Sex with dog St Bernard

The next step was to get him to knot me. So, after a month or so he got used to the humping. I stopped going for walks for a good two weeks so he could get built up, and built up he was lol.

Finally the day came and he knew it.  He was excited and jumping around as we walked to the woods, towards our spot. As we walked he started jumping on me and clawing at my pants, generally excited. I had not even got my pants down, when he pushed me down and jumped onto me. I quickly took my pants down a bit, one hard thrust and he was inside. It made me moan hard because I could feel the bone go in all the way back to his sheath, and I knew the knot was coming. I’d seen it before, but always in his sheath.

I was enjoying the humping and pounding, when I felt it start to swell. As he slowed down just a bit, I could already feel it was going to be huge. As it swelled inside me, I grabbed the mattress and hoped it wasn’t going to be too big, ouch! It just kept growing and the pressure kept building – I was in pain because he was pulling it. It was his first time knotting inside me, and I didn’t know what to do. He yanked it out, I almost screamed because his knot was huge. I fell on my face and buried my scream into the mattress. He walked around with his big knot glistening, his cock pulsing and squirting. I stayed in that position for a while till he came over and licked me and slowly felt better. It was his first real knot, and I loved every second of it – despite the pain lol.

As the weeks went by, we played once a week, until we both got used to the knotting. We’d get to the mattress, and hump – then knot, and he’d started pulling. Painful every time. Eventually  I started holding his front legs just before he knotted, and hold him there until his knot would go down a bit. He got used to staying put during the tie, and I enjoyed it more and more. It seemed that his knot was growing bigger every time – he was not yet fully grown, so it probably was. It’s hard to put the ecstasy and pleasure into words… but wow!

By the time the older dog got used to knotting, the younger dog started getting interested too. Every time he followed us into the woods, he got more and more involved. He started to examine me after the older one pulled out, and eventually started licking me clean. He was getting to the right age now, one day after a good knotting session, the young dog came over and jumped onto me. I wasn’t expecting him to do that yet. The older dog was not happy about this, and growled at him until he stopped and jumped off.  This happened a few times, so I decided to take just the younger boy for a walk.

We got to the mattress, and I got on my knees and took my pants down and bam he was on me. Humping like crazy, he got the bone in and started going to town. I knew it was too soon for him to knot. As we went back the older dog was still barking. I knew I had to calm him down, so I went into his kennel and got on my knees for him. He jumped on and slid his bone in with one motion, humping hard. He growled at me when his knot swelled, as if to tell me to stay put. I was in bliss, being owned by him and in total submission. I was full with doggy sperm, a whole new level of pleasure.

I found time for the younger dog, as much as the older dog, and for him it came naturally. He was able to knot me in a few weeks. By this time, it was fall and getting cold so I needed a new place to have fun with the boys.

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  1. Beastluv99 6 months ago

    I remember when I was working on the river boats when I was young. We had a shipment of diesel and was unloading.
    A St. Bernard dog came along. He seemed very friendly, and while I was petting him, he started hump. I thought now he seems very horny.
    So I waited until it was my shift to watch the pumps.
    Soon the dog came back and hung around me. I had not had any sex for awhile. I always wondered how sex with an animal would be like. So I went into some tall grass near where we were tied up. The dog fallowed me and I started petting him again, only this time I petted him under his belly. He started humping aggressively , so I wondered if he would climb on me if I took my pants down to see if he would have sex with me.
    Well as soon as I was on my knees he was on me. It wasn’t long he was humping me furiously. I felt his cock go into me and before I knew it, his knot was coming on. Now I was locked to him and the knot was starting to hurt. I was truly tied to him.
    Now I panicked because I was afraid I might be caught by one of the members from the boat So I did a stupid thing, I grabbed his cock and pulled the knot out of me. That really hurt and tore my anus. His cock was so large hanging there.
    To this day I’ve never had a chance to have a dog have sex with me. I often wish I had stayed with the St. Bernard and let him deflate.

  2. arcticwolf 1 year ago

    love the story, and always loved the posts of your big boys on BF

  3. AnalLover89 1 year ago

    Would love to hear more about when they both knotted you consecutively. So hot. Thank you

  4. napemi2019 1 year ago

    Beautiful and horny writing story.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. 1 year ago

    MMMM loved it. thankyou for sharing. :]

  6. nasdaq123 1 year ago

    how to download?

  7. theerumor 2 years ago

    Very good

  8. Stryder69 2 years ago

    Great continuation

  9. longtrail60 2 years ago

    Hi, would love to see him knot you and watch his cum come out of you

  10. harshone 2 years ago

    lets see him in action love to watch you dripping…..

  11. ThrillKill 2 years ago

    Great text, thanks a lot!

  12. mazxcvbnm 2 years ago


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