ArtOfZoo - My Story The Cabin in the Wood Part 3 - sex with dog


So, I told you about Max and Red and bitch #1 #2 and the other male dogs that was all around 24-7 and that was ok after a long time of learning how to deal with everyone! Everyone had their own way of life!

Red never went on any hunts I never did either, so we were left to eat whatever was left but could not wait. You had to get into it before it was all gone, so that’s that. Now I need to talk about something – the Max thing. He liked to fuck. After a little time, I told you how I was mad, him thinking he was fucking me but not!

One day I was fucking Red and the next thing I now I was mounted. It was Max, and he had started fucking me. I had my cock inside Red and Max had his cock in my ass, but something was different this time. It didn’t hurt this time, and it felt good. I never thought that would be. His cock got harder and I grabbed it so the knot would not go into my ass. I was not ready for that, but it made me cum so fucking hard I thought I was going to pass out! Red could tell something was different also! I felt like my cock got harder. I liked to get fucked also. Who would of thought of that. It didn’t happen all the time but enough!

So now I’m getting fucked Red’s getting fucked. Everyone seems to be getting fucked! Dogs love to hunt, eat, fuck, and lick you clean. Now just about every night now Max comes to me and fuck’s me, and it feels so good!  I will start him off. I’ll take his cock and rub it till I can get it a little hard then I slowly push it out to where I can start to suck on it. As he lets me suck his cock one of the others usually starts to lick on me around my ass hole up my balls to the head of my cock and it gets me into sucking Max’s cock even more!  I am so into it I can’t stop till he cums all in my mouth, then as he is still hard, I let him fuck me till I cum! Damn it! It feels soo damn good!

Now that’s happening all the time, and now the bitch is in heat and the fight is on! I fuck her. She is mine, I tell them. All the bitches are mine! I am the head of this pack! But it never fails. One of the other male dogs got knotted with her. I guess that’s a good thing. We need to make our pack larger! Now I’m fucking, they are fucking, we all are fucking! Have you ever had 2 male dogs fucking you and a bitch riding your cock at the same time? Well I was fucking bitch #2 and Max was in my ass and another male dog in my mouth! It was great! The bitch was licking on my ass as Max was fucking me also. What a day that was. It seemed like everyone wanted to cum that day!

Now I have Max in my ass getting harder and harder with every hum in my ass. Now he is cumming in my ass! Oh – the feeling! He just cums and cums! I can feel my ass fill up with his cum. His knot in my ass! The pulsating of his cock in my ass, and now the other dog is cumming in my mouth! Holy fuck I am a dog sandwich! Getting filled with cum on booth side’s and then as Max pull’s his cock out of my ass I feel like I came so hard! The feeling of that cum from my asshole, and bitch 2 licking at it also made he Explode with cum! Coming out of every hole! My asshole, my mouth and my rock-hard cock!

The very next night, it was darker than ever, and I felt something next to my half hard cock. I grabbed hold of the dog and put my cock into it, and as I was fucking it felt odd – just not right! That’s when I could tell it was one of the male dogs I was fucking in the ass and he kept pushing back at me. I fucked him and jacked him off as I fucked him. And when he came his asshole got so tight. Wow it was good! Now we have male dogs also! God, I never wanted to leave this place!

Max’s cock was so good. I loved to suck his cock! He would just let me any time I wanted to, and that was good because I got liked sucking him off! He would cum in my mouth and fill me up with his hot juices. And if I ever got messy it would be all cleaned up! I got licked so much that I never got hair around my balls they kept me clean. Max didn’t like to fuck me any longer. I don’t know why, but that was ok. I had my pick of any dog.

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