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So I decided to tell you guys about the adventures I have with my two st Bernard’s… one is older by about 6 months, but the younger one eventually he grows bigger than the older one, which actually makes for an interesting twist to the training. I can’t say their names, but I’ll just refer to them as the younger one and the older one.

I’ve always had dogs since I was a teen and these aren’t he first dogs I’ve had as mates.

But they are my first St Bernard’s. I didn’t know what age they would start showing interest in sex so I waited till one day I saw the older dog trying to hump the younger one. So that’s when we started going for the long walks in the woods. ☺

I live in the country and it’s already very private so it’s perfect for “this”.

Going for walks just made it better, more natural. We started walking a km or so then I’d stop and pet them and right away the older one gets excited and tries to jump on the younger one lol, but I would pull him off and pet him slowly and always work my way down to his sheath and touch it softly but as soon as I’d get to it, he’d be humping the air so I knew it was going to be easy to get him to start on me.

This went one for the first few weeks till eventually I would jack him off or he would hump my hand till I could feel the knot swelling in his sheath.. and he would stand there looking at me.. after those first few weeks I would take my pants down and he’d lick and smell me while his cock was pulsing after id jack him off. The young one watching us the whole time – I eventually dragged an old mattress out to a very private place where we could spend as much time as we needed.

The next step was to get on my hands and knees with my butt in the air while he licked me or just after I’d get him to start humping the air. It only took a few tries and he got the idea. When I got down on my knees,  it’s his time to jump on… most of the time he’d just stab the air jump off and jump back on. But eventually he’d hump longer and get better at searching for the right spot. It took him about a week to find the spot and the first time he actually thrust his bone inside me.

So after finding the right spot it got easier every time we went for a walk, which was about 3 or 4 times a week because I wanted him to get used to it and what the walks meant lol… after about a couple more months of the same thing going he was getting good but still not really knotting or always knotting in his sheath but we was good at the humping just till his knot would start to swell.. then he’d stop.. and pull out. And that was going to be his next training ☺


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  1. chuckster72 10 months ago

    very nice ty

  2. 12 months ago

    Oskar was a St Bernard 🙂

  3. zgbjpyjb 1 year ago

    Very good experience, expect your updates.

  4. mavsboy 1 year ago

    Great story! Saints make wonderful lovers. Cannot wait for updates!

  5. boxer 1 year ago

    great start let us know more

  6. randy01 1 year ago

    Good story line , some pictures or video would be nice too.

  7. felix 1 year ago

    Keep us updated;)

  8. k9fandoglover1 1 year ago

    Thanks for shearing.

  9. dowser86 1 year ago

    more pls

  10. curiouscd 1 year ago

    Nice! What a great story! Thanks for sharing.

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