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What the fuck?! Summer is not supposed to be this dull and boring. Hanging out at my uncle’s garage was my mom’s favorite method of free childcare. My uncle was a pretty nice guy for the most part. He had shoulder length dirty blonde hair and a serious case of scruff going. Pretty stout build for an older guy, probably from years of mechanic work. The garage always had a smell of mildew mixed with oil, grease, and antifreeze and the pungent odor of new tire rubber. I hated this place for the most part. However, there was one bright spark of light there – Deuce.

Deuce was my uncle’s dog that lived at the garage. He too kinda smelled like grease and oil from laying on the pavement around the garage. He was a large Doberman with a grayish colored coat. He was like your typical junkyard dog, if he didn’t know you, he could tear you to pieces if you invade his space without my uncle present. Which is typical of junkyard dog. He was missing his right front leg from an accident when he was a pup. It never stopped him from anything. Dogs adapt very well.

One exceptionally hot day I asked my uncle if I could go down to the store for a soda and back. He said that I was only 14 and I had to take Deuce with me because it was a rough neighborhood. I said ok and he handed me his leash. The store was just shy of a mile from the garage and you had to cut through the woods near the end of the walk. Deuce was very good on his leash, he didn’t pull or become distracted by anything. He stayed right by my side. This became a daily ritual of ours and soon my uncle would just send us for drinks or smokes or anything he needed.

One day while cutting through the woods I decided to take a detour deeper into the woods because the trees were dense shade was cooler, and it was quite hot that day. Deuce followed with no arguments and we sat down in the dark cool shade way off of the path. Deuce sat facing me and I noticed his cock was protruding out of his sheath. I don’t know why or what but something began to stir in my soul. It looked so good to me. I wondered what it looked like when it was full on. I’ve never had the pleasure of knowing an animal on this level. I reached down under his belly and gently wrapped my hand around his cock. It was warm and it seemed hard. Deuce didn’t seem to mind me caressing his junk. He stood up and he started rubbing my neck with the side of his large head as if to say, “get closer”. Again I was young and inexperienced in the signals of love and sex for humans never mind dogs. But I soon got a crash course.

I moved closer to get a better angle and to change my grip and when I did, Deuce took advantage of the moment whipping around me and using his one front leg on the side of my neck to pivot around. He started humping my ass, trying to break through my shorts. Now, in summer I never wore underwear because it was just too hot. I knew what was happening since I had seen human porn but had no idea what I was in for. I pulled down my shorts before I took the time to think about what I was doing, it just felt right. Deuce jabbed a few times looking for the spot. I was gyrating my ass to try to help him. My cock was rock hard by now, sweat poured off of me. And then Deuce hit his mark.

Maybe it was the excitement or the eroticism of what we were doing, but it really didn’t hurt that bad. Deuce was rocking side to side as he viciously humped and tried to maintain his balance, as if it had been years since he had knotted a bitch. I could feel the knot growing inside me and the hot cum spraying deep. His cock was so huge. It felt like someone had shoved a grapefruit up my chute. I was his bitch now and forever. It was incredible. I came so hard without even touching my cock. As he slowed down and relaxed, he slid off my left side and laid down behind me. We were tied, and for a while it seemed. When he was finally able to pull out, I saw him in all his glory. His cock had to be 9 inches long and his knot was the size of a fully grown orange. My whole body shook as the cum ran out of me as I blasted another huge load into the moss and leaves. Deuce walked over and licked me clean.

We went back to the garage and Deuce laid down for a well-earned rest. My mom picked me up shortly after. It wasn’t every day after, but close. I loved our trips to the store, and our little detours. Summer came to a close and school started. I didn’t get to see Deuce very much and eventually we moved out of state. There have been many more dogs since, but that’s for another time. And I will never forget the one that changed me forever. Love you always Deuce. Thank you for everything.

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  1. Lucek 6 months ago

    Dobra opowieść sam bym chciał przeżyć taką historie

  2. fox222 6 months ago

    شي جميل جدا

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