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Far too few, far too few – the Lands where the Pet Girls live…


When awful darkness and silence reign
Over the great Gromboolian plain,
Through the long, long wintry nights;
When the angry breakers roar
As they beat on the rocky shore;
When Storm-clouds brood on the towering heights
Of the Hills of the Chankly Bore:


Art of Zoo - Chankly Bore


Then, through the vast and gloomy dark,
There moves what seems a fiery spark,
A lonely spark with silvery rays
Piercing the coal-black night,
A Meteor strange and bright:
Hither and thither the vision strays,
A single lurid light.


Art of Zoo - a Meteor?


Slowly it wanders, — pauses, — creeps,
Anon it sparkles, — flashes and leaps;
And ever as onward it gleaming goes
A light on the Bong-tree stems it throws.
And those who watch at that midnight hour
From Hall or Terrace, or lofty Tower,
Cry, as the light pass twig, and log,
“The Dog! — the Dog!
“The wandering Dog through the forest goes!
“The Dog! the Dog!
The Dog with a luminous Nose!


Art of Zoo - The Dog with the Luminous Nose


Long years ago
The Dog was happy and gay,
Till he fell in love with a Pet Girl
Who came to those shores one day.
For the Pet Girls came in a sieve, they did,
Landing at eve near the Zemmery Fidd
Where the Oblong Oysters grow,
And the rocks are smooth and gray.
And all the woods and the valleys rang
With the Chorus they daily and nightly sang,
Far too few, far too few,
Are the lands where the Pet Girls live
Their hearts are full, and their gardens moist
And they went to sea in a sieve.


Art of Zoo - The Sieve


Happily, happily passed those days!
While the cheerful Pet Girls staid;
They danced in circlets all night long,
Round that naughty Dog and his great big dong,
In moonlight, shine, or shade.
For day and night he was always there
By the side of his true Pet Girls so fair,
With their so-full hearts, and their gardens rare.
Till the morning came of that hateful day
When the Pet Girls sailed in their sieve away,
And the Dog was left on the cruel shore
Gazing — perhaps for Evermore?
Ever keeping his weary eyes on
That pea-green sail on the far horizon,
Singing the Pet Girl Chorus still
As he sat all day on the grassy hill,
Far too few, far too few,
Are the lands where the Pet Girls live;
Their hearts are full, their gardens moist
And they went to sea in a sieve.


Art of Zoo - The Pet Girls


But when the sun was low in the West,
The Dog arose and said;
— “What little sense I once possessed
Has quite gone out of my head!
And since that day he wanders still
By lake and forest, marsh and hill,
Singing — “O somewhere, in valley or plain
“Might I find my sweet Pet Girl again!
“For ever I’ll seek by lake and shore
“Till I find my true Pet Girl once more!”


Art of Zoo - The Search


His ruby pipe with silverish streaks,
Since then his pure Pet Girl he seeks,
And because by night he could not see,
He gathered the bark of the Twangum Tree
On the flowery plain that grows.
And he wove him a wondrous Nose,
A Nose as strange as a Nose could be!
Of vast proportions and painted red,
And tied with cords to the back of his head.
— In a hollow rounded space it ended
With a luminous Lamp within suspended,
All fenced about
With a bandage stout
To prevent the wind from blowing it out;
And with holes all round to send the light,
In gleaming rays on the dismal night.


Art of Zoo - The Nose Knows


And now each night, twixt twig and log,
O’er lonely plains still roams the Dog;
And above the wail of the Chimp and Snipe
You may glimpse a glimpse of his ruby pipe
While ever he seeks, but seeks in vain
To meet with his dream Pet Girl again;
Lonely and Wild — all night he goes,
The Dog with a luminous Nose!
And all who watch at the midnight hour,
From Hall or Terrace, or lofty Tower,
Cry, as they trace the Meteor bright,
Moving along through the dreary night,
“This is the hour when forth he goes,
“The Dog with a luminous Nose!
“Yonder — over the plain he goes;
“He goes!
“He goes;
The Dog with a luminous Nose!


(Adapted shamelessly from Mr. Edward Lear – The Dong with the Luminous Nose. Apologies Eddy 🙂



Art Of Zoo - I Survived


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  1. MartinReisa 1 week ago

    No sé por qué me hizo recordar unos versos del gran Walt Whitman:

    O the puzzle, the thrice-tied knot, the deep and dark pool, all untied and illumin’d!
    O to speed where there is space enough and air enough at last!
    To be absolv’d from previous ties and conventions, I from mine and you from yours!
    To find a new unthought-of nonchalance with the best of Nature!

    From the poem «One hour to madness and joy».
    Esta es la versión al español de uno que pasa sus horas en el Cementerio de los Reyes:

    ¡Oh, el enigma, el enigma triple, el estanque oscuro y profundo, desatados e iluminados!
    ¡Oh, volar a la región en la que hay por fin espacio y aire suficientes!
    Librarse de previas ataduras y convenciones, yo de las mías, tú de las tuyas,
    ¡Descubrir una nueva indolencia insospechada en lo mejor de la Naturaleza!

    Walt Whitman (1819-1892), Leaves of Grass. Traducción de Jorge Luis Borges.

  2. Basker15 3 weeks ago

    Well this was unexpected, yet not unwelcome either. A luminous smile was created.

    • Author
      Adam 3 weeks ago

      You know Basker, if you expect the unexpected – then when the unexpected happens, you are in fact expecting it apparently. Even so, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

  3. LadyX 3 weeks ago

    Beautiful piece of writing by Edward Lear.

    • LadyX 3 weeks ago

      But the adaptations was very beautiful and captured k9 and pet puss perfectly. Beautiful sensual writing and very pleasurable reading.

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