ArtOfZoo Kana Smooth Ride

“Kana’s sweet blossom makes Animal cum like a dream”

Producer: ILZ
Models: Kana with Animal
Running Time: 45 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)

Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


ArtOfZoo Kana Smooth Ride

Continuing with our Asian theme – introducing the lovely Kana. When ILZ presented Kana for doggy consideration, I was not entirely sure. She was very cute and sweet, well presented – but seemed quite shy. Shy and hardcore dog sex modelling do not tend to go hand in hand.

Then the panties came off and I saw that bod. That ass, really. Tight, round and perky – you don’t often see an ass quite like that on an Asian Lady. But, there it is. It’s against our policy to leave an attractive Lady like that, unbred.

Kana reminds me a bit of Annalena, that whole focused pussycat thing going on. It’s quite tempting.

ArtOfZoo Kana Smooth Ride Dog Sex Video

Kana is a doggy treat we can all appreciate…

As it turns out, Kana is only shy about her English. When it comes to the art of love and seduction, she is all woman. Animal loves the raven-haired Ladies, it’s a black fur thing you understand. 😉

ArtOfZoo Kana Smooth Ride Dog Sex Video

“Come and get it big boy, I know you want it…”

I really am a sucker for good legs and a sexy behind. A minor detail – what is particularly interesting about Kana’s vagina, is her shape. The natural curve of her mound and labia, you can see in the screenshot below, and the first screenshot above. While this tender furrow may not have noticeable effect should a chap try to slide his man meat through it –  should you have a long, bony tool, it’s just the thing. This flower, it seems, is tailor made for some intense doggy action. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hot under the collar just thinking about it. And I’m not even wearing a collar.

ArtOfZoo Kana Smooth Ride Dog Sex Video

With a few strong thrusts, Kana’s vagina is well and truly doggy-deflowered…

Kana is the second Asian Model to go through our special doggy training program. With a little help from her Wild Sister TigerLily, Kana experienced her first canine penetration. Almost immediately she was enjoying smooth, hard mounts. Her first taste of what it is like to be taken sexually by a big beast.

Animal took a real shine to Kana, too. Another petite Lady, completely new to animal sex. And yet, calmly and affectionately welcoming some super hard mounts from a dog that weighs more than she does. Kana made the switch much faster than expected, and did a wonderful job. Animal could never wait to get rocking with this Lady.

ArtOfZoo Kana Smooth Ride Dog Sex Video

Animal accepts the Lady’s offer and drives deep, claiming her as his own…

It took a few sessions before Kana was completely comfortable with hard dog penetration. By session 3, the Lady was already expert and ready to move onto tying.

Animal is always ready to accommodate a Lady in training. With a deep thrust into a relaxed Lady, Animal’s knot was soon locked inside that perfectly formed pussy.

ArtOfZoo Kana Smooth Ride Dog Sex Video

Animal’s knot is lovingly enveloped in hot Kana pussy…

All notions of the Lady being too shy were out the window by this point. Kana’s flower is not quite as tight as TigerLily’s, so the Lady did not struggle as much. In fact, smoothly and calmly taking a huge knot into her petite button, and remaining alluring while the big fist of dog love locks her sex to his – we would be forgiven for assuming Kana had been loving dogs all her life. But nope, the Lady is a genuine beginner. Some flowers seem to be just right for our special kind of fun.

ArtOfZoo Kana Smooth Ride Dog Sex Video

The pink of Kana’s inner folds precisely matches that of a dog penis. More than coincidence? 😉


ArtOfZoo Kana Smooth Ride Dog Sex Video

Almost seems a shame to ever take that out…

No strong tie is complete without an epic flowshot, and neither Kana or Animal disappoint here. Animal demonstrates his approval in liquid form – a river of dog sperm flowing from Kana’s freshly dogged vagina. That’s a very satisfied hound right there.

ArtOfZoo Kana Smooth Ride Dog Sex Video

The very least a dog can do for a Lady, is fill her vagina to capacity with k9 sperm…

As before, this movie was shot over 5 sessions, with the all-over camera setup you will be familiar with from TigerLily’s First Dance. Plenty of action, plenty of views of the action, giving you the best seat in the house 🙂

ILZ is doing a great job with all our new Ladies, and I hope you will enjoy Kana’s Smooth Ride.


We are publishing this movie for sale during December. December is typically our slowest month of the year. This may affect the speed of the Download Buffer. If you are the impatient type, it may be preferable for you to purchase your copy of the movie once it is released – or, hold on until January when things usually return to normal. Thanks for your understanding. Everyone else – please get purchasing 🙂


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As with our previous Platinum Club, Movie Club movies are individually edited for each Member making a purchase. Individual movies contain various visible AND hidden codes, to allow us to identify any Members sharing our movies. Members found sharing our movies will be banned from our network, and will no longer be eligible for future movie purchases. No excuses, no exceptions. Please keep your movies in a safe place, don’t share, don’t trade them. Movie sales help support the running of our community – please do your part to protect the community.

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  1. yanshuai3 4 days ago


  2. zyq1924948407 1 month ago

    It’s worth buying two movies.I hope I’ve made Asian movies again. It’s great to keep buying them.

  3. zyq1924948407 2 months ago


  4. anto2184 2 months ago

    Quiero ver está película como hago

  5. js19811214 3 months ago


  6. doggyknot76 3 months ago

    Body and flower made to please a dog. Animal seam can’t get enough of Kana… He did a great job filling up this bitch completely ending with a massive cum flood from her pussy. Another masterpiece

  7. gustinfx 4 months ago

    Increible pelicula kana es tan atractiva, la calidad de la pelicula es muy buena, vale la pena el precio. 🙂

  8. cy133144 4 months ago


  9. juli01 4 months ago

    Kana is really a pretty ittle girl and I do agree with most of the former commands. This huge black dog did really a very good job, but Kana still needs to learn some things . But ntl a well done video in excellent quallity. Thx for that

  10. francis28 5 months ago

    I would say the dog is the really amazing part of this wonderful movie : he is taking so much care of that tight vagina , sparying so much pet seed inside it, with a lovely and steady care, he is the real star and his neverending libido should be a high lesson for everyone of us!

  11. districtsuper 5 months ago

    Beautiful girl and amazing camera work. I do with she was a little more enthusiastic. I guess I just love amateur stuff better.

  12. bukka 7 months ago

    simply amazing !!
    the amount of doggy cum squirting out of her. she is great and the dog is a pro and fucking pussy

  13. soloexceptional 7 months ago

    Kana is a little doggy queen. When animals member flops out at the end I was in awe. Where did she hide it all? Anyway, the gush is impressive and Animal certainly leaves his mark.

  14. damanchea 7 months ago

    Another great movie? Ilz your doing a sterling job!!
    I love how your concentrated on kanas body throughout the video. She has a lovely ass and looks soo sexy arched over that stool.
    Great knotting scene with a messy pullout. Even better seen in the outtakes section!
    Missing oral which i love but good movie overall. Maybe next time we can get some oral thrown in.
    Worth the purchase!

  15. bukka 8 months ago

    WOW.. THat pussy is made for dog cock and a tie. It wraps around it perfectly and now I know what you guys meant by that.
    Amazing 10/10 Video

  16. roccoaaa 8 months ago

    Kana is very beautiful and sexy, great movie!

  17. zzoggoo 8 months ago

    Getting this movie (piece of art would be much more accurate) reminded me the classic, “8mm”: doing some business in the shadows for owning something that would shock my familiy – unfortunately petlove is not for everyone, I guess. First of all I would like to express my graditude toward the Lady, since Kana was simply amazing: her skills, bewildering eyes and bum, and those moans! Really lifted my spirit and roused me like nothing else before. Thank you dear! As far the technical details go: this is the standard for me now – if you ever sat in a Bentley, why would you look further? 10 stars, out of 5…

  18. mikke83 8 months ago

    An amazing movie with an amazing girl. Great work!

  19. wy389857145 9 months ago

    very good . i like it

  20. ranok69 10 months ago

    unlimited empty balls (puppet)

    – powerful/hard fucks
    – girl body moves so well, that the girl looks like a puppet 🙂
    – listen to her breath of pleasure
    – knots and creampies again an again
    – really feel the action of the movie 🙂

    This girl is a real toy for dogs (She is a true bitch for dogs)

    More movies like this !!! PLEASE !!!

  21. tom86 10 months ago

    Hi, Adam! I would like to buy what movie with Kana, I have sent 2 messages and got not one answer. You don’t wanna sale it now?

    • Author
      adam 10 months ago

      Hi sorry Tom, some of our team are relocating and a bit behind on support. You should have a reply by now, if not please leave a message here, or send a message on the site, and I will email you because maybe there is a problem with your email or messages.

  22. marcislut 10 months ago

    Got this movie today and worth the wait. A beautiful girl and wow did Animal like her so much cum and being a good boy he loved cleaning her after. I enjoyed every minute of the movie definitely one to watch over again.

  23. artofzoobiggestfan 10 months ago

    What an absolutely phenomenal movie! Special shout out to Kana, damn it girl I saw you repositioning to ensure that animal had full and the deepest of the deep penetration of your vagina the entire time and I must say WOW! Your first movie and you made sure to give so fully of your body to that dog, I’m still jumping for joy. And I’m sure animal is still to this day trying to replace the volume of cum left in that tight Asian ass!?With that said Adam and ILZ absolutely spot on performance which means you trained her quite well and got some killer angles and shots! Special headsup for anyone currently buying this one, the “outtakes” at the end will leave you breathless.

  24. boesman 11 months ago

    Well done.

  25. arvais 11 months ago

    Really fantastic movie! Kana does a great job of taking in the doggies big dick and knot. Definately some excellent shots of her locked in with the knot in. She gets knotted twice, but that first time he stayed in quite a while and boy did he empty himself into her! That river of cum was wayyyy sexy. I bought two movies, this and Tiger Lily’s First Dance and while both her extremely sexy, the one shot where the knot pulls out of Kana and she yelps, followed by a waterfall of cum that spews out from her was the sexiest scene of both movies! I also like how she makes soft moans and yelps throughout the entire mating process. Very Sexy! I agree with the other poster, that it would be nice to have a mic closer to her face so we could hear her moaning a bit more. Great job by ArtofZoo again!

  26. robisaque 11 months ago

    Great ! Great ! Movies !! Thanks Kanan, ILZ and Adam 🙂

  27. imrankkhn 12 months ago

    Mmmmm lovely

  28. rax1923 12 months ago

    Animal is eager and does he deliver! He knows what to do and when, either he is trained well or that is all pure instinct. Just wow.

    Kana what can i say? She is beautiful!
    If there is one thing i would critique; it would be adding a mic to the lady.
    Because boy do i love her whimpers, and its the type where they hold their pleasure as best they can; but it comes out! God i love that!

    I cannot wait for her next movie damn!

  29. bob4dog 12 months ago

    I really enjoyed this movie. She is a very beautiful woman and she is getting mounted very deep and long. Especially the bonus shots of the big dog cock pulling out with loads of cum is very hot.

  30. destenyb59 1 year ago

    Kana is a very sexy and naughty girl and the dog appreciate this. He knot her many times ans cum generously. He licks Kana’s pussy full of his cum… Great !!! This dog has good taste. More Kana, please

  31. isisis 1 year ago

    I couldn’t wait to get the movie. And i wasn’t disappointed seeing a very beautiful Asian model in dogs action. Brilliant quality production! Lots of details. Well done!

  32. artofzoobiggestfan 1 year ago

    My god that waterfall of dog semen makes me SOO happy! To see a woman give herself so fully to a dog and to watch his semen pour from her hot snatch! What a treat? I wish I could have been there in person to hear Kanas’ pussy lovingly take that dog cock and then to see the puddle of doggy cum left on the floor after he slides his red rocket out of her Asian pussy… Hopefully dreams come true one day?? until then Thank you Adam for finding these women and having such a HUGE dog fuck them and fill there right snatches to NO return with semen! Animal has got to have some of the most beautiful breeding bitches I have ever seen? the way she loves that dogs dick loving her is seriously priceless!?

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Hehe, yes Kana is great and very cute, Animal has a real boner for that lovely Lady.

      As for seeing it in person – stay tuned 😉

  33. fensi 1 year ago

    ‘d like to see a movie under X ray. I hope you can make one, and I’ll buy it.

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      @fensi, I think both you and NASA would be interested in that movie 😉

    • arvais 11 months ago

      As awesome as that would be, I don’t know how feasible that would be. First off, you’d have to use an MRI because x-rays can’t see soft tissue. Second you would have a difficult time explaining to an MRI technician why you want to take pictures of a dog having sex with a human female in their machine.

      • Author
        adam 11 months ago

        Not a lot of room in those tubes either, can’t see a dog mounting a woman in there 🙂

  34. glok9 1 year ago

    Kana is a natural. Perfect body and not shy with the doggy at all! Multiple shots & fantastic angles. I am becoming spoiled!

  35. wildhert 1 year ago

    Rica ???

  36. wangda188 1 year ago

    a really good movie!!!

  37. nektar11 1 year ago

    The shots taken are some of the most beautiful and mind blowing. I didn’t think there were still people making high quality movies like this. I would highly recommend any of these purchases because quality and talent like this is hard to find. Or I was just not looking in the right places. 😀

  38. misanthrop 1 year ago

    hi guys 🙂
    again an awesome movie of yours that blasted my mind
    i enjoyed the movie very much and also can’t wait to get the next one 🙂
    a big thumbs to you and please keep going like that

  39. birdsong 1 year ago

    After some eager licking, Kana and Animal engage in wild, primal mating. His size and strength overwhelms, shunting her forward with every thrust until he drives his knot inside her.

    What follows is my favourite scene. Animal rests on Kana’s back, panting deeply, her whimpering timidly, as her belly is flooded with dog-seed.

    After the dismount, a thick stream of cum spills out of her pussy, splashing on to the floor with a dull wet thud.

    Looking forward to the new videos!

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      @Birdsong, Kana learned the ropes very quickly and was taking some smooth mounts in no time. As you can see from the video 🙂 Love that Lady’s ass.

  40. ilz 1 year ago

    Great another movie got released many thanks for your support and we hope you stay with us and continue with your awesome support:)

    Enjoy watching the movie and please concider to leave a review for each movie you buy from us to let others know what they are missing.

    Have a good one guys.

  41. birdsong 1 year ago

    Come on. Only one more…

  42. liurenjie1987 1 year ago

    is good

  43. ironwood 1 year ago


  44. beastboy4444 1 year ago

    What a beautiful woman

  45. kenlick 1 year ago

    Wanted to drink that doggy cum soooooo much

  46. zjkk1969 1 year ago

    Like it very much, is good

  47. miguelito86 1 year ago

    I hope that river of cum made it into a cup or something, would love to see her down every drop afterwards, yum and super hot

  48. mayun1103 1 year ago

    very good . i like it

  49. 1peterpan 1 year ago

    What a beautiful woman and sexy but ?

  50. birdsong 1 year ago

    Looks like Animal filled her belly to the brim !

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      I do believe several drops of dog cum came out of Kana’s nose 😉

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