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There are times, when you can be really surprised ?

I (the man) was interested in this particular topic for years now. And although my lovely wife is very open minded when it comes to sex, I did not dare talk to her about this fantasy. Last Saturday afternoon, when we were in bed, I got brave and said that I wanted to see her with a dog. And she surprised me totally, told me she often had our dog (who does not live anymore) lick her and was very curious to be mounted. That shocked me, but in a positive way.

So I asked someone for a date with their dog, Max, well known from many films and already two days later it was possible. So in the evening we went to them, both absolutely nervous an anxious, not talking a word during our trip to them. Gladly it was only 30 minutes by car.

CanineBitch Dog Sex

Something sweet and sexy for lucky Max…

We met two very nice people and a wonderful dog. We all talked about it, what was great as it took a lot of pressure from my mind. She was so afraid of doing something wrong or disappointing the dog. So after a while she changed clothes and started to let Max lick her… A few minutes later she was on all fours and being mounted. It worked so well, she is a natural talent. She got knotted, filled with his cum and loved it. Seems like she is addicted now ?

On that evening she did not suck his cock, again some fear of doing something wrong or hurting him. But we convinced her, that there is not much she could do wrong and now she is so curious to try that too. On her next date with Max that will surely happen.

All current pictures and videos in our profile are from that evening. And we’ll keep you updated with new ones when we meet him again. We’re sure you all want so see her lips around his cock and her swallowing his cum ?

CanineBitch Dog Sex

CanineBitch certainly does have a natural talent!..

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  1. madgic1978 5 months ago


  2. luckydog123 6 months ago

    Supergeil….wir sind noch immer auf der Suche nach einem netten Herrchen mit Rüden !

  3. papasmerf21 7 months ago

    Lovely couple! Glad she was able to enjoy herself and fulfil her desire to be mounted and knotted up!

  4. bavarianspirit 8 months ago

    Bei so einenm Termin wären wir gerne dabei und unsere Sie würde es dann gerne auch ausprobieren, 🙂
    Interesse ? Grüße W & M aas München

  5. mn42as 8 months ago

    Beautiful story

  6. oskinny 8 months ago

    Wow, heiße Story, gefällt uns.

  7. Author
    caninebitch 8 months ago

    Meanwhile we had a second date with him, third is planned for tomorrow 🙂

  8. adam 8 months ago

    Great work guys 🙂 I’m absolutely sure I am not alone in saying I would love to see anything the lovely CanineBitch gets up to with those lucky pets. Awesome pet skills like that need to be shared with all the horny pets in the world 😉

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