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Modelling for Gaia, is a little different than the usual. We avoid the mainstream adult industry, like the plague. That we engage in activities of a sexual nature, and are adults, is about as far as the similarities go. We do our own thing, and it’s the way we like it.

Why? The adult industry lures people in, chews them up and spits them out. Exploitation, abuse, disease, indifference – this ain’t our bag Daddyo. Often when mainstream Models approach us, we turn them away. Ours is a different world – maybe not as blingy or sprawling as the mainstream crowd. But we do what we do, and our fans and friends seem to like it.

Extreme feminists will argue that depicting naked Ladies is exploitative. We disagree. The female form (like the male form) is shaped the way it is, by nature, for visual impact. Clothes are all good and well, but they do not really give the truth about what’s underneath. Clothes lie. Only the pure, naked body speaks the truth about us. And so – it’s only naked that people can fully understand us, and likewise, that we can understand what people think about us.

Clothes kinda get in the way of this. So much so in fact, that it is extremely common for a Lady to want to get naked – to display to the world, the truth of exactly who and what she is.

This is limited to strippers and such, right? Wrong. I’ve known extremely proper Ladies, get naked at every opportunity. I’ve known Ladies who were utterly prudish during the day – one drink and they are naked on stage – literally. Through the doors of our model agency, we’ve had every conceivable type of Lady – from the most humble Ladies, to basically royalty. Everyone, wanting to express themselves the way nature intended. Young, old, large, small. The one thing that Ladies – it seems – have in common, is an interest in displaying their goodies. And why the hell not? It’s what they are there for, right?

It’s a kinda ‘love me for who I am’ and ‘proud to be who I am’ kinda thing. And I am happy to announce, that at Gaia, we have fans of every type of Lady too. For us, every Lady is beautiful. And every Lady deserves the opportunity to be appreciated for who she is. And the very naughty things she does.

(Us guys do this too, by the way. Go to any nudist beach on the planet, you’ll find people of every shape and size, expressing their true natures).

Pornography, used to be something naughty. That was part of the attraction, looking at sexy people was considered misbehaving (even though everyone did it and still does). These days, it’s the most common thing in the world to see a Lady taking 50 cocks in her vagina at once, unprotected. So then, what was once ‘naughty’ and risque, has quite clearly become mainstream. Where once a Lady could express her inner ‘wild side’ – now, getting caught up in every conceivable type of straight sex, is so very yawn. 50 cocks at once you say, Madam? Well that’s great but the next Lady, seems to think she can handle 52. So your 50 is a bit meh – and you are not quite plastic enough – thanks, but no thanks.

And people dying of HIV, left right and centre. Got to love that adult industry.

So then, for the Lady wishing to truly express her naughty side, what can you do? Get naked, alongside the other million naked girls in your town? Or, get rocking on those 53 cocks (and all the nice diseases that come with them) – and desperately hope that the next Lady doesn’t go for 54. Not really an attractive path.

That is why – in our opinion, the adventurous Lady will often turn to Gaia. In the petlove arena (while it struggles to exist) it is still possible to gain great notoriety. It’s possible to do things that are sincerely ‘naughty’, that you won’t see every other Lady performer in the world doing. It’s possible to find your own little niche in Petland, and really show the world what you are made of.

At Gaia, we usually insist on the hiding of identities – eyemasks, hiding tattoos, disguising venues etc. So, with Gaia it’s even possible to express yourself fully and deeply – without it affecting your day-to-day life. Many of our Models have jobs, families, lives outside of the Wild. All of those things would stand in the way of a Lady dabbling in mainstream erotica; with Gaia, not necessarily so.

Our masked Ladies, are like super-heroins; and Gaia, is a bit of an adventure, for some. We have good guys, and bad guys – monsters, treasure, and glory. Some folks prefer a life more ordinary – a quiet life. And so, working with Gaia is not attractive to everyone. But for the bold and brave, the wild at heart, the spirited Lady – Gaia and faunographgy, has it’s attractions. This much is clear, simply by looking at our past portfolio of Pet Heroins, and some of the amazing and wonderful stuff we have created together with them.

We do have some very wild times.

Now, wild excitement, is something to experience. Some Ladies, find that the swashbuckling lifestyle of petlove, is to their taste.

Still, not everyone prefers a life full of adventure and excitement, every single day. Rather, it’s something to experience for a little while – for a Lady to explore herself and her own boundaries. To display her goodies, to the world, in the naughtiest and wildest circumstances. To do all these things, and walk away unscathed.

Sometimes, a Model or Producer will part company with us due to a misunderstanding. Usually something to do with conduct. It’s OK, people can change.

Because if you hang out on other sites – you will be aware that it’s possible to be ‘scathed’ in this world. To be harassed and hassled by stalkers, weirdos – fans gone wrong. There are potential problems with authorities, with friends and family – yes, the path to pet adventure has it’s pitfalls. But then – if it was a path without dangers, it would not be an adventure, would it?

This path into (and out the other side of) adventure, we call ‘The Gauntlet’. We have had MANY Ladies run the gauntlet, with complete success. With haters hating, stalkers stalking, and every other obstacle – Ladies come, create their art – express themselves – then walk away, cool as a cucumber. Contented and successfully out the other side. Once out the other side, for many, Gaia is no longer needed. So, many Ladies, disappear back into their ‘straight’ life, and we don’t hear from them again. It’s just the way it is.

Probably the MOST common question we are asked, is ‘what happened to INSERT MODELNAME‘? We get asked this question almost daily – about Models we have not spoken to in over a decade. With that in mind, I thought it probably a good idea, to explain this idea of The Gauntlet to our Members.

Folks – it’s easy to see which Ladies we still work with; those Ladies are the Ladies still actively producing material.

Other Ladies, I would ask that you understand their path and motives, and respect and try to understand the why. No flower lasts forever, a flower is a brief moment of beauty in space and time. The same can be said of the media we release. Sometimes, a movie is only available for a few short days. Sometimes, a Model is with us a few weeks, months, years. And when she is gone, we should be happy at the time we got to spend with her. We should not be sad that she is no longer with us.

Don’t be a dork, and start trying to track her down etc – that’d make you a stalker, and nobody likes that. Set her free, and who knows – maybe one day, she’ll come back to us. It does happen.

Be happy that – despite everything – there are wonderful brave, adventurous women in this world still. And everyone reading this, should be helping our Ladies achieve their goals – to make it successfully and safely through The Gauntlet. This is, after all, why we have the special ‘Hero’ Kudos. Many of you get it, and I hope more of you will, over time.

And – as always – a big “hurrah!” to those wild and wonderful Pet Ladies. 🙂


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  2. 2 years ago

    The Gauntlet was well-written and informative thanks for sharing Adam good show!

  3. kokom 2 years ago

    good news

  4. Lovek9girls 2 years ago

    The gauntlet, this is a great article, well written. Thank you Adam for posting it. I have aften wondered about past models and this article has helped me let the wondering go and just appreciate the time we had them. Thanks Adam again for this insightful article.

  5. BallNandWyfeY 2 years ago

    Thankfull for the brave ladies that entertain us and pave a path for others to cum.

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