ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Movies Annalena

I had a few mins, and watched Annalena’s ‘Honey Love’ movie again. Wow. Most are probably on the movie details page. Perhaps not, I took a few screens of the highlights. Here we go:

ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Girl Annalena

A little blurry that first screenshot. But, a good indication of the delights Rover has in store for him.

ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Girl Annalena

That’s right boy. I have a gorgeous ass, and it is all for you today. Please enjoy me.

ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Girl Annalena

Annalena, is a soft gentle Girl, very warm. Very kind to animals, the Lady has a deep love of dogs. Emotionally, and in this case, physically. The feeling is mutual, Annalena dutifully accepts everything her lover has to give. Shouldn’t hold back with love, give it all you got.

ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Girl Annalena

More pounding of Annalenas prettiest of pussies. Note the Ladys hand. Our boy, goes at the Lady with some vigour, his thighs slapping against his lovers ass as he thrusts and thrusts again. The ripples shudder across Annalenas flesh, telling us he means business. The Ladys hand, lie softly on the floor. Calm, collect, as she is taken by her canine Romeo. Not a twitch or clutch in that hand, as the lovers intertwine. Very, very smooth dog love by Annalena there, the Lady is developing very nicely on her path to pure pet pleasure.

ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Girl Annalena

Very sadly, Annalena was holding her lovers knot inside her vagina during this particular mount (one of 3, perhaps 4). This is a great mount, once inside Annalena, he goes. And goes. And keeps going. Annalenas milkshake, brings all the dogs to the yard. Today, Rover is whipping up a creamy dog flavoured milkshake for his Lady. And injecting it deep, deep into her sex. Look at those big black bad boys, full and ripe, twitching as they empty into Annalena.

ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Girl Annalena

That friends, is the smile of a Lady  who loves what She does. When you are gorgeous, and have a gorgeous body for dogs, it would be a terrible shame to waste it. One life. Ladies make sure, that when the chips are down, the question ‘did I DEFINITELY have sex with enough dogs’ is a question you are content to answer. Let them have it, while it is hot.

ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Girl Annalena

Oh, that ass that ass. And that smooth pink pet pleaser peeking out from between those soft thighs. I believe Annalena has had 2 mounts, and 2 creamy fillings by this point. Note the lovescratches on the Ladys left cheek. A true artist suffers for his or her Art. Annalena plans to get all the goodies. A few scratches will not stand in her way.

ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Girl Annalena

Look at that thing. That, is a dog cock so heavy and swollen – whatever the Lady was doing to him, there is no arguing with that cock. That is the cock that had all the pussy today. And our hero here, with his big cock, made sure the Lady was well bred, deeply and thoroughly. It’s what the Lady came for. Annalena came with hopes, and left with fond memories of her time with our Hero here. And, not forgetting, a vagina fair swimming with dog sperm.

Great dog sex from the very wonderful Annalena.

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  1. kagami 3 months ago

    any other animal joined the show beside dogs?

  2. su19per79man 3 months ago

    would like to know what happened to her,can you plz bring her back she was perfect from all the espects

  3. randimandi00 10 months ago

    I always loved her. Pretty, pure face – like a typical all American girl.

  4. antonio670 12 months ago

    Ciao sapete dirmi se ci sono video con donne mature over 60? Grazie.

  5. falcon2012 1 year ago

    Soon cute.good girl

  6. xijan23 1 year ago

    wie tief drinkt ein Hundepenis in eine Frau ein, wann kommt es zu Hängen?

    • thisischris 1 year ago

      Der Hund führt zunächst nur seine Spitze in das Loch ein. Wenn er die Kanalwände spürt, fährt er seine ganze Länge aus, während er zusticht. 🙂
      Der Schwanz kann bis zu 20 Minuten hart bleiben, bevor er rauszieht.

  7. zzz54974358 1 year ago

    good time

  8. fiocco12345 1 year ago

    Please, bring her back.

  9. jackdeng888888 1 year ago


  10. mrknotts102917 1 year ago

    How can we view some of the older classics from the AoZ, Zooskool library? Are the admins going to upload those for free to view? This site needs some regular streaming content for subscribers (paying & non paying).

    • support 1 year ago


      ArtOfZoo is a community site, not a file sharing site. There are plenty of those on the web if that is what you are looking for.

      We have movie purchases to support the running of the network. And Members are uploading videos and photos every day. So we have those things already.

      • mrknotts102917 1 year ago

        Thanks for replying! I fully understand that it’s a community site, but it’s my humble opinion that adding some of the older classic videos for streaming would be a positive move for the site. I think fans would appreciate that…. just a suggestion.

        • support 1 year ago

          You’re welcome 🙂
          I’m afraid it is unlikely we will release our older movies for free. We will continue to offer movies for purchase and members are free to upload uncopyrighted material to the site and use the community features on a free basis.

          • haryca 5 months ago

            where is Annalena? where did she go? and why did she not shooting good video anymore? we miss her videos

  11. midnight 1 year ago

    Обожаю её. Она великолепна!

  12. sxsf 1 year ago

    That smile, I’ll get all the dogs she wants only to see that smile… 🙂

  13. superman1979 1 year ago

    plz bring her back we need her i need this Angel Lady

  14. wolfhounder 1 year ago

    One of my favorite movie stars.

  15. banguras 1 year ago

    Ich wäre gern bei dem Spaß dabei gewesen ?

  16. salazer 1 year ago

    Buen culazo quien pudiera penetrar te ahí 😉

  17. manbusig 1 year ago

    She is just a natural pet lover

  18. song2 1 year ago

    Ah yes, Annalena was always one of my favourite pet-ladies over at the old community. Such innocence paired with such passion to make her lovers happy. She had this beautiful way of being absolutely silent during the act but everyone could feel her tension and her natural lust for doggies. She truly was a heroine of petlove. Hopefully some day she will be back.

    • superman1979 1 year ago

      YES she was a true Champ a Legend lady with perefct 10 Body and face i miss her i wish she made more movies i wish all the ladies keep slinet like her during the session it will be perfect and with no big mask i want to see their beautiful faces

  19. purplefade01 1 year ago

    How can I watch videos here?

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