Art Of Zoo - Gilded Lily Competition 2020 Results - sex with dogs


A huge thanks, to all the Ladies that wowed us this year with those amazing Flowers. It’s no wonder those doggies can’t get enough!

To cut to the chase – overall winners this year across all categories:


You can see all the fantastic Gilded Lilies here

Congratulations to the 2 Ladies. With your prize money, here is hoping to see some more of your dog slave training. Those Lilies, need watering with the dog juice 🙂


Art Of Zoo Gilded Lily 2020 - SubmissiveValkyries - sex with animals


Of course, a huge thanks to ALL our Ladies, because all your entries are superb. I’m gonna ask you to hold onto those pics, for next year, and I’ll explain why in a moment. Also, thanks to everyone who voted, great work Gang!


This year, we added a new voting system to make it easier to vote and tally. We also added some different categories, to spread things out a bit. Unfortunately, that part did not quite work – more on that shortly.

The new categories we added are:



This category is based around the work and creative inspiration sprinkled on a Lily. Fact is, some Ladies put a ton of work into their entries, and this deserves recognition. So, please vote for the Lily you feel has the creative edge. You are permitted to vote for any many Lilies as you like, in this (and all) categories. View the results here.


This category is based around which Lily you would most like to suckle on, perhaps after a hard dog session while She is still dripping with nectar 😉 All our tastes vary, so here’s hoping for a nice even spread of votes across all our lovely Pet Ladies. You are permitted to vote for any many Lilies as you like, in this category. View the results here.


Each Pet Pussy is unique. Some are bigger, and so can accommodate a bigger dog with ease. Some are smaller and tighter, such that She might milk maximum juice from a doggy. In a straight-up race, which Lily do YOU think would bring maximum pleasure to a dog, and ultimately, get the most cream? You decide 🙂 You are permitted to vote for any many Lilies as you like, in this category. View the results here.


Again, each Lily is unique. Some are delicate flowers, who prefer a gentle touch. Other flowers are built for action. M’Lady Stray, as you all know, holds the current record for most dogs loved in a day. This amount of dog cock is more than some Ladies can handle. For others, it’s a dream come true. Which Lily do YOU think would make light work of a pack of dogs? Down boys! You are permitted to vote for any many Lilies as you like, in this category. View the results here.


Taking all factors into consideration – effort, aesthetics – perhaps, involvement in our scene – and of course, plain personal taste, which Lily do you think is the general #1 Lily for this year’s competition? In this category, please try to avoid being swayed by external promises and cheeky bribes – on other categories, fine. This one is down to you, and your opinion alone. Be objective, and let the best Lily win. You are permitted to vote for any many Lilies as you like, in this category. View the results here.



Uh, OK Ladies / Folks. So, the first Gilded Lily competition went quite smoothly without any problems. The second year, a few Ladies caught onto the idea of advertising around the chat. We hadn’t made any specific rules about that, so to make it fair, we let ALL Ladies do the same.

This year, we had incentives. Again, something we did not anticipate – and did not have specific rules against, at the time. One Lady started doing it – and caused quite an uproar about it. We then had to add the new voting system, to try to solve this problem. And again, allowed ALL Ladies to offer incentives. Certain Ladies ahem 😉 went a bit full-throttle on the incentives, and sucked up all votes across ALL categories. Again, which we had not anticipated, so there were no rules against it.

Now, at least 1 Lady has contacted me, asking if we will share out the winners – i.e. limit a winner to only 1 category. That would be fair, on one hand – but only to a handful. There can only be 1 winner per category, with or without a limit. It would also be a bit unfair to the Valkyries – who DID promise free videos if their votes got to X – and have since delivered on their promise. You can read about that in the Summer Site Update.

So, since we did not specifically say we would limit it to 1 winner per category – VERY sorry Ladies. There’s no call here that keeps everyone happy. So we have to give it to the Valkyries – THIS year. A win is a win, and it would be equally asshole of me to just yank it all away. Thanks for your understanding.

NEXT year, however, we will be making some changes and adding some new rules. YES, 1 winner per category, no exceptions. Also next year – no campaigning. No advertising, no incentives. Just lovely Flowers. It’s all just supposed to be a bit of fun for everyone! 🙂

As such, next year, I hope it will be fairer. Assuming you Ladies don’t have any more tricks up your sleeves to land me with? 😉

Keep in mind, many site Members don’t read the Blog, and will have no idea about this competition. So, NEXT year, if you want to enter again – and I hope you do – I will allow you to re-enter with this year’s Lilies. And, I would ask understanding regulars, to vote as if you’d never seen those Lilies before. Because as I say, they are all fabulous – they are ALL our Pet Ladies, and I have no doubt you would want to keep them as happy as possible.

Of course, if you DO enter next year, you can do all new Lilies too. I’ll leave that decision up to you.

Again, apologies for the headaches Ladies, and any disappointments. We’ll try to organize you a little runner-up prize of an ArtOfZoo T-shirt, IF we can. Again, you can read about that in the Site Update. Many thanks again, and see you next year for more Gilding of Lilies 🙂


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  1. ilikealotm 2 weeks ago

    I believe being fair to each is the best way to go. SV could walk away with Lily of the year and then other Categories could be awarded to the ladies that were at a disadvantage because THEY represent the Average female in this community, A single female. I think that’s about 99% of the females here.
    Like you have always said Gilded Lily. Lilies would be more then ONE, a different category entirely. I believe you mentioned Lilies when you talked about all the ladies involved. I imagine that most here would find it a more level and fair contest. I think if they Left then they forfeited and We should do a recount. I prefer a different lady winning each category.

    • Author
      Adam 2 weeks ago

      Yes but of course, they did not leave before taking the prize $. If they had left BEFORE, I absolutely would be doing that. If we had a lot more money in the pot, I would do it also. Sadly not. I guess to go to all that trouble – not that it was a huge effort – then they must really need the money. Keep in mind, with all the nonsense they did not just get a lot of votes. Votes went on their pics, that most definitely should have gone to other Ladies. We had some superb Lilies this year, there is no way that Valkyrize were 10 times better than the other Ladies. So even if we did a recount it would still not be fair. I tell you what though – in addition to the extra rules for next year, I will add another rule that any OTHER surprise tactics designed to hog votes, will result in a loss of votes or a disqualification. Let’s chalk this rather unsavory episode down to experience.

      • ilikealotm 2 weeks ago

        IT was a good event for sure and a very productive year of new members even with the virus turning most of the world into germaphobes. This community did tried to live life the way we should, A smile on our faces and knotty thoughts in our minds.. There was a spectacular crop of lilies this year. Here’s to more fun and knotty times in this fantastic community.. Maybe one day we could have a badge for each of the categories and the lilies would wear it on their profile for a year , 🙂 We’ll learn from our history to make our future better.

  2. Thewolfbrother 3 weeks ago

    Not sure why but submissive valks deleted their profile

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