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This story took place ten years ago. It concerns J. and her husband, a minister of the protestant religion.

At that period, J. had decided to divorce her husband, but because of his ambitions in the ecclesiastical hierarchy, he had categorically refused her demand.

One day, they visited their neighbor, a farmer. While hubby was talking with the owner, J. walked around to visit the barns. She wanted to see the horses as she was fond of them. She came into a stall where a big stallion was quietly standing. She moved near the horse, looking at his eyes, fondling the cheeks and the forehead. The horse moved and she got trapped between the animal and the wall. She did not find any escape other than passing under the horse’s flank.

As she did, she faced the horse cock. It was curled up but still with an impressively large diameter. She stayed for a few seconds, bent under the horse, watching its cock. She was tempted to touch it, and put the palm of her hand under the flesh to feel it. She gently squeezed the volume to appraise it. She felt the cock dilate. She rubbed it from under, and it started to grow. She circled the rod with both hands and wanked the cylinder, gaping at the tremendous penis.

”Go on darling! This is going to be a very nice movie.”

J. turned her head to the stall entrance. Her husband was standing there, filming her on his phone. She quickly removed her hand and started to move away from under the horse.

”Oh, no, no! I told you to keep on, darling! You’d better obey because if you don’t, I’ll send the movie to the cops. I want you to finish what you have started. Back to work!”

J. thought that she was stuck. She knew that with hubby, there was no other option than just do what he ordered. The cock was still stiff but dangling. She placed herself on the side of the horse, no more bent and she took the dick in her right hand, starting to jerk it off. Her husband kept on filming.

”I said I wanted you to finish. If you don’t want to stay for too long, please do it genuinely!”

J. did what she was told. In the beginning, she was alternately watching the cock and her husband, but progressively, she got fascinated by the scene. As she was more and more captivated by her duty, she accelerated the cadence of her back and forth movements. She was eyeballing at the glans and the tip of the urethra.

”You’re doing a good job darling. I am sure you are excited, aren’t you? Please, do me a favor. Lift your dress and slip your left hand under your panty. Show me you’re all wet!”

Once again, J. obeyed. She didn’t know she was aroused until she felt her pussy. She was not just moistened, but totally soaked. When she had removed her hand, she had to show her gooey fingers to the camera. She kneeled down and grabbed the prick with both hands, jerking it frantically. Even though the stallion was rather tall, the cock was so long that she had the glans facing her. She was eager to reach her goal. She was staring at the dark hole in the middle of the bulb from where should squirt what she was craving.

Her husband was peering at her. She did not seem to realize she had her lips opened, just in front of the foreseeable ejaculation. She was so focused on her task that there was no way to warn her. In fact, hubby did not want to alert her as he was hankering to see her splashed full face. Such a disgrace being recorded during a huge horse semen shower!

Suddenly, it was obvious she knew what was going to happen. Her expression became nearly ecstatic. She was holding her breath. Her movements slowed down as if she would like to delay the ultimate moment. She was wanking the cock more and more languidly, feeling the inflow of the milt. The gush was brutal, instantly smearing every inch of the face.

J. coughed as she has received some in the mouth. She also closed her eyes. She was still holding the shaft and the cock was still ejaculating. She had her hand covered with cum up to the wrist.

”Take off your dress. It’s filthy!”

The top front part of the dress was totally wet with juice. J. complied. Her husband forced her to take off her bra and her panties. She was naked in the stall, with just her heels.

”Follow me!”

He drove her to another stall where a smaller horse was standing. He was pushing her with his hand around the back of her neck.

”Come on! Satisfy this animal! That’s all you’re good at!”

She crawled under the horse’s belly on all fours. Once again, she groped the retracted cock until it expanded out of the prepuce and swelled. As she was starting to wank the cock, her husband stopped her.

”No! This time I want you to suck it and swallow! Lick the glans, taste the piss on it!”

She didn’t dare do it. He came to her and pushed on her nape to stick her lips on the cockhead.

”Lick it!”

She did it, reluctantly. She was trying not to taste, holding her breath, just passing her tongue tip on the flesh. But hubby wanted more.

”Spit on it, and lick your slobber back!”

She had to fulfill his injunction. Hopefully, her saliva melted with the strong animal flavor, dissolving it, and mitigating the taste. While she was washing the glans with her tongue, hubby was filming. He did not have to ask her for more. She willingly opened her mouth to stuff the cock in. She had difficulty as the bulb was so thick! But she bravely managed to fit it in. Hubby could not see it but inside her mouth, she was tickling the urethra with her tongue, penetrating the tip far inside, taking advantage of the wide opening of the canal. She closed her eyes. She was sucking, she was wanking, she was willing to make the horse ejaculate. She was visibly appreciating being filled with such a big piece. She was on one side of the horse and her husband was on the other side. He was bent, facing her.

”Shake your pussy, you whore!”

She opened her thighs, exposing her pussy, obviously excited as its pink color and wetness proved. She started to rub her vulva. The scene was extremely pornographic, showing her naked, knees apart, her ass sitting on her heels, kneading her vaginal lips and clitoris, her mouth puffed and sucking up, her right hand circling and jolting the member.

”Remember: if you don’t want to justify yourself to the cops, you’d better do exactly what I tell you! When he ejaculates, I want you to keep the cock inside. I want to see the jizz out only because your bitch mouth is overflowing. Is it clear? Shake your head to show me you got me right, you filthy whore!”

She nodded and continued her fellatio. She was pressing the dong to better feel its rigidity. As for her previous masturbation, she progressively slowed down her movements. She was still blind, not taking care of anything external to her prodigious blow job. She was concentrating on the gradual rise of the animal’s pleasure. She recognized when the sperm was close to spurting. She was worried about the extraordinary strength of the gush as she remembered.

It came, brutally! She instantly got flooded. She was close to throwing up because of the impact on her uvula. But she recalled hubby’s warning and she forced herself to keep the cock inside, holding it firmly. She coughed while the jet was submerging her palate. A lot of liquid flowed out by the mouth corners. As the first spasm ended, she drew on the rod as if it would be a straw. She wanted to taste the thickest semen, the one which is white and syrupy, not the translucent liquid of the first pulse.

When the horse had fully discharged his load, J. pulled out the flaccid dick. She was spattered with semen, all over her face, neck, shoulders, and breast. Her chin was leaking with candles of thick sperm. She stood up and faced her husband, looking fearfully at him.

”Now, do you still want to divorce? Dress up, go back home and wait for me!”

She had to go back to the other stall to find her clothes. She had no way to clean up. She put her bra on her maculated boobs and slipped her dress over her smeared hair. She bravely went out of the barn and walked home with her head still covered with horse seeds.


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  1. Knottypat 3 weeks ago

    Hot story

  2. Ximonea 1 month ago

    I so wish I was her! But I would wanna be forced to use all my holes to please the horse. Somebody got a horse they wanna fuck me with just hollar!

  3. bimaleslave 2 months ago

    i would love to be her. i would also love to lick her clean.

  4. herfstbok 3 months ago

    Een geweldig avontuur voor de paarden.

  5. 4 months ago

    Nice story but why so much threatening with the police

  6. Author
    FredericDard2020 4 months ago

    Did you read this one: “La Chienne de Mon Chien” ? There is an English translation after the French version.

    • LadyX 4 months ago

      @fredericdard2020 not at the current moment I have not

      • Author
        FredericDard2020 4 months ago

        I hope you will ! I have written a second part of the “preacher’s sub” story. I will submit it soon. But the reviewing process is long. Be patient.

  7. LadyX 4 months ago

    😱 you can’t leave the story at that point. I hope the second part comes soon and see what happens next.

    Love it and another fantastic writing.

    Keep up the great plot for storylines and another love the details.

    Lady X💋

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