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When I started out this unique trip into animal love I often wondered how many other women were having the same fantasies and how many actually took the step. What kind of people were they and if indeed they were the ‘sicko’s’ like society likes to picture them. My search continued and I stumbled upon a forum where like-minded people shared their experiences.

There were so many, from all over the world, mostly men of course, but luckily also several women shared their views. It’s funny but after a while, one develops a sixth sense knowing who is to trust and not to trust, who is a real woman or not.

I started to read about a couple who were apparently very well known in the animal love scene and who were hosting parties. At that time, I knew an owner with a very sweet loving dog who I visited on a regular basis, but somehow that was not enough. I wanted to share my experiences and find other people to listen to their stories.

After some online chatting, I took the next step and we shared phone numbers and started to call. The lady had so much to tell, so many tips and tricks, so many lovers, and she invited me to one of their gatherings.

It was quite a long drive but it did not matter, in fact, I was happy that it was not around the corner so not a chance to see someone I already knew. They welcomed us into their home and we started to talk. Well, to be honest, most of the time I listened, fascinated about the things she had done and the number of dog lovers she already had. Finally, it was time to go to the meeting. I had to admit I was somewhat nervous but also very much thrilled about what I was going to experience.

We arrived at a farm and already several cars were parked. So many people I was wondering,  maybe too many?  Once inside there were at least 20 people, mostly couples and several dog owners. Everybody seemed to know everyone else and I was welcomed in a very warm way.

The place was really great, there was a nice bar where drinks were served and a couple of really nice rooms where the action was going to take place. Don’t rush it, I was told, look around, have a talk, say hi to the dogs, we have plenty of time.

I met this really nice lady, around my age and we chatted for quite a long time.  After a while, she invited me to meet her 4-legged date for that evening. A great lover she said, very sweet but very active, as he loves to have me several times. So we distanced ourselves from the others and went to a room with her lover.

She undressed and I was surprised how well trained that dog was, sitting down waiting for the order to mount. She came to me, kissed me on the mouth, and said “enjoy the show.”

The moment she was in position, she looked at the dog and said, “come on boy, do me!” She moved around teasing him a little, crawling on her arms and legs and suddenly he got her in his grip, and inside he went. What a beautiful thing to watch, so intimate, so lustful, so magnificent.

He completely went in her, knotted her, and I could clearly see how he unloaded. I went to her, started to caress her body and we kissed for quite a long time. I noticed that he wanted to get out of her and that it took some time but finally he managed it. His cum was pouring out her pussy, running down her legs.

We both smiled, kissed again. Now it is my time to thank him, she said. She gently took his huge cock and kissed it several times and started to suck it clean. You have to be very gentle, she said, as their cocks are very sensitive, but if you like we can thank him together.

I had close to no experience sucking a dog’s cock so now was the perfect time to learn. I will hold his cock, she said, you take him as deep as you can in your mouth and slowly run your tongue around it.

Such a big cock, I could hardly take it all but I managed. It was a great taste, a mixture of dog cum and pussy. Mmm, I wanted more. If you play with the tip of his cock, she said, he will shoot more cum. Just lick it gently and you’ll see. As I was so excited I did not need any more incentive and I started to caress that little tip and indeed he did shoot more cum, mmmh, on my face, my lips, my mouth. Very salty, very warm, very different than man’s cum. Did I like it? Hell yes! Let’s give him a rest, she said, later tonight he is yours if you want.

We shared another french kiss. She took my hand and put it between her legs, and I slowly started to play with her cum-drenched pussy until she came, squirting her juices all over my legs. What a woman she was. We have to clean up the place she said with a big smile, look how naughty we have been.

We started to laugh looking at ourselves, drenched in dog cum and pussy juice. She ran through it with her index finger, made it really wet, and put it in my mouth saying, later tonight I’m going to taste you as well.  I was not going to let her go that evening, that was for sure, not her, not that dog, they were my new found lovers. I couldn’t wait for what was to come …

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  1. Gdane15 20 hours ago

    gefällt mir bin auf den 2 Teil gespannt

  2. sadosatan 5 days ago

    This is how it is in our heaven

  3. katja1 1 week ago

    Een heel mooi verhaal dat met veel gevoel neergepend is en tevens heel erg herkenbaar.

  4. Alfieslut 2 weeks ago

    Mmmm…. what a fantastic story… shotgun to the next one? 😉 looool… xx

  5. stardog 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful story, well written. It always a great feeling to meet like minded people and know you are not alone in this.

  6. dogleg 2 weeks ago

    A lovely storey really sensitively told, thank you for sharing it with us lucky people! 💋💋💋

  7. bush8169 2 weeks ago

    Very nicely written with all the knotty details….looking forward to part 2!!

  8. Metaleiro 2 weeks ago

    I look forward to the second part.

  9. LadyX 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful and very naughty kinky setting. I love the sensual details with k9 and gathering location. Love it 💋💋💋

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