“Shy young Latinas first experience in hot dog sex”

Producer: ZDT
Models: Rosita with Sam
Running Time: 28 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)

Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


ArtOfZoo Taming Rosita

Out and about, searching for a cute Latina pet pussy…


I’d like to start out by saying I have quite the boner for this movie. Those sultry Senoritas have the magic touch when it comes to dog mating, oh my goodness!

A sunny Tuesday lunchtime. Today Sam is in the mood, so ZDT is cruising around town looking for the right Lady to satisfy those lusty doggy urges. Not the ideal time for searching for Ladies – about set to give up and head home, our doggy duo spy Rosita; ZDT inquires if the Lady is available for pet pleasure, Rosita accepts.

Rosita is quite young, I’d guess 19 or 20 – a Latin lass with soft curves and a sweet smile. All the sweeter since the Lady has braces! I can’t remember releasing a movie with a Lady with braces before (maybe Bonnie?). Gives the Lady a real college girl look – I got a kick out of that and I reckon many of you fine folks will too 😉


ArtOfZoo Taming Rosita

Rosita is shy, but there for Sams pleasure…


Now due to her youthful age and lack of experience, Rosita is a little shy. Maybe a touch of stage nerves, or perhaps the prospect of taking the first dog up into her cunny. It’s quite endearing, and besides, Sam has experience enough for the both of them. The young Chica is there to satisfy the dog – shy or not, duty calls.


ArtOfZoo Taming Rosita

Cheeky voyeur shot as Rosita preps for her first dog mating…


Rosita excuses herself, and slips into something more comfortable for her first dog experience. ZDT grabs some cheeky voyeur footage of the pet newbie as she strips down and mentally prepares herself for her first real mating. It’s a special time for any young Lady, and it’s only a matter of time before she has a dog inside her…


ArtOfZoo Taming Rosita

Our Hero knows what he likes – Sam plans to completely own that button… (love that screen!)


The Lady need not worry about any lack of confidence – Sam takes the lead and shows Rosita the way. Sam is quick to dive in and inspect her software, Rositas skimpy thong is no match for Sams skilled tongue. Our hero stimulates Rositas sex into a state of preparedness, that fella knows how to enjoy a Lady by now…


ArtOfZoo Taming Rosita

Down to business, Sam shoots for satisfaction, and mates Rosita with his usual vigor…


Rosita is completely new to dog love, fortunately ZDT is an excellent trainer. Sam is an experienced lovehound, all in all the Lady is in good hands (and paws). And let’s not forget, the Lady is Latina, so has the raw natural talent working in her favor. It doesn’t take Sam long to claim Rositas slick sex, as he mounts and smoothly makes her his.


ArtOfZoo Taming Rosita

Rositas tight new flower is a perfect fit for Sams swollen shaft…


The Ladys age and lack of experience can clearly be seen with one glance at her perfect, pink little untrodden pussy. This vagina is fresh from the bakery, and almost has the factory seal still intact. Lucky Sam fills her flower with hot red dog cock, sinking a deep knot and taking full advantage of the tight little box. The lovers stay connected for a good long tie, the tight seal keeping all his creamy goodness locked and flowing inside his mate. That dog cock looks superb tied up in Rositas snug snatch.


ArtOfZoo Taming Rosita

Mating complete, Rositas pussy is now pet friendly – a big gush of liquid love…


The Ladys sex is so tight, she almost seems reluctant to let go of Sams swollen dog shaft. Sadly all good matings must come to an end, and eventually Sam eases his still-erect tool out of the Lady. With a gush, his canine seed explodes from Rositas vagina, leaving no question how satisfied Sam is with the Ladys performance. No soaking this time sadly – Rosita is new after all – still the amount of dog juice flowing out of the starlet does clearly demonstrate how much sperm Sam typically injects into a Lady, and therefore, just how much juice a Lady can absorb when she DOES soak it all up 🙂

I quite like the view of Sams still-hard cock nestling against her freshly-bred vagina, as his seed slowly trickles from inside her. Cute young pussy and hard dog cock, I think we can all get behind that combination…


ArtOfZoo Taming Rosita

Rosita has mixed feelings about dog mating – but well mated nonetheless…


ZDT has an after-chat with Rosita to get her feedback about her first dog experience. The Ladys body language suggest she is a bit phased by her first time – it’s understandable, one minute you’re a regular gal, the next your pussy is for pets. It’s quite common for new Pet Girls to be a bit dazed after their first experience. Rosita need not worry – once the novelty and the cameras are gone, she can start to fondly remember the first time she was fucked by a dog. And we very much hope it won’t be her last time either, a doggy box like that is simply too good to waste 🙂

There is plenty of interview type chatter throughout this movie, English subtitles provided. It’s always a pleasure to know what’s going through a Ladys mind, as the dog runs wildly through her body. Another text-book perfect casting session from ZDT, great work finding this cute young pet peach, and great work getting her bred nicely. It’s an experience she won’t forget in a hurry, and it’s a great pleasure to join her during her first time. Enjoy ZDT and Sam, as they get to work taming Rosita 🙂



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  1. ldpaa 4 weeks ago

    Such a great movie, the way AOZ producer convinces her, the way she accepts, her reactions to Sam tries, the cleaning session, all was great.

  2. iilkedog229 2 months ago

    how to play?

  3. doggyknot76 3 months ago

    the little latin shy girl not so shy at all… another great one, Sam has a magic stick can turn every doubtful girl into a doggy slut just in few seconds. Great screaming and moaning, a perfect locked knot and a good vaginal filling. It misses a god blowjob and facial… maybe next time for her, I’m feeling we’ll see her in action very very soon

  4. gustinfx 4 months ago

    Ayuda, como comprar las peliculas. Metodos de pago y procedimiento

  5. kikipikiwix 4 months ago

    *Me, dreaming*

    Rosita, Alina and Vanessa in one movie = best movie ever

    Krystina from becoming krystina and Sarah from american pet = perfection!

  6. wain152 5 months ago


  7. moelak 6 months ago

    Sure wish I could see a live dog and women show . I could watch all day . never saw one yet

  8. schlossgold 6 months ago

    Rosita is a pretty cute girl, the braces work well and she has nice tits. She looks great getting her pussy licked, although I wish she did some sucking.

  9. soloexceptional 7 months ago

    An enjoyable role playing movie. Sam delivers as always and goes air tight on Rosita with a great knot and gives here a decent filling of doggy cum. Sam helps clean her up, but i’m sure she was dripping doggy cum for a few days after this.

    I’d like to see more of Rosita and hopefully next time she’ll get her hands (and mouth) around Sams cock and repay him for all his hard work.

  10. aztec15 7 months ago

    Anymore planned with Rosita or Juana?

  11. zzoggoo 8 months ago

    Amongst all the movies that are available right now on this site, I like this one the most. A solid storyline, an incredibly hot latina Lady, some very hot action, all with great quality in pics and sound. Rosita rocks!

    • Author
      adam 8 months ago

      Agree entirely Zzoggoo all ZDT’s lovely Ladies are really something to behold. That Rosita flower looks so tight, snug wet and fabulous filled and locked up with hard rutting Sam dog dick. If I were a Cannibal like Cupcake, I would be tempted to pop that entire region into the saucepan and eat it all up, it’s that scrummy. Wouldn’t literally of course. That is just my inner Big Bad Wolf getting out of line again 😉

      • fanzoo2019 7 months ago

        Hola soy de México, no hablo Inglés, me han encantado todas las chicas mexicanas, en especial Mónica y pamela y me pregunto porqué no han regresado, me encantaría que regresara a grabar Alma, Rosita es bellísima, preciosa, ojalá la convenzan de regresar a grabar otro video, Sam es un excelente semental y todas las abotona a la perfección a todas las hace gemir, y ¿porqué pasa mucho tiempo para nuevos videos?
        Cómo puedo descargar el video y cuanto cuesta en pesos mexicanos.
        Saludos ?

        • Author
          adam 7 months ago

          Hola Fanzoo, alguien se pondrá en contacto contigo pronto 🙂

  12. takim 8 months ago

    how to download the video..?

    • Author
      adam 8 months ago

      Hi please contact Support if you would like to purchase our videos thanks.

  13. naruto219 8 months ago

    Personas k sean de mexico iztapalapa que me ayuden a comprar videos aki o me ayuden o encontrarnos para que me apoyen soy un fan gracias

  14. mikke83 8 months ago

    Wow really sexy girl. Keep up the good work!

  15. kikipikiwix 8 months ago

    First purchase and Im very satisfied, as an spanish speaker I really enjoyed the dialogue, but yes the action was short, but Im happy anyway

  16. temerariozoo123 8 months ago

    Yo he comprado esta película … Rosita muy bella

    • fanzoo2019 7 months ago

      ¿Como la puedo comprar? No se inglés pero agradecería si me puedes orientar como puedo comprarla en línea o dónde tengo que pagar, muero por ver a esta bellísima chica. Ojalá y regrese a grabar más videos de verdad esta hermosa. ?

  17. garci 8 months ago

    solo pediria durante la monta tiene que ver mas dialogo para saber lo que siente la hembra.. por lo demas todo esta fantastico

    • ssto 8 months ago

      Hi. could you advise me ???
      I want to buy the movie but I DO NOT UNDERSTAND the steps. Could you help me???. Thank you.

      • support 8 months ago

        Hi Ssto i have mailed you already about the steps to buy our movies 😉

        • parteculos 8 months ago

          quisiera que me envien un correo para comprar una pelicula gracias .

          • Author
            adam 8 months ago

            Alguien se pondrá en contacto contigo a la brevedad 🙂

  18. wat3ver 9 months ago

    Great movie, the dialogue made the scene better. The only small gripes I have is I wished they would keep the model in frame during the mount, heels just make the scene better, and that there would have been a second mount and bj, other than that it was worth the price of admission.

  19. dragon5891 9 months ago

    Fantastic movie. Where do you find these amazing girls? Seriously, unbelievable!! The dialogue with subtitles is great because it allows the viewer to get to know the model a little bit. How she feels about what’s about to happen. Rosita took a little convincing, which made it even more hot, but finally gave in. And Sam did not disappoint her! What a good (and lucky) boy he his. Keep up the good work! Long time fan. ☮️

    • Author
      adam 9 months ago

      Thanks Dragon – I’ll admit to being an admirer of Rosita too she is kinda hot 😉

  20. hamilton46 9 months ago

    Q paso con pamela la quisiera volver a ver

  21. birdsong 9 months ago

    A fair performance. The 12-minute prelude consisting of conversation and light foreplay was too long for my taste. After this, Rosita gives a yelp of surprise with Sam’s first successful thrust, which leads to a brief humping scene. During the 8½ minute tie, she moans quietly and gently massages her button. After the dismount, she expels a fair amount of semen. The short interview at the end is OK, though she does seem dismissive of her experience. It was pleasing to learn that she could feel Sam ejaculating inside her, as his sperm was “very hot”

  22. manueldiaz89 9 months ago

    Hello Adam , now i have this great movie . Is a very good production .

    Do you have plans to create an anal movie with a woman from Mexico?

  23. icetiger29 10 months ago

    One of the finest movies I saw until now. Very exciting and stimulating.

  24. birdsong 10 months ago

    Yesterday – “we will publish a new movie soon”
    1 week ago – “Won’t be long now”
    4 weeks ago – “When I get a minute”
    1 month ago = “Video 2 coming in a minute”

    🙁 🙁 🙁

    • Author
      adam 10 months ago

      Hunger is the best sauce Birdsong 😉 But we do appreciate your enthusiasm, patience I just arrived and I’m catching up with everything now. Including putting up the next movie, next few days promise.

  25. magnus78 10 months ago

    Unrealistic and Unbelievable. So many members on this site, and don’t want to help and support on buying movies from this site. Can’t believe it takes a month or so, to release a good movie. Unbelievable.

    • support 10 months ago

      Hi Magnus78,

      Yes it is taking quite some time to get movies released that is the main reason we are changing the design of the new ArtofZoo it will be a new website heavily focused on the movies because we have noticed that many people are having a hard time to follow our instruction and quite a few Members are asking where they can find the movie page so this all will change soon and we are sure it will make a difference also we will publish a new movie soon and in a few months we hope we are settled to do custom movies again.

      It shouldn’t take to long now to get Rosita relased just 5 more sales 😉

    • xd40caliber 10 months ago


    • yellow262 10 months ago

      Well, it’s not that i don’t want to support or buy a movie, is just that i don’t like SAM. too much fur, and small knot. Sorry 🙁

      • kikipikiwix 4 months ago

        Ok, but you gotta give gim that he moves really good, always have enough liquid, easily connects girls 😉 and also speaks spanish…

  26. audiopet 10 months ago

    Latina women are representing big time. So awesome. My heart melts for Latina women. The way they move, and speak Spanish. Hot hot.. now these videos. Omg. I’m bonkers from them. Can’t wait to see this one and more… all videos from aoz have been great.. thank you all beautiful ladies so for these films.

  27. magnus78 10 months ago

    Hoping to see another latin hottie video to be released right after this one.

  28. xd40caliber 10 months ago

    I am going to purchase this great movie but I am waiting for the other movie to be uploaded so I can make 1 purchase. Hopefully very soon

    • Author
      adam 10 months ago

      Won’t be long now xd40 just a few things all happening at once 🙂

      • magnus78 10 months ago

        Adam, will you be uploading the video from ” how deep is your love? ” a screen that pops in your website and she’s wearing pink.

  29. laupe 10 months ago

    Congratulations, those latin ladies are so cute… but will we ever see a real milf in action? It’s just a suggestion. ;-D

    • Author
      adam 10 months ago

      Hi we have had a lot of MILFs over the years. Depends what you mean by MILF, and also the ‘what you’d like to fuck’ part 🙂 If you mean more mature Ladies, some of our most popular models have been a bit older. KK, Kerstin, Ashley, Shasha, MistressMama and others. All incidentally, extremely good at dog sex, experience is good. I’m not clear about the difference between MILF and Cougar though maybe someone can tell me.

  30. rehaniakavindi 10 months ago

    This must be a superior experience. We will love every second of the movie.
    We both read and discussed about having this kind of fun in future date.
    How lucky this Dog Sam is..

    “Interview type chatter throughout this movie, English subtitles provided” This is also something we expected.
    Good work.

    Another pussy is pet friendly now…

  31. hzhhhhh 11 months ago


  32. leonardo1322 11 months ago

    Adam I’m curious to see the second movie ??

  33. userx99 11 months ago

    Can You Bring Monica Back? ?

  34. klakson 11 months ago

    She’s hooooooot!

  35. reaper1 11 months ago

    Hey Adam just curious, What happened to the second video you were going to post?

  36. pollosex90 11 months ago

    exelente me gustaria conocer alguna amiga que sea timida y a la vez una perrita

  37. princesacanina 11 months ago

    Una primera vez muy pero muy prometedora ! ????????Una digna sucesora de Monica, Vanessa, Pamela, Pippa y Sophia 😉 Felicitaciones a Rosi ?

    • solovino666 10 months ago

      oye una pregunta sabes como comprar los videos, soy un poco malo con el ingles

      • Author
        adam 10 months ago

        Hola, por favor envía un correo electrónico a Soporte, ellos te ayudarán.

  38. xiaoyinxia 11 months ago

    绝佳之作 ???

  39. magnus78 11 months ago

    Whatever happened to releasing two videos at once?

    • Author
      adam 11 months ago

      Back in the day we were releasing 4 videos at once 🙂 Video 2 coming in a minute just getting it ready. Newsletter after that.

      • magnus78 11 months ago

        That would be awesome! Can’t wait to see the next release. You guys do a great job !

      • mrdev 11 months ago

        I hope someday you can make videos with south american girls, just i wish it. If I can help you, I would do it

      • magnus78 11 months ago

        Adam, how come the senoritas movies don’t have the same cameras view angles and amount of sessions compared to kana and lillys movie scenes? I mean they are still awesome but we need to see more precious view angles (if possible). Any reason why not? Thank you for your time.

        • Author
          adam 11 months ago

          Magnus each producer has his or her own style. I think ZDT does a great job with his movies. Without loading a model up with cameras all over the shot, looking like Robocop, it usually needs 2 sessions to get both the undershot and the side shot. If you look back at ZDTs portfolio of movies you will see that many have all kinds of shots, and some don’t. The length of the shoot, how many angles possible in a shoot – if the girl enjoys it enough to go for a second session, or if its possible to pin the Lady down for a second shoot (some Ladies are notoriously hard to pin down), all will dictate what shots the producer can get in a movie.

          Lily and Kana were different, they were / are living with me so available 24/7 for training and for filming 🙂

  40. mrdev 11 months ago

    she looks a lot like a friend

  41. sertaofq 11 months ago

    Such an amazing description, made me very curious about purchasing it. Great work by Sam and ZDT to bring Rosita to the marvelous world of petlove

  42. heroe1206 11 months ago

    Hello Adam,
    sorry brother but I agree with @hornytoad420
    I miss Pamela, Monica, Vanessa, Sophia, those Latin pet lovers. I love @zdt always surprising us with every delivery.
    see rosita with a serious animal see the glory.
    Keep it up, I love you.

  43. damien2010 11 months ago

    Rosita looks so extreme hot and with her braces it’s really naughty – love that. I hope she will do more movies.

    When it is about dialogues i wish we would getting to know if she is taking the pill – hopefully not – and if she has her fertile days – hopefully yes 😉

  44. leonardo1322 11 months ago

    It would be interesting to see Rosita with the big dog schnauzer

  45. panormus 11 months ago

    No oral in this movie?

  46. k9breedingbitch69 11 months ago

    How can I purchase for first time buyer? Looks like an amazing video

    • Author
      adam 11 months ago

      Hi, please just drop a mail to Support, they will assist you 🙂

  47. hornytoad420 11 months ago

    Sam has the magic stick! He always gets the most hot girls, lucky dog! From the pics, the vid looks great! Anyways I love seeing new blood, please don’t stop, but I do miss Monica and Pamela. Any chance they will make a come back?

    Keep up the good work! Thanks! 🙂

    • Author
      adam 11 months ago

      Damn why you have to go reminding me of Monica? 😉 That pussy so pretty and pet-friendly I miss her terribly too. I expect Sam does too…

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