The Girls Say - dog sex video

“Selena feels the switch as Sam enjoys her vagina for the first time”

Producer: ZDT
Models: Selena, Tabitha with Sam
Running Time: 25 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)

Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


The Girls Say - dog sex video

Glamourpuss Selena feels the love as Sam goes deep…

ZDT spoils us with another lovely Latin Lady experiencing that doggy initiation. In this episode, we are introduced to the lovely Selena, who is about to find out what dog love is all about.

The movie begins with a short chat / interview (with subtitles). For this session, ZDT’s assistant Tabitha will be Selena’s guide and teacher. Tabitha convinces Selena that doggy love is the way forward, and Selena is quick to jump in and try it for herself.

The Girls Say dog sex video

Sam inspects Selena’s sweet wet sex – vagina approved!

Selena spreads her long, shapely legs and pulls her panties to the side. Sam is no stranger to a vagina – he dives in head first and gets a good taste of the Lady. Her flower looks great as Sam’s tongue slips and slides all over. Selena responds well, which is good because next up it’s mounting time.

The Girls Say dog sex video

Selena presents in anticipation of the first pet penetration…

Tabitha instructs Selena how to position herself ready for her first dog mating. Sam does not need to be asked twice – in a heartbeat, Sam mounts and penetrates Selena’s sex. That first ‘dog penis in your vagina’ feeling, first times are always great to see, especially when things work out well.

The Girls Say dog sex video

Sam owns Selena’s vagina – no going back now!

We have no problems in that department. Sam is a pro as always, and drives his fat knot deep, tying the lovely Lady hard. This whole section is shot in extreme closeup, and it’s very horny because you get to see absolutely everything in minute detail. It’s almost as if one’s face were pressed into the Lady’s crotch at the time, you can almost taste that sweet honey mixed with doggy jizz.

ZDT did not forget you side-shot fans either. At the end of the tie scene, we have footage of the side view too. And what a view, Selena is lost in passion as the dog cock pistons in and out of her moist, tight Latin vagina. Man I love that vagina. Sam does too, his knot buried tightly, his root disappearing between Selena’s soft folds. Yummy.

The Girls Say dog sex video

Sam’s knot locks his penis inside, injecting Selena’s womb with pure dog sperm…

Throughout the tie, Selena is masturbating furiously, playing with her clit, running her fingers around her flower, feeling the root connecting her sex to the dog. Very gradually, the knot begins to slip out of the Lady. The flower is tight, so it’s not coming out easily. Who can blame it? But eventually, after a good long tie and a long hard cum, Sam pops out – his semen flowing down across Selena’s soft pink labia.

The Girls Say dog sex video

Liquid love explodes from Selena’s well-bred vagina…

Sam finishes the session by giving the Lady a good tongue bath – cleaning her vagina, licking up every drop of his jizz that leaked out. Of course, plenty stayed inside. We wouldn’t want the Lady to go home without a dose of doggy juice inside her, would we? 🙂

What’s nice about Selena, she looks really quite innocent. At the end, after Sam has loved her and licked her clean, she kneels up in her pretty white dress. You really wouldn’t imagine that the Lady has just been fucked by a dog. You would of course be mistaken, because she so did, and did a great job too.

The Girls Say dog sex video

The pain /ecstasy of that first canine penetration…

A very nice looking movie, as you have come to expect from ZDT. Great looking Ladies, great action, nicely shot. The tie scene in this movie always puts a smile on my face, get it while it’s hot. 🙂

ps: big thanks to ‘a certain mystery Member’ for his assistance with this movie. You know who you are 😉

The Girls Say dog sex video

The sweet rapture of the first dog mating, the first load of dog sperm flowing through her body…



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  1. zetafun 2 months ago

    cool stuff with damn hot girls. sam is the best.

  2. mengtao715 3 months ago

    I look forward to receiving more works from you. Thank you

  3. doggyknot76 3 months ago

    Another young lady who found her way into dog sex and I think she wouldn’t turn back. Great mount and moaning. Another well done job Sam!

  4. alexandra2018 4 months ago

    Sam is the best

  5. damanchea 5 months ago

    This has to be one of the greatest knots i have ever seen! And such a beautiful girl such as selena to receive it.
    Zdt i dont know were you find these girls but keep bringing them!
    Selena looks like the type of girl you would find in the library, such a angels face with those cheeky expressions.
    The action is exceptional. In the beginning sam knot is deep, i love how he slips out gradually exposing that red ball but Selena did not wat to let go! Her pussy clings on while she rubs her clit. I think shes quite bewildered when he pops out , she does not move for a bit lol.
    ZDT Great camera work on this one. You got alot of different camera angles so we could see the action from different views.
    10/10 lady 10/10 camerawork 10/10 video
    Im quite jealous of sam to be honest!! ?

    • hornytoad420 5 months ago

      I like how you explain the vids! Which of ZDTs movies would you recommend for a first buyer?

      • Author
        adam 5 months ago

        Start with this one it’s quite peachy 🙂 We all love ZDT stuff he is a diamond, great material, superb girls and great to work with.

  6. zzoggoo 8 months ago

    There are no words for describing the lovely scene when Selena moaned with pleasure during the first penetration by Sam – good boy! This Lady is such a beauty, and the action is incredible – it is easy to find a pattern with these videos: great quality -> satisfied customer… 🙂

  7. mikke83 8 months ago

    I just love Latina pussy!

  8. elray 11 months ago

    Hey, Adam how are you ? I was wondering I just won a good amount of money on a scratch off ticket, and looking to put the money to good use. How do I get in contact with these Gorgeous Models? I want to experience it in person, something that’d be really cool. I like Selena she looks like she was made for this. I wanna get creative with the production now that I got Money. Thanks bro!

    • Author
      adam 11 months ago

      Hi Elray – do please invest 50 to 75% of your winnings wisely, set up some kind of passive income. That way you will have the means to enjoy yourself for years to come, instead of blowing your winnings on a one off.

      Having given that some thought, please drop a line to Support, they will put you in touch with me for a chat. 🙂

      • elray 10 months ago

        Hi Adam, sorry for the late response bro, it’s been a busy. And Thank You for replying! So what do you mean by drop a line ?

  9. magnus78 11 months ago

    Video was very amazing and good ?. I just wished they would filmed the ladies face expressions while doing it, especially on their first time, regardless if they have masks, eyeglasses, etc. That would put the cherry on the ice cream.

  10. ldb1995 11 months ago


  11. birdsong 12 months ago

    Nice. I love seeing a woman losing control, her body involuntarily drawing dog semen into her womb during orgasm. The tie lasts 12m 45s. That’s in the top 5 longest knottings I have seen.

  12. 9xzoned00 12 months ago

    Selena takes a knot and long tie from Sam,and a soaking not a lot of dog cum on the pullout,very hot,would like to see Tabitha make a video with Sam.

    • Author
      adam 12 months ago

      Well spotted on the soaking 9x, Selena must have really enjoyed it 😉

  13. zetafun 12 months ago

    nice clip thankx

  14. destenyb59 12 months ago

    Selena is the Queen of knotting with a dream body, and Sam loves her furiously. He licks her pussy filled of his cum. A great video. More Selena !!!.She have lips make to suck. I want see her sucking Sam and eat his cum in a next video 😀

  15. crkaos2634 1 year ago

    It’s killing me, come on 5 more people…….!!!!

  16. sinicyn77777 1 year ago


  17. Tho 1 year ago

    Damn man Wow I am totally floored! I had heard you Sir(Adam) had put a new driving force of passion that at certain moment such as this conversion that turned hostile by the big damn mouth of the bitch boys of the currently repressed and I liken it to that of the people during the great plagues or the potato famine. People have no idea they just prejudge everything there by screwing themselves out of the 1 true way of touching the face of mother nature herself.

  18. allyfitz 1 year ago

    wow… this looks amazing

  19. caseyhancock 1 year ago

    I love it when there’s a second person present. Just sat there enjoying seeing their friend get fucked hard by another species like it’s casual. Why is there not more people like this in the world? I’d happily sit there and watch/support. SO HOT! x

  20. mrdev 1 year ago

    Could you share more photos about Model ZDT or Movie?
    Apparently she is gorgeous, i want be sure to buy it


    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Hi 🙂 We’ve built our reputation on releasing quality media. We don’t need the hard sell, we prefer our customers to be happy. If you are in any doubt, you should not purchase.

  21. leonardo1322 1 year ago

    Congratulations adan and the whole team for another great job ?

  22. pg2015 1 year ago

    More masks on the women’s faces. Those preview stills are not good signs.

    If they really ARE proud of their pet love, then they should NOT hide their identities.

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Hi, this coming from a Member who apparently does not even want to complete their profile for fear of discovery? Where is your pride then? Models wear masks to protect their identities and prevent the unpleasant fallout that can occur from revealing identities. It is nothing to do with how proud these Ladies are, or are not. We put out videos for pleasure and enjoyment of all. We are not looking to make martyrs just so you get to see the additional 3 inches of face. If you feel martyrdom is the way forward, please feel free to submit movies with your face showing to the whole world, and we will be happy to follow your lead. Otherwise, please extend to others the same courtesy as you extend to yourself, and allow Models to perform for the pleasure of fans, in a way that does not put them at risk. The same to anyone else whining about masks who clearly don’t give 2 flying fucks about the safety of our pet girls.

      • pg2015 1 year ago

        Point taken.


        • Author
          adam 1 year ago

          Apology accepted.

          • after1 1 year ago

            Adam, you are a great diplomat. I would vote for you for president of the world

          • Author
            adam 1 year ago

            Very kind @After1 – tho I’m sure more dipshit than diplomat 🙂

    • kamper 1 year ago

      Tbh with you pg2015 i personally believe the girls behind the mask perform better due to having more confidence that their identity is not revealed,wearing a mask has absolutely nothing to do with how genuine they are about enjoying K9 action. You know in the normal world the majority don’t take to these kind of movies lightly so given that most performers live in this world amongst the normal then you’d think that they’d kind of want to hide their identity to some degree.
      I really don’t care what the girls face looks like,as long as she’s genuinely enjoying being choc full of K9 shaft filling her to the brim with his precious fluid 🙂
      Body language,maons and groans are another good way of telling if she’s enjoying it

      • sxsf 1 year ago

        I’ll vote for A too. Adam for president of this Pet Republic.
        Hope the mistery member done a good job.?
        Because the girls, ZDT add Sam, of course, never disappoint me.?

  23. spoetnik 1 year ago

    @asukagirl, thats a golden retriever

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Sam is a Hovawart, a bit bigger than a retriever.

      Spellcheck suggest that Sam is in fact a Hogwarts. Given the magic he throws around with that wand of his, it’s entirely possible. 🙂

  24. asukagirl 1 year ago

    This is what kind of dog? Too big ))

  25. aang 1 year ago

    Waow…. Hot

  26. kamper 1 year ago

    Can’t wait this looks awesome and the new girl looks sensational….i love her outfit and especially when it’s kept on during the scene,certain outfits accentuate a sexy body splendidly. Love the panties to the side theme too this girls skin tone and body type is spot on for doggy fun. Can’t wait to see how much K9 cum comes out of her, nothing beats the flow shot the more juice the better of course. Would’ve loved to see her straight after that scene in that same outfit without her showering, inspecting her cum filled pussy and cum soaked panties…i’d choose that over a 3 month paid holiday to Paris. many thanks to all behind this release and to the one and only AOZ

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Thanks Kamper – yes Selena is very cute, and her pet button is really quite peachy 🙂

  27. crkaos2634 1 year ago

    Can’t wait for the release…!!!!

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