“Pam brings that sweet pussy back for Sam to enjoy”

Producer: ZDT
Models: Pam with Sam
Running Time: 27 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)

Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


ArtOfZoo - Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Movie

Sam wets up Pam’s hot box ready for some hot and hard loving…


For our regulars, Pam requires no introduction. If you are new to this, Pam is a delicious experienced slice of Latin Pet Girl loveliness. Much like that first cigarette of the day, a cold beer on a hot day, or Gramma’s apple pie, this Lady goes down easy. ZDT’s boy Sam has had the pleasure of Pams company a number of times, and that pet pussy hasn’t lost her touch.

Pam is one of my favorite ZDT Models, I know I’m not alone in feeling that way. Pretty and sexy, playful, and – clearly – really quite comfortable giving up her treasures for the enjoyment of pets, and us petfans alike. “Mucha Muchacha – Wow, too much of a girl!” Seeing Pam fucking a dog can get me exploding in my shorts at 50 paces.


ArtOfZoo - Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Movie

Experienced Petgirl Pam knows exactly how to offer herself to a dog…


Pam knows the drill. She has what Sam wants, tucked neatly away in her panties where other hounds can’t get at it. For Sam though, the panties come off and the keys to Pams city are laid at his paws. That lucky fluffy Devil 🙂

It’s a no-frills production, but really. Like Sprite, image is nothing, thirst is everything. If you’re like me, I got to obey that thirst for good pet loving. Sometimes it’s nice to see a bit of creative decor. Usually I’m less interested in the packaging and more interested in the cakes. Fortunately for us Petfans, Pam has enough slices of her tender moist cake to go round.


ArtOfZoo - Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Movie

Sam can’t wait to sink his hungry doggy cock inside that hot Latin vagina…


The movie is exactly what it says on the can. Sam hasn’t seen Pam for a while now. I’m sure he’s delighted to see the lovely Lady again. Maybe a little irked that it took Her so long to get her buns back into his kennel, but hey. Nothing an extra vigorous pussy hammering can’t resolve. Love will always find a way, and as usual Sam finds his way into the Lady’s sex with his typical suave style.


ArtOfZoo - Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Movie

Pam knows the drill, and takes that hard dog dick all the way inside her…


It’s glorious to see Pam back in action. Sam’s hips get to thrusting, and that hungry red dog cock slides in, and out of Pam’s juicy sex hard and with passion. Slick with Lady juice stirred up with a steady flow of canine precum, he pushes his tool deep into Pam’s soul, locking it there with a fat knot.


ArtOfZoo - Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Movie

Perfectly tied Pam pussy, always a delicious feast for the eyes…


Pam whimpers gently as Sam bucks into her. Seeing that Ladys software being expertly stirred by Sam’s rocket gets me whimpering too. Pam really knows how to fuck a dog, and I hope she keeps coming back for more. That pet pussy is way too fine to not be put to her intended use. Whatever the Lady does during the day to day, she really needs to stop all that and spend a lot more time on her hands and knees.


ArtOfZoo - Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Movie

Deeply tied – Pam waits patiently for Sam to finish his cum, taking it all inside her…


It’s reassuring to know that each thrust injects a good squirt of pure dog semen flying into Pams sweet pussy. The Ladys sex really knows how to milk that jizz. And whatever may leak out during the lovesession, we can be assured that a good amount lingers on, steadily working it’s way into that Latin womb in search of an egg to fertilize.


ArtOfZoo - Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Movie

Ever the Gent, Sam cleans up his lover, making sure she is fully bred…


Honestly, I can’t quite make out if there are 2 mounts in this session or if it’s just 2 angles of a single mount. Either way, there’s a good amount of action to enjoy and plenty enough to keep us petfans satisfied. It’s great to have this Lady back, and here’s hoping she is loving dogs way into her future. Hope you enjoy, and have fun Slamming Pam 😉


ArtOfZoo - Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Movie

Don’t worry Lady, that thing is well and truly locked up inside you where it belongs…



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  1. arvais 3 days ago

    Pam is really enjoyable to watch. You can tell she is really into it, with her face expressions and moans of pleasure. There are two knots, both are enjoyable, but the second is the best. I love how she keeps touching herself like she’s reveling in the knot being locked inside her. Sam pumps a lot of cum into her and there are a couple times where when she spreads her labia that there is some nice cum spillage. When he pulls out there is also some more cum spillage, that completely soaks her pussy with doggie jizz. I love how she slaps her dog cum soaked pussy as you can tell she really enjoyed herself. Also, the licking at the end with her legs up is one of my favorite licking scenes I’ve seen, as she looks damn sexy getting her ass and pussy licked straight up the center by Sam, who definitely knows how to hit the mark. Definitely, worth seeing!

  2. texuva 1 month ago

    Pamela is the best !!! And Sam is so lucky. ..

  3. qh1728400382 1 month ago

    女主身材太棒了 瘦不鸟

  4. awhitedy 2 months ago

    i want it

  5. ltx123456789 2 months ago


  6. x3139751 3 months ago


  7. zhaoyinghao 3 months ago

    要怎么买 可以教学吗

  8. lingfind 4 months ago


  9. nonsense233 4 months ago


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  12. wangdafa520240 5 months ago


  13. numb 6 months ago


  14. sctjllp888 6 months ago

    I want to buy Chinese movie, how to buy?

  15. dparks2010 6 months ago

    Another great film from ZDT. Pam looks fantastic. The interview adds a whole new element that let’s you see her personality. Hopefully Pam comes back with another film and explores her 3some fantasy she talks about.

  16. wood34666 6 months ago


  17. baifx16 6 months ago


  18. kq52013140 6 months ago


  19. gb0730 6 months ago


  20. sinuo 6 months ago


  21. xy23993540 6 months ago

    How to watch the film

  22. zetafun 8 months ago

    pam i love you <3

    what an beautyful girl-dog clip.

    I#ff you like dogsex, than is this a musthave

  23. aceofzoo 8 months ago

    Nothing sexier then a dog and a sweet girl

  24. dinadina16 8 months ago

    this dog got so much pussy in his life.
    he’s the man.

  25. vandeflueger 8 months ago

    Fantastic movie! Thank you ZDT!

  26. weidada 9 months ago


  27. fange 9 months ago


  28. a827977099 9 months ago


  29. moseen 9 months ago


  30. mengtao715 9 months ago


    • Author
      adam 9 months ago


      • ktka 9 months ago

        Hola Adam yo queria pedirte que cuando Sam se folle a la chica de numero 100 hagas un especial a modo retrospectiva
        Con todas las chicas

  31. 3426360085qwert 9 months ago


  32. woni12336 9 months ago


  33. cyf2292551194 9 months ago


  34. wwqwwq 9 months ago


  35. doggyknot76 10 months ago

    Another great return, Pamela is one of the finest doggy pornostars on the net and she admits how she likes doggies and everything naughty. 2 great knotting scenes and the second one is the finest with a perfect locked knot and a massive vaginal filling.

  36. yg961124 10 months ago


  37. oligami 10 months ago

    How can I get this movie?

    • Author
      adam 10 months ago

      请检查您的电子邮件 – please check your email 🙂

  38. shadowads 10 months ago


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  44. francis28 11 months ago

    The video is extremely interesting when it comes to sperm destination. It is clear that Pam is coming quite hard in both mounts, and – compared to other Sam seed quantities – this video in both mounts shows a really little amount flowing out.
    This could mean realy that most of the pet seed has gone directly into the womb, due to contactions of the female cervix during orgasm?

  45. chenguanlin666 11 months ago


  46. lyinwei 11 months ago


  47. babacool 11 months ago

    I love you so much, Pam… As an old member of AOZ, know your previous movies and loved them all. What a model. Keep going Pam!

  48. damanchea 11 months ago

    ZDT Your spoiling us!
    Pam was always one of my best models and she has graced us with her return!
    Pam is as sexy and flirtatious as her previous videos. More so i would say and the action does not dissapoint, playful and sentual.
    Pams ass in the air looks wonderful, it looks like her ass has gotten bigger and im a huge fan of big asses!!
    She takes the knot sunken deep inside her like the pro she is and sams knot hanging half outside is mindblowing. I like how we got a side view of her face in the second segment. She looks real cute waitng for sam to find his way and when he does her face says it all!! Beautiful!
    Second mounting was just as good as the first with a undershot thrown in. So much cum is dripping and she slaps her cum soaked pussy after the pullout. Great action ‘que rico ‘as shes stating.
    Pam looks like shes had a good tireing session at then end and with sam to clean up it looks like shes in bliss
    Great on all accounts and well worth the purchase. Thanks AOZ

  49. audiopet 12 months ago

    I love ZDT movies. Thank y’all so much for great films. Worth the wait and I can’t wait for the next one. I heard her say wanting to do a 3 some.. with a another girl and dog?.

  50. glok9 12 months ago

    Another quality release! Pam knows how to move. I love to see the continuation of past series with current releases. Keep it up!

  51. wat3ver 12 months ago

    Good movie, enjoyed the action. Wished that her whole body was in the frame when mounted but other than that it was a good movie.

  52. sgtmorningwood 12 months ago

    Watched the movie. The interview scene added quite a bit of spiciness and the camera angle is perfect for me. So judging from the 4th pic i love that view, For that i was expecting an angle from underneath where the dog humps and try to find a way inside of her, But nope. When the angle changes he was already inside of her. which is a bit of a let down. But still it doesn’t ruin the experience, A great movie worth watching. And Pam is one fine lady.

  53. vietanh 12 months ago

    Chào adam. Tôi muốn bộ phim này .tôi phải làm như thế nào để có được nó?

    • Author
      adam 12 months ago

      Xin chào – vui lòng kiểm tra email của bạn 🙂

  54. qq383866899 12 months ago


  55. sgtmorningwood 12 months ago

    Hi, i’m intrested in this movie

    • support 12 months ago

      Hi Sgtmorningwood, please email Support and ask for instructions and we will get back to you as soon as possible 🙂

  56. qiuzhi 12 months ago


  57. Mediciman51 1 year ago

    I notice in most of the movies here there’s a lack of the gorgeous ladies giving oral sex, which is very stimulating part of the genre for me. Sexy as hell. Before there were not many if any of the movies here that didn’t have or end with a sexy and sensuous blow job. I’m sure it will return,

    • canniballover 12 months ago

      Agreed. Pamela is so beautiful. She should suck dick like she done before. I also missed to see her (unforgettable) boobies in this video. I could buy a video just to see those tits bouncing for 40 minutes.

  58. bukka 1 year ago

    Hot hot hot!! That was sooooo hot

  59. ffvqqq 1 year ago


  60. hornytoad420 1 year ago

    Hi all, so just wondering, is this really Pamela? Or is this another girl named Pam? I know that Adam wrote that its Pamela, but I’m still kinda confused due to the hair and all. Thanks!

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Hey HornyT 🙂 Pam is Pam, Man. I guess she is having a henna phase at the min 😉

  61. schlossgold 1 year ago

    Pam is damn sexy as fuck, not just her body but the way she carries herself. My favorite part is the look on her face, she’s really getting into it.

  62. sbnb 1 year ago


  63. c1o2m3 1 year ago

    hi adam cam u plzz sent this video i have no money to buy this video plzz

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      When I was young and broke, and wanted to start taking Ladies on dates, I had to find a way to make money. That was my motivation. This can be yours 🙂 We will speak to you in a few months when you have figured out your Master Plan. 😉

  64. xd40caliber 1 year ago

    Always great seeing a lovley lady on all fours. I hope we get to see a video of one of Pams fantasies. Her and 2 other girls and a dog!

  65. artlove122 1 year ago

    Please guys I want to know how to get this video? I want help, I want somone to contact me even by email and tell me what the steps

  66. grover7383 1 year ago

    Pam is a hot little doggy lover. I’m often amazed how such sexy hot girls are ready to please their pets like good little girls. Hope she learns to suck her hero after he knots. That’s a sign of a really good girl!

  67. iqra88 1 year ago

    Love k9 my pussy

  68. abood330 1 year ago

    مرحبا اريد مشاهدة هذا الفديو

    • support 1 year ago

      سأرسل إليك رسالة إلكترونية قريباً وأخبرك كيف يمكنك شراء أفلامنا.

      أتمنى لك كل خير،
      دعم ArtofZoo

  69. cilakak01 1 year ago

    pleasee video i need

  70. dnedry 1 year ago

    It is a great movie. For me, having the seen the previous Pamela releases, the interview section added quite a bit. Pamela is really cute in the interview. It is great to see a bit more of her personality. I also loved the action. Pamela gets really hot when she is being licked and she obviously enjoys being mounted and knotted. There are two mount scenes and some licking before and after the mounts. I would have loved to see her getting herself off – either during the licking or the knotting.

    As for room for improvement there are the usual small garnment issues: Slips cannot be taken off and boobs are not shown 🙁 – okay. Also, unfortunately, the interview is a bit fake, for instance, Pamela says that she is 19 years old – but my copy of “Meet Pamela” is from 2013 – how can that be? Is she a different Pamela? Also she mentions at some point that she had sex with many men and dogs(!) – and I, as a viewer, go: wait a minute – which dogs, how does she have access, how often does she do it etc. I would have loved to know more – but the interview just continues to the next topic.

  71. lonelydog 1 year ago

    What can l say? I love this movie. Pam really loves giving herself to this lucky fellow and he sure knows it. I’m still discombobulated from seeing her in all 4’s with her ass up in the air and her back arched, waiting to feel Sam inside of her. That fact alone drives me nuts.

    I wanna thank the producer for the little interview at the beginning of the movie. Loved it; especially, when she talks about her fantasies. Fantasy number 3 made my head spin… l’m sure ZDT can oblige.

    ¿Qué puedo decir? Me encanta esta película. A Pam de verdad le encanta entregarse a este afortunado amigo y él lo sabe muy bien. Aún estoy desorientado de verla en 4 patas con su culo al aire y la espalda arqueada a la espera de sentir a Sam dentro de ella. Ese solo hecho me enloquece.

    Quisiera agradecer al productor por la pequeña entrevista al principio de la película. Me encantó; especialmente, cuando habla de sus fantasías. La fantasía número 3 hizo que me girara la cabeza… Estoy seguro que ZDT puede ayudar a cumplirla.

    • fanzoo2019 1 year ago

      Disculpa, ¿me podrías comentar cuales son las fantasías de Pamela o cual es su fantasía número 3 ? Es que no he podido ver la película, me super encanta Pamela. ?

  72. greateyes5000 1 year ago

    Pam has a playfully sexy way about her that comes out on this movie. She makes the interview hot by flirting with the camera when she speaks. Her experience shows when she plays with same Sam. For me, the best was after he pulls his knot out, Pam sits on the couch looking satisfied and spent while Sam licks her into oblivion. More, More, More!!!

  73. j1o2t3g4 1 year ago

    hi guys i want to see this video please help

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Hi someone from Support will contact you by email thanks 🙂

  74. finn 1 year ago

    Moro hello, I live in Tampere Finland and I am trying to find a group near me. Does anyine have info on Finnish groups? Thank you in advance.

  75. mendozagui 1 year ago

    Quê linda es Pamela

  76. destenyb59 1 year ago

    Great movie. Pam is fantastic and excites the dog who knots deep her. The dog likes Pam pussy, he licks it like a pro. Thanks Pam for these so hot moments

  77. brunoapp 1 year ago

    Que bom que Pamela estar de volta. Monica, Sophia, Vanessa e Alina . . . ????

  78. nivr 1 year ago

    Great looking lady Love how Pam positions herself and arches her back with her sexy body to get as much cock inside her as she can like a real doggy bitch. Looks like she was born to be a K9 dog lover. The side shots are great as Pam’s expression is visible with every thrust.

    Really like this movie. Looking forward to see a lot more of Pam with bigger doggy cocks 😛

  79. darkwolf25 1 year ago

    My Favourite model has returned! i have to say she is looking better than ever <3 must buy come pay day.

  80. fanzoo2019 1 year ago

    Gracias ZDT por traer de regreso a la bellísima Pamela, su cuerpo es espectacular y verla en acción con Sam otra vez es super exitante, y Sam la volvió a anudar o abotonar a la perfección, cumplió como buen semental, falta la bella Mónica y Rosita. ?

  81. maze 1 year ago

    pet love not just dog,there are too mamy dog sex in here.why don’t you make some others movie,like pig?

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Spending a dollar buys you the right to critique what we do or don’t have 😉

  82. damien2010 1 year ago

    Great! Thank you ZDT, that you brought Pamela back. I am sure that movie will be super hot, photos already are. Can’t wait to see the Slam 😉

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