ArtOfZoo - The Canine Club Part 3 - animal sex with women


Cassy finishes checking through her paper, she had picked up and corrected most the grammatical and spelling errors although the content was rather weak and her arguments vague. It was obvious to Cassy that this work wasn’t up to her usual standard, but in her defence, she had been rather distracted with her new friend. Still, the paper was due and Cassy was sure she could survive one poor grade without much trouble, although a part of her wanted to take a few more hours to add a little more substance to the work before handing it in.

Cassy fidgets with the black leather dog collar around her neck, she’d taken to wearing it in the privacy of her own place, it was a gift from Amanda and Lucky, a silver tag with a pawprint and studs arranged to spell out slut. She loved the depravity of it, wearing something so bold to proclaim her newfound love for the four-legged friends. Cassy also loved that the collar smelled reminiscent of Lucky, the wonderful Golden Retriever that had popped her doggy cherry and converted her, with Amanda’s help, into a pet pussy.

It was the smell of the collar that ultimately helped Cassy make her decision to send the paper as it was, a few hours trying to improve her paper would be a few hours less she could be with Amanda or being mounted by Lucky. Giving the collar one final sniff before packing it into a bag with a few other necessities, Cassy gets her things together for what promised to be an unforgettable weekend with Amanda. Sending a quick text to let her host she was on her way, Cassy grab a cab over to Amanda’s while daydreaming about having Lucky all over her.

“Cassy, I’m so glad you were able to get here a little early,” Amanda says in a happy and slightly flirty tone as she opens the door, giving Cassy a big hug.

“Me too, I’ve been horny all day,” Cassy replies with a giggle, idly teasing her blonde hair.

“Well, that’s good because there’s a slight change of plan, which is just as well because I may have tired poor lucky out,” Amanda says with a giggle, pointing over to a very content dog, peacefully dozing on the bed with some suitably sticky and stained sheets.

“Oh, what’s the plan then?” Cassy asks, sounding a little disappointed that Lucky would be too tired to scratch the K9 itch in her pussy.

“Well I think it’s time I put you forward as a full member of the Canine club and it just so happens a spot has opened up for tonight’s initiations,” Amanda replies in a cheerful tone.

“Sounds awesome,” Cassy replies with a smile, after all, it was a fateful encounter at the canine club that had led Cassy to meet Amanda and be introduced to the wonderful world of having a four-legged lover. “So what do I need to in this initiation,” Cassy asks putting her bag down in the bedroom and gently stroking Lucky’s slumbering form.

“Follow my lead,” Amanda replies in a sultry and slightly cryptic tone.

“Can’t you tell me a little more than that?” Cassy asks

“Wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, but trust me, it’s nothing you wouldn’t already happily do and I have a feeling you’re going to love it,” Amanda adds in a reassuring tone before reaching into her wardrobe and fishing out a couple of dresses, holding one up to herself and the other over you. “Suitably sexy,” Amanda muses to herself before hanging the dresses up on the doorframe.

“So you really won’t tell me anything?” Cassy asks in a seductive tone, walking up behind Amanda and running her soft hands up and down Amanda’s arms, hoping to entice some more information from her friend.

“Afraid not, now put on some shoes and that dress and we can go as soon as I’m ready and you’ll find out soon enough what you’ll be doing,” Amanda replies after taking a few moments to enjoy Cassy’s attempt to persuade her.

It takes about 30 minutes for Amanda to get ready, taking her time to pick out the right boots and accessories to go with her outfit by the end of it, she looks like a glamorous, sexy and domineering woman. By comparison, Cassy looked more delicate and submissive in the dress Amanda had picked out for her, hugging her body and accentuating her frame without being too overtly sexual, which was strange by the usual standards of Amanda’s wardrobe.

The taxi ride to the club passes in relative silence, bar a little small talk, Amanda trying to avoid any conversations that might lead to Cassy asking about what she was in for. Thankfully it’s not a long drive and you arrive at the deserted building, no real surprise, given that you were easily a few hours before any clubs would even consider opening. Amanda leads Cassy around the back of a building where she buzzes an intercom.

“I’m here with my prospect and she’s eager to be initiated,” Amanda says in a soft tone, before flashing a smile at Cassy.

Without a reply, the door buzzes and Amanda leads the way into what Cassy assumes must be the staff entrance to the club. As Cassy is led through a few twisting corridors she can’t help but feel her heart begin to race and pussy start to moisten as a faintly familiar animal scent begins to fill the air. Any doubts that Amanda might have been lying about Cassy loving what her initiation would involve were quickly dismissed when she heard the unmistakable sound of paws of an excited dog skittering back and forth behind the door Amanda had led her to.

Before Amanda can even knock the door opens and a well-dressed man emerges through the small gap in the half-opened door. The man turns and faces the gap as the paws grow louder as the excited dog approaches.

“Now hold on Rufus, you’ll get to meet the lovely ladies in a moment,” The well-dressed man chuckles, giving the unseen dog a pat on the head before gently closing the door.

“Markus so glad you could fit me in,” Amanda announces leaning in and kissing Markus on both cheeks before giving him a big hug.

“Oh you know I can’t say now to you Amanda,” Marcus replies with a light tone and a hearty laugh “And who is this lovely lady you’ve brought with you,” Marcus continues, turning to your and giving Cassy a big smile as his grey eyes roam up and down her body unashamedly checking her out.

“This is Cassy,” Amanda introduces

“Ah your little pet project, if you’ll excuse the pun,” Markus replies flashing Cassy a wry smile.

“So are we all set up to start recording?” Amanda asks in a soft tone.

“Yeah, got everything set up just as you asked, so we’re ready when you are,” Markus replies gesturing to a door to the left of the one he had emerged from.

“Recording?” Cassy asks sounding a tiny bit nervous.

“You didn’t tell her, did you?” Markus asks, giving Amanda a knowing look.

“You know me, I’m purist, I love to see their first reactions on film,” Amanda replies with a wicked grin.

“Well mask up before you go in, I’ll be back here monitoring the camera’s and microphones and keeping Rufus from busting in, Lilly is already in there doing the last checks on the equipment and props,” Markus explains taking one long last appraising look at Cassy before smiling and carefully re-entering the room he came from.

Cassy looks up at Amanda, a sense of trepidation creeping in on her about her initiation being recorded, but when Cassy sees the smile on Amanda’s face and hears the muffled whines on her impatient four-legged partner. The fear and anxiety  Cassy was feeling soon melt away, replaced with the excitement of getting some nice doggy dick.

“So how do you want me to act in there?” Cassy asks with a nervous smile.

“Just act natural and play along,” Amanda says in a soft tone, chewing her lip in a sultry manner before adding “It might get a little rough in there, nothing too bad and honestly I think you’re gonna love it, but if at any point you feel overwhelmed and need a break, just say the word scarlet and we’ll stop,”

Cassy nods and puts on the black velvet mask Amanda pulls out of her bag, the mask is soft and fits Cassy’s face well, staying secured as she shakes her head to see how secure it would be when the fucking started. Amanda pulls out a second mask, made of the same material but in a rich crimson colour.

“Last chance to back out,” Amanda says softly, fixing her light grey eyes on Cassy a confident smile on her face already knowing what her partner’s answer would be.

“Not on your life,” Cassy replies with a giggle which was somewhere between flirtatious and nervous.

Amanda smiles and pulls Cassy in for a kiss, her soft lips pressing against the blonde’s, her tongue soon sliding into Cassy’s mouth, teasing and tickling the blonde’s tongue. “All right let’s go make a movie,” Amanda purrs after breaking the kiss, taking Cassy by the hand and leading her into the room where her initiation to the club would be filmed.

The room itself was brightly lit, various white reflective screens erected around the set, with numerous cameras and sound equipment pointing in different angles and heights to capture the full experience. Cassy saw the slender woman with short black hair, who must have been Lilly, attending to a contraption bolted to the floor. The petite woman was adjusting some straps to the strange furniture and checking some electronics that were secured beneath it.

Bent over as Lilly worked, both Cassy and Amanda get a nice view of Lilly’s shapely rear, the soft cheeks of her ass parting slightly to show off her sweet lower lips. Her outfit is made up of some sheer black stocking with a white lace apron, also sheer enough that it is almost transparent in places and completely bare on the back. A tiny frilly hat sat on her black hair with a soft black ribbon tied around her waist. and finally a white mask in the same style as Cassy and Amanda’s. The outfit did little to protect Lilly’s modesty, but Cassy had to admit that it was definitely enticing.

When she was done Lilly stood to her full petite height and turned to face Cassy and Amanda, the fair-skinned Asian flash a big smile as she sees Amanda her big brown eyes going wide as she rushes over and throws her arms around Amanda. “Amanda it’s been far too long,” Lilly says in a warm tone.

“How’s my favourite little cherry blossom,” Amanda giggles back, using her height and position in the embrace to reach around and give Lilly a big slap on her exposed ass.

“Glad to be back in town and very excited about filming with you,” Lilly replies with a big smile. “So gonna introduce me to your friend here?”

“Where are my manners, Lilly this is Cassy my newest prospect,” Amanda says softly.

“You always do find the most beautiful people to join our club,” Lilly replies before turning to face Cassy and throwing her arms around her and pulling her into a tight embrace. “Pleased to meet you, Cassy, I look forward to helping you with your initiation,”

“Thanks,” Cassy replies, blushing slightly from the compliment and surprised by just how excitable and energetic Lilly is.

“I think we can save any more introductions for later, If we leave poor Rufus waiting too long he’ll chew through the doors to get at Cassy,” Amanda says with a soft laugh.

“Well we’re all set to begin,” Lilly confirms with a big smile

“Alright, We’ll start recording once we have Cassy’s hands tied above her head over there,” Amanda says pointing out to some piper work on the wall.

From here there’s no more discussion or talking, Lilly leads Cassy over to the pipes and using some soft rope ties the blonde’s hands together and to the pipes so that her arms are lifted above her head. The position is thankfully not too uncomfortable, but Cassy is glad when she hears Amanda calls action and her initiation film begins.

“Well well well, what do we have here then?” Amanda announces in a cold and sensual tone.

“I caught this one trying to sneak into the club Mistress,” Lilly responds in a soft tone.

“Goods work my dear, Mistress will reward you later,” Amanda replies, stroking Lillys face gently with her hands and smiling, before turning and fixing Cassy with a colder and sterner tone. “So trying to sneak into our club? Why would you want to do that?” Amanda asks in a cold and menacing tone.

Amanda walks closer her grey eyes appraising Cassy as if it was her first time seeing her. “You know I think she’s some sort of spy, here to try and rob or blackmail us,”

“She definitely looked suspicious when I caught her Mistress,” Lilly agrees

“So is that it, are you hear to spy on us, try and blackmail us?” Amanda yells loudly

“Please I…,” Cassy begins to plead as Amanda begins to pace around her continuing to examine her.

“Silence, I didn’t say you could speak,” Amanda cries out, lifting up Cassy’s dress and slapping her hand across Cassy’s soft rear which makes her cry out in shock from the force. The slap while painful sends a ripple of excitement through Cassy also leaving a faint red imprint of Amanda’s hand on Cassy’s ass.

“Sorry,” Cassy apologises, earning a second hard spank on her ass from Amanda, which again sends a shockwave of excitement through Cassy’s body.

“Not yet you aren’t, but you can bet your sore ass you will be,” Amanda replies in a cold told. “Strip her,” Amanda commands to Lilly.

Lilly smiles and nods before moving up to Cassy and quickly untying the straps on her dress and unceremoniously tugging it down to the floor, revealing Cassy’s naked body. Amanda smiles and licks her lips as she slowly runs her hands over Cassy’s body in a slow and teasing manner.

“Mmmmmm well she has a very nice body,” Amanda comments looking Cassy in the eyes and bitting her bottoms lip in a sensual manner. “I look forward to using it to make you squeal,” Amanda adds, slowly moving one of her hands over Cassy’s boobs and caressing it. “Would you like that?”

“Yes,” Cassy whimpers softly.

“Mmmm I bet you would,” Amanda giggles, before spanking Cassy’s bare ass once more, making Cassy yelp and suck in air as she processes the sharp short pain followed by that sweet rush of pleasure.

“Do you think she’ll talk Mistress?” Lilly asks, her hands starting to rubs and caress Cassy’s body.

“Oh I’ll get her to talk, but let’s see what she has to say for herself first,” Amanda replies in a cool tone, teasing Cassy by moving her hand to strike her ass again, only to slow her hand and caress it instead. “Who are you?” Amanda asks.

“Cassandra,” Cassy whimpers softly.

“Good, but you address me, Mistress,” Amanda replies, giving Cassy ass another hard spank. “Now, Cassandra, what are you doing here?” Amanda asks, once more teasing her hand around the red imprints slowly fading on Cassy butt.

“I came here to find the club, to try and join,” Cassy says softly in a pleading tone. “Mistress,” Cassy quickly adds as she sees Amanda start to go to spanks her once more.

“Oh really?” Amanda asks in an intrigued tone. “Tell me what did you find on her when you caught her?” Amanda asks looking over to Lilly.

“Nothing much, make up a purse, cell phone, although there was a dog collar,” Lilly replies, holding up a plain leather dog collar with studs, not dissimilar to the one Amanda had gifted to Cassy.

“Is that so,” Amanda replies flashing a wicked grin to Cassy before turning to Lilly and giving her a big spank across her ass which causes her to let out a surprised yelp. “You forgot to address me as Mistress,” Amanda adds with a giggle.

“Sorry Mistress,” Lilly apologises

“So you sneak in, hoping to join our club?” Amanda asks in a curious tone.

“Yes, Mistress,” Cassy pleas

“So you love dog cock?”

“Yes, Mistress,”

“You like to get on all fours and mounted like the bitch you are?”

“Yes, Mistress,”

“Hmmm, do we believe her?” Amanda asks turning to face Lilly with a grin

“Well, she does appear to have some scratch marks on her legs, and back, Mistress,” Lilly replies pointing out some faint marks Lucky had left on Cassy only a few days ago.

Amanda moves around the back of Cassy kneeling down and prying her sort butt cheeks apart to reveal her soft wet folds. Amanda then moves her face between Cassy’s parted cheeks and breathes in deeply through her nose. “She’s soaking wet and smells like a breeding bitch,” Amanda comments slowly getting to her feet.

“Do you think she might be telling the truth, Mistress?” Lilly asks

“Well, there’s one easy way to find out,” Amanda replies with a sultry tone. “Although first, she needs to prove herself,”

“Please, I’ll do anything Mistress,” Cassy pleads adding just a touch of hope to her tone.

“Get her down onto her knees and on her back,” Amanda commands.

Standing back as Lilly gets to work untying Cassy and getting her lie down in a position where the cameras would have a good view. Amanda meanwhile wonders over to a table and pulls out a black marker pen and the dog collar Lilly had mentioned earlier. Amanda passes the marker pen to Lilly before kneeling down next to Cassy’s head and putting the collar around her neck.

“Now we’re going to put your love for dog cock claims to the test, but before we can do that we need to get you ready,” Amanda announces in a cold sexual tone. “If you do well and pass our little test, then we’ll know you’re innocent and perhaps if you behave we can let you join our special club,” Amanda continues.

“Oh please Mistress, that’s all I want,” Cassy replies in a tone verging on desperation, a credit to her time as a theatre geek at school.

“Well then, first things first, time for you to taste a real pet pussy,” Amanda replies with a wicked smile as she moves over Cassy’s head and begins to squat down. “If your eager to join you shouldn’t have any problems getting me off,” Cassy announces, pulling down her panties and tossing them to the side and nodding to Lilly to start her task of ‘decorating’ Cassy’s body.

From here on out Cassy was in her element, no more play-acting, no more spanking, although being truthful about it, Cassy had rather enjoyed being spanked. In front of her was Amanda’s dripping folds, who were no stranger to Cassy’s tongue, what made it even better was the knowledge that Amanda had been fucked by Lucky today, perhaps multiple times. This meant that Amanda’s delicious juices would be enriched with the tangy salty flavour of Lucky’s doggy spunk, which was making Cassy salivate in anticipation.

Amanda lowers herself down onto Cassy’s face, the blonde college girls tongue quickly probing and licking away, much to Amanda’s delight, the room quickly filling with the soft sounds of her moans of pleasure. Cassy happily licking and sucking at her friend’s folds, eagerly drinking every drop of her sweet juices, especially when she got a hint of Lucky’s cum in the mix.

Lilly meanwhile had taken the top of the marker pen and was slowly starting to draw on Cassy’s body, starting with two paw prints. Lilly then writes the word Slut for Dog Cock above Cassy’s breasts and the words ‘Insert Dog cock here’ on Cassy’s inner thighs with arrows point to both her pussy and asshole. Lilly then adds the words ‘Knot me deep’ and a drawing of a big swollen dog knot on Cassy’s pubic region.

While Lilly happily continues to cover Cassy’s body in degrading words and drawing of how much you love dog cock and cum, Cassy continues to expertly work Amanda with her tongue. Focusing her efforts between probing her tongue deep into Amanda’s folds in the hopes of hitting a fresh pocket of doggy spunk trapped deep inside of her and sucking and nibbling on Amanda’s clit. Needless to say, the task of getting Amanda off wasn’t going to be very difficult, given how loud Cassy was already making her moan only a few minutes into eating her pussy.

Eventually, Lilly begins to indulge in some slightly more depraved fantasies starting with ‘Breed me’ above Cassy’s pussy. This is quickly followed up by a drawing of an egg being fertilised by sperm with paw print heads and the words. ‘Put a puppy in me’ over Cassy’s stomach. The word’s ‘In Heat’ are added to Cassy’s body along with the words ‘Breeding Bitch’ and a few more paw prints until Lilly is satisfied that Cassy is suitably decorated.

“Oh fuck,” Amanda cries out, her legs tensing and shaking as Cassy’s tongue swiftly brings her to orgasm. A flood of juices combined with the remnants of Lucky’s dog cum flood into Cassy’s waiting mouth, which she happily swallows and drinks as much as she can.

Lilly walks over and helps Amanda to her feet, her legs still shaking from the intense orgasm Cassy had given her. Taking a moment to catch her breath Amanda studies Lilly’s handiwork, a big smile on her face when she sees just how creative she had gotten.

“I love the breeding stuff,” Amanda whispers in a breathless tone.

“I thought you might,” Lilly whispers back with a grin.

“We need to get some good angles of everything you’ve written,” Amanda begins taking another deep breath, her body twitching with a delicious aftershock of her orgasm. “Reckon you can walk her around a bit before she’s locked into the bench?” Amanda asks in a hushed tone.

“Shouldn’t be a problem, we’ll probably cut the walking and edit in a few stills from various angles,” Lilly replies.

“Alright, you do that and I’ll try and catch my breath and recompose myself for the main event,” Amanda replies taking another deep breath.

A few minutes later Cassy is being led to the odd contraption she couldn’t identify from earlier, although its purpose becomes very clear to her as Lilly helps her down into it. Each of Cassy’s limbs is attached to a leg of the bench with tight straps, her body is supported by a cushioned part of the bench with a strap to further restrict her movement. Finally, the bench has a padded area a bit like a collar which restricts how much Cassy can move her head specifically looking behind her. The effect of all if this depriving Cassy of most of her mobility, while leaving her legs wide enough and hips at the perfect angle for a dog to mount her.

Cassy tests the restraints finding them tight with just enough give in them to prevent it being too uncomfortable. The attempts cause a rattling sound which Amanda uses as her cue to get back into character and move onto the real initiation. Gesturing to Lilly to have Markus bring in Rufus, Amanda walks around to the front of the breeding bench, crouching down so she’s level with Cassy’s face.

“Well, you got to taste a real pet pussy, now let’s see how well you can really take a dog cock,” Amanda begins in a sultry tone. “How do you like the bench?” Amanda asks

“It’s a bit tight,” Cassy replies trying to move her limbs to demonstrate.

“Of course it is sweetie, wouldn’t want you squirming around and spooking our stud before he can tie and start pumping you full of his potent cum into that slutty pussy of yours,” Amanda replies with a wicked grin.

“Potent?” Cassy asks in mock surprise. She knew that it was impossible to get pregnant, but was curious where Amanda was going with this.

“Yup he’s going to pump your pussy full of billions of his little doggy sperms, would be a real shame if you were fertile right now,” Amanda begins, flashing Cassy an evil smile before making a show of breathing in deeply through her nose. “Oh dear, smells like someone’s in heat,” Amanda announces in a singsong fashion.

“So what if I am, a dog can’t get a human pregnant,” Cassy replies in confident tone with just enough doubt in it.

“Well, a dog’s sperm can fertilize a human,” Amanda counters with a wicked grin.

“Yeah but the biology doesn’t match,” Cassy replies, again adding just a hint of uncertainty in her voice to help sell the act.

“Normally,” Amanda replies walking around to a table and pulling out a prop syringe, filled with a luminous pink liquid and showing it to Cassy “but then it’s crazy what we can achieve with modern medicine,” Amanda continues toying with the prop. “So tell me, just how badly do you want into our club, how far would you be willing to go?” Amanda asks in that chilling yet sexy tone.

“Anything,” Cassy replies, her tone wavering slightly.

“Even let me stick you with this and take the risk of being the first woman to get pregnant with a litter of puppies?” Amanda asks an evil smile on her face.

“That can’t be real?” Cassy replies hesitantly.

“Then you shouldn’t have any problems with me giving you this shot then,” Amanda begins with that same wicked smile on her face. “No harm in it if you think there’s no risk and I’m offering you a chance to become a member of our club,” She continues.

“Fine, go ahead and do it,” Cassy replies.

Amanda lets out an excited giggle as she moves around behind Cassy, using one hand to spray a bit of the pink liquid, which is just hand soap out of the syringe. Puting the syringe next to Cassy’s butt, and using her other hand to obscure what she’s doing, Amanda pretends to inject Cassy with one hand and pinches Cassy ass to get her to react as if she had been injected.

“There we go, you should start feeling a bit warmer while it starts to work,” Amanda says with a giggle as she returns the prop to the table. “You know honestly I’m a little jealous, I’ve always had a hidden longing to carry the puppies of my doggy lovers,” Amanda giggles returning to face Cassy.

By this point, the door opens the sound of excited paws on the floor as Rufus is finally allowed in, Markus doing his best to keep the horny and excited German Sheppard under control. At the sounds alone Cassy can feel herself getting wetter, eager to feel some big dog dick filling her hungry pussy.

“Well looks like it’s almost time for the main event, nervous?” Amanda whispers to Cassy, breaking character for the moment.

“A little, how big is he compared to Lucky?” Cassy whispers back

“Bigger, but nothing you need to worry about,” Amanda replies softly, glancing up and seeing Rufus practically dragging Markus to get to Cassy.

“Any other surprises?” Cassy whispers.

“Just one, and you might not like it,” Amanda warns

“What is it?” Cassy asks.

“Ok before we kick things off and get down to the fun stuff, we’re going to need some insurance,” Amanda replies in a low tone.

Before Cassy can ask what Amanda means, Amanda had already, in one swift motion removed Cassy’s mask leaving her exposed in front of all the camera’s. “There we go, now if you could look into that camera and tell us your name and what you’re about to do to join our club,” Amanda says clearly, standing aside and gesturing to the camera.

Cassy hesitates for a few moments still shocked about being unmasked by Amanda but then hearing Rufus’ panting reignites that yearning to be filled. “I’m Cassandra, I wanna join the canine club so I’m about to be knotted and bred by Rufus,” Cassy says clearly looking right into the camera in front of her with a big smile on her face.

“Well, you heard the lady Rufus,” Amanda giggles stepping back out of the way of the cameras as Markus lets Rufus free.

The moment Rufus is let go, he makes a beeline for Cassy’s exposed pussy, pressing his muzzle into the soaking wet folds, giving it a quick sniff before starting to lick away. Cassy begins to moan and groan in delight, the sounds of Rufus’ long tongue lapping away at her juicy pussy, coupled with Cassy’s breath deep moans of please was an audio treat for Lilly, Markus and Amanda. They could of all happily sat back and watched Rufus’ go to town on Cassy’s pussy, at least until they were all too horny to simply just watch, but Rufus’ had other ideas.

In on quick movement, the Rufus mounts Cassy, his hips begin thrusting away cock already poking out of his sheath. Thanks to the positioning the breeding bench forced Cassy to maintain Rufus only has a few near misses before he manages to sink his cock into Cassy’s sex. Cassy howls in delight as she feels the hot cock slip between her folds, her fingers digging into the floor as she feels Rufus pound away. Rufus was slightly bigger than Lucky, his frantic pace was driving Cassy wild as Rufus hit her in spots she didn’t know she even had. Although Cassy real surprise came when Rufus finally knotted her.

Thanks to the breeding bench Cassy’s hips and body were at the perfect angle to keep Rufus nice and deep, which meant he had no issues tying with Cassy. Cassy started to feel that sweet bulb swell and grow, although it felt deeper than normal, not that she was in any position to do anything but lie forward and howl in pleasure. The wet sloppy sounds of Rufus pounding away at Cassy, as she moans and groaned in delight filling the room like a sweet symphony.

Cassy could feel that sweet knot growing and growing, she knew that soon the immense pleasure of Rufus’ wild and frantic thrusting would come to an end. It would be replaced by a new pleasure, the feeling of being completely filled with a big hard dog cock, pulsing and twitching away as Rufus pumps vast amounts of his hot doggy cum into her pussy. Both feelings are incredible but for different reasons, although Rufus being a generous doggy lover manages to eke out an orgasm from Cassy before tying with her and cumming.

Cassy begins to cry out, her limbs twitching against their restraints as Rufus fucks her through her orgasm, her pussy spraying around Rufus’ cock and knot. Cassy’s juices start leaking down her legs and onto the bench and floor creating a small puddle beneath her. Rufus doesn’t even slow down from this, Cassy’s juices providing more than enough lubrication for him to continue to thrust wildly if anything his knot seems to slip a tiny bit deeper and past Cassy’s pelvic floor muscles, the tip of his cock pressing into Cassy’s twitching cervix.

Not long after Cassy comes down from her orgasm Rufus’ knot had swollen to its full impressive size, leaving Cassy feeling incredibly full as it dog cock begins to twitch and throb. With Rufus being tied as deep as he was, Cassy felt herself flexing in response to each sweet throb of his cock. His Doggy cum slowly but surely filling her womb, each throb followed by the heat of Rufus’ cum was sending a ripple of pleasure through Cassy’s body.

Time slowly becomes a blur to Cassy, her mind tuning out everything bar the feeling of Rufus on top of her and his cock stretching her wide and pumping her full of cum. Both Amanda and Lilly try asking Cassy some questions about how good it felt, or if she could feel Rufus cumming in her. Yet all Cassy can do is murmur incoherently as pleasure floods her mind. It was this stage of being deeply tied with a doggy lover that Cassy loved the most, and also made her wish she wasn’t tied down. If she could have moved she would have been holding onto Rufus and nuzzling his head as she basks in the pleasure he was giving her.

Soon Rufus begins to shift and with her arms being restrained all Cassy can do is moan and groan as Rufus’ knot pulls against Cassy. Although Amanda does manage to help Rufus to turn so that he was in a more natural position to continue to flood Cassy’s pussy full of his Doggy cum, which was now starting to run out of space to fill. Small droplets of Rufus’ cum starts leaking from the tight seal of Cassy’s pussy although even now Rufus’ knot was too large to even attempt to pop free.

Delicious minutes continue to pass, Amanda and Lilly watching on in a mixture of awe and jealously as Cassy drools and mewls in delight, too exhausted from being overwhelmed by pleasure to do much else.

“Holy shit he must have gotten really deep in her,” Lilly says shaking her head, “How long has it been?” She asks looking to Amanda.

“About 20 minutes I think,” Amanda replies watching her new friends pant almost as much as Rufus was.

“Safe to say she’s passed her initiation,” Markus muses

“That’s for sure, her tapes going to be a keeper,” Amanda replies with a smile.

Eventually from a mixture of Cassy’s juices and the excess doggy spunk leaking from anywhere it could, Rufus’ knot starts to finally resist the vice grip of Cassy’s pussy. It starts with some squelching as air and cum starts to leak as the knot begins to finally slip free, Cassy groaning in a mixture of pleasure and pain as the vast bulb tugs on her insides. Unable to do anything and held in place by the bench, Cassy claws at the floor beneath her as Rufus continues to tug and pull, until some minutes later with an audible pop his knot finally pops free. Followed by a fountain of thick doggy cum.

Amanda walks closer as Rufus licks his cock, taking the moment to examine her friends pussy and how it gaped and cum trickled out. “Well, I’d call this one successfully bred bitch,” Amanda says slipping back into character for the last time, playfully slapping Cassy’s ass. Rufus taking this as a sign moves his face in and start licking Cassy’s pussy clean, trigger yet another orgasm from her tired and quivering body.

Amanda had promised Cassy an unforgettable weekend and so far it was definitely living up to the hype.

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  1. Tonkatoy14 4 months ago

    Great story, is there going to be anymore chapters

  2. ozzie 7 months ago

    Muy buen relato, bien descrito y consigue el objetivo de cautivar al lector, sólo le faltan unas imágenes de los accesorios utilizados para recrear la imaginación. Saludos

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