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All right folks, listen up! It may initially sound like a Cold War-Era propaganda announcement, but I really doubt I’m the only one to notice: The world of “K9 ars amanti” has been recently taken over by the Russians!

As of late, our attention is being diverted towards all the new gorgeous, slim, often busty, and always sexy, Russian Ladies with piercing blue eyes, radiant golden hair, and inexhaustible enthusiasm spreading across their tantalizing smiles, while the dicks of their furry, four-legged lovers, ravage them.

In my modest estimation, currently, models such as DogWoman, Sonya, Nana, and recently Arion, all fitting the description above, are a very tough act to follow. It’s as if a paradigm shift has occurred in Mother Russia’s woman’s sexuality: bark became a new pick-up line, whimpering is the new moaning, howling is the new groaning, or to sum it up… dog’s cock is the new manhood. Or perhaps, it’s just that beautiful Russian Devushkas have discovered, that warm, fuzzy fur rubbing against their milky, soft skin, and a dick squirting hot K9 semen directly inside their vaginas happens to be both pleasant and a practical help in surviving the frosty winters of Siberia’s, unforgiving, sub-zero climate?

I don’t know, but whatever the reasons behind our Russian friends now being ahead in the K9 sex race, I must ask: Is there anything we can do about it, apart from being simultaneously mesmerized and turned on? Where are all the USA producers for example? I realize that the level set by these wonderful, Slavic ladies can be intimidating, but surely they prove it’s attainable, thus they should not be able to discourage the rest of our community from some healthy competition.

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  1. dawu761231 5 months ago


  2. kanpur15 6 months ago

    I am an Indian girl. I have had relations with guys of different age, but look forward to new experiences. We are a conservative lot, so sex is taboo before marriage. i thought of starting with our neighbour’s dog, who is quite friendly with me. Once when alone, I touched him and caressed, but he did not ‘respond to me. I wanted to lick him or may be suck, but am scared. i am not sure if it is hygienic. How do I go about it?

  3. 6 months ago

    Yes, agreed. But the russian women are very sexy need more and more of them! Especially sexy teens 🙂

  4. theflow 6 months ago

    My 2 cents (or shall I say – “kopeek” ?). Relax, guys and girls! I am Russian and my “Rocky the exorcsist” (as well as other upcoming stories so stay tuned 😉 ) was written in cooperation with american fellow Fogboy. Some american guys help with narration too! I think it is a good sign of USA – Russia cooperation like “Soyuz – Appollo” in the middle 70’s 😉

  5. xd40caliber 6 months ago

    I am in the USA. Travel is not an issue here. My thoughts are privacy number one and 2 is finding a dog. In the USA there are laws that all shelter dogs a neutered and mist all pet store require you to neuter when you buy. That leaves Breeders who can be very expensive. My brother just paid $2000 for and English Bulldog puppy. Sometimes breeders require you to neuter unless you tell them that you want to the dog for competition or breeding. Lastly you could come across an add for free puppies but this happens mostly in the country side and not super often and the puppies usually go quick

    • Adam 6 months ago

      Maybe yes XD, but I can say that we have tons more verified owners with unfixed dogs in USA than we have in Russia for example. And those boys are coming from somewhere. To shoot, you only need 1 anyway. Others have suggested it’s the law, I don’t buy that either it’s just as problematic everywhere else. $1000-$2000 is about standard from a reputable breeder with good pedigree dogs. Keep in mind what you are paying for is a healthy dog, as opposed to buying a cheap dog with questionable pedigree that ends up costing you $10,000 down the line in vets bills.

  6. Adam 6 months ago

    Hehe it’s a valid point. The vast majority of our Members are from USA. Yet in 20 years, we have had more movies coming from remote Finland than we ever received from USA. KK pretty much propped up the star spangled on her own. The only reason I can think of is the large distances between states making it difficult for Owners to hook up with Ladies. Not that Russia isn’t rather large 🙂

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