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My Goodness. Who thought a bit of fun could spiral out of control so quickly? Well chaps, we are here to adore those Ladies and their bits. So when said bits deliver, one can expect passions to run high. None of which is a bad thing. We now have a new voting module, for example. We can now vote on all kinds of things nicely. That Pet Pussy eh. The Lady really is the Cornucopia of plenty, gateway to the Universe. 🙂

On to business. I am delighted to present the new format in Gilded Lily Competitions. There has been some chit chat lately, about what is and isn’t fair. Well Ladies, nobody actually did anything wrong. If people want to swap pics for votes, why the hell not? 🙂 Have at it, by all means. Politicians use every tactic available to garner votes there is no reason we should be left twiddling our thumbs. Anything any of you wish to do to increase the likelihood of receiving a vote is fine by me. It’s what those tailfeathers are for, after all. Us chaps will happily sit here bedazzled either way.

One thing I think needs to be made clear – the goalposts need to be clear from the outset. We can’t anticipate every loophole you folks will identify, so we have to adapt as you do. We have to keep it fair. Also, if you promise something in return for a vote, please deliver on your promise. Because nobody likes a liar, this is not very Ladylike behavior. It is unclear if this actually happened or not, it doesn’t matter. Any reports from Members, who were promised something for a vote, that they did not receive, will result in a vote deduction from a particular naughty Lily. You have been warned.

The situation is clear, some other rules were required, and perhaps a bit of functionality. Totting up all those votes by hand was looking like a lot of not fun anyway to be honest. So all good.



The changes to the Gilded Lily Competition format are as follows. Firstly, a new voting module, which should hopefully keep things much fairer, and far easier to see how the Lilies are doing, votes-wise. Secondly, we have added 5 categories to the Competition. Each category carries it’s own 100 euro prize. Depending on time available and what we can pull up quickly – we will try our hardest to do something like a participants prize – maybe some nice unique t-shirts or something. That way, everyone’s a winner. 🙂

We may add / change these categories next year – thoughts in the comments below please, ideas for categories. Try to pick categories that ALL Ladies have a fighting chance in. Not all Ladies are slim, not all Ladies are young, not all Ladies have curves. But each Lily is great. So let’s help the Ladies find their spot in our world, and get voting (again, sorry).

In light of these changes, I will extend the voting timeline to OCTOBER 1st 2020. That will give everyone a chance to place their various votes again – and of course, if anyone (or everyone) wishes to canvas votes this way or that – now, it’s a level playing field. If you DON’T want to canvas votes, it’s no problem at all, really. Please don’t get too competitive about it, it’s just supposed to be a bit of fun. You are all Pet Sisters here, you should be behind each other. This year, maybe you don’t win. Next year, maybe you do. Let’s support each other eh, and not get caught up in squabbling. You’re all great, and we love you all.

Onto the voting please…



This category is based around the work and creative inspiration sprinkled on a Lily. Fact is, some Ladies put a ton of work into their entries, and this deserves recognition. So, please vote for the Lily you feel has the creative edge. You are permitted to vote for any many Lilies as you like, in this (and all) categories. Vote on this category here.


This category is based around which Lily you would most like to suckle on, perhaps after a hard dog session while She is still dripping with nectar 😉 All our tastes vary, so here’s hoping for a nice even spread of votes across all our lovely Pet Ladies. You are permitted to vote for any many Lilies as you like, in this category. Vote on this category here.


Each Pet Pussy is unique. Some are bigger, and so can accommodate a bigger dog with ease. Some are smaller and tighter, such that She might milk maximum juice from a doggy. In a straight-up race, which Lily do YOU think would bring maximum pleasure to a dog, and ultimately, get the most cream? You decide 🙂 You are permitted to vote for any many Lilies as you like, in this category. Vote on this category here.


Again, each Lily is unique. Some are delicate flowers, who prefer a gentle touch. Other flowers are built for action. M’Lady Stray, as you all know, holds the current record for most dogs loved in a day. This amount of dog cock is more than some Ladies can handle. For others, it’s a dream come true. Which Lily do YOU think would make light work of a pack of dogs? Down boys! You are permitted to vote for any many Lilies as you like, in this category. Vote on this category here.


Taking all factors into consideration – effort, aesthetics – perhaps, involvement in our scene – and of course, plain personal taste, which Lily do you think is the general #1 Lily for this year’s competition? In this category, please try to avoid being swayed by external promises and cheeky bribes – on other categories, fine. This one is down to you, and your opinion alone. Be objective, and let the best Lily win. You are permitted to vote for any many Lilies as you like, in this category. Vote on this category here.


I will update the actual Competition Page next. Happy voting, and Good Luck to all our Ladies – you’ve earned it 🙂

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  1. iqra88 3 weeks ago


  2. sog12 1 month ago

    carol !!

  3. 1 month ago

    vote for SubmissiveValkyries! Wow so perfect

  4. ivsa 1 month ago

    vote for SubmissiveValkyries

  5. 1 month ago

    I wonder how I missed this competition? Hmm I wouldn’t have missed this for anything. 😝

  6. Kaunas1947 1 month ago

    Carol Bitch my vote,good system vote!

  7. sadosatan 1 month ago

    they are fantastic!,voice for SubmissiveValkyries

  8. SubmissiveValkyries 1 month ago

    Hallo euch allen wir möchten uns bei allen Bedanken die so lieb waren uns gestern ihre Stimme zu geben. Wir hoffen das ihr heute auch wieder fleißig für uns Stimmt.

    Lieben Gruß SubmissiveValkyries.

  9. SubmissiveValkyries 1 month ago

    Hello everyone, we would like to thank everyone who gave us their vote yesterday. We hope that you will vote for us again today.

    Kind regards SubmissiveValkyries.

  10. bitchinheat609 1 month ago

    voting for SubmissiveValkyries

  11. SubmissiveValkyries 1 month ago

    Thanks to everyone who voted for us yesterday. In return, a few nice kisses for you. We hope to get plenty of votes from you today too.

    Greetings to your SubmissiveValkyries.

    Vielen Dank an alle, die gestern für uns gestimmt haben. Im Gegenzug ein paar nette Küsse für euch. Wir hoffen, auch heute viele Stimmen von Ihnen zu bekommen.

    LIebe Grüße von euren SubmissiveValkyries.

  12. Deiseldog561 1 month ago

    This is great love it and glad to meet people who interested in the same thing as me

  13. Thewolfbrother 1 month ago

    This system is AMAZING. Nice work adam

  14. stardog 1 month ago

    Loved the new set up, but how come some of the girls weren’t listed, like Tink?

  15. baddboy200200 1 month ago

    voted for u lovely ladies

  16. arthurxsunny 1 month ago

    Very good creativity and copywriting

  17. Itismehere 1 month ago

    Submissive Valkyries

  18. SubmissiveValkyries 1 month ago

    We would like to thank everyone who voted for us. As a thank you we will make a little video of ourselves at the end of The Gilded Lily. Please send us a message when you have voted for us. So that we can send you our little thank you from October 3, 2020.

    Greetings from your SubmissiveValkyries.

    Wir möchten uns bei allen bedanken, die für uns gestimmt haben. Als Dankeschön machen wir am Ende von The Gilded Lily ein kleines Video von uns. Bitte senden Sie uns eine Nachricht, wenn Sie für uns gestimmt haben. Damit wir Ihnen ab dem 3. Oktober 2020 unser kleines Dankeschön senden können.

    Grüße von deinen SubmissiveValkyries.

  19. TheFluffiest 1 month ago

    We voted! Did you?

  20. TheFluffiest 1 month ago

    TY Adam!

    I’ve done my civic duty and voted.

    So proud <3 😛

  21. kamadevan 1 month ago

    No change, voted for SubmissiveValkyries 👍

  22. Thewolfbrother 1 month ago

    This is amazing! Excellent work

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