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Gang I’ve redone this post, with a bit less waffle. Coz the message is important, and I see it’s still not getting through to some of you.

We often have problems getting this message across. So, I said I’d write something about teamwork, loyalty, and such, such that those that don’t seem to understand, can hopefully understand. So here we go.


We built this network, as we have been building sites and networks, for 20 years. We were a social network, before there was such a thing as a social network.

When Pet Movies were mostly crap – because Models were untrained and being paid 2 dollar – I came up with a system that paid Models more, and resulted in far superior movies. In short, we reinvented the genre. The same formula that most all other decent producers use to this day.

We were first to do verifications on the Pet Scene – helping many of you develop Trust among yourselves, and improving your chances of meeting that special someone, or someones.

When the scene died, when all Producers stopped producing because billing was impossible – we reinvented the business model breathing new life into the Pet Movie scene.

And we built this network – as we have others – to provide security, protection and backup, to all our Members all around the world. We do what we can, and we have helped a lot of people out of tight spots. And will continue to do so. We have groups, events, and all kinds of interesting things happening, globally.

We teach people, help people, support people – not just with the petstuff, but generally. Coz we are all family, we are a TEAM. T.E.A.M. TEAM. We are werewolves, one and all. And we run in a pack. Our pack. Our family. We love people coming to join our pack and helping make this shit work. And it works. Our pack is BIG. Big, and mean and I personally would not like to be on the wrong end of it. Which is why, even people who mince off and play opposition – hit problems they can’t deal with, who u think they contact? That’s right. Me. Us. I can give a dozen examples of this, but no need the point is clear.


Other sites, take any old material crap or otherwise – sell them for 2 dollar, make Models fuck-all money, which is why invariably Models and Producers we remove from our network, make 3 movies then disappear from the scene, forever. Disillusioned. Not just Models either, Producers too. Have a guess how many times TeamRussia tried to come crawling back after we kicked him to the kerb 8 or so years ago? About 5 times. And every time the answer was the same. No thanks. And just as well, coz he just got busted for making kid porn. Coz once a cunt, generally a cunt. And all y’all, busy supporting off-team, just put your own asses on the line coz if the police have his laptop and any comms with you, or payments from you to him, they are now looking at you wondering if u were involved in all that. That Team, put you all at risk. That, most certainly ain’t our Team.

Some come crawling back. Sometimes I’ll take them back. Often I won’t. Coz I have zero time for disloyalty. If we can’t trust you with a simple thing like loyalty, we can’t trust you full-stop. And I do not want that on our Team, or anywhere near it.


Do Not Want


What is loyalty? Look it up, then maybe you will understand. Coz it seems this is an alien concept to some of you. I do not think it is intentional. I believe it is simply not understanding the facts, and the realities of the situation. Hence this post.

The strength of the pack is the Wolf. That’s you. A Team is an organized, motivated, problem-solving machine comprised of entities who methodically look out for one another.

Genetically, scientifically it’s been proven over and over, that cooperation is the ultimate key to strength. And strength means safety. United, we stand – Divided, we fall. Basic stuff.

Teamwork people. You’ve seen what we can do with it already, how it feels. It feels good, right?


We are a Team. Funds go into the pot and are used for good shit. Not Bentleys and bling. Where we can pull Models out of trouble if they get in a jam. Where we can work our magic with the lawyers. All the good stuff. That is what we are doing. It’s not about the porn it’s about the people.

Now, over there, such and such are selling movies too. For what? For what reason? That’s your business? Well done you. Making animal porn is 2% of the work involved. Any cunt can get a girl in a room and fuck a dog on camera, so what? What are you even doing? You don’t even fucking know yourself. If their Models get in trouble, what do they do? Nothing. In some cases, they are the ones MAKING problems for Models, such as blackmailing them, or threatening them if they don’t cooperate. Others simply don’t pay their Models. Don’t believe me? Feel free to go play over there, and find out for yourself.


Whine, whine, ‘other sites are not exclusive-only they don’t care‘. Exactly. You said it yourself.

We, on the other hand, do care. We care what happens to you. If you are in trouble we want to know about it. Then we can do something about it. That is our safety net, each other. It’s not really rocket science. When you are with us, you are under our protection – all of us.

Work with cunts like that then wanna work with me? Don’t think so sorry. About exclusive.


When we work with a Lady, we take particular care of her, make sure she is safe, and comfortable, and happy, and amply rewarded. We love those Ladies we want them to come back and tell their friends. And they do, obviously. The reason our Ladies knot is because they trust us enough to face the fear of going there, but fuck it and go there anyway because they wanna be fucking great. Because they trust us. They trust we aren’t there to ‘use them‘, as you might find in other stores. That’s why. All in the mind. Look after your people, see what happens. Usually good shit.

We take the time to coach her, and help her with any issues, etc, and help her along to be the best Pet Lady She can be. We want her to be a Star, it’s what all girls want really. We can do that. We can find the wow, don’t care who you are. Young old short tall. Doesn’t matter. Great. We wanna make Her – (maybe even Him) into an icon that we can all treasure. Everybody happy. You work with us, we work with you, together. Team.


There is no ‘I’ in Team. There is no ‘cunt’ in Team, either. So when our entire collective organism is oscillating and singing your song, you don’t go oh, I love you all, but I can make an extra 5 dollar over there if I want. I’m sure you can, we just made you a Star, of course they want you. Exclusivity not a problem, for them. That really isn’t the problem, for them. They have other problems, rest assured. But for now, yeah, put your shit on some other bullshit going nowhere site, and for what? 5 dollar? Is this teamwork, to you? To me, and those that get it – not so much.

Really, you think it should be ‘We got your back – but fuck you I’ma do what I want‘? You think that’s how it works, really? Wake up. please.


You don’t get sponsors pumping big bucks into developing a sportsperson’s capabilities, to then have them go and play with whatever team they want. That would be a nonsense.

In the Army, you start switching sides they shoot you on the spot. In Cartels, start fucking around with the other team they’ll collect your head. Other people seem to be able to understand the concept of a Team. You have your Team. It’s your Team. And if it runs contrary to the Team, then it’s a hard no. Not so difficult to understand, really.


We’ve gotten this far and it’s magnificent, and we’ve done it 101% with Teamwork alone. Fans, Models, Producers, Everybody else. The next step is even better. Then, if you want to earn more cash you can we will have all kinds of channels for you. Only when you are free to express yourselves, will we really start seeing the amazing shit life has to offer. And we got some far-out plans up our sleeves. Just wait.

But yes. Loyalty. Gang pick a side, simple. Play for your Team. Or don’t. I don’t care, coz we are high-visibility, have a LOT of friends, and there is ALWAYS another Model right around the corner and I don’t see this situation changing in the near future.

I do know that everyone that went off doing their own thang, ultimately went the same way. Fades to Grey. For 20 years the same way. It’s not what we do it’s the way that we do it.


So there you have it – who’s side are you on? We are doing stuff that will ultimately benefit you, so if you’re not on our side, no problem. Just don’t expect any help when the door comes in. Up to you. The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack. There is no I in Pack.

For now, let’s conclude the statement about loyalty, teamwork, and etc. Friend of mine enemy is my enemy. Enemy of mine enemy, is my friend. Has always been thus. Hopefully, you will figure it out along the way. Until then, we shall continue to build. Coz those that do get it, get it, and we’re on each other’s Team. Peace.


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  1. Zong 1 month ago

    Well I’m glad to see there is fervor within this organization. I know ow that I’m pretty new but if there is anything that I can do to help out I would love to.

  2. 1 month ago

    you da man

  3. LadyX 1 month ago

    Many would say I’m a newbie to AoZ with 0 experience in this lifestyle, background and knowledge because I only joined AoZ and started my journey in this lifestyle around October 2020.

    But if it wasn’t for the AoZ team and helping me through out my journey, also using my own common sense and spending many hours reading blogs and asking sensible questions to moderators and AoZ members about the lifestyle. I would not be Lady X today and I wouldn’t be part of AoZ Crew.

    Yes there are still members on AoZ, who will say negative comments and share gossip about the crew or the site but their never spend time talking to individuals because they are benefiting themselves and showing a fake hand of friendship support. Im speaking from my own personal experience on here.

    So be a part of AoZ family and watch each other back and advice members. when they not following the basic security and safety points.

    Build up your trust and kudos badges like I did and be part of the AoZ community. Which is alot more fun being with real people than chatting with a fantasist or unsafe members.

    It has been a wonderful experience being on AoZ and working with AoZ crew. I really love being here and very looking forward meet the crew or gathering, oops and handsome k9s.

    Lady X💋

  4. Chekkonen 1 month ago

    This was a really great post, and what a coincidence that it popped up right now for my eyes. I truly appreciate how this team is taking care of the Models and their well being, it’s truly admirable work that Adam and other members do. I would also want to see that same care taking and protecting coming from the other parts of the community, because I have lately seen some really unfortunate and upsetting things going on in the world of social media when it comes to our amazing and lovely Models.

    There are these, maliciously said, brain dead people on this site too but on the other sites, who someway and somehow are able to dig up other “artist names” of the Models seen here, that have absolutely nothing to do with pet love, but their business and main source of livelihood, and then those same people just go and expose the Models to their public social media accounts about them doing pet stuff. Please, from me to you: don’t be that stupid. Don’t go and expose them for what they do FOR OUR community, FOR YOU, in their other profiles. Just let them be and let them earn their living in peace, I’m sure Adam and other members of the team will tell your greetings and appreciation for them from your comments that you can leave for the movies. Because if you go do that stupid stuff to their business, that can really fast cause them to get scared and never come back anymore because they are afraid for their reputation. Protect this community and the lovely Models with all you have. This is unique, and it can be over very fast if you don’t use common sense and your brains. If you happen to find out alternative artist names of the Models, then good for you, go also support their other work too, but don’t scream and shout their secrets to the whole world and scare them away from our community.

    • Author
      Adam 1 month ago

      Always been that way unfortunately man. Dudes that go round bullying, stalking and generally picking on young Ladies, are typically dudes with no power or influence in life, and not the kind of dudes most Ladies gonna want to have much to do with. That, leads to sexual frustration, isolation, bitterness – which in turn leads to behaviors such as bullying and stalking. So, a bit of a vicious circle.

      You obtain ‘power’ – confidence, influence – through a bit of hard work; maybe work out a bit, maybe read a book or two about social skills, Lady skills – maybe spend a few bucks on some new clothes, maybe get a better job, or a better car. But – all this hard work, seems like hard work, to many. So, they don’t do that. What they do instead, is sit there in their mom’s basement, disappointed with life, and lurking in the digital bushes, shouting names from a distance and trying to look up Ladies digital skirts. They don’t just sniff around the Ladies either – and it’s not just our Ladies, it’s really any Ladies you see it all the time – we also get these kinda people following us around.

      There’s also the factor of ‘displaced affection’ – where a dude experiences feelings (admiration, ‘attraction’ to other men – yes you don’t need to be homosexual to have feelings about other men) – that these dudes can’t quite handle or know what to do with. This then results in said dudes expressing these feelings in unexpected ways. Happens all the time – it’s why, dudes will go to a music concert to see their favorite band, and end up leaping onto stage and trying to start a fight with the band. John Lennon’s shooter, etc. Yes, dudes can be pretty weird sometimes.

      So. When your life is going nowhere, fast – and you stand little to zero chance of ever really getting any attention or play from the kinda lovely Ladies we work with – then what are your options? 1. do the hard work. 2. sniff around social media for weeks or months until you find the Model in question. (And, keep in mind, they don’t always get it right – I’ve had people mailing me, insisting that such-and-such Model lives on their street, and sending me pics of said Model that look absolutely nothing like said Model and you won’t convince them otherwise – but that’s fine). Having identified (or imagining you identified) said Model, you then simply send threatening emails etc, and hopefully, get SOME kind of reaction, which, in their minds, is better than no reaction at all.

      Much as I am not a fan of such guys – actually, I would have to say the entire situation, is not really their fault. Not entirely. The general wellbeing of all citizens – the general setup of any society – is the responsibility of any Government. Each and every citizen – right down to the lowliest, not just the wealthy ones. But, as we know, most Governments don’t give 2 fucks about their people particularly the lowly ones. Dude gets lonely – they make prostitution illegal. Dude got a boner – they make porn illegal. Dude wanna get a better job? No job options, fuck all decent education options. In the old days, and still in many older cultures, the tribe / family would coach the young men, and women, in the steps traditional to that culture, to meeting a potential mate / companion. Some, go all the way and arrange all this for their kids, such as arranged marriages – which incidentally, have a FAR higher success rate and longevity, than marriages based on ‘falling in wuv’ and then getting divorced 5 minutes later. In our ‘modern uncaring societies’, people aren’t coached in meeting a mate. They aren’t coached in a lot of things. End result – they get these unfamiliar feelings – don’t know what to do with ’em – and act out in unexpected ways.

      If, say, prostitution was not illegal or stigmatized (which, it really shouldn’t be since it’s the oldest profession, and a Lady gotta eat) – say there were work options, and people weren’t taxed out the ass leaving them with $2 to spend at the end of the week – then such dudes could simply go get laid and all this shit starts to go away. Not justifying their behavior, just, generally, try to understand these kinds of things and why they might happen, and what can be done about it.

      Until we all live in a different world, this problem unfortunately will remain. Keep in mind, Model security, is also the responsibility of the Model. We are usually quite careful with our Ladies and coach them in how to stay safe. But, some Ladies don’t listen, take chances etc – Cupcake landed in all those problems, coz the Lady rather naively put out pics of herself, the same pics she used on Facebook, which then took stalkers 2 minutes to search for the same image on Google search, and bam, she has the stalker problem and we gotta rescue her. So, I would remind all Ladies, and all Members, to PLEASE pay attention to our Security Protocols, use a bit of common sense, and stay safe.

  5. MartinReisa 1 month ago

    Detrás del lobo está la manada. Detrás de la manada está el lobo. Entre lobo y manada hay un vínculo inquebrantable de lealtad y fidelidad. Podemos decir que una Idea los une de una manera insobornable. La Idea es lo que aglutina y cohesiona a una comunidad, que se junta como comunidad en torno a una Idea. Detrás de la Idea está la Comunidad. Detrás de la Comunidad está la Idea. Por lo tanto la Idea, en el fondo, es lealtad a la Idea, como el lobo a la manada.
    En griego, philo o filo, en su sentido amplio, es amor y amistad, y por lo tanto fidelidad o “fidelio”. La palabra Fidelio es un nombre propio y viene del latín “fides”, que significa fe, confianza, lealtad. A la vez quiere decir “fiel”, o sea, ser fiel y leal, ser compañero incondicional (como los perros). El español es descendiente directo del latín, y en español Fidelio significa Fidelidad. Todos los miembros de esta comunidad, que compartimos una misma filosofía y estilo de vida, debemos fidelidad a la Obra de ArtOfZoo (como sitio y como Comunidad). Como miembros de una comunidad somos conscientes del vínculo que nos une y del respeto y la responsabilidad que conllevan los lazos creados. Amor, lealtad, fidelidad, respeto a esos lazos. Ésta es la Idea, y ésta la Comunidad.

  6. honeypot1 1 month ago

    Very honored to be part of the Team as well as the bigger picture; part of the Pack. As long as we have each other, we’re never alone. We stand together, protecting each other, helping each other, counting on each other, One howl and the others in my pack are there for me. It’s a beautiful thing. My journey has brought me far in the past 2 years. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. GO TEAM!

  7. BellaBitch 1 month ago

    Yes! Put it out there in black and white… We stand as a pack. Together, not turning on each other either! I like this waffle-free version, Adam 😈 Can’t wait for more AOZ magic 🐶🐕💕

  8. frenchzlover 1 month ago

    True words, I mean I really feel like going home when I Come here.

  9. art30 1 month ago

    This is all so true our strength is getting stronger every day stay faithful and support the network and we will all se the most wonderful things I’m sure artofzoo has a lot of interesting things for us to enjoy I love you all

  10. Dic14 1 month ago

    Согласен, подписываюсь под каждым сказанным словом!

  11. Julius_k9 7 months ago

    It is true that I was put on a holy diet throughout the filming period.
    There must be some funny files where I’m showing a girl how to deal with the pig or that dog.
    The team went out of their way to make everything pleasant for the girls, 10 days of preparation for a few hours of films, rented rooms so that they did not have to undergo the preparations and be able to freely discover new lands.
    The only problem they might have is being addicted to animal sex.
    And in terms of respect for girls, there’s nothing to say, they would be much less happy in a normal job with a stupid boss.
    There is a form of solidity in relationships with other members, we regularly take personal news and support each other when morale is low.

  12. Thewolfbrother 8 months ago

    We are a pack and strength and safety come from it. And strength and safety are the only things keeping the other wolves away. Out there in the wild, irl or online, were alone. But here? Here we have the pack and not a one of us wouldn’t hamstring a mf for thinking they can attack a member of the pack

  13. TheFluffiest 8 months ago

    #FluffyLivesMatter #WolfLivesMatter #ZooLifesMatter Go Team 😛

    And yes, I love and very much ascribe to the Rudyard Kipling quote: “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.”

    And anyone who doesn’t understand how a pack works and protects one another and more importantly cares for one another, simply take a look here:

    Let’s hope our members feel the call of the wolf that Adam’s sent out and let us all start a howl, to hear each other and to let there be no doubt about our strength, and letting all others know we are here and tonight, this night and all nights to come are ours <3


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