo - TigerLily's First Dance

Dedication is: a huge knot buried in a tight little pussy…

ILZ was keen to do a bit of movie production, so I asked TigerLily if she was interested in Modelling. She said she was, so the happy trio got to work. TigerLily’s first movie, ILZ’s first solo production – Animal’s first tie deep in an Asian vagina.

ArtofZoo - TigerLily's First Dance

Animal’s cock was so big compared with TigerLily’s pussy, that it almost didn’t fit!

We were not sure how the Lady would cope with a tie, her flower really is quite small and tight. But, I showed her some of our earlier movies, explained everything carefully, and she was determined to achieve this skill. Being that petite, and tying with a dog that size, in your first movie – quite an achievement, and quite a tight squeeze. But the fun didn’t stop there.

ILZ reported back, that Animal was halfway to turning the tie during the shooting sessions. So, I jumped into the next session to lend a hand, to see if the little Lady could indeed pull off a full turned tie. Focused as ever, TigerLily did indeed pull it off. A beautiful full turned tie with an Asian Lady – another first as far as I am aware. 🙂

ArtofZoo - TigerLily's First Dance

TigerLily locked, loaded, and ass-to-ass in full turned tie…

TigerLily’s first couple of attempts at a tie were a bit of a shock to the Lady, you can see the tight squeeze in the screens above. At one point, she panicked and asked quietly to “take it out please”. We explained, that it would hurt more to take it out. We calmed the Lady down, told her to relax and wait a little while for Animal’s knot to go down. I reassured her that it wouldn’t take too long. I didn’t count on Animal’s passion for this Lady. We were all there, hanging onto Animal for dear life so he wouldn’t squirm around and hurt the Lady – knot buried hard in TigerLily’s tight pussy – for about 10 minutes!

ArtofZoo - TigerLily's First Dance

The sweet release of a job well done…

The good thing about a nice long tie is, of course, the amount of dog cum injected into the Lady’s vagina. A nice flowshot, and the movie was complete. An awesome first effort from all involved.

This movie (and our movies generally) were shot over 5 sessions, in order to get all the right action. A bunch of cameras around the room – overhead, underneath, to the front, back and side – plenty of action, and plenty of views of the action. We have shot further movies with TigerLily, as she continued her training. It’s quite a special little movie, and I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

ArtofZoo - TigerLily's First Dance

With a tie that epic, TigerLily’s kitty certainly got the cream…



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  1. fensi 4 days ago

    I’ve seen X ray movies,I like it very much. I hope you can make it too,Best half perspective, half reality. Write ejaculation

  2. wang8624 6 days ago

    I like GOOD

  3. fensi 1 week ago

    Fans in some special countries can’t buy your products. I’m glad you’re back. I can’t see free movies. I’m sorry. We want to pay. We don’t have a way to pay

    • Author
      adam 1 week ago

      Hi, if you are speaking about China, we are working on some facilities for Chinese now. 🙂

      • fensi 6 days ago

        You are very clever

        • Author
          adam 6 days ago

          深圳的女孩是这么想的 😉

          • chanel 6 days ago

            hi adam I’m Asian girls Live in asian
            k9 sex knotted i really want to try enjoy that pain
            我离深圳很近 请联系我

  4. birdsong 1 week ago

    Very enjoyable. Plenty of frenzied humping, culminating in a deep turned-tie. Picture quality is crisp and well lit. Best bit is at 18m30s – her gasps of surprise as she feels the knot swelling up inside her were exciting. For future videos, please include more wide shots after the tie. Seeing a couple in a single frame, her submitting, the dog dominating, is thrilling.

    • Author
      adam 1 week ago

      Hehe, reason for few long shots on the turned tie, is because it was the Lady’s first turned tie, and we were all holding Animal to stop him strolling off and tearing the Lady in half 😉

  5. doggonehawaii 1 week ago

    Major props to the whole crew on this production, it’s simply fantastic!

    Being Lily’s first time with a K9 lover, it’s easy to understand her being a bit camera shy and seemingly nervous, but believe me it does not affect her ability to fully satisfy Animal. The depth and duration of the tie is evidence of that, as is the amount of milky dog juice that gushes out of her beautiful pussy when he finishes.
    There is so much rarity in this video. First, Lily is a rare beauty with her gorgeous brown skin and pretty face. Second, we have an Asian woman on video that is not dil-dogging but rather getting mated by her K9 lover the way nature intended. Finally, we get to see an ultra-rare full turn with Animal’s member so firmly planted inside her and that he probably could have dragged her petite body across the bedroom if he wanted to.

    Do yourselves a favor and buy this movie ASAP!

    • Author
      adam 1 week ago

      ILZ’s and TigerLily’s first production, I think they both did a grand job. 🙂

      Animals first turned tie in a petite Asian Lady, he did a pretty great job too 😉

  6. frosch 1 week ago

    She is hot and the Video is well how it is. She don´t need to talk more. But I think she needs a boar cock. 😉 Regards

  7. 9xzoned00 1 week ago

    Tiger lily’s turn tie is awesome for a petite lady she handles Animal very well, the camera work is topnotch,can’t wait for her next video.

  8. vexxic77 2 weeks ago

    hey man, when is this set to be released? looks great!

  9. ja2121 3 weeks ago

    What many want to see is an authentic turned tie, and it looks like Lily is delivering that promise. The latin Lover Sam knotted so many of those Latinas, it’s a shame he didn’t turn the tie with any of them, he surely seems capable, and the ladies are able to tie with him quite well. While mounting and licking are all nice and natural, so to is the tie and turn. Please make it happen!
    a big fan…JA

    • Author
      adam 6 days ago

      Hi Ja 🙂

      thanks – ok I will have a word with our other Producers.

      Turned tie is not easy. A lot of Ladies can’t even tie at all. But I will see what I can do 🙂

  10. Benny 3 weeks ago


    Nice stuff you have going on now. Hope you are doing good! As for me, I’m back out in the desert working away from society. Keep up the good work.


    • Author
      adam 6 days ago

      Fuck me man – should we put a crew together and come and bust you out of there? Your trolleys must be full of sand by now.

      I reckon you’ve done your part for your country by now. The dogs of your country need you too 😉

  11. sulim 3 weeks ago

    very nice hot

  12. hump86erl 3 weeks ago

    Can’t wait to see this!!

  13. dunibluni 4 weeks ago

    Hello adam,
    i am also very excited to see aoz online again. i was very sad about the old oasis-times. I hope it will reach the old standards. 🙂

    • Author
      adam 4 weeks ago

      Hi Dunibluni, nice to see you again 🙂 Thanks – yes, we generally do our best.

  14. birdsong 4 weeks ago

    This looks very good. If she is able to achieve a 10-minute vaginal turned-tie with a large dog so early in her career, I’m salivating at the prospect of what is to come. I’d love to see her do anal, and break the record for the longest tie (Tatyana from Team Russia. 17m 30s)

  15. leonardo1322 4 weeks ago

    You could at least make a movie trailer before the release ☺

  16. hump86erl 4 weeks ago

    If there are no more buyers for this movie, will the film soon be released?

  17. hollisterwoodrow 4 weeks ago

    This looks really amazing! I’m looking forward to this release and seeing future material

    • Author
      adam 6 days ago

      Hollister I am starting to think you are some kind of sexual pervert.

      Keep that up eh 😉

  18. leonardo1322 4 weeks ago

    Tell us more about the grip of tiger Lily why she went into despair and asked to get the knot out of the dog ?

    • Author
      adam 4 weeks ago

      She didn’t go into despair 🙂 She was just a bit freaked the first time, a lot of Ladies get that. Especially when the doggy cock is as big as Animal’s.

  19. 123waly 4 weeks ago

    Me exista este tipo de mujeres con ese morbo bien sexy

  20. leonardo1322 1 month ago

    Says there is a moment when she panics with the dog’s cock hooked on her and asks to take out what happened the lady was not holding the animal’s dick?

    • Author
      adam 6 days ago

      She did not really need to hold it, it was completely locked inside her vagina. The way a proper tie should be 🙂

  21. hornytoad420 1 month ago

    Would love to buy this, but atm I am short on funds :(. Anyways I am saving up to buy this and ofcourse Almas vid, which looks nice. Congrats on getting a babe like her to take on that big ol doggy.

  22. leonardo1322 1 month ago

    But you are likely tô make a trailer tigerLily?

    • Author
      adam 1 month ago

      We only have time to do occasional trailers, we don’t usually do trailers for all movies.

  23. leonardo1322 1 month ago

    Why do not you have trailer for the tigerLily movie?

  24. kinetic007 1 month ago

    I hope you will find another asian girl to play again.It the best if you can find chinese girl to pla. www

    • Author
      adam 6 days ago

      Ah, we have a harem of lovely Asian Pet Girls, I am thinking about starting an academy 😉

      TigerLily is part Chinese anyway. 🙂

  25. anson1999 1 month ago


  26. dogpaiter 1 month ago

    that is excited

  27. dogdude420 1 month ago

    Thanks AOZ for starting up another site. This new vids look good. I can’t wait to see TigerLily….

  28. leftcoastsex 1 month ago

    This looks epic.

    *Off topic* – It was brought to my attention on a different forum, but there is a serious lack of nudity in bestiality movies compared to traditional porn. Why aren’t more girls naked? Why do so many wear clothes and pull their panties to the side instead of removing everything? Don’t expect an answer, just an observation. No one gets naked.

    • Author
      adam 1 month ago

      Hi LCS

      what are you talking about man, we have released a bunch of naked movies. 😉

      But anyway, the reason is this. Straight porn is legal in loads of places, such as LA. In LA there are thousands of out-of-work porn models all competing for shoots. So straight porn has a much larger pool of talent to choose from.

      Unless we pay huge amounts for professional Models who work out at the gym every day, have plastic surgery etc – we have a limited pool of Ladies interested in making pet movies the right way. A little experience with Ladies suggests that, thanks to the media and fashion industry, most Ladies are self conscious about their body image. Even if us chaps find them beautiful just the way they are. A few carefully placed items of clothes or lingerie can help disguise any areas a Lady may be self conscious about. This leads to more confident Ladies on camera. And confidence is key when expecting a Lady to do a great job of having sex with a big horny dog.

      From time to time we may work with a Lady who is entirely confident about her body image. Then of course, a naked movie is no problem at all.

  29. paulr 1 month ago

    Really very pleased Art of Zoo crew are back.

    You have been greatly missed.

    Can’t wait to buy some of your product.

    Lovely Girls and super hot action.

    Regards to Adam.

  30. qq1692166565 1 month ago


  31. glebrash2 1 month ago

    very nice

  32. hyb993 1 month ago

    what dose the download buffer mean ? I dont know

  33. alessia13 1 month ago

    It is beautiful to see so much love 😀

  34. tookoo0000 1 month ago

    TigerLily is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d buy any material she performs in!!! Make more & more please, TigerLily! You’re the absolute best!!!! Let’s make a horse video too, LOL. Thank you very much, Guys for bringing this to life!

    • Author
      adam 6 days ago

      TigerLily says thanks 🙂

      Wait ’til you see the Lady’s new sucking skills :p

      • Mediciman51 4 days ago

        Of all the Asian movies I ‘ve seen they are magic when sucking cocks, they are so erotic and tender and loving to that cock.

  35. gargonik 1 month ago

    stunningly!!!perhaps with it will be more movies and more dogs.2-3)))

  36. erika 1 month ago

    Ambas películas parecen muy prometedoras. Felicitaciones a ZDT 😉

  37. romevy 1 month ago


  38. scanxike 1 month ago

    Love it

  39. knhugo 1 month ago

    @adam Huge congratulations to you all for getting back on your feet, we’ve been starving out in the wilderness waiting for the day! Unbelievable the monster in such a tight flower, exactly what I would expect from AoZ. Managed to talk to our German friends?

    • Author
      adam 1 month ago

      Hi K9H nice to see you again. Yes it is a tight squeeze 🙂

      Unfortunately for various reasons we are needing to have a reshuffle of folks on our network.

  40. x457167210 1 month ago

    so good

  41. xdfqdl800429 1 month ago

    I hope I can buy it

  42. Patil45 1 month ago

    Have anyone watched this movie?

  43. zoptt 1 month ago


  44. novisk 1 month ago


  45. artofzoobiggestfan 1 month ago

    This movie looks so fucking amazing finally we get to see a tiny little Asian bred by this big dog Animal! I can’t wait to see how much cum Animal pumped into her delicious little pussy!

    • Author
      adam 1 month ago

      AOZBF – it was a full, solid 10 minute turned tie. Animal’s knot had TigerLily sealed tight, so the Lady received his full load 🙂

  46. heytherebigboy 1 month ago

    I’m looking forward to watching this!

  47. m65513782 1 month ago


  48. hzn2233 2 months ago


  49. ssaadm26 2 months ago


  50. foot5ie 2 months ago

    This movie looks like a dream come true. ♡

  51. awe64 2 months ago

    想买 ArtOfZoo – Meet Alma 这部电影

  52. juiceeason 2 months ago

    amazing !

  53. galleryhosts 2 months ago

    very nice

  54. armaxxo 2 months ago


  55. superman22 2 months ago

    The girls need to talk more to the dog when there fucking. No mask. More dirty talk.

    • Author
      adam 1 month ago

      Thanks for your input Superman – movie critique and suggestions are best reserved for members with a payment history 😉

      • atomicsexpunk 1 month ago

        Is this not a community? Why have a comment section if everyone isn’t allowed to say something? That reply kind of peeved me. Superman isn’t the only one who wants to see more skin and likes it when girls talk in movies. You might get more people buying stuff if you listened to more than just your paying audience. Jump on Reddit some times and talk to everyone who is under the age of 35. How do you know what the vast majority of currently non paying club members want to see and buy if you don’t listen to them? Start up a pole specifically for non paying members, put it up to a vote. Talking or no talking. Masks or no masks. Clothes or completely naked. Side shots instead of close ups. Talk about frustrating.

        • Author
          adam 1 month ago


          thanks for your input. Fact is, I have listened to paying Members, and non paying Members alike, for 15 years. If I catered to requests from file sharers, we would be releasing movies with Hollywood stars, juggling chainsaws, while fucking 18 dogs and whistling Dixie in the middle of a shopping mall. And, guaranteed, file sharers still wouldn’t buy them because the stars hair is 1 inch too long.

          I am quite aware of what is requested, whether it is reasonable, realistic, or otherwise. We have released movies with no masks. We have released movies clothed and naked. We have supplied movies with every kind of camera angle. If Members still have no payment history, then they have no intention of ever supporting the movies. They just want them for free on file sharing sites. And, I have very little interest in critique from people who want want, but don’t give anything back. Same as I don’t want interior decor requests from people breaking into my house. Now since I have listened to you, and all other similar requests, I trust you will listen to me. It’s quite simple. If you would like your views to have some weight – buy something in 15 years. Then, no frustration required.

          • Mediciman51 4 days ago

            Some just don’t get it and maybe never understand. This is not a normal porn shoot and can’t make many takes, because of issues like lack of complete understanding of the male star, the nervousness of the female and male stars and the claws issue. You guys are the best and know what you’re doing that’s why you have so many loyal followers. I love the comments of a lady engaged in sex with animals but I learned that for some it comes natural and others not so. Maybe they’re nervous.

        • artofzoobiggestfan 1 month ago

          I’m sorry that Adams response “peeved” you but maybe you should put a little more stock into a life long saying your probably familiar with but unaware of how to apply it properly in your life but don’t worry I’ll remind you “money talks and bullshit walks” maybe pull out your wallet for the things you want in life and you may be surprised on the results you get.

          • Author
            adam 1 month ago

            Hehe thanks for jumping in AOZBF 🙂 And yes, we do have a nice line in viewers who only want to watch movies for free AND want to make requests too.

            However maybe my reply was a bit harsh (dealing with a lot of bulllshit yesterday). Fact is, we listen to all requests, we get a lot of ideas from requests and suggestions whether they are from paying Members or not.

            Thing is – and it’s quite interesting – that every movie fan has their own unique set of things they would like to see in a movie. And, most every movie fan strongly believes that their unique template for the perfect movie is shared by all other movie fans. It isn’t. For every fan that likes naked, there is a fan who likes clothed. For every fan that likes younger models, there is a fan that prefers older models. It balances out almost perfectly. This is interesting because it shows that no matter what we look like or do, there is someone out there who will love us just the way we are. 🙂

            It does also mean, that there is no perfect formula for a movie, since everyone’s formula is different. So we attempt to cater to as wide a demographic as possible in the movies we release. And plus, the budgets for pet movies are usually not high, and what is submitted to us is what is submitted to us. To that end, we are a bit limited to what we are able to release – until such time that our production unit is fully up and running again. Then we can do what we like.

            I’ll also mention, that in the past we have attempted to make movies with stories, plots etc. These movies took 3 times longer to shoot, and cost 3 times as much to make. And sold the same as your average nice amateur movie. Again, evidence that not everyone likes the same things.

            From the pool of ideas and suggestions – good ideas we will do. Difficult ideas, we will have a go at. Impossible ideas we generally swerve. We get many similar ideas from paying members and non paying members alike. However I will say, that if the paying member requests blue shoes, and the non paying member requests red shoes – we are more likely to lean towards the requests of the paying member. This would seem fair and logical to me, since the paying member is helping to pay the bills.

            Some members are super keen to see a movie featuring their own unique set of personal requirements all in one movie. As I have said, it would be impossible for us to create or release movies that 100% of people find perfect in every way. In light of that, we will shortly be announcing custom movie sales. We are already doing a bit for more hardcore members. Like anything tailored, custom movies have a higher price tag. But if that unique set of requirements is a must, custom movies are the way to go.

            I would like to see more dirty talk in movies too. Reason why many movies are almost entirely silent, is because talking in movies is quite a security risk for models.

          • atomicsexpunk 3 weeks ago

            Appreciate the response Adam. Maybe this will help out. Pornhub aka the largest streaming porn service in the world releases yearly data on what their billions of customers search for and watch. Such as 71% of all porn is watched on smart phones and women are 16% more likely to watch porn on a phone and 33% less likely to use a desktop. Lesbian porn has been the top searched for type of porn by women worldwide in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. Yoga porn has grown 63% from 2012 and is searched for most by young 20 year olds. Not porn related but people under the age of 40 make up a majority of the worlds consumer population. Cuckold is viewed almost exclusively by men 40-65. Bondage only makes up 1.27% of all worldwide searches by men and women. Search ‘Pornhub insight’ it’s enlightening.

  56. lindavia 2 months ago


  57. boyso223 2 months ago

    möchte film kaufen

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