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Been a while since I’ve been on here but my old post had a lot of people enjoying it I’ll post another true story 😉

This is the true story of how I lost my virginity (human or otherwise) with a dog.

It was a magical summer, the summer I turned 18. Still bright eyed and amazed at the world. Everything seemed great. I had been involved in the local dog show circuit for a while as a junior handler in the past, and was asked by a friend who owned many German Shepherds to show one of his dogs for him. The dog was beautiful, I loved him since we first met.

He was an all black, beautiful beast named Johnnie. We became fast friends, getting to know each other before I began to show him. The more we performed, the more attached we got for one another. At 18, I had been aware of zoo and my own zoophilia for about 6 years. I discovered it early, and always had been a part of me, but at this point I hadn’t done ANYTHING sexual. Dog or human!  I was become fully aware when we were alone of just how attracted I was to him.

One hot day after a show, it was late at night at the park with just me and Johnnie  in the van. He was standing in the open back where we usually kept the crates when they were traveling to vet, etc. He was hopping around, he was starting to ‘show’ from his sheath so, with just two of us here and nobody around, I grasped him and gave him a gentle squeeze. In seconds he was humping, trying to hop up on me as precum squirted from his tip all over my wrist, it was dark, but it looked so pink against his black fur, and all I wanted was to taste it. But I had other plans first, of course, the poor boy was so needy.

I took off pants and panties (which he enjoyed for a second, tossing them around, burying his nose into the wet stain I already left). I couldn’t believe I was so close to something I dreamed of. Bending over, he was on top of me in seconds. His paws gripped me so tight I wouldn’t be able to escape even if I wanted to… not that I ever WOULD want to. He missed a few times, probing so hard at my rear I had some bruises, until I could grab him and slip him right in. Once he was inside he was wild. He fucked hard, and fast, forcing me to the ground as an orgasm was squeezed out of me in what felt like seconds. It was hard to tell how long it actually was when you were under him… He fucked me harder and faster than I ever thought possible, sex was nothing like I imagined it at all. Far better. Messier. Hotter. His cock deep in me felt like fire, his pointy tip seemed to hit my end every time (I’m a small woman) but the pleasured pain only made it better.

It was probably only about a minute but it felt like hours to me until the knot I’d heard so much about swelled, his hot, hot cum spurting inside me until it spilled down my thighs. I held his back paws as he slumped against my back, trying my hardest to keep it inside me so I could feel every last pulse and pump. His breath was in my ear, his fur brushing my naked ass and legs… I could already feel the scratches on my hips and waist that he left on me, burning gently, like trophies of what he did to me. The experience was intimate and magical. I’ll never forget my first lover.

After we were finished, we had some late night fetch at the park before I brought him back home.

We fucked about a dozen more times that summer, sadly got in a fight with his owner (unrelated to this!!) and he has since moved away. I still think about my K9 boyfriend <3

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  1. zetafun 7 days ago

    thanks for sharing

  2. dogsrgreat 4 weeks ago

    Hi. You write beautifully. Your story was very evocative and heartfelt. Thanks for sharing.

  3. pascalhorsey 1 month ago

    Thank you for that nice story

  4. xinchenwuba 2 months ago


  5. goweisan 2 months ago

    아름다운 여인은 감미로운 음악이어라!

  6. gazza69269 2 months ago

    that was truly romantic but it made me hard reading it

  7. zhaodianxx 2 months ago

    It’s very beautiful

  8. madgic1978 2 months ago

    прекрасно!!! удачи!!

  9. ficker 2 months ago

    Ich glaube das war dein bester Fick . Schade wäre gerne dabei gewesen. Hätte dich auch gerne gefickt

  10. curiouscd 3 months ago

    That was so beautiful. So romantic. Too bad your relationship ended like that. I bet you dream of him often. Thank you very much for sharing such a wonderful and personal story.

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