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“You just need to spread those sexy legs of yours and play with your pussy in front of my face until your cunt is nice and wet for me to lick,” Tristan ordered Brooke.

The adventurous couple is at the farm of Jose, a man they met on a sex website. Jose was a big man, over six-foot-tall pushing 300 pounds if not more. The three of them are in Jose’s barn and while Brooke is grinding her pussy on Tristan, Jose comes in wearing all black with a black leather bondage hood with holes for the eyes and nose and a zipper for the mouth.

Jose takes a rope and wraps it around Brooke’s wrist several times, cinching it tight, then slings it over the loft beam and ties it off on one of the wooden pulls so that Brooke’s arms are stretched above her head.

Feeling the rope against her skin and knowing she is unable to break free makes Brooke’s pussy even wetter and Tristan goes right in sliding his tongue as deep as he can. She responds by grinding her pussy on his mouth and reaching a body-shaking orgasm.

Jose returns with a long chrome spreader bar he attaches to Brooke’s ankles to spread her silky legs. Tristan continues eating Brooke’s pussy while Jose gives the rope some slack, allowing Brooke to lean forward. Jose ties the rope again making her stay in that position. He walks over to Brooke, bent over, ass sticking out and Tristan between her legs sucking on her clit and begins flogging her ass with a riding crop.

The immediate sting of the leather hitting Brooke’s sexy ass makes her moan. Moreover, it makes her cunt drip her hot juices into Tristan’s mouth. Jose doesn’t let up with his flogging. Several times the leather comes down on Brooke’s white ass until it is glowing red hot. Only Tristan can tell Jose when enough is enough and Brooke has to take it until that moment.

Feeling leather hit her skin makes Brooke squirm and cum in Tristan’s mouth. He raises up and takes a look at her ass. He is surprised at how red it is, then holds up three fingers to Jose for three more. The final of the three is a hard one, so hard that it brings a tear to Brooke’s eyes.

“I can see you trying to hold back the tears in your eyes, but your pussy tells me you love it by how wet you are,” Tristan tells Brooke as he pulls on Brooke’s nipples and kisses her hard. She bites his lip, sending a shiver down his spine.

Brooke waits…. but there’s only silence. She calls Tristan’s name…but there’s only silence…She waits some more with nervous excitement.

Then she hears it, off in the distance, the slow clip-clop, clip-clop of a horse being led toward the barn. Jose talks softly to the horse to keep him calm as they get closer to Brooke. Then, she can feel the horse’s breath on her back. She can smell him in the air. Brooke’s pussy starts to drip with eagerness.

Tristan stands in front of Brooke, just staring at her beauty. Then he whispers in her ear, “do you want it?”

“Yes, Daddy, please,” she begs, but Tristan doesn’t think Brooke wants it bad enough.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want that horse cock Daddy, please let me have it. I’ve been a good girl.”

Then there is silence again, except for the horse whinnying and stomping of his hooves on the concrete barn floor.

Then she feels it. The enormous weight of the great beast on her back and his front legs straddling her sides. Brooke lets out a groan when she feels the weight hit her. Time seems to stand still and then she felt it. That thick horse cock ramming deep in her soaked pussy. All 18 inches slide in her cunt and she can feel the tip of his flare hit her stomach. The force of his cock nearly knocks Brooke off her feet, but Tristan holds her steady. “You’re doing great baby, you’re taking him,” he tells you.

Brooke grunts as that huge horse cock goes back and forth in her cunt, stretching her pussy further than it’s ever been stretched before. The pain hurts, but it’s glorious. Brooke’s tits sway with every thrust the horse gives her, fucking her harder than any man could.

“Oh Daddy, he’s fucking me. I am getting that horse cock,” she says. “Fuck me, baby, give me that big horse dick, give it to me hard.”

“You’re a horse whore now,” Tristan tells Brooke. With a few more big thrusts, where all thick 18 inches go inside her pussy, the big stallion rests, holding his cock buried deep in Brooke’s soaked pussy. She feels the hard blasts of thick cum hitting her pussy walls. He cums so much, it’s almost like she can taste it. There is so much cum, it runs out of her swollen pussy and down her thighs to the dirty barn floor.

The beautiful horse’s cock goes limp and falls out of Brooke’s stretched cunt and when it does a gush of horse cum, mixed with her cum, rushes out of her pussy splashing to the floor, making a cum puddle.

The horse walks off with Jose and Tristan goes behind Brooke. He shoves his hard cock in her ass. Still stinging from the flogging. Watching the horse cum continue to dribble out of her pussy, it doesn’t take Tristan long to give Brooke his cum, especially when she talks dirty to him. Then Brooke feels it, Tristan’s white-hot cum in her ass. Tristan pulls his cock from her ass to watch the cum mix with the horse and Brooke’s cum running down her thighs.

Tristan unties Brooke’s ropes and pulls off her blindfold. She smiles at him with tears of happiness and pain in her eyes. Brooke kisses Tristan and tells him “thank you” falling into his arms exhausted. Tristan picks Brooke up and carries her to the farmhouse where she sleeps until morning.

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  1. Animaldom62 4 weeks ago

    Das finde ich, m, 59, … (auf der realen Suche nach einer jungen, insbesondere auch einer realen K9 interessierten, insbesondere auch eine als BDSM “DEVOTE” benutzbare Frau, als SUB, zwischen 18 bis 40 Jahre alt
    , in Deutschland (Bremen * Oldenburg * Wilhelmshaven) … alles sehr geil und anregend …

  2. nik903 1 month ago

    Много е горещо.Но ще е още по горещо ако съм на нейното място.
    Ако някой ме поканят бих се отзовал.

  3. Lucyvsub 1 month ago

    I want to play with someone’s horse please! SoCal.

  4. herfstbok 2 months ago

    Kreeg van lezen een stijve geweldig

  5. bimaleslave 2 months ago

    i love the picture and the story. I would love to be her. i also want to lick her creampie.

  6. Dogcum69 3 months ago

    Fantastic story

  7. 3 months ago

    You’re welcome 😊

  8. Author
    stardog 3 months ago

    Thank you @honeypot1for posting my story. xoxo

  9. LadyX 3 months ago

    As a lady with BDSM fetishes at heart. I love the difference kinks you added from basic fetish clothing to rope bondage as a rigger and even d/s style relationship and of course I cant miss out on knotting.

    Ohh, it got me hot and make me start thinking all type of kinky ways like hucow 😁

    Love it and yummy setting.

    Great reading 💋💋💋💋

    Lady X💋

    • Author
      stardog 3 months ago

      I am pretty sure, out minds think a like. Thanks for the kind words. xo

  10. 3 months ago

    So hot!

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