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It is not so easy to catch someone engaging in sex with animals. It’s something we usually do in private, or with people we trust. Yet, people STILL get arrested regularly. We’ve all read the headlines, seen the forlorn mug shots. The fact is, the majority of animalsex fans are caught because they leave private media on their phones or computers, where others can find it. Maybe they take their phone in to be repaired with a load of personal dog sex videos on it. Maybe they lose their phone and didn’t put a password on it. You get the idea.

We don’t want to discourage Members from uploading their great private animal sex material, but we DO want everyone to do it safely. This post is to help active Members remove any personal information from private files. Many of you may already be aware of this, but it’s good to make sure everyone with less of a technical background knows it.



If you post your animal sex video or pictures directly from your phone or PC, it is potentially EXPOSING YOUR EXACT LOCATION.

The reason for this is the metadata included in pictures etc from all modern cameras. If you have location enabled the metadata will always include the exact geo/GPS coordinates of where it was taken as well as the date, time f ratio, camera type and resolution.

I recently got badly lost in the Thai jungle and was able to find my way out by simply clicking on this data for a picture taken near the road and sending it to Google maps, saving me from spending the night with the tigers and elephants!

A bunch of that stuff you don’t care about, but in addition to the location, it will have your devices MAC address and ME ID, Serial number, etc. If you purchased a device with a credit card or if your device is a phone with an account in your name, this metadata can expose your name, address, and identity.

If you don’t wish to expose this information, you must edit or erase the metadata prior to uploading. You can Google this for your device and get a step by step guide.



Corporations are nosey and love to keep an eye on exactly what we are all doing. As such, ‘tracking your every move’ is usually the default setting on most modern phones and smart devices.

Each device is different, but you can usually open your cameras SETTINGS, find and turn off the location stamp setting. This will prevent future media from being stamped with your location.



On a Windows PC, you right-click a picture and go all the way down to “Properties” then go to the “Details” tab. Now you can see the metadata and edit or erase if you need to.

ArtOfZoo - Security for Animal Sex Media on Windows



On Android, long-press the FILES icon, a window pops up with several icons, and you click on the circled “i” for info to see and edit the metadata. You can also download apps to help you with cleaning EXIF data from media.


Unfortunately, Apple is quite passionate about tracking and controlling users. For iPhone ios users, the steps are more complicated, but you can find tutorials on Google – here is one.



A little more bad news here: Steganography and holographic storage. These concepts are not currently in use, but given the current trend of tracking everything, it’s possible they will become a reality at some point in the future. So, now is the time to start thinking about workarounds.

The idea behind steganography and holographic storage is that a copy of an image is covertly embedded within an image. So that, even if you crop an image, the original image will still be secretly hidden within the image. Pretty sci-fi stuff.

The solution here is to be VERY careful about keeping your face or identifying stuff out of your animal sex videos and photos. It’s a good practice generally – and nobody can track or identify your face if your face is never shown.


  • ALWAYS use a password or passcode on your phone and other devices
  • DON’T leave private animal sex video or pictures on your phone – copy them off somewhere then delete them. Phones get lost, and so…
  • DON’T LOSE YOUR PHONE – particularly if there is dangerous media on it. Keep your devices secure and out of the wrong hands
  • WHERE POSSIBLE encrypt your device. Windows users can install Veracrypt – check on Google for encryption software for your device
  • MAKE A HABIT of keeping your faces out of your animal sex videos and photos. It’s the best practice for active Petfans

If you follow these simple rules, you can play a lot safer. Safety is important for all animalsex fans, please do your part.

On the topic of safety and security – it’s highly recommended that you use a secure email provider, given the data breaches most of the major email providers keep having. is a very good provider – it’s free, and encrypted, meaning that nobody can snoop on your private mails. Also they do not censor mails with adult content, like many of the major providers do.

IF you are struggling with all this, please contact an AoZ Admin and ask for help.

You can find other Security and Safety tips in the Security section of ArtOfZoo.

Good luck, have fun and be safe with your animal sex fun!

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  1. l4z2020 2 weeks ago

    It’s true, thank you for advice.

  2. asukagirl 4 weeks ago

    Very USEFUL thx!

  3. Author
    sXaBeast 1 month ago

    Duck duck go os great. Any recommendations for secure browsers?

    • audiopet 1 month ago

      Firefox…. DuckDuckGo has a app too. Desktop will be Firefox they have cool tools for securing oneself in general . It more creep to me that someone knows my food, sex, and etc preferences better then me.. they are selling it.,

  4. audiopet 1 month ago

    Don’t use g00gl3 to g00gl3.. they can still back track from devices last login even with vpn… now in vpn’s people should look for country of origin of company locations. Use non USA or those countries that comply with USA laws on getting web info.
    This is also includes severs, and kittens. If you saw the word kittens then you are serious about your safety.
    When it comes to meta data android and windows are Notorious in welling to share anyone data. Apple to my knowledge does not but the apps we use does and that becomes our responsibility.
    The apps on either operating system can also give away someone location. Yes, I know this is a about posting pics but everyone needs to cover the digital foot print much as possible. Not just with posting

    The most important app to get is ViewExif.. it clears all meta data.
    Use duck duck go for searching. G00gl3 hates them because they are Anonymous searching…
    when searching on g00gl3 phrase stuff like a question or use researching.. if you have to use it..

  5. norbi3325 1 month ago

    very important for all who are beginning to enter this world

  6. KnotSoShy 1 month ago

    Really great post! Definitely learnt a lot for future reference. Thank you for sharing x

  7. doggey69 1 month ago

    Very good advice.. Thank you.

  8. Author
    sXaBeast 1 month ago

    I see how you people are.

    I pour my soul into writing depraved, diseased fantasy of the filthiest nature and everyone likes my post on metadata and MAC addresses!

    Btw pattern lock on phone home screen is said to be tougher to hack than passwords.

  9. XarDa 1 month ago

    True words. Thanks for this good and important Article!

  10. dogsexlove 1 month ago

    Merci pour mise en garde, fort utile.

  11. CuriousCD 1 month ago

    Very good advice. I always cringe a bit when I see people’s full faces in images or videos. Or even in profile pictures on sites like this. It is sexier, but way risky. All it takes is for one wrong person to see it. And with all this facial recognition software out now, and ways to search identities, it is even more dangerous than ever.

    And not many people know about meta data. Even I did not know it contained so much.

    Thank you very much for posting!

  12. Basker15 1 month ago

    Good Advice.
    And certainly valuable information.

  13. Author
    sXaBeast 1 month ago

    Wow blog team! Excellent work with the screenshots and additions. Thanks.

  14. Evnn 1 month ago

    Great article. I know I learned something new, and I though I was relatively aware of the risks. Everyone on this site should definitely give this a read..and BE SAFE.

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