The Eden Project – including the name – has been on the to-do list since Zooskool. You can imagine my consternation, then, 5 minutes prior to pitching it officially – that this comes out. I’ll take that as a sign that it’s time.

We already experimented with this, back in Portugal. Unfortunately the billing ended, and we had not known many of you long enough to make this happen. Nor you, us.

There is a lot of information and experience that leads us to decided upon this new direction. I’ve been writing and rewriting this for weeks, it was becoming a sprawling thesis. I don’t think that’s necessary. Since this is aimed at Members who already understand, and who are already looking to make the step beyond watching movies, I’ll keep it to the main points.


We have been doing this for a while. With ZooSkool, KinkCafe, Gaia Gold – we released all kinds of lovely material with fabulous action. Different dogs, different animals, Ladies of ever size, shape, color, lovely Pet Ladies all.

However. There comes a point where much more of the same, is still just the same. Models can only get so beautiful. Action, can only get so hard. Video quality can only get so clear. Fair dos, some producers are messing around with 3D etc, we had considered it. Fact is, whether it’s 3D, or 8k quality or 800k quality – it’s still the same template we set out and have been doing for more than 15 years. Bedroom / backroom / girl / dog – you know the drill. We’ve been there, and quite thoroughly done that.

Media that we have not yet made – but would like to – can’t be made sneaking around the same way as is the norm for our genre.

We fancy a change, and I know some of you do too. It’s time for something different.


We are currently making preparations to set up a facility in Central Europe. Call it a ‘Gaia HQ’. We already have sponsors / investors for this project, and we are looking for others.

Since the first major censorship – the prohibition of payment facilities for a legal product in many jurisdictions – I have always contended that the only logical way to be free of internet censorship is to be free of the internet. To be in a position where the internet is simply one tool we use to promote our sexuality, as opposed to the be-all-and-end-all. Try as we might, you can’t build an stable foundation on quicksand. Pet love needs some roots, hence the Eden facility.

A stable community requires a stable financial base – whether that community be online or offline. Despite our best efforts and innovations, it has long been proven that the online sale of movies – and the internet environment itself – is entirely unpredictable. With all the censorship, surveillance, hacking, spying, stalking, doxing, filesharing – all the nasty things online Pet People have to put up with – can’t help wondering if the net is really a suitable foundation to drive this forward.

With Eden, properly run and funded, we will not be 100% reliant on movie sales, nor the internet as we currently use it, to further our cause.


Such a facility solves various petlove problems, that to date we have been unable to solve. For example:

  • A DISCRETE meeting venue for selected friends interested in experiencing petlove – in a SAFE and secure environment (both for you, and for us)
  • A learning facility, should you need a special someone trained the right way, or just to bring someone for the experience
  • A place where we can raise and care for a number of animals – initially dogs, eventually branching out to horses, boars etc
  • A dedicated studio where we can begin to produce material that isn’t just more of the same amateur template (doggy dungeon, oh yeah!)
  • A location to which we can invite / cater to Models recruited through our existing offline Pet Model recruitment system, plus other females wishing to visit and experience pet love
  • A means of funding the community, with involvement, private custom movies etc, in the event of further censorship, or a total web blackout of animal sex websites
  • A means of continuing the fun, in the event of the same

These solutions to petlove challenges are just the tip of the iceberg, Eden solves many others too.

Eden is our most ambitious project to date. It won’t happen overnight. But, can’t go backwards – and standing still is also uninspiring. You hardcore folks know us by now. We have hit you with outlandish ideas before, and made them happen. We have not let you down yet – we have the experience, the tenacity, the skills and resources to do this.


Think of Eden as a personal, private playground for a select and dedicated few; and the means by which we can support the many.

We have selected a suitable location in Central Europe, which should be accessible to most. There are some very lovely Ladies around that area.

As mentioned, we are already proceeding with this project. Further sponsorship will make things easier. We are looking for other serious, committed and reliable Patrons to help fund this project in a realistic manner, on a long-term basis. Sponsorship positions will be limited, we can’t have you folks crawling all over the place 🙂

Nothing is as yet set in stone. We are open to suggestions, I am sure some of you have quite specific requirements. We are open to discussion, negotiation. If you are interested in discussing opportunities, please contact Support in the first instance, and they will put you in contact with me. Contact me directly if you have my email. Serious potential Patrons only please.

I have put together a quick proposal document, you can download that below:



Thanks for reading.

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