Art Of Zoo animal sex competition header where the Ladies get to show off their fabulous Lady parts for the world


Yes, I’m sure you would prefer to be out rioting. But since you are all geared up – it’s Gilded Lily time again! A little earlier than previous years, because we have a TON of new Verified Ladies on the network, and I know some of you like to spend some time on this.

If you don’t know what The Gilded Lily is, it’s a competition to see who has the spangliest loveliest most yummy scrumptious Pet Flower. It’s really just an excuse for us perverted dog sex loving chaps to ogle the myriad treasures that you lovely Pet Ladies have in your pants there. It’s also the perfect excuse for a Lady to display her enticing arrangement in as decorative or outrageous style as she may prefer. Here are some highlights from previous years awooooo…


Art Of Zoo Gilded Lily competition 2020 lots of ladys' showing their private parts nicely decorated

Yes, you lovely Pet Ladies have wowed us with your treasures – and with riots around the craft store, maybe you can loot some nice glittery bling stuff to make that flower sparkle. 2020 Ladies, let’s see what you are made of 😉



Same rules as always. Don’t be shy – grab yourself some paints or non-permanent felt pens, and decorate your vagina to show that she is a lovely Pet Pussy. Be as creative as you like – here are some suggestions of things to scribble…

  • Animal Sex 4 Me
  • Pet Pussy (of course)
  • Dog Sex Toy
  • K9 Pleasure Zone
  • Dogs Only >>>
  • Dogs Cum Here >>>
  • For K9 Pleasure
  • Pussy for Knots
  • Wet for Pets
  • Etc…

It’s not so easy to write on your own flower, so by all means, if you have a partner, get him / her involved with a little assistance. Make an afternoon of it, get a bottle or bag of something in, and get creative. Although it’s a “Gilded Lily” competition, if your boobs are your best asset, you can also decorate those too. Boobs are a bit easier to decorate also.

Like last year, we are allowing “Framed Flowers”. If decorating your flower is a bit tricky, lets see her nicely framed – like this…


ArtOfZoo - Gilded Lily 2019 - LittleZoe 2

LittleZoe very kindly added a splash of Pet Pussy to the proceedings great job that Lady 😀


Hoping to get a few more blacklight flower pics this year too, we shall see.

When your Lady parts are nicely decorated and/or framed, take a photo or two, and send in your pics (drop me a message from my profile). This year, we’ll allow up to 4 DIFFERENT pics per Pet Lady. Please lean towards different ideas, instead of different pics of the same idea, you dig.

The closing date for submissions is 1st OF AUGUST. We will then let the flowers sparkle for a month while everyone sprinkles their votes. We will count up the votes and announce the winner on 1st OF SEPTEMBER.  It goes without saying, all entrants are winners and we love you all. Having said that, someone will get the most votes – so Ladies, do your thang. 🙂



Petfans, please cast your votes in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Multiple votes are allowed. Again, please submit your votes by SEPTEMBER 1ST at the latest.

So Ladies and couples – good luck with your entries. Here’s looking forward to seeing those lovely Pet Flowers. Let the games begin 🙂



Blondezoos Gilded Lily submission 1 - ArtOfZoo sex with animals

Ms. Blondezoos kicks off this years Gilded Lily with a great view…


Blondezoos Gilded Lily submission 2 - ArtOfZoo sex with animals

Blondezoos return with a yummy pussy as pet as ever…




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  1. sXaBeast 4 days ago

    Yeah no complaints here either. plus guilding the orchid would lack je ne sais quoi.

  2. sXaBeast 4 days ago

    Btw your flower there is a dendrobium orchid, not a lilly.
    Just sayin’…

    • Author
      Adam 4 days ago

      I know what a fucken orchid is man 😉 Technically a vagina is not a lily either but no complaints there eh 🙂

  3. k9style 6 days ago

    So great. Would be nice if the women can have a gilded award… and also minor awards like:
    been licked
    dig kissing
    dog cock suck

    and so on

  4. BlondeZoos 2 weeks ago

    @adam these are our photos from 18 contest! No new ones as of yet! We will send them soon:)

    • Author
      Adam 2 weeks ago

      Oops sorry guys I did not recognize them – no worries I will replace them with your new ones later 🙂

  5. katejim 2 weeks ago

    Can’t wait to see all the ladies, and pick my favorite.

  6. Deviantcouple 2 weeks ago

    Ooh, excellent!
    Can’t believe it’s that time again already!

    Will have to dream up some new ideas for this year’s entry!

    Are we tightening up the voting this year, so the forum doesn’t just get overrun with people touting for votes..?

    • Author
      Adam 2 weeks ago

      I had thought about it but I thought it would be hard to police. I thought it was probably easier to let everyone tout for votes and have an even playing field. 🙂 Thoughts?

      • Deviantcouple 2 weeks ago

        Fair enough, guess it would be a nightmare to try and keep an eye on otherwise!

        Will just have to try a bit harder with our effort!

  7. sXaBeast 4 weeks ago

    Go girls, go!

  8. Thewolfbrother 4 weeks ago

    Oh yes! Last years was a great time!

  9. cachmen 4 weeks ago

    increible espero con ansias a todas las participantes

  10. Mn42as 4 weeks ago

    Ohhh wow, can’t wait to give my vote, honestly it’s really hard because all the petlove flower are awesome 😍

  11. steindoggy 4 weeks ago

    Oh yeah, it’s that time again for those beautifully decorated pet flowers to come out and blossom for us. I’m looking forward to cast my votes..can’t wait. Have fun pet ladies as you get your pet flowers prepared for the competition😘

  12. TheFluffiest 4 weeks ago

    I’m so looking forward to doing my civic duty and voting on the gilded lillies 😛 That’s a 10. That’s a 10. Douze points! That’s another 10.

  13. BellaBitch 4 weeks ago

    Hehehe … artistry at its finest 🐶🦄

  14. Beastyman069 4 weeks ago

    Looking forward to seeing all the ladies competing. There should be some new entries this year with all of the newly verified females 😃

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