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I was recently delighted to receive our first hatemail in a while. We used to get loads of hatemail, then it kinda petered out, and I often wondered where those types had gone. There can’t be less of them now than there were 15 years ago. I’d kinda thought perhaps A. they had been distracted by various other political shit, B. had accepted that animal love had now become part of life’s rich tapestry, or C. got into it and clocking wood at a rate of knots.

So out of the blue, it was most encouraging to receive a feedback along the lines of us being ‘the worst people on the planet, degenerate, should be burned on a cross’ etc. I like to picture said chap, hitting our domain, soaking it in some, to the point he is red in the face and hard in the trousers, troubled and confused enough to feel the need to express his angst. Because what we had there, was a chap who sincerely believed that us petfolks were the cause of the worlds problems; whilst persons who skip to burning people on crosses when they don’t like something, are not. So ultimately, when wrong types are getting upset, it’s reassuring to know we are on track. So all good.

With that in mind, I thought I would resurrect one of the old Zooskool articles. Because some of you new folks might have question, and this might help.



Wrong and right is a subjective matter you will need to be more specific.


Firstly, thank you for taking it upon yourself to be spokesperson for Nature. However I do expect Nature can rather speak for herself. Natural is generally considered that which occurs in the universe without the involvement of humankind. If the issue here is what is natural, and what isn’t – you are reading this on an unnatural computer screen, probably sitting on an unnatural chair. You drive an unnatural car, wear unnatural clothing. Ergo it would appear that you do not take issue with what is considered unnatural, otherwise you would be running around the wilderness, naked.

Should you take a moment to research, you will discover that interspecies relationships are not only common, but instead form the very fabric of life on this planet. There are plenty of good documentaries about it, here’s one:

There are myriad examples of animals interbreeding – some successfully, others unsuccessfully. All, without any involvement from mankind whatsoever. So I suggest to you, that what we do here, is considerably more natural than whatever man-made nonsense you’ve pulled out of any given man-made book.


A common misconception is that HIV and AIDS came about as a result of people having sex with animals. This is an urban legend, there is no evidence or proof of any of this. There is, however, plenty of proof that HIV is man made, and you can learn about that here if you are interested.

Aside from the obvious serious diseases such as rabies – and nobody here is in a hurry to party with a rabid dog – there are really no known diseases or problems that can be transferred sexually from a dog to a human. None that could not be caught by simply petting a dog. Some people have allergies, that is not a sex thing that is a dog thing.

Compare that, to the almost infinite array of dangerous life threatening diseases that can be caught from intercourse with a person, I’d say what we do here is borderline surgical in it’s cleanliness.


Your hair is disgusting.


God is an active Member of this site, and is loving it. Relax and join the fun why don’t you.

By the way, God says if he didn’t want people to engage in bestiality he wouldn’t have created bestiality.


In the broader, animal-maiming sense of bestiality, yes you are correct. But bestiality is your word, not ours. Bestial is an adjective intended to describe anything heinous and repugnant. Such as, religious groups delivering genocide upon those that do not concur with their beliefs.

I do not know what kind of vaginas you have experienced, that would lead you to conclude that vagina equals cruelty. I don’t know, but I can imagine. For the rest of us virile males, we tend to find the vagina a most pleasant and worthwhile endeavor.


Rape, is rather something an entity is subjected to. Even the hard of thinking should comprehend, that it cannot possibly be rape if you are the one doing the fucking.

First off, if a guy is not interested, he won’t get hard. He won’t get horny enough to start slamming into something or someone else. Can you genuinely picture a guy, hard as a rock, sweating panting and pumping, whilst whining ‘oh the horror’. No, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I have traveled around the world, and had sex with a good number of Ladies who do not speak one word of English. We adjourn to the boudoir, she gets undressed and shit happens. At no point is she verbally saying ‘I consent to this’. 80% of language is non verbal – consent is rather implied by the behavior of your partner. If they are screaming and trying to climb out the window, the message is quite clear there, also. Not verbally communicating consent in a language you understand – is this rape? No it isn’t. A dog is quite happy to show you he is not interested – either by not getting involved, or by taking a chunk out of you.


Every TV show or movie featuring animals, every guide dog or police dog facility – most every farm, most every restaurant – every tanner, every hunter, every single person who owns a pet – all are exploiting animals. Exploiting things is what people do.

However, our dogs are working dogs, and enjoy their work very much. They are well cared for, and have lots of fun. So they are exploiting us too. It’s what pets do.


Realistically, if we were any kind of Social Justice fan group and you said shit like that, there would be a riot. We are over here having a good time, nobody getting hurt – we’re not out protesting about this or demanding rights. Nobody is forcing you to look at it or give it any mind.

To some extent – if you are against animal cruelty, then actually we are on the same page. Read our Ethical Policy. There are those out there, raping, abusing and hurting animals. There are men out there raping and abusing women too, but you don’t ban all sex because a few are being assholes. We love animals too, and do not endorse or condone anything that causes suffering to animals. There are corporations out there doing horrific experiments on animals, corporations exploiting the planet and wiping out endangered species. There are animal shelters in every town, and us and some of our members do what we can to help. In short, if doing the right thing and preventing cruelty to animals is important to you, there are a myriad better ways your time could be spent.

Just keep in mind, throughout recorded history, and even today, a huge number of people were and are tortured barbarically and killed, at the hands of people who don’t like what they don’t understand. We don’t think too highly of those barbaric types today. We don’t suppose you would want to be those types, when future generations look back at you.


Hopefully, for some of you, that might help you to get a better perspective about your interests and passions. I don’t recommend trotting any of this out in casual conversation at your local, it’s more to set your mind at ease. If I’ve missed out any of the usual criticisms about pet love, or there is anything to add, please drop a comment at the bottom thanks.

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  1. sXaBeast 11 months ago

    Haha thats funny.

    Some interspecies sex can lead to fertile offspring like coy/dog/wolf or cow buffalo, tion or liger. Others to infertile like a mule or jenny from horse and donkey. Bc the offspring has a hybrid# of chromosomes.

    Some species lost the male sex and do pathogenesis; virgin birth of clones of the mother. Some of these species require sex with another species to stimulate that pathogenesis.

    How many of you know dog semen can survive for days in the reproductive tract of a human female?

    How many know that though female humans can’t bear puppies, theire eggs are fertilized by the dog semen?

    They then die from chromosomal mismatch….:(

  2. Kamawolf 1 year ago

    This is a very well written and educated article. I’ve never been involved in the act but have been curious and this post gives me confidence to try it

  3. xiangni 1 year ago


  4. peachyknott 1 year ago

    Hatemail comes with the territory I’m afraid 🙁 Though it really does make me wonder why people would find a site such as this… to only send aggressive messages. People have some really serious denial and self-hatred centered around their kinks, huh?

  5. 1 year ago

    S.654 – PACT Act
    Look it up. An upcoming bill in the US which will make all of this a federal felony in every state. Arguing against an individual is easy. Try arguing against the US government.

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      Man, it’s all wildly illegal in a large chunk of the planet that does not appear to be slowing folks down 🙂 Also, that is an animal crush video legislation, we don’t do that here, and approve of that legislation entirely.

  6. ilikealotm 1 year ago

    Nice Post @Adam.
    Life had been pretty good, but I was recently reminded there are haters out there. They do and will lie to us and about us that’s for sure. They don’t know us, so how could they know the truth?
    My most recent hater was praised by fellow member of their hate group/blog for spewing lies.

    No Hate here, I know the truth, I’m just waiting for More people to see and realize the majority of us are Normal and loving people not hurting anyone or anything. We love and enjoy being loved in return.
    Maybe it’s their own Lack of love and being loved that makes the HATES, hate us So. ?

    Be safe and play smart. Remember >Someone with a Zero Trust level and Empty profile is not necessarily someone I think you should trust.

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      People love to hate man, you met people before right? 😉 No matter what you do, you will have an infinite variety of reactions to it, some of which will be hate. Knowing that, and knowing that hate generally doesn’t do anything other than hate, the sensible thing to do is not go out there reading the hate. I don’t, I haven’t got a clue what shit they chat and I’m not interested. And unbeknownst to the haters – any chat about us only serves to push more people our way. I would hope most of us have learned to mentally filter out the ‘I’m an African Prince with 8 million for you’ emails by now. Just do the same with haters. Ignore it, don’t read it – them writing shit that upsets you is the only power they have and if u get upset, they win. If you don’t even read it, they have achieved nothing other than wasting their time. If they were going to do anything, they would have done it already. Talk is cheap, any 11 year old can talk shit and make up shit, it’s nothing to get upset over or affect your life in any way.

  7. Darnwell 1 year ago

    Hi Adam, I do agree with almost all your answers, but concerning diseases – how about toxoplasmosis? That could be transmitted I am afraid.

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      Hi Darnwell, you are right but don’t forget I am talking about sexually transmitted diseases. You could catch toxoplasmosis from petting a dog or it licking your hand. So again, that is a dog thing, not a dog sex thing. Also to anyone thinking toxoplasmosis sounds scary, the most common way to get it is eating unwashed fruit or undercooked meat. In all these years and thousands of petlovers I never heard of anyone getting this anyway.

      • Darnwell 1 year ago

        Hi Adam, you are right of course. Thanks for answer. It is my wifes main objection, you know 😉

  8. canius 1 year ago

    I’m glad we can rationally talk about this. OUT THERE its s done deal.. its evil you are a sick person goodbye.. That just doesnt make logical sense to me that th his is 100% wrong

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      People don’t use logic to decide what they hate, they just hate what they are told to, sadly.

  9. greenice 1 year ago

    what about the legal issues, like in most countries its plain illegal to do.

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      True man, but it’s largely illegal in places because people think the above 🙂

  10. 1 year ago

    Of all the people I had the opportunity to meet freely, for them zoophilia is an attraction that binds love, for others it’s for fun, but always respecting the animal.
    Some people dedicate their lives, sacrifice for years to make happy their animals, do not go on vacation for fear that they are treated less well than usual.
    Meanwhile on facebook, we find ourselves with a myriad of pseudo protectors of animal life, who give vegan food to their dog or refuses to vaccinate them while waiting to see.
    The ignorant will certainly find the light at the dawn of their lives. Too bad it will be too late.

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