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I couldn’t help notice how many great tie pics were being submitted lately. Knotting is the deepest of dog love, and the mark of a real Pet Girl. With that in mind, lets get stuck right in. 🙂

ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Movies Monica

The Knot lets Monica know he loves her…

A lot of Ladies, are nervous to try petlove. Others are brave enough to dabble in a little licking, but are too nervous to go further. Other Ladies yet, have moved up to penetrative petsex, but are too nervous to tie. Letting a wild beast ravish and grab your vagina with a fist of pure dog cock – yes the idea of tying is scary for many women.

ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Movies EverMore

Evermore’s pussy is perfect for a fat dog knot…

But you know, a dog can’t ejaculate properly until his penis is buried tightly inside a loving vagina. He needs it, to climax.

ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Movies CuntDeluxe

CuntDeluxe offers the VIP treatment for dogs…

A serious Pet Lady, is interested in experiencing love HIS way. The way dogs do, naturally. Yes, the first time is scary, and might be a little painful. All new things are a bit scary, and often painful.

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Movies Nadia

Rover ties and owns Nadia’s dog pussy…

It’s made for you, though. Don’t take our word for it – our Ladies and Members fondness for being filled with MAXIMUM dog cock, pretty much speaks for itself 🙂

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Movies Faby

Faby is fully locked, and being loaded…

Once you’ve tried it for yourself, you will find that your body is designed to accommodate a dog’s knot. It fits perfectly – if you do it right, the knot locks deep inside you, and you will feel no discomfort. Keep him inside you, as long as possible. You can learn to turn the tie, if you need to.

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Movies Mary

Mary’s knotted pussy overflows with dog sperm…

Or you can settle down, and let your boy finish what he started. Take the time to enjoy your bodies, working together. Pay attention – notice how it feels the most natural thing in the world. Enjoy the sensation of wave after wave of pure dog sperm, flowing deep inside you; something which makes many Pet Ladies squirm with delight.

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Vanessa

Vanessa’s cookie milks the jizz from a swollen Sam…

A dog knot is designed to lock the dog’s penis inside a welcoming vagina, to ensure maximum ejaculation time. The knot is like a plug, sealing the vaginal entrance, and preventing sperm from leaking out.

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Silvy

Silvy experiences a perfect hard tie…

Once tied, the penis ejaculates and fills the female’s vagina with dog sperm. The backwards pressure inside the vaginal opening, can stimulate the female into orgasm.

ArtOfZoo Violet Turned Tie Undershot

Undershot of skillful TigerLily going ass to ass and performing the rarest of full turned tie in hero undershot…

Upon orgasm, the female uterus contracts strongly – then relaxes. It has the same effect, as squeezing and releasing an empty plastic bottle, underwater. The liquid is sucked up into the vaccum. When the female orgasms, the uterus draws the sperm up into through the cervix, and into the womb. This can happen when an experienced woman is tied vaginally with a dog.

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Lise

Lise can’t fight that knotted feeling…

When a Lady has sex with a dog, and no sperm flows out – it’s a good sign the Lady has climaxed and soaked the sperm up into her uterus. This usually only happens, if a Lady is really enjoying herself.

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Sophia

Sophia makes knotting look so easy…

Tying is the natural progression on your path to petlove. It requires confidence, and probably a little experience. Going ‘all the way’ with a dog, is a great achievement. It’s dog sex the right way; the deep way. Ladies everywhere, are turning on to the sensation of being tied with a dog. It’s the full doggybitch experience after all 🙂

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Sam

Knotting is duty for this lovely dog slave…

Sorry if we left anyone out – we ran out of room!

We are very glad to see more and more Ladies developing their petlove skills. In the last few years, we have seen more talented Pet Ladies than we have ever seen before. Pet Ladies, inspiring Pet Ladies. That has got to be a good thing 🙂

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Cupcake

Toes buries a knot deeply into his beloved Cupcake…

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