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They say there’s no ‘I‘ in Team. There clearly is a me, though, and ironically – no we. What’s that all about? Well, I’ll tell you.

We often have problems getting this message through to some people. Not their fault. So, I said I’d write something about teamwork, loyalty, and such. So here we go.

What is Gaia? We do Animal Porn right? Yeah, we do. That isn’t the why, though. There are other reasons. Many reasons. All very good reasons.

Firstly, because we want to. There you have it, I like that stuff – as far as I can see we are the greenest, most paperless eco-friendly business you ever saw. Basically zero carbon emissions. No toxic waste. Nobody gets hurt, everyone involved is happy. Nobody getting fat and going home smelling of grease, or getting cancer from some shit or other – nobody getting squished between fulfillment center robots – nothing degrading or demeaning quite the opposite. No 9-5. No cheap acrylic polo shirts. No sexual harassment concerns. No Monday mornings. Nothing forcing you to be anything other than you are, a natural-born free person. Nothing gets wasted in this biz, you can trust me on that. I might occasionally get wasted, but then I am the Kung Fu Master innit. I do that stuff for insights, perspectives, and all kinds of other Shamanic shit that is not really interesting for people to listen to. I can handle that shit. Clearly.

Come the day they want to Guantanamo Bay my white arse, if they are planning on using weaponized hallucinogens on me, they will be walking into my arena friend. Fortune favors the prepared. So have at it. Plus I like it, we all do. Sugar, coffee, tobacco, beer, weed, pills, heroin, ice, wheat, casein – we all love drugs we take them all the time. But I’m getting off the point.

We want to, it is constructive for many, and we hurt no-one. Unlessing they request it. I see no problems with our business, so maybe keep your noses out if you don’t like it.

Another reason we do what we do is because we need to. To be able to work you need certain things set up, laboratories and computer farms and such. Nobody is going to make it easy for you to pull together the things you need to give everyone cars that run free, for example. Free electricity, for example. Free anything. They will get in your way there, all along the way.

They will be putting post-it notes on your back saying ‘kick me’, flipping your heel across behind you as you step forward, so you trip and fall on your face. They don’t really want someone coming in, and saying hey, don’t pay for that shit have it free, here. Because then, they don’t get to continue sitting on plush priceless antique sofas and whatnot, sucking each other’s cocks and rolling around in all those piles of money. While you probably have to wear a face hat and stand a bit away from everyone – don’t talk to anyone coz they might give you the plague. Or, open fire on you randomly, at any time for any reason, so you feel extra safe. So you’ll have to spend the $2.68 you have for tonight’s choice of slop, down the road where maybe they don’t stand so close to you. Oh shit, I’ve gone and set Sting off again. Someone turn that off thanks…



The guy does have a point though. There are people who would take advantage of others. I don’t like to see people being bullied. I was that little guy once I know how it feels to be pushed around. Now I’m at the other end, I’m in a position to do something about it. And I do, often as is required. I hope some of you will too, in time. Hero Kudo we give out very rarely, just did one the other day. It’s not hard, you just need to do something.

How you can be a proper, proper Hero will be revealed shortly. And, as with all things Gaia, like Fight Club, you select your own level of involvement. But on to the point of the thing.

Whine, whine, ‘other sites are not exclusive-only they don’t care‘. Exactly. You said it yourself. We, on the other hand, do care. We care what happens to you. If you are in trouble we want to know about it. Then we can do something about it. That is our safety net, each other. It’s not really rocket science. When you are with us, you are under Pedro’s protection. You also have something akin to the Rex Kwon Do Buddy system working in your favor, no flying solo round here…



There’s me in Team coz the strength of the pack is the Wolf. That’s you. A Team is not a glib collection of grinning retards friending each other on popular social networks. That’s a bollox. A Team is an organized, motivated, problem-solving machine comprised of entities who methodically look out for one another. Some prick bear strolls into wolf territory he is bathed in fang enamel head-to-toe, with extreme prejudice, before he knows what happened, so generally stays away.

Genetically, scientifically it’s been proven over and over, that cooperation is the ultimate key to strength. And strength means safety – where you aren’t worried about muggers, home invasions, kidnappings, rapes, and so on. On your own, you are pure livestock. You might as well get to enjoying yourself in a bath of honey, and let them eat you already.

Such things aren’t for me, I don’t know about you. I don’t quite fancy it. I don’t enjoy being manhandled at airports – like I’m stupid enough to want to tape a switchblade to my cock; fumble around all you want chum. You think this is a problem for me having my cock felt? Next time you do it I will summon an ejaculation from somewhere, don’t care where. Then I will get Harry Met Sally on your sad ass, and claim you raped me. See how funny it is then chum. This is the world we are living in, where I got to have my cock felt up by some strange sweaty bloke. I said why can’t the Lady do it? they said it’s not allowed. Yeah well, no surprises there then.

A world where they can read all your emails, listen to your phone conversations – turn on your cams and see what you are doing – see where you are, who you are with, any time, all the time. Tell you when you can go outside, and how close you can stand next to people. No, it’s all fine, really. Nothing wrong with any of this. Is there. Just keep grinning.

Yes, it’s great to be connected – but sorry, we are not bugs for your amusement, under some magnifying glass. You say you want to help, I’m not really seeing much help. Just lots and lots of people, with no work, no money, no idea what is going on in the world – what shit is this? Keep it, David Blaine, whoever you are. You just sit there in your quiet corner imagining you are manipulating this and that, and pulling all the strings. You are aware of history, right? It’s kinda hard to avoid. Every revolution, ever, including various ‘Great’ wars? Really great. What happens to those types ain’t pretty, and for God sure there are some people out there with things coming to them. I dunno why they do it.

Sure I do. It’s coz they can’t flick a mosquito off the door handle with their cock, from across the room as I can. That’s why. Small prick, obviously why else you wanna wield your power so very, very inefficiently? Sloppy. I can’t really swat a mosquito with my cock that far away mind, but I’ll have a go. And you will be impressed. They won’t be impressed, obviously. You know who I am talking about. (They do – if you don’t, please do your homework and take some fucking initiative in your life it’s your life FFS, take it back!)

So, taxes for you, instead. And dodgy pharms and ‘hospitals’. Hippocratic oath my arse – ethics? Jesus. Pandemics, shit food, squalid conditions, Epsteins wearing bull masks and fucking our children in the face because it makes them feel free etc – really let’s just shit on these cunts we hate them clearly, we’ll take everything. Take their houses fuck em. Take their landexperiment on them, test bombs on them, who gives a shit. Just us innit. Who gives a fuck about us?

Well, I fucking do. So when TigerLily said ‘Ba, these people are picking on me and stealing my shit’, I said no problem just do this, then that. And sure enough, next time they didn’t get stuff, they got punched in the face repeatedly. Anyone stealing shit from you lately Lady? No Ba, everything OK. It wasn’t difficult. I’m going to do it for you too if you want. And if you want, I’d want you to help other people not get shat on. Then they got your back too, and before you know it, nobody is stealing anything from anybody.

Police do their job, but they are people too. Frankly, the rate at which people kill each other, no cop can keep up. Horrible job. They need help. That’s us. We’re Batman. Not fully Batman yet but not far. Bruce Wayne was lucky enough to have rich parents for his toys. Most of us ain’t that lucky so we do what we must, bringing me back to the point about paying the bills, earlier.

Teamwork people. You’ve seen what we can do with it already, how it feels. It feels good, right? Of course, all God’s creatures love each other. Some just love a bit too much and eat you. Well, given the current climate they probably did you a favor. So let’s get back on track.

We are a Team. Funds go into the pot and are used for good shit. Not Bentleys and bling. Proper schools, libraries, hospitals. Proper hospitals where they actually fix you. Where we can pull Models out of trouble if they get in a jam. Where we can work our magic with the lawyers. All the good stuff. That is what we are doing. It’s not about the porn it’s about the people. Just so happens to be the nicest way to interact with people generally, aren’t we lucky.

Love is all you need. And yes I can still punch you right square in the chops and still love you. It’s usually because I love you. Someone got to teach you, somehow. Innit.



Now, over there, such and such are selling movies too. For what? For what reason? That’s your business? Well done you. Making animal porn is 2% of the work involved. Any cunt can get a girl in a room and fuck a dog on camera, so what? What are you even doing? You don’t even fucking know yourself.

I do know that you are paying your bills with it. So it’s basically about you earning a crust. Well then, Mr Team Player I love ArtOfZoo etc whoever you are – that dollar you just spent over there, went towards Willie’s laundry bills, on account of him wanking off over his mum, and had to clean her sheets before dad got home. Then let’s wreck some more lives and do what I want coz ‘I’m the slo-mo-genius’ you certainly are cunt. It’s not quite that bad I’ll admit I know all the details down in South Africa. But close enough. You got to support ALL that. Well done you.

Never mind the Model can’t take a knot coz she don’t trust the guy as far as she can throw him, never mind he kept a girls stuff and built up a load of debt in her name nearly ruining her, reckoning it wasn’t a joint partnership. I knew he was a cunt when he told me he had ‘other girls to use‘. What a cunt. Yeah, you’re sore your bird loved me more than you, but deal with it son I’m the mother fucking A to the van fucking Dam. What chance did you have? If your chops ain’t enough to keep your Ladies interested then do something about it. And don’t be putting Ladies in front of me then acting all surprised when they fall in love with me and find you to be any more than the sorry, sad, my goodness I cannot wait to personally get my hands on you Son of a bitch, that you are. Sorry you took it hard but no reason to be a cunt. Virtual reality my bollox. Some dubious dumb cunt wants me to invest in a load of tech equipment so I can fap in an Universe of socks and jogging bottoms, and imagine I am also a flaccid nasty ugly old cunt myself? All the style and poise of a Woolworth’s value tampon. No surprise there wasn’t a rush on those tickets then.

Eh Willie.

Work with cunts like that then wanna work with me? Don’t think so sorry. About exclusive.

When we work with a Lady, we take particular care of her, make sure she is safe, and comfortable, and happy, and amply rewarded. We love those Ladies we want them to come back and tell their friends. And they do, obviously. The reason our Ladies knot is because they trust us enough to face the fear of going there, but fuck it and go there anyway because they wanna be fucking great. Because they trust us. They trust we aren’t there to ‘use them‘, as you might find in other stores. That’s why. All in the mind. Look after your people, see what happens. Usually good shit.

We take the time to coach her, and help her with any issues, etc, and help her along to be the best Pet Lady She can be. We want her to be a Star, it’s what all girls want really. We can do that. We can find the wow, don’t care who you are. Young old short tall. Doesn’t matter. Great. We wanna make Her – (maybe even Him if you fucking gay lot get your finger out for 5 minutes you talk a good game but fuck me where are you?? Don’t fucken whine at me about no gay when u ain’t got the stamina to put the first foot forward, sort it out!) into an icon that we can all treasure. Everybody happy. You work with us, we work with you, together. Team. Capisce?

There is no cunt in Team. So when our entire collective organism is oscillating and singing your song, you don’t go oh, I love you all, but I can make an extra 5 dollar over there if I want. I’m sure you can, we just made you a Star, of course they want you. Exclusivity not a problem for them. That really isn’t the problem, for them. They have other problems, rest assured. But for now, yeah, put your shit on some other bullshit going nowhere site, and for what? 5 dollar? Is this teamwork, to you? What fucking planet are you from?

Really, you think it should be ‘I got your back, and you got your own back too‘? That’s you sorted then. You think that’s how it works, really? No, you’re just a bit stupid, sorry. You don’t get sponsors pumping big bucks into developing a sportsperson’s capabilities, to then have them go and play with whatever team they want. That would be a nonsense. In the Army, you start switching sides they shoot you on the spot. In Cartels, start fucking around with the other team they’ll make a collage out of you. Other people seem to be able to understand the concept of a Team. You have your Team. It’s your Team. And if it runs contrary to the Team, then it’s a hard no. What’s difficult to understand about that?

Oh but Adam you’re talking about being the monopoly of this and that etc. No, you are mistaken. I want you all doing your own thing, and soon enough fingers crossed with a few more updates we might be at a point where such a thing is possible. We’ve gotten this far and it’s magnificent, and we’ve done it 101% with Teamwork alone. Fans, Models, Producers, Everybody else. The next step is even better. Then, if you want to earn more cash you can we will have all kinds of channels for you. Only when you are free to express yourselves, will we really start seeing the amazing shit life has to offer. And we got some far-out plans up our sleeves. Just wait.

But yes. Loyalty. Gang pick a side, simple. Play for your Team. Or don’t. I don’t care. I do know that everyone that went off doing their own thang, ultimately went the same way. Fades to Grey. For 20 years the same way. It’s not what we do it’s the way that we do it. That’s why you can’t steal our shit. Because you ain’t us, and you don’t have enough information…



We have. We are experienced. I may have taught you everything you know, but I did not teach you everything I know. And there is a wide difference between the 2.

Apologies if the tone of this is a touch abstract, the mood took me and I ran with it. Sue me. So there you have it – who’s side are you on? We are doing stuff that will ultimately benefit you, so if you’re not on our side, no problem. Just don’t expect any help when the door comes in. Up to you. The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack. There is no I in Pack. Joanna Packe my first love, there was plenty of I in her, I can tell you. But that is a different story.

For now, let’s conclude the statement about loyalty, teamwork, and etc. Friend of mine enemy is my enemy. Enemy of mine enemy, is my friend. Has always been thus. Hopefully, you will figure it out along the way. Until then, we shall continue to build. Coz we’re on each other’s Team. Peace.


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  1. Julius_k9 3 months ago

    It is true that I was put on a holy diet throughout the filming period.
    There must be some funny files where I’m showing a girl how to deal with the pig or that dog.
    The team went out of their way to make everything pleasant for the girls, 10 days of preparation for a few hours of films, rented rooms so that they did not have to undergo the preparations and be able to freely discover new lands.
    The only problem they might have is being addicted to animal sex.
    And in terms of respect for girls, there’s nothing to say, they would be much less happy in a normal job with a stupid boss.
    There is a form of solidity in relationships with other members, we regularly take personal news and support each other when morale is low.

  2. Thewolfbrother 3 months ago

    We are a pack and strength and safety come from it. And strength and safety are the only things keeping the other wolves away. Out there in the wild, irl or online, were alone. But here? Here we have the pack and not a one of us wouldn’t hamstring a mf for thinking they can attack a member of the pack

  3. TheFluffiest 4 months ago

    #FluffyLivesMatter #WolfLivesMatter #ZooLifesMatter Go Team 😛

    And yes, I love and very much ascribe to the Rudyard Kipling quote: “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.”

    And anyone who doesn’t understand how a pack works and protects one another and more importantly cares for one another, simply take a look here:

    Let’s hope our members feel the call of the wolf that Adam’s sent out and let us all start a howl, to hear each other and to let there be no doubt about our strength, and letting all others know we are here and tonight, this night and all nights to come are ours <3


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