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This is my first effort at writing K9 porn.  I hasten to add it’s all fantasy, but if anyone wants to make a dream come true feel free to hmu lol.  If you like it, let me know as I have a few ideas about how the characters could develop.

Chapter 1 How it all Began

Drew and Sunita seemed to have it all. Physically they were an utterly stunning couple, he tall with sandy hair and a taut muscular frame, and she with her sultry Indian good looks, long legs, and model girl figure, topped off with the most spectacular pair of fulsome natural breasts. Both had good jobs, him in internet security, her in sales, which afforded them a spectacular lifestyle: designer clothes, new cars every few years, foreign travel, a gorgeous house, set in secluded grounds on the outskirts of a picture-postcard village in rural Wales. Without the encumbrance of children (a decision that suited them both), they were free to pursue the lifestyle of their dreams, and boy did they ever! It wasn’t just the material trappings. They were also absolutely devoted to one another.  Outsiders saw them as the perfect couple and they were: but nobody knew quite how much. You see what they also shared was the mutual pursuit of an utterly limitless desire for the pleasures of the flesh. Early on in the relationship, they had agreed that nothing was off-limits, and monogamy certainly wasn’t required to sustain their deep bond. Both being unashamedly bisexual meant that each had certain itches the other couldn’t scratch. As Drew put it “every hole is a goal!”

Over the years this had led to many memorable exploits. They had each (both separately and together) been involved in every possible permutation of sexual congress, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, MMF, FMF, and on one memorable occasion a bisex gangbang involving 20 people of all shapes, sizes, and genders. Throughout their marriage they had been stalwarts of the local swinging scene, meeting others of similar appetites both through hook up sites on the net and almost religious attendance at a sex club in Cardiff, only an hour or so away, but sufficiently distant to minimize the possibility of bumping into nosy neighbors. They had dabbled in the BDSM scene for a spell but found the more ritualistic aspects of it a barrier to the free expression of their sexuality rather than enhancing it. That said they were not averse to the occasional spanking session or some light rope play. In short, they were both free to do whatever they wanted with whomever they wanted whenever they wanted. There was only one rule – full disclosure. Anything was not only allowed but actively encouraged as long as the other knew about it and all parties were of legal age and consenting.  This is what made the events of a warm autumn evening last year so surprising for both of them.

Sunita wandered downstairs after her bath. The combination of an extremely large gin and tonic and a long hot soak had inevitably led to her languidly caressing herself, casually tweaking her nipples, fingering her pussy, and rubbing her prominent clit, which was beginning to poke out, pink and glistening, from its mocha-colored hood. She topped up her drink, grabbed a beer for Drew, and wandered down to their gorgeously furnished, playroom where she knew he was waiting. The door was open, and she sashayed through, dressed in only a tiny pair of VS purple panties, matching basque, sheer stockings and her best Jimmy Choo fuck me heels.  As she suspected, he had already sparked up his laptop, but unusually hadn’t hooked it up to the 70 inch TV strategically placed on the wall so they could either watch porn while they fucked on the king-size bed that took pride of place. or when feeling particularly horny beam live action from the several cameras discreetly positioned around the playroom as they cavorted with the playmate(s) du jour. Little did she suspect the next hours were about to take their idyllic life in a hitherto unimagined direction.

“What’s that dirty bastard up to?” she wondered. So wrapped up was he on what was happening on the screen that he didn’t hear her make her way across the plush carpet to where he sat transfixed by the action on the screen with his back to her. By the time he realized he had company it was too late. A boundary had been crossed. On the screen, a pretty redhead was being relentlessly and enthusiastically mounted and buggered by a muscular brindle Pitbull. His dirty little secret had been discovered. He was a secret zoophile. She was gonna go apeshit!!!  “I’m sorry babe. Are you angry?” he mumbled, his face reddening as he tried to find some words that could make this scenario if not better, then at least acceptable. What happened next changed their lives forever.  Sunita blushed almost as much as her husband “Well that’s the last thing I expected to see. I think we need to talk” she mumbled. “You do realize this shit is probably illegal, don’t you?” He quickly replied “Of course I do. I constantly make sure our IT systems are state of the art. Any prying eyes will pick up an IP address that tracks to a server farm in Caracas. It’s routed through about 10 other locations before it gets there so we’re fireproof.” I’m good at what I do babes, that’s why they pay me so much.”  She hesitated then taking a deep gulp of her G&T said “Thank fuck for that. I think I better show you something.” She flipped open her own laptop and swiftly navigated to her browsing history. To Drew’s absolute astonishment there were pages and pages of entries showing that his gorgeously sexy wife had been spending hours on end on pet love sites.

“Y…y… you’re into this stuff too?” he stuttered. “Well, you know what a kinky sod I am. I came across a clip by accident the other week when I was looking for something new. At first, I dismissed it out of hand, but later on, curiosity got the better of me.  I couldn’t believe the raw primal power of her being taken by a dog…and the way she screamed as the dog pushed his enormous cock right up to the hilt into her tight pink cunt…WOW!!! I got so horny I had to watch more. I was a gushing, dripping mess, babe, and came harder than I’ve done in months.  Ever since then I’ve been trying to figure out how to raise the subject without you flipping out. I figured that even as kinky as you are, you’d be disgusted and would hate me. I didn’t want my dirty little secret to spoil what we have, so I decided to keep it on the DL.”

The Rubicon had been crossed. The only question was what next? The answer in the short term was an evening of rampant fucking (doggy style naturally!) while watching pet porn. It was the best sex they’d had in years. In between bouts, an internet search had yielded not only some pet love forums (AoZ seemed the best fit) where hopefully they could explore their new interest further but also a specialist website where they were able to source a selection of doggy dildos complete with an inflatable knot so they could start to experience the joys of dog sex.

Chapter 2 Next steps

Fast forward six months and the idyllic lives of Drew and Sunita had changed dramatically. Having been awakened to the myriad possibilities of petsex, they had pursued their newfound kink to the point of obsession. It even got to the point where Sunita had started to look at all the dogs in the village in a totally different light. She could tell from 100 yards away whether any particular mutt ambling along the road was male or female, and if male, whether or not it was intact. They obviously couldn’t go around accosting the local canine population to satisfy their newfound desire for canine sex. Not only did they not want to sully their reputation with their neighbors, but they quickly learned that “fence jumping” was very much frowned upon in the wild community. Consequently, the first order of business had been to acquire a suitable playmate.  After much deliberation, they had settled on a gorgeous black Lab they had christened Boner. They had originally thought of a Great Dane or maybe a German Shepherd, but as Sunita was as yet a K9 virgin, decided to start with something of a more manageable size. As far as the neighbors were aware the name was because he was forever digging up animal bones from the garden. The reality was somewhat different. After a careful period of training, including some hardcore obedience classes and putting into play a lot of hints and tips they had picked up on their new favorite website, Boner had developed a serious penchant for pet pussy.  At 18 months old he was now fully mature physically, weighing in at about 60 pounds and. and completely obedient.  He knew when to be a family pet and knew equally when his more exotic services were required. They had been very careful with the training and he knew that unless he was invited into the playroom he should act like a regular dog.

He had learned early on to recognize the tell-tale signs that indicated his prodigious talents were about to be called into service, and it looked very much like tonight was one of those nights. His human roommates had gone downstairs to that special room where they always jumped on top of one another and shouted a lot while making yummy squelching noises and some very enticing aromas. Whenever they did this the bitch started to leak some very tasty juices from her pussy (or as he thought of it HIS pussy because he owned it). Lapping them up from just below that little hairy triangle at the bottom of her tummy was one of his favorite things in the whole world and he would happily do it all night if she let him. He peeked down the pristine, thickly carpeted staircase and saw immediately that they had left the door open. This meant that he was allowed to go and play too. He bounded down the stairs, barrelled through the door, and covered the 15 or so foot distance between the door and the bed in about three giant, lolloping strides. Drew and Sunita were already on the bed kissing passionately and running their hands all over each other as Boner arrived with a loud bark at the bottom of the bed and sat there panting impatiently, waiting for the command that meant he could join the fun

“Ohh look who’s here. Hiya boy.”, Sunita said breathily. She slowly rearranged herself on the bed, lying flat on her back, Drew’s more than adequate cock grasped firmly in the expensively manicured fingers of her right hand, while spreading her coffee-colored thighs nice and wide to allow Boner easy access to her flower. These days the dog only had to look at her in that way and her pussy started to moisten and her lips and clit became engorged with the anticipation of what was to follow.

As always when they were having doggy fun she dressed in some seriously sexy underwear. She loved dressing up when her special stud came calling. Tonight, it was a virginal white silk peephole bra, her succulent brown nipples already standing proud of the fabric, the enormous breasts contained therein straining the back clasp to the limit. A cute matching mask and white silk crotchless panties for easy access, fishnet hold-ups, and 4-inch high-heeled Louboutin pumps completed the look-and what a look it was. Drew said, “Babe, you look good enough to eat.” “Well, I hope Boner thinks so too!” she replied urgently.

Their conversation was interrupted by Boner barking loudly. “I think it’s time Drew,” she said in her sultriest come fuck me voice. “Damn straight it is you dirty bitch” Drew shot back, grinning from ear to ear. All that was needed was the magic words.  Together they looked at the immaculately groomed Lab and in unison clapped their hands twice, saying “C’mon Boner.  Sexy doggy playtime!” Those were the three magic words, and Boner wasted no time leaping up on the bed and lapping hungrily at Sunita’s cunt, His long tongue completely enveloping the vulva and licking her hungrily from clit to arsehole.  She immediately felt a flood of dew leak from her womanhood but the big fella was equal to the task. As he ate her remorselessly and greedily, she squirmed and yelped beneath him. “OHHHHH That is soooooo gooooood baby, oh yeah keep licking me there, there, there!!! Don’t stop Boner!! My clit is on fire!!! Keep going boy, keep going.”

As the first orgasm began to build in her, starting deep inside her flower and quickly pulsing all around her torso and limbs, she pulled Drew’s erect cock towards her and screamed “Quickly. Fuck my face while Boner licks me out. Drew grabbed her head roughly and slammed his erect cock between his wife’s willing and moist scarlet lips. Hearing her incessant screams of ecstasy, Drew couldn’t help but think it was a good thing that their nearest neighbor lived about two miles down the road.  Anyone wandering past might be forgiven for concluding that a murder was taking place, so strident were the dusky beauty’s screams of ecstasy. Her orgasm hit like she’d been struck by a train. She had no words to describe the power and strength of the wave after wave of sheer raw energy, the total abandon coursing through every nerve ending.  “CUMMMMMMMIINNG!!! OHHHH KEEP LICKING MY CUNT YOU FUCKING GORGEOUS BEAST. THERE. JUST THERE. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” was the closest she came to articulating anything recognizable as English words… The rest was a series of animalistic grunts and growls reminiscent of a neanderthal woman.   Drew quickly withdrew from Sunita’s mouth as the orgasm hit full bore. The first time they had done it like this, he almost became the subject of an inadvertent Bobbiting, as his gorgeous wife, so engrossed in what was happening in her innermost core had tried to clench her teeth! Not an experience he cared to repeat, but fortunately, no harm was done!  As the tingling subsided she stroked the back of Boner’s head lovingly and said “Ohhh my big stud. No human makes me cum like that when they lick me, not even my gorgeous husband. Come here, boy.” Boner knew from the screams that his bitch now needed to rest and for the next few minutes contented himself with licking her face. She seemed to particularly like him to lick the inside of her mouth. He didn’t really understand this idea. It just seemed odd, but the bitch seemed to enjoy it. Maybe it was because his tongue tasted of her pussy? In any case, he was happy to play along as he knew that what had just happened was only a warm-up for the sort of fun they both really liked. It was nearly time to breed his bitch. As he glanced over his shoulder he noticed that the human male had taken his place on the bitch’s flower. He and the human seemed to like licking it almost as much as one another, and for now, Drew could have his fun but they both knew that when it was his turn to establish possession for the main event of the evening, a simple growl would suffice to establish who was top dog.

“Mmm that’s lovely babe, but don’t lick too hard, I’m still quite tender down there” Sunita announced. The smile broke again across Drew’s handsome face, “Not as tender as it’s gonna be when Boner fucks your brains out you filthy dogslut bitch,” he laughed. “Are you ready yet?” She said nothing but, got up on all fours, nose buried in a pillow, legs slightly apart and her back arched to present her pet pussy at the correct angle for the use of her doggy stud. Boner didn’t need a second invitation. As soon as she assumed the position, he leaped onto the bed and moved to her rear end, licking voraciously at her cunt all the way back to her asshole to ensure she was moist enough to receive him. He needn’t have worried. As soon as Drew had used the word “dogslut” it set off an almost Pavlovian response in her vagina, and she immediately felt the moisture trickling down her shapely thighs. She shuddered with anticipation as she knew exactly what was about to occur. As Boner busied himself tonguing the moist present in front of him, Drew skillfully manipulated the Lab’s penis inside the sheath to get the ball rolling. Within seconds the tip of the dog’s red rocket was visibly protruding from the end.

“He’s nearly ready honey” Drew informed his wife. “We’ve got lipstick“ he added.  It was a standing joke between them that when Boner started to get erect, his dick poked out of his sheath like lipstick coming out of the top of the tube, but they both knew that meant they were all systems go. Sunita was getting wetter and wetter and more and more impatient due to Boner’s oral ministrations. She could wait no longer and gave the command all three of them had been waiting for.

“Boner. Mount!” she called sharply. She never needed to repeat herself. The dog knew those words meant it was time to breed her and he set about the task with his customary zeal. He looped his front paws around her back legs and pulled her thighs towards him as he thrust furiously at the entrance to her juicy box. His dew claws scraped at her thighs as he mounted her, drawing a trickle of blood on both sides, such was his enthusiasm to complete the task in hand.  She yelped but they both knew this was merely an occupational hazard and not an entreaty to stop. Even if it had been, Boner had passed the point of no return, and nothing in the world would now stop him from breeding his human bitch. In any case, the pain of those scratches quickly became an integral part of the pleasure. His penis was now almost fully extended from the sheath.  Drew pressed a button on the control panel at the side of the bed just as the dog’s engorged meat started humping feverishly at his dogslut’s vaginal lips, his back legs scrabbling to find some purchase on the bed.  Immediately on the TV screen in glorious 4k Ultra High Definition, the split-screen showed three different views of the action. By raising her head Sunita could see Boner’s massive cock parting her vulva from behind, below, and also a side-on view.  This took her horniness to an entirely new plane. However, the joys of watching herself being dog fucked live on-screen were quickly forgotten as on only the third or fourth thrust the meaty plug found its socket. A piercing scream filled the air as Boner rammed his cock deep into her, his pounding becoming ever more urgent as his penis grew and the knot began to swell. “MMMMMFFFFFGGG!!!! AAHHHHHH!!! Oh yeah boy, that’s it. Taaaaaaake me. Oh, it’s so big! OOOH yeah Boner, fuck me harder, make me your dogslut whore.”

With a final violent thrust, the knot finally penetrated her vulva and he was now fully seated inside the bitch, it proceeded to expand inside her vaginal canal. “OH SWEET HOLY FUCK! He’s fucking enormous Drew. Don’t let him try to come out, he’ll rip my cunt to pieces. Hold him in place darling. Pleeeease” Quickly checking his own mask was positioned appropriately, Drew obediently came round behind the back of the now writhing dog, its ramming motion now slowing to an almost imperceptible rate as he began to ejaculate.  Drew placed his hands-on Boner’s hips to make sure he didn’t dismount. This position also had the advantage for Drew that he could not only see the action close up but had a perfect view of it being relayed on the split-screen.

Soon she began to feel the incessant pumping of dog semen pulsing against her cervix, as the Lab began to ejaculate, his engorged doghood pulsing and rubbing her G spot as simultaneously her womb was flooded with that hot sensation she now knew so well. She felt the first waves of an almighty orgasm begin to overwhelm her and started to push back against the giant penis which was stretching her cunt to the limit. As her climax began, she reached behind her and grabbed the dog’s legs to ensure he stayed tied inside her. This was her husband’s cue to reposition himself. Sliding down beneath her he began to alternately lick and rub her clit with a practiced rhythmical movement of his finger. He could see Boner’s cock twitching inside his wife’s dripping twat as gradually the dog emptied his twitching testicles into Sunita’s willing body. She was in rapture. She could feel the dog cum hot and pulsing against her cervix as her husband lay beneath her licking her pussy. ”ARRRGH SO FUUUULL!!!” she screamed as the sensations tipped her completely over the edge.

IIIIII’M CUM….” So powerful were the sensations coursing through every part of her body that she was unable to finish the sentence. Instead, she was reduced to a series of guttural noises interspersed with the occasional yelp or groan. She was being well and truly bred. A few moments later she realized that Drew had moved and was holding her shaking body tight to his. “What happened? she asked. “You tell me“ Drew replied, “I think you blacked out. I was happily licking you as Boner was filling your cunt, then you screamed something about seeing stars and your body just went limp. “Yeah, she said “I was cumming but it was harder, more intense than anything I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. The next thing I remember was seeing flashing lights behind my eyes and everything just went black. I guess he did actually manage to fuck my brains out!!” At this, they both laughed uproariously. “Well, if this boy ever decides he’s going to untie you can watch it all over again. It’s all on the hard drive.” Said Drew.    “Oh there’s no hurry, he’s still quite big inside me. I think it will be a good while before he pops out. I’ll let you know when though. I know how much you like to help Boner clean me up after he’s filled me with puppy seed…and if you’re a really good boy, after that I’ll let you fuck my ass …as long as I can have my inflatable dildo in my pussy…or should I say Boner’s pussy?” She giggled. This was precisely the outcome Drew had expected and he kissed her passionately to register his agreement. Some fifteen minutes later Boner finally dismounted, happily sated. He competed briefly with the male human for the tastiest slurps of the bitch’s pussy fluid but to be honest his heart wasn’t really in it.  He, ambled languidly over to his dog bed and set about licking his dick to clean off the tasty mix of the bitch’s juice and his own, and left the humans to play some of their own games.

He could always go play again if he changed his mind.

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