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I was 20 years old when I became active within the local zoo community and started making friends. One day, I was introduced to a local English Springer Spaniel breeder by a male zoo friend of mine. I was a bit nervous but more so of the breeder that would be watching my first mating as I had not met him before. I had been intimate with 4 dogs for the 4 years prior so I was comfortable exchanging oral with dogs. I was confident in my zoosexuality but was less experienced with humans.

As soon as I parked my car in the driveway, my male friend pointed out the middle-aged man playing fetch with his several red and white Springer Spaniels in the backyard. My heart raced in anticipation but the cool breeze against my skin helped to calm my nerves. After introductions and small talk, we eventually went inside the house and sat on the couches in the living room while 5 excited dogs bounced around us.

The dog family consisted of the father, the pregnant mother, the oldest son, the youngest son, and the daughter. I had a pleasant conversation with the gentlemen for a few minutes until the youngest dog jumped on the couch and tried to urge my male friend into giving him a blow job. I laughed as I watched the scene so close beside me as the young dog humped his hips towards my friend’s face. Before the stud could get any more excited, my friend helped the dog onto the floor as we all laughed some more. The male dogs were very anxious to mate with someone as shown by their red tips peeking out of sheaths under long red and white fur. I was very glad and honored that I was chosen to mate with them that day.

The breeder asked if I was ready. I gathered my courage and nodded that I was ready. This was the moment I had dreamed of since I realized my attraction to dogs 10 years prior. We moved to a side bedroom and only the youngest male was let in to jump around. The other dogs attempted to squeeze past each other into the bedroom, but they had to wait their turn to get to me.

The men both sat, dressed, and respectful, on the bed while I removed my jeans and started to kiss the young dog. I held my hands on either side of his furry, white snout as I let our tongues roll around. I kept my grey blouse on so I wouldn’t have to worry about my large breasts swinging around. I sat in the middle of the bed facing the gentlemen and spread my legs to let the young dog eagerly taste my shaven pussy. Soon I was made into a slobbery mess, prepped and ready for mating. He pawed at me and jumped to rest his paws on my shoulders as he faced me for another kiss before jumping off of me.

He was very ready to mount so I bent over on hands and knees on the bed with my bare ass facing the gentlemen. Suddenly I felt the pup jump on my back, his long fur was soft against my tanned skin, and his strong paws held onto my hips as he poked around a bit with his sheath. It was so euphoric to finally get mounted and feel the thrusting of a dog’s hips against me, his strength holding me in place, the bed shaking from our movements, my submission towards his needs. My pussy buzzed in excitement to physically experience this act of passion with a dog. My friend guided the pup’s cock into me and was careful to not touch me. I was so aroused that I moaned out and suddenly squirted all over us as soon as the pup slid his cock into my wet pussy. I had never squirted so much, and it still amazes me how quickly my orgasm came. The bed underneath me, the dog’s legs, my thighs, as well as the whole lower half of my blouse was soaked in my juices.

The young dog continued to thrust his hips against me as he claimed my k9 virginity as roughly as he could. We were unable to tie as his knot grew to full size just outside of my entrance. He tried to force the swollen glands in with each thrust, but his knot couldn’t fit inside my tight hole. I was still very grateful to be full of warm doggy cum and that we were able to share an incredible, mind-blowing orgasm together. He jumped off of me and licked our combined juices from between my legs then shared wet kisses with me before he was ushered out of the bedroom by his owner. It took me only a few minutes to catch my breath and relax my lower muscles, but I was determined to mate with the other studs that were waiting for me.

The oldest son was then let into the bedroom and he jumped on the bed right away to lick mine and his brother’s cum out of me. My pussy ached for more k9 cock and k9 cum inside of it after longing for years. I returned to the doggy style position and he mounted me enthusiastically. He was much physically larger than his younger brother, and even larger than his father, so I felt completely dominated by his size. He was much more powerful and confident in his thrusts as he slid into my dripping pussy right away.

The slight pain of his nails that clawed into my thighs added to the pleasure as he thrust quickly deep in and out of me. My mind reeled and I orgasmed again from feeling a mass slowly grow inside of my intimate parts. I knew the feeling was his knot and was very familiar with dog anatomy, but nothing could have prepared me for the actual sensation of the knot expanding inside my pussy. We successfully tied for 10 minutes. I was overjoyed at the thought of cum squirting into me during our tie and I continuously squeezed my inner muscles around his throbbing length and large knot. Too soon, his cock slid out of me with a rush of cum onto the soaked bedding below us. The men gasped in amazement at the sight since they had the best seats in the house directly behind us. The dog and I sloppily kissed while I rubbed his sheath and wet belly, showing appreciation for the amazing primal fucking he had just given me.

The father dog was let into the bedroom and he was almost as excited as his youngest son. He sniffed and licked the bed and even gave kisses to his owner before he made his way over to me. I opened my arms to him and we rolled around on the bed while kissing each other. His fur was soft, and I enjoyed burying my fingers into his long threads. He licked between my legs for a moment then began to nudge my thigh with his snout to try to push me into position for him. I giggled and readied myself on my knees for him, not feeling satisfied with the k9 cum in me just yet.

My hips were suddenly pulled back from his forceful grip. His large cock sunk just inside of my ass a few times which caught me by surprise but wasn’t unwelcome. I moaned out; I was a bundle of need that wanted to be claimed by him. His cock was the largest of all the dogs and felt so wonderful as it thrust into my womanhood. We were able to tie for 5 minutes all while he filled me full with his doggy seed. I was amazed at seeing how well-endowed and slick with cum he was after he pulled out of me, his red cock glistened beautifully.

The daughter was then invited into the bedroom and she was gorgeous and so much smaller compared to the males in her family. She was a good dog and licked all of the cum out of me while she let me slide a finger into her pussy. Feeling her inner heat reminded me of the few female dogs I had prior that enjoyed my fingers deep inside of them. The warmth and arousal inside of her tight pussy made me shiver and caused goosebumps to spread across my bare skin. Her moans of approval were incredibly sexy, and I knew she enjoyed my touch. If she had shown any signs of distress, then I would have immediately stopped all play, but she enjoyed my touch. Her owner said she would be in heat soon and was quite a horny gal.

The youngest son was let back into the bedroom and quickly mounted me again. He thrust his doggy cock into me just as eagerly as our first time. We were still unable to tie because of his playful personality and lack of experience but we still had an amazing time.

A bit exhausted from the 4 mountings, I cleaned myself in the restroom and joined the men and dog pack in the living room. We recapped our favorite moments of the mating sessions that had just occurred. The bottom half of my blouse was still soaked from when I squirted as well as from all the dog cum. It couldn’t have been any better for a 1st mating session and I feel extremely lucky to have been invited for such an incredible experience.

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    Awesome story I loved it. My kinda girl

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    Great story, Made me hard while reading this, thank you for sharing this K9cocklover. X

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    Amazing story. I hope I bear witness to something that someday.

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    so beautiful <3

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    Dream scenario 🤤

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    Beautiful story beautifully written k9cocklover. Thank you for sharing.

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    springer spaniel was my first

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    Love this, hope you are well

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    That Ladys flower is a real K9 Creamerie 😉

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