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A few days later, in the middle of the afternoon, while J. was reading in the living room, her husband came in and said:

“Get ready mare, we’re going out!”

That’s what he called her since he had filmed her in the middle of a horse blowjob. This is also how he treated her ever since: he ordered and she obeyed. He didn’t even need to remind her that he held her at his mercy.

He was standing in front of her, a travel bag in his hand, and he was waiting. She got up, resigned, and went to put on her shoes. It was summer and she didn’t have to put on a coat.

They left immediately, her in front, bringing up the rear for him. He wasn’t pushing her but it was just like. She was walking in quick little steps in front of him as if she knew where to go.

“We’re going to the farmer’s house.”

He didn’t say more. The path to the farm was about a mile. They didn’t say a word during the ten-minute walk, he still five meters behind her, watching his wife’s butt flutter under the dress with the movement of her legs.

He told her to go to the stable. Obviously, he didn’t even want to go through the house where the farmer resided.

She found the place where she had been forced to commit zoophilic acts. The strong smell of the animals mingled with those of the straw and wood of the frame. She didn’t know why but she felt she was getting wet. Was it the atmosphere, the situation, or the memory that excited her?

Her husband had put his bag on the floor and he was pulling out ropes.

“Have you ever seen a mare with a dress?” It was said in an aggressive and sarcastic tone. “Well, answer when I ask you a question!”

“No.” She seemed to confess. “So what are you waiting for to take her off, mare?” he said.

She understood that her husband wanted her to undress. She put her hands behind her, found the zipper pull on her back, and pulled it down to her lower back. She freed her shoulders and the dress fell to her feet.

“And panties, have you ever seen a mare with panties on? Come on, take that off for me too, and then the shoes and the rest of the way. Naked, like the real mare you’re going to be.”

She pulled her panties down and almost lost her balance when the elastic got caught in her heel, she was in such a hurry to remove this compromising witness of her excitement. She took off her shoes and bra. She was naked, next to her clothes in a pile, standing, anxiously awaiting what her husband was going to order her to do.

He stood in front of her and tied a string to each of her wrists. He put a scarf around her head, making her temporarily blind. “This is how we do with horses so that they don’t panic. This scarf is your blinders, mare!”

She felt that he was forcing her mouth with some kind of rubber ball that he tied behind her neck.

“And this is your bit. Follow me, mare! ” He took the end of the two links and pulled his wife towards a small platform, as if he was holding her on a leash. “Watch your step, mare!” She stumbled on the platform.

“Come on, get on it!” The words were said brutally. He didn’t care about her handicap and she had to find the right height herself to pull herself up. He joined her and took the two cords that hung from the wrists. He hoisted them up to his raised arms. He tied them to a beam so that J. had to keep her arms raised to at least chest level. She couldn’t get her hands down anymore to protect herself. She couldn’t leave. She couldn’t escape what was to come.

“You can lean against the wall! Besides, I recommend it. And then spread your hind legs, mare!”

She felt for the wall in front of her. She kept her head up, in the attitude of the blind who seem to seek light in the sky. He gave her a little kick on the ankle to make her part her feet. He continued until he felt the gap was sufficient. She had the posture of a suspect who is going to be searched. He squeezed her shoulders to force her to lean forward, which made her ass stick out.

“Stay well inclined like that and lean against the wall because it will shake, mare!” She felt the edge of his hand rub her pussy.

“Okay, you look ready for the breeding. I’m not surprised about you, mare!”

She heard her husband walk away, not knowing if he left the stable leaving her alone and exhibited. She was on the lookout, trying to guess what was going on by analyzing the noises she heard.

He walked towards a box from which emerged the bridled head of a stallion. He stroked it, opened the box door, brought the horse out, holding it by the reins. J. heard the sound of hooves. She understood what her husband had in mind and she was terrified.

He undid the bridle to free the animal. He put his fingers back into his wife’s vagina and rummaged inside unceremoniously. He gave his hand to sniff the horse.

“Smell your female! She will receive you like a brave little mare! You will be able to cover her. She will be one of your females. I will bring her to you regularly so that you are satisfied with her! Come on, show me your huge member! ”

The scent of the woman had no effect on the male. He needed to be stimulated more vigorously. The guy stood behind the horse, gently lifted his tail and stroked his balls, then, raising his hand again, began to grope his penis until the beginning of erection was felt.

He came back to his wife, put his hand to her ass again to take some juice, and let the stud smell it. The rod was stiffening but still hung below the chest. The thoroughbred did not seem randy, even though he was offered a mare substitute.

“See, even a horse doesn’t want you! You’re really no good at anything, not even being a mare.”

Suddenly the horse began to harden really stiff as if he wanted to deny the husband. He wanted to mount a female and the only support he saw nearby was J.’s back, flat, at a good height. He lifted his forelegs and rested them on the woman’s shoulders. The legs slid in front of the arms and J. felt the phenomenal weight of the chest rest on her. She gripped the wall as much as she could so as not to collapse. The ropes that held her wrists were tight, preventing her from bending any further despite the pressure on her spine.

The stake was well oriented but it oscillated, which made penetration very hazardous. The husband moved to the side of the horse and guided the mandrel to the entrance of the vagina.

The animal was throbbing to hump. J. was terribly afraid of what was going to happen. She was standing against the wall, not knowing if she could resist the formidable thrust of the horny male if even her vagina would be large enough to receive such penetration.

After a few movements in the void, the horse found the entrance. Instinctively, he pushed to put his stick up to the end of the sheath he was offered. J. was thrown forward, narrowly avoiding bumping into the wall by absorbing the shock with her arms and hands pressed to the bulkhead. She cried out in surprise as much as in pain, the piece that had just forced her was so monstrous. Her cry was muffled by the gag, but her husband heard it all the same and seemed to take some pleasure in it.

The horse kicked again. The sex was well stuck in her. There was no longer the brutality of the perforation, only that of the fitting. J. felt an unimaginable strength possessing her. She had never felt anything like it. A horse was not the kind of male you could deny yourself. He took and J. suffered. He sank into her again, violently hit her uterus. She moaned, felt the column invest her without her vaginal muscles, ridiculous bulwark, can prohibit entry. The male gutted her one more blow and she felt him shoot up inside her.

The feeling was extraordinary. There was the stretching of her vagina by a cylinder that she would never have imagined being able to accommodate. There was the strength of the stem forcing it. There was the depth of penetration. But above all there was this flow of sap that had just squirted, instantly filling her womb.

The horse pulled away. His cock came out, already flabby, releasing a disgorgement of sperm. He unhitched his mount and went to his box.

The husband came to deliver his wife. He took off her blindfold first so that she could see what she had just been through. She looked at the horse and his monumental rod which had just filled her beyond reason.

He went to bring the animal in and then came back to untie his wife. She was able to straighten. She bore the traces of mating on her sides. He took the clothes and put them in his bag.

She still had the rubber ball stuck in her mouth. The husband tied the scarf around her neck and tied one of the cords to it. Holding the rope in his hand, he set off, pulling his wife as one guides a mare. They walked all the way back, him in front, her naked behind him, no shoes, bit between teeth.

“Here you are a real mare now. There are quite a few stallions to satisfy on the farm. From now on, you will have to bestir yourself, mare!”

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  1. bimaleslave 1 day ago

    i would love to be her. i would also love to lick her clean.

  2. LadyX 1 week ago

    I love to see a bdsm exhibitions for part 3. But I’m sure it will be another brilliant short story.

  3. LadyX 2 weeks ago

    I was looking for part 2 and I can see there will be part 3 in the future. Nice to see a mare journey.

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